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New technologies offer a variety of job search applications that can make the job search a simpler and more agile process. In fact, the traditional methods for finding a job have been left behind. And now, it is possible to apply for different vacancies, and even offer your services as a freelancer, from job search applications.

Even social networks have become an ideal space to apply to the different employment options that exist. This, without affecting the geographical distance and from any digital device.

Therefore, if you already have a job, but you want to get the job that brings you even closer to the objectives of your career plan; or you are unemployed and need to find a job according to your profile urgently, today we present the best applications to find a job. As a result, you will be able to optimize the resources you have and match with the ideal companies to develop as a professional.

are you ready? let’s get started!

This is one of the best online job search apps on the market. LinkedIn Jobs Search is the job search app from the employability platform LinkedIn .

In fact, LinkedIn Jobs Search is one of the most popular job search apps, as it is the perfect complement for job hunting and networking. All you need to access it is a LinkedIn account. And keep in mind that it is totally free.

The interface of the job finding app is very intuitive. In addition, it has a minimalist and professional design, which provides convenience for job search.

At the same time, it is one of the simplest job search applications. In fact, you only need to configure your LinkedIn profile. And automatically, the platform will provide you with search suggestions, which are adjusted to the characteristics of your profile, as well as your knowledge and skills. Also, every time you find ads that may interest you, the app to find employment will send them directly to you.

aplicaciones para buscar trabajo LinkedIn

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On the other hand, LinkedIn Jobs Search stands out among other job search applications, since it has many additional functions that other applications usually do not have.

In fact, this is one of the job search applications that is not limited exclusively to job search. On the contrary, as mentioned above, it is very useful for networking with people working in the same or related areas. In addition, in recent months, LinkedIn offers a space for online courses, called “LinkedIn Learning” .

Finally, in case you want full access to all these functions, we recommend downloading the full version of the LinkedIn employability application.

2. Bumeran

Bumeran is one of the job search applications available in Latin America, with operations in different countries. In fact, it includes: Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Venezuela, making it one of the job search applications that allows you to connect with the most recognized companies in Latin America.

In short, it is one of the job search applications that is responsible for providing millions of classified ads via the Internet and has been in the job search market for more than a decade.

Being so, it is one of the applications to look for work, which is multifunctional and with which you can:

Upload and update your resume.
Filter your job searches.
Browse through the different jobpostings .
Browse by locations and posting dates.
Review who is interested in your resume.
Receive messages from companies and recruiters looking to contact you for an interview or job offer.

aplicaciones para buscar trabajo Bumeran

Source: Bumeran

Moving forward in this analysis of the best job search apps, we advise you to keep your Bumeran job profile updated. From the app to find a job, you can complete all your information, in addition to deciding whether it will be private or public. Regarding this last point, try to set the visibility of your account to public mode, because different companies will be able to access your CV and you will have more job offers.

Also, Bumeran is considered one of the job search applications par excellence because it allows you to add possibilities to your application with a job cover letter. Thus, by using this app to find a job, you can tell the reasons why you are ideal for the position and what are the reasons why the company should hire you.

In short, it is one of the most useful applications for job search and whose advantages you can not fail to take advantage of, if you are in the middle of a job search .

3. Computrabajo

CompuTrabajo is another of the best job search applications, since it has the largest job board in Latin America. With the application, you can access from anywhere and at any time, thousands of job offers to find your next job today.

This is one of the most visited job search applications in Latin America. According to Computrabajo’s own website, the platform is present in 19 countries: Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

So, if you are looking for a job online, you just need to download the application and register your resume for free. that’s it! You can start applying to the job offers that the platform offers. And also, through Computrabajo, one of the best applications for job search, you can filter the job search by location and professional area to which you want to apply.

At the same time, remember that some of these job search applications, such as Computrabajo, allow you to attach your resume externally. Therefore, try to make a creative resume, with an appropriate graphic design, and with which you can make a good impression.

However, according to a study by Forbes, although it is true that having an updated resume is essential to find the ideal job, it is very likely that with the passage of time and the advance of digital transformation, the traditional format will no longer play a central role in the job search process. Indeed, nowadays, online job boards, along with social networks, are positioning themselves as the favorite means of users when it comes to finding a job effectively.

In conclusion, Computrabajo is one of the free job search applications, where you can view all the details of a job search, for example:

The job description.
The functions to be performed.
The requirements of the profile sought.
The salary offer.

Continuing with our article on the best job search apps, remember that when you apply, the organization will receive your CV automatically and will let you know the status of your application, as well as the status of the recruitment process.

In the same way, one of the advantages of job search apps is that you will receive notifications to your cell phone according to the progress of the application. Also, this is considered one of the best job search apps, because you can create job alerts with the new job offers published and that meet your requirements.

aplicaciones para buscar trabajo Computrabajo

Source: Computrabajo

Also, if you want to know which job search applications provide you with additional benefits, Computrabajo is definitely one of them. It gives you the possibility to create, visualize and renew a professional skills test, to discover your strengths and make them visible to companies looking for these skills.

According to a study by Infobae, in order to achieve an efficient insertion in the current labor market, it is essential to have skills related to the digital context. In fact, it is considered that by 2025, among the most important skills when it comes to finding a job, the following will be included:

Analytical thinking.
Handling artificial intelligence.
Creation of content in the cloud.
Work flexibility.
Skills related to the Data Science field.

Consequently, by using the best applications to find a job, job profiles linked to the area of administration and accounting will disappear, and new jobs will be created to meet the needs in terms of the digitization of processes and the study of data.

Then, if a company is interested in your profile, through the employability application, it will be able to open a chat to communicate with you and get to know you better. take advantage of this feature of one of the most efficient job search applications and prove that you are the ideal candidate for the job!

Also, Computrabajo is one of the apps to look for jobs abroad, as you can select the country where you want to work.


Here, we present you another of the best applications for job search. Indeed, offers a great job search engine, with useