+30 examples of additional interests in your CV to stand out among candidates

Looking for examples of additional interests for your CV? In addition to boosting your profile over other candidates, having passions and interests can help you find a balance between your work and your personal life.

In this life, it’s not just about working and earning money. What you do in your hobbies and interests outside of work hours allows organizations to see what kind of person you are.

Think of it this way: a person who maintains a rigorous exercise routine and a healthy lifestyle, at first glance, shows dedication and perseverance. These areas of interest in a curriculum are in high demand in today’s job market.

On the other hand, leisure activities allow people to clear their minds and relax. In the workplace, this is very important, because an employee with chronic stress or burnout will not be able to perform well and will end up getting tired of the organization.

So, what are the interests to put in a CV? Although it may be easier to be inspired by examples of additional interests for your CV in this matter or simply write your personal aspirations, the reality is that there are certain recommendations to include these hobbies in your CV.

that is why, today, we will show 30 examples of additional CV interests that will make you stand out and impress in any selection process. Don’t even think about being left out!

1. Travel

Traveling is one of the most enriching examples of additional interests for CVs, as it is a way to open yourself to new experiences and demonstrate that you are a curious and flexible person who can quickly adapt to any new environment.

2. Read

Reading encourages reasoning and concentration, as well as exposure to new perspectives and knowledge. If you include this example of additional interests for your resume, make sure you can answer what are the last books you read, the genres you enjoy the most and your favorite authors.

3. Blogging and podcasting

If you are applying for digital-related positions, mentioning that you have a blog or that you produce content can be an interesting CV hobby for recruiters. This will demonstrate your initiative, perseverance and planning ability.

Ser blogger como interés para un CV

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4. Social networks

Currently, social networks have an impact in all areas of our lives, even in the workplace. Having additional training and interest in mastering the functions of the web, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, is attractive to any company.

that is why, if you have a community on the Internet, it is good to include this as an example of additional information for your CV. Doing community management activities in your spare time shows that you care about planning and have the creativity to innovate and get people involved.

5. Visual arts

Photography, video, design or painting enhance your creativity, because they are forms of expression. These examples of personal interests show that you are a detail-oriented and artistic person.

6. Writing

Writing is also an example of additional interests for your CV and a form of expression, since it has different variants, such as creative writing, therapeutic writing, research writing, etc.

If you include writing as one of your hobbies and interests for your resume, you demonstrate your development of skills such as creativity, written expression, imagination, etc.

7. Cooking and feeding

Did you know that cooking reduces stress? Cooking is one of the most relevant examples of additional interests for CV, even more if you are looking for a job in the food industry. This hobby shows that you are meticulous in following the recipe, but also creative to make your own variations and critical to taste your own creations and those of others.

Intereses adicionales para CV cocinar

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8. Dance

Dance is not only an example of personal interest. it is also a form of exercise and a means of expression that manifests empathy and self-confidence. Joining a dance group or practicing individually keeps you creative and disciplined, strengthens your memory and improves your mental and physical coordination.

9. Voluntary work

Doing volunteer work or being active in your community can be one of the most attractive examples of additional interests for your CV. Companies value committed and altruistic people who dedicate their free time to selflessly help other people.

In addition, much volunteer work is based on the collective effort of a team. Therefore, people who participate in such volunteer work develop teamwork skills that will certainly impress any organization. You won’t regret putting this area of interest on a resume!

10. Sports and exercise

Practicing sports is one of the best examples of additional interests to place on a resume, as it shows discipline and perseverance, as well as helping you to keep your body fit and your mind relaxed. Particularly if you practice team sports, you can develop skills such as teamwork, conflict resolution and leadership skills.

11. Playing an instrument

Learning to play an instrument is not something that can be done overnight, so it is one of the examples of additional CV interests that indicate perseverance, discipline and concentration.

All instruments are great, but in the workplace there are some that stand out in the interests and hobbies section of a CV in the eyes of recruiters. These include the piano, violin and violin.

tocar un instrumento como interés en un currículum

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12. Music production

If playing an instrument as such is not your forte, you can create your own music using software to take advantage of your creative vision. This is one of the most useful hobbies and interests for CVs to present you as a creative person.

13. Yoga

Yoga, besides being an example of additional CV interests, is a common activity within a healthy lifestyle. The practice of yoga allows you to focus on your body, clear your mind of stressful thoughts, facilitate your ability to concentrate, improve your physical health and increase your spiritual and emotional well-being, perfect to apply in jobs that are highly stressful.

