How to fill out a job application? Step by step guide + template

learn how to fill out a job application step by step! This way you will be able to have a successful application and get the job of your dreams. Just read the following article and follow the respective instructions.

what is a job application? It is a document that companies use to collect personal, family, work and academic information of applicants for a job vacancy. It could be said that it is a fundamental part to develop the applicant’s profile and is decisive to know if the first filter qualifies.

In the following article you will find a series of tips that will help you know how to fill out a job application, taking care of every detail so that your profile looks as professional and suitable for the vacancy requested.

Before filling out a job application

When you apply to a company or organization, the first thing they will ask you to do is to fill out a job application form. Generally, this is done virtually. However, sometimes it may be a form that you have to fill out physically.

Before we show you how to fill out a job application form properly, we will first give you some recommendations that the HR web portal suggests you take into account so that you can carry out this process perfectly:

Look for a quiet place without much noise so you can be more concentrated. In addition, it should also be well lit.
Have a large table with enough space to place all the necessary documents to fill out a job application.
Preferably, make a draft first and then fill out the employment form.
Have an updated copy of your resume handy to fill in information about dates and work experience.
Read the entire job application form before filling it out, as sometimes there may be sections that are not yours to fill out.
Be careful with spelling. If necessary, consult a dictionary to see if you are spelling the word correctly.
If the application form does not have enough space for your answers, you can continue on a separate sheet of paper.
Make sure the information you add to the form is well organized and easy to read.

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how to fill in personal data in a job application?

The first thing you need to know about filling out a job application is that all the information you provide must be correct, especially the personal information.

One of the parts of a job application that should always be filled out at the beginning is the personal data. This first section is very important, since it will serve for the elaboration of your profile and indicates how you can be contacted.

It is important that, if you are filling out the employment form manually, you write everything legibly and without mistakes. Some of the information usually requested in this section are:

First and last names (do not include nicknames or aliases).
Identity document
Date of birth
Place of residence
Telephone and cell phone
Driver’s license
Social security number
E-mail address (make sure it is serious and professional)
People you live with
People who depend on you
Marital status
Family details (name, age, address and occupation)

These data are necessary information for a job application, so make sure you have all the data available for when you have to complete the form. In case you do not have any of the above mentioned documents, you have to write not applicable in the corresponding space.

how to fill in the academic data in a job application?

The next step to know how to fill out a job application is to complete the academic information. This information is very important because it will help you demonstrate that you have the necessary knowledge to perform the job you are applying for.

Basic Education

Nowadays, it is no longer considered necessary to include on a job application form the name of the schools where you attended elementary or high school. However, if you do not have a lot of work experience, you can include this information and specify if you have attended any technical workshops that may be considered relevant.

Higher education

The proper way to know how to fill out a job application that will guarantee you a job is to indicate the exact details of the higher education institutions you have attended (university, high school, technical school, etc.). To do this, you must specify the following information:

Name of the academic institution
Career or field of study
Degree obtained (Example: bachelor’s degree, bachelor’s, master’s, technical, etc.)
Period of study (month and year)

Complementary education

Generally, on a job application form, in the area of schooling they provide a space to report any additional studies that have been completed. To fill out this section, you should take into account the position in question and include information that will enrich your profile. Some data you can include are:

Short-term courses
Language courses

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how to fill out work experience on a job application?

Continuing with the process of learning how to fill out a job application, the next step is to complete the information related to your work experience. Remember that, in addition to demonstrating that you have the necessary skills, you must also indicate that you have the ability to apply them correctly to do an exceptional job.

Most job application forms ask you to fill out this field by entering your previous jobs, from most recent to most recent. If you are given limited space and have a long list of jobs, we recommend that you prioritize the most recent or those most closely related to the position for which you are applying.

The work experience information usually requested on a job application is as follows:

1. Current Status

The first thing you need to put on a job application, in the work experience area, is to specify whether you are currently working for that company. Likewise, you must also indicate the period of time (month and year) in which you were working there.

2. Company name and position held

It is also important that, when filling out an online or in-person job application, you include the name of the company where you worked and the position you held in that organization.

3. Tasks or functions

In the job application form you must also explain the duties you performed in each job position you held. To fill out this section we recommend the following tips:

We add the duties performed in the form of a list.
Start with the most important tasks.
Give concrete data and use numbers, for example: “Attend to an average of 20 requests per day”.

4. Reason for leaving

Finally, on the job application form, you also have to explain the reasons why you left each job mentioned. It is recommended that you do not use this space to complain about the company, your former colleagues or your former boss, as you could project a negative image to the recruiter.

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what additional data to include in a job application?

Now you are close to knowing how to fill out a job application for any job position, however, it is time to see what additional data to add to show that you have the ideal profile for their company.

A good strategy is to include your most outstanding competencies for the job application. Martin Gerding, teacher of the HR Hunting online course, refers that there are 3 types of competencies that will help you establish a framework for the elaboration of your profile:

1.Corporate competencies: these are the competencies that a company wants in all its employees and that reflect the company’s strategies and organizational culture.

2. Leadership competencies: these are required exclusively for those positions in which you will have to manage people.

3.Technical-functional competencies: these are related to the tasks of the position in question, and may vary according to the area of the company and the level of responsibility of the position.

To complete a job application, we recommend you to add competencies that correspond to each of these types and thus have a much more attractive profile for the recruiter.

how to fill out a job application if you have never worked before?

is it possible to get a job without experience? of course it is! You just have to know how to take advantage of your talents and your motivations to make a winning resume and get the job you want.

Here are some tips on how to fill out a job application when you have no work experience:

You should be honest with the information you add to the job application and not add experience or training you don’t have. If you make it to the interview stage, this deception could work against you.
While you shouldn’t lie on the job application form, you can leave out information that could keep you out of the selection process, as long as it’s not personal information.
Include in the job application those skills in which you stand out, such as the command of a language or the handling of a computer program.
If you have had the opportunity to volunteer, you can also include this information when filling out a job application.
Some personal interests or hobbies may help you get certain jobs. For example: reading, photography, writing, theater, among others.

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Extra: Job application form to download

If you work in the human resources area or you are looking to hire qualified personnel for your company, then you need to download this job application form in Excel.

This job application template is a document that will help you gather basic information about all applicants and build a professional profile of each one. You can then evaluate and compare them to see who is the best fit for the available vacancy.

The best thing about this job application form is that you can print it, to use it in a face-to-face job interview, or send it by mail so that the applicants can send you the Excel file with their data. this tool is ideal to speed up the selection process!

Now that you know how to fill out a job application, you’re ready to go for that job you’ve been looking for. Additionally, you can also rehearse the questions that are usually asked in a job interview to be more prepared.

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