The importance of entrepreneurship: how to use them to boost the economy and society?


The importance of entrepreneurship is becoming more and more notorious because, nowadays, it is the preferred source of income for many families who have incorporated multiple entrepreneurial ideas into their routine.

Even governments have understood the importance of entrepreneurship, since most countries have designed programs to help entrepreneurs and to promote the creation of new businesses in order to mobilize the economy.

So, we can say that entrepreneurship has been the salvation of many people and a way for professionals to take advantage of their knowledge and skills to start their own successful businesses.

Therefore, in this article we will tell you what a venture is and what it is for, as well as what are the benefits of entrepreneurship and what is the importance of entrepreneurship in society.

what is an entrepreneurship?

In the words of Tienda Nube, a blog specialized in marketing, an entrepreneurship is the “process of creating a business from an innovative idea that solves one or more problems of a group of people”.

So, the definition of entrepreneurship is linked to the fact of creating one’s own business. Therefore, when we talk about entrepreneurship, we have to think about an idea of value, a team that believes in this and do a great job so that it can become profitable.

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what is the profile of an entrepreneur?

Now, knowing what an entrepreneurship is is very valuable, but before knowing its benefits, it is essential to define what is the profile of an entrepreneur .

In simple words, an entrepreneur is someone who proposes something new, such as creating a new product or giving another use to something that already exists, and is characterized by being:

Visionary, to have a forward-looking view of the project and analyze the importance of the undertaking to be carried out.
Persistent, with the objective of overcoming the difficulties that appear during the development of the venture.
Aware of the risk exposure involved in launching a new venture.
Able to design economic and social solutions .

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what is a venture for?

As we have already discussed, entrepreneurship is not just a strategy to create your own business. In other words, it has many more functions .

Therefore, before analyzing what is the importance of entrepreneurship, you should be aware that it also serves to:

Have a source of income parallel to the one you get through your official job.
Fulfill a dream.
Produce as entertainment or hobby, without the pressure of generating money as a top priority.
Create a product to help or assist a group of people. That is to say, to make a solidarity venture.

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what is the importance of entrepreneurship for society?

As we have mentioned throughout the article, entrepreneurship has become a necessity, since it has allowed many people to achieve their labor independence, as well as their economic stability.

But, in case you want to understand the importance of entrepreneurship from the root, you should keep in mind that entrepreneurship allows:

Generate new business opportunities, outside the traditional ones.
Encourage work from home, through internet sales.
Create a job opportunity for families with promising entrepreneurial ideas.
Build a base of projects to later create a microenterprise .
Increase the production of goods, to strengthen the economy of a country.
Create a demand for the products made, which in turn allows for the growth and development of new ventures.

In conclusion, why is the usefulness of entrepreneurship important? simple! Because it has evolved by leaps and bounds, achieving:

The growth of the market.
The evolution of society.
The economic independence of individuals.
The development of new innovative business ideas

what are the benefits of entrepreneurship?

If you have understood why entrepreneurship is important, it is very likely that you can already identify some of its advantages and understand why there are more and more of them .

However, so as not to leave any room for doubt, here are the seven main benefits of entrepreneurship:

1. Creates jobs and improves salaries

In many cases, the culture of entrepreneurship serves as a source of work for unemployed people, who can even generate more money by producing their own ideas.

Also, innovative ventures require new jobs with special skills. These are known as entry-level jobs, where new personnel need to be trained and gain experience .

On the other hand, many entrepreneurial ventures aim to provide novel products and/or services that facilitate the work of large industries, creating more jobs for people who want to offer their labor or expertise.

Finally, in terms of wages, the importance of entrepreneurship is in increasing the income of the people who create these new innovative businesses.

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2. Improves quality of life

Entrepreneurship is a source of development, whether economic, technological or social, and one of the greatest benefits of entrepreneurship is that it is aimed at improving people’s lives by offering new possibilities through innovative products or services.

For example, large technology companies such as Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Google and Microsoft were born as digital ventures and, today, help to simplify many tasks of everyday life.

