The best Instagram filters: Forget about dog ears!

At some point, you’ve thought you had the best Instagram filters of all. One filter for landscapes, one for objects and one for face. That’s why we did some research and selected those Instagram filters that you can use to renew your catalog and surprise your audience.

Just as you choose your filters very carefully for your personal account, you should also do it for Instagram Business. Since the social network allowed users to create custom Instagram filters, stories without effects are hardly ever uploaded anymore. Even the CMs of the most formal companies use them.

In this post, we show you which are the best Instagram filters and some tips for using them. But wait, there’s a bonus track you’ll love at the end of the article: free resources for your favorite social network!

let’s get started!

how to use Instagram Stories filters?

If you’re a CM or have a background in social media, then this might be a refresher for you. But if you have a startup and are in charge of social media management for your business, without knowing much about it, we have two recommendations for you:

Social networks are a must for any business, and having knowledge on how to use them in the best possible way includes knowing how Instagram Stories work. According to the specialized portal Medium, Instagram “is a huge advertising machine”, with which brands can acquire a greater reach.

Instagram’s statistics speak for themselves: 500 million users use Stories every day and 1/3 of the most viewed stories are from companies. So, let’s move on to the important thing: how do you use filters for Stories? We tell you about it very briefly below.

1. Steps to activate filters in Instagram Stories

If you want to know how to activate Instagram Stories filters, follow these steps:

Tap the stories icon at the top left of the home screen.

Swipe between the filters with effects at the bottom.

Capture a photo or video with the story filter of your choice.

Also, something you should know is that facial filters, that is, those that recognize the contour of the face, also serve for Instagram Live, boomerangs and hands-free. In addition, some detect two faces in the same image.

2. how to search for filters on Instagram?

To search for filters in Instagram Stories, follow these steps:

Tap the stories icon at the top left of the home screen.

Swipe between the filters with effects at the bottom.

Click on the final icon, which is the magnifying glass to explore effects.

In that option, you will find a gallery of filters for Instagram Stories sorted by category. There is also a search engine available to enter keywords or the name of the author of the filter.

Some of the filter categories are:

Love filters

Camera style filters

Fun filters

Animal filters

Science fiction and fantasy filters

Weird and creepy filters

and many more! You can scroll through the different categories to search, try and save the best Instagram filters you find.

3. How to save Instagram Stories filters

If you liked an effect you saw in another Instagram story and want to save it, you have two alternatives:

Follow the designer of the Instagram filter you liked. It will automatically be added to your Instagram stories (be careful! all the other filters that person made will also be saved).

You can test the Instagram Stories filter and then put download to have it in your stories (you can also save it directly without testing it).

what are the best Instagram filters?

We have already seen the basics you need to know to use Instagram Stories filters like a pro, now it remains to get the most out of them. But how do you know which are the best Instagram filters?

Well, by reading the special list we have prepared for you. let’s see the best filters for Stories!

1. Instagram Stories filters with effects for the face

Instagram Stories face filters differ from other effects in that these have to be added, before capturing the photo or video.

You’ve probably heard the phrase: “This face can’t even be fixed with an Instagram filter!”. It is often used, for example, when someone has just woken up. for those moments, there are these filters for stories!

A. Aesthetic

If you want to achieve a super aesthetic and pleasing result, this filter for stories is ideal. It produces a blur effect and applies pink tones to the image. The account that created this filter is @filtersbeauty.

Source: Cosmopolitan

B. Cutest Freckles

There are many, many freckle filters, but this one is really special, as the effect it produces is very subtle. In addition, it gives an overall softening of the image. it even recognizes two faces in the same image! The creator is @sophie.

Source: Instagram

C. Butterfly Pretty

Also from @sophie, this Instagram filter recognizes faces and automatically decorates them with fun butterflies.

Source: Instagram

D. Sweety Kanaa

did you leave the house without putting on blush? It’s okay, this Instagram filter does it for you. Plus, this effect from @kanakorikana makes your lashes longer.

Source: Cosmopolitan

E. Bahamas

looking for a tanned effect on Instagram? Photographer @bryant is the creator of this filter, with which you’ll look like you just stepped off the beach.

Source: Cosmopolitan

F. Colored Eyes

bored with your eye color? change it up! With this story effect from @sophie, you can choose blue, green, brown or yellow.

Source: Instagram

G. Arachnophobia

put a little humor in the account! This effect for stories is ideal for Halloween, as it is nothing more and nothing less than a huge spider walking on your face.

Source: Instagram

2. Instagram Stories filters with funny effects

Don’t think that all filters for Instagram are cute and friendly.there are also several with funny effects! Discover some Stories effects that will blow your mind with how good they are:

A. AnimalHead

These are some of the best Instagram filters to entertain kids and adults alike. They are several filters, of the same name, but with images of various animals.

Source: Instagram

B. Woll Smoth

This Instagram effect shrinks the face and transforms it into a cartoon or meme. It is ideal for videos, as it recognizes the movement of the head.

You won’t believe it but this effect got close to 40 million impressions in just 5 months! It’s crazy.


3. Interactive Instagram Stories filters

want to challenge your followers? Use the best Instagram filters with questions and riddles.