14. Learning languages

Learning a second language is indispensable in today’s job market. Companies seek to hire people who are fluent in at least 2 languages. However, this is not the only thing that these professional interests bring to your CV, but also shows interest in discovering different cultures. .

15. Gardening

Gardening is one of the hobbies and interests of CVs that attract attention, especially if you want to show your interest in nature and the environment. It demonstrates your ability to work with your hands and take care of your projects with frequency and patience.

Intereses adicionales para un cv Haciendo manualidades

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16. Crafts and do-it-yourself

Making paper sculptures, knitting, working with wood or working with ceramics demonstrates a good disposition to get involved in activities that require patience, concentration and attention to detail. These are certainly examples of very attractive interests.

17. Event organization

Event organization is a great way to showcase your planning and public relations skills. Including these hobbies on a CV will project you as someone with experience in project management.

18. Interior design and decoration

If you spend your free time planning how to optimize the use of a space or creating new color palettes for your spaces, interior design is one of the examples of your interests. one of the examples of additional interests for a curriculum that demonstrates your attention to detail and creativity, skills that are highly valued in the world of design and aesthetics.

19. Outdoor activities

Examples of hobbies such as hiking, climbing, mountaineering or surfing are ideal both physically and mentally. If you include them as examples of additional interests for a resume, you will project the image of a person who is adventurous, who courageously faces challenges and who knows how to overcome stress.

Actividades al aire libre como interés para un cv

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20. Maquiagem

Acrescenting the art of machining to your examples of additional interests for your curriculum, shows your capacity for attention to detail, development and creativity to achieve different artistic results with the same materials.

21. Online learning

Being an autodidact means that you are always proactively seeking a solution to the challenges you face in your day-to-day life. It reflects a genuine interest in training, in constantly growing, adapting to trends and a willingness to learn. it is one of the best passports and interests for her curriculum.

22. Martial Arts

If we are talking about what you are interested in placing in your curriculum, the martial arts are a good example. Its practice favors self-control, balance and mental strength, characteristics that many employers are looking for in candidates.

23. Calligraphy and lettering

The practice of calligraphy and lettering shows that you are a good-looking, perfectionist, artistic and creative person. You can include these examples of additional interests in your CV, especially if the position for which you are applying requires you to have a good aesthetic sense.

Caligrafía y lettering como afición adicional para CV

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24. Recycle

The recycling of waste is done by people who care about the environment. Adding this to the list of additional interests shows a great awareness of what it means to care about our planet and pollution.

Today, many companies make self-sustainability a rule and care about it, so much so that they are looking for employees with the same interests. Therefore, if your idea is to apply for a position in a green brand, definitely include this option as one of the examples of additional interests for CVs.

25. Collecting

Collecting any type of object can be part of the examples of additional interests for CVs that you should consider. Collecting curious objects, such as coins, is a sign of great dedication and perseverance. It also implies a high level of responsibility for the preservation of each of the collectibles in question.

26. Camping

We decided to consider this as a separate activity, although it could have been included in the category of outdoor activities, but we have reasons to do so. Camping is a curricular interest that reflects a great capacity to adapt to different environments, not only for short periods of time, but for long days.

In the workplace, the ability of employees to adapt quickly to new situations is highly valued, therefore, if you place camping as one of your examples of additional CV interests, you will be successful.

27. Xadrez

Currently, xadrez is considered a sport in which you have to plan very well every move you make. that’s exactly why, if playing is your hobby, you will reflect a very high analytical and problem-solving ability. Any organization is looking for someone with these characteristics, so be sure to include them as part of your examples of additional CV interests.

Intereses adicionales para CV ajedrez

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28. Repairing objects

Believe it or not, many people enjoy preserving objects with their own hands, be it household items, utensils, technology, among others. In general, these hobbies and interests give people a sense of distraction and, at the same time, they see this as a challenge.

If you want to stand out as a candidate in a technology-oriented company, put this in the category of examples of additional interests for resumes, because innovation and curiosity are highly valued.

29. Debate

This may seem a bit strange, since most people confuse debate with discussion. Mentioning that you are interested in debating shows that you have good communication and active listening skills. it is certainly one of the best examples of additional interests for a curriculum.

30. Photography

Photography is an art with which you can demonstrate both creativity and patience. Insert these examples of additional interests for CVs, because if the recruiting team is looking for someone who is creative and eager to learn, you will definitely catch their attention. For example, these CV interests are very useful for careers such as graphic design, interior design and digital marketing.

Fotografía como área de interés para un currículum

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