On the other hand, as for social ventures, they also help to improve the quality of life of the community and greater stability.

And, so that you can understand it, we will mention some of the benefits of community entrepreneurship :

Installation of new commercial premises.
Working to reduce the number of slums.
Establishing better sanitation standards.
Achieving greater investment in education and recreational activities.

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3. Promote knowledge and research

The meaning of entrepreneurship is synonymous with innovation, therefore, investment in research on science and technology is essential for the development of ventures.

That is to say, the more we know about a subject, the more we will be able to master and take advantage of the necessary capabilities to execute business ideas.

On the other hand, to create any business venture, it is necessary to have at least a basic notion of how business works, as well as to understand how the structure, climate and organizational culture of a company works.

In conclusion, it can be said that one of the most important benefits of entrepreneurship is that it encourages the education of entrepreneurs, as well as investment in research.

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4. Increases the entrepreneur’s self-esteem and confidence

Beyond the economic benefits of an entrepreneurial venture, it is important to take into account that, personally, it represents a better level of self-esteem for the entrepreneur, as well as a boost of confidence to achieve their goals.

On the other hand, it is also important to remember that personal ventures must be something that the creator is passionate about and not only see it as an economic advantage.

In this way, the success of innovative entrepreneurship will help to recognize what it is capable of through effort and hard work, in addition to becoming a source of well-being and a stimulant for the lives of the people who develop it.

So, what is the goal of this benefit of entrepreneurship? That individuals have attitudes that allow them to develop favorable psychological qualities such as:

Goal orientation.
Avoiding the development of undesirable attitudes.

Finally, remember that, according to BBVA, “working on your own ideas is not only positive for you, it is also positive for your clients, since you will have more interest and passion for what you do”.

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5. Enables good time management

In most traditional jobs, all employees have a set start and end time, which is virtually set in stone.

However, the importance of entrepreneurship also lies in the fact that the entrepreneur can manage time as he/she pleases, to increase production and sales.

But everything has a limit. That is, although this is a clear benefit of entrepreneurship, many people take advantage of it to have more free time, accumulate responsibilities and, at the time of delivery, are involved in chaos.

6. Generates satisfaction

While satisfaction is a feeling that you can achieve in all jobs, nothing compares to what a person feels when they see their entrepreneurial idea materialize .

Doing a business, social or any kind of venture requires a great commitment to search for materials, produce for hours, perfect your strategies and try to achieve an outcome that meets your initial expectations.

Therefore, after that great procedure, observing the results of your efforts will cause you a unique satisfaction .

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7. Increase the number of contacts

If you are in charge of what is a venture, you will be able to intervene in all stages of its development, i.e., you will participate in the planning, development and closing of the productive or social process.

Therefore, as you have a very high level of influence, to complete each phase of the process, you will have to establish contact with other people outside the project, who can then be of great help for new plans for the future.

For example, if you have a business venture of selling t-shirts, you may have contacts from textile companies, printing factories and even packaging design experts.

Finally, if after understanding all the benefits of entrepreneurship, you want to start your own venture, but you don’t know what you are passionate about, you will find extra help in this template to learn how to make a life project.

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Tips to create an entrepreneurship

After reading the whole article, you surely have no doubts about the importance of entrepreneurship and the benefits it has for your daily and working life.

However, understanding what entrepreneurship is and its characteristics is not the same as trying to create one. Therefore, if you are facing this challenge, the best thing to do is to apply all the tips for entrepreneurs that are useful to you.

And, if after implementing them, you still do not find the right path, try to put into practice the following tips to create an entrepreneurship:

Be patient.
Work on your motivation.
Be disciplined.
Find the perfect strategy to incorporate specialized skills to your knowledge.
Ensure you have all the resources (financial, infrastructure, materials, technology and human talent).

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Entrepreneurial ideas are becoming more and more common in the world and that is a sign that, in the near future, millions of people will choose them as a source of income or tools to generate social change.

Therefore, it is likely that now that you understand the importance of entrepreneurship, you have the necessary knowledge to think about whether you are interested in creating one and what are the benefits to be obtained.

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