A. Queens: Disney Princesses of Instagram

This filter emerged in parallel with the launch of Disney+ and consists of guessing which Disney princess represents you. Ideal for fans or for a young audience.

Source: Jordi San Ildefonso

B. Harry Potter Test

We could not miss the special filter for Harry Potter fans. This effect for stories allows you to identify which is the character of the saga that most identifies you.

Source: Instagram

Tips for using Instagram Stories filters

Instagram stories are a reflection of a brand’s identity or someone’ s personality. Therefore, just as it is important to take care of the Instagram feed, it is also key to plan the stories correctly.

So, choosing the filters to use in stories should not be a random decision, but an important part of your content marketing strategy. we share with you some tips to carry out this task successfully!

1. Choose Instagram filters that reflect your personality

You not only have to take care of choosing the best Instagram filters, but also select, from that list, the ones that go with your personality or the identity of the account you manage.

In this sense, a trick can be to ask yourself: what do your followers expect from this account? In this way, you will be able to understand a little about the expectations of your Instagram followers.

2. Use a limited amount of filters

We know that there are a lot of effects for stories and, every day, new ones emerge. choosing the right one is getting more and more complicated!

OK, no one said it would be easy, but it’s important that you keep your sanity and don’t get carried away with the urge to save all the filters you see. Try to use a limited amount, so that those filters are already related to your brand.

3. Be consistent with the filter you use

The spider filter on the face is cool, but it doesn’t go with your baby clothes store. Remember your brand values and always keep in mind your visual branding to communicate based on that.

The idea is to use Instagram’s algorithm to your advantage. As Forbes reveals, “professional Instagram accounts (…) publish more stories than posts in the Feed”, so that tells you about the power of this tool.

Resources for using the best Instagram filters

We already showed you some of the best Instagram filters you can use in your Stories. But we’re not satisfied with that, so we’re offering you…. downloadable resources for the social network!

what kind of resources? Whatever your Instagram account needs to look spectacular: from publications for your posts, to ideas you can use for Stories. And, the best part, they’re 100% free!

1. Collection of posts for Instagram with natural design

It’s not all about Instagram filters. what if you want to post on your profile, but you don’t have a design that’s to your liking? You have nothing to worry about, because we bring you a resource that we are sure you will know how to take advantage of in its maximum splendor.

With this collection, you will see how your Instagram publications will look with that natural approach that you want so much for your photographs. Not only that, you will also make your followers interested in your image and value the effort of the design.

Yes, it may be a downloadable template, but there are many users who don’t bother to offer that extra detail to the rest of the users who follow them. Here your work will be valued, and you will make your photos look fabulous!

2. Instagram Pack: Adventure and Outdoor Post Templates

If you’ve run out of ideas for an Instagram post or you’re short on inspiration (trust us, we’re all the same at some point), how would you like to have a solution at your fingertips?

Before you collapse because you’ve posted absolutely nothing today, calm down. With this Instagram pack, you’ll have everything you need to make your photos look full of adrenaline and adventure.

If you want your profile to look dynamic and always ready for action, this is the resource you need. These Photoshop templates appeared to save your life, don’t miss the opportunity to have them at your disposal.

3. Instagram Stories: Templates for Apparel Businesses

This resource can go perfectly with the best Instagram filters we mentioned to you above. did you know that you can also advertise your business through the social network’s high-quality stories?

If you thought that Stories were just for fun with the best Instagram filters, get ready to be surprised. Through this resource, you will create the best designs for your stories and you will have a higher reach of people interested in your products.

Don’t hesitate for a second and take advantage of the opportunity to use Instagram Stories to grow and boost your business.

4. Post templates for your clothing store on Instagram

Connecting with the previous resource, get ready to discover a new way to expand the reach of your clothing venture. And, best of all, it will be completely free!

All you have to do is download our templates and the rest comes on its own. Not only will you use the platform to entertain yourself (mainly, that’s what Instagram filters are for), but also to have a consolidated business with a user base that increases daily, as you add content and exploit the right avenues of user reach and loyalty.

These Instagram templates are perfect for your brand, especially if you’re just starting to have a presence on the networks and looking to create your first posts. here’s your perfect guide!

5. Vacation season Instagram post pack

Imagine you have a brand and the vacation season is just around the corner. wouldn’t you want to use that momentum to design amazing and captivating posts for your audience?

Well, that’s just what we offer you. In addition to bringing you the best Instagram filters, we have for you the best way to make posts, with cool packs like the one we bring you at this point.

Through this set of posts, you will have at your disposal a series of thematic templates, which you can use at your disposal. use the seasons and events of the year to your brand’s advantage!

6. +5 colorful templates for Instagram Stories

If you feel like your Instagram feed is devoid of life and color, it’s time to do something about it! Through these Instagram Stories templates, you’ll see your stories on that social network bursting with energy and vitality.

We bring you a total of 6 templates, so you can delight yourself with what you can do in this section. If you are looking to capture your audience, you can not miss the opportunity to download these tools, brought exclusively for free, so you can surprise friends and strangers with the vitality of your Stories.

One last point: this resource opens in Adobe Photoshop and has a series of layers, which have a different design from one another. Watch out for this.

With these resources, plus the Instagram filters we showed you above, you will have many more tools at hand to make the most of the opportunities offered by this social network.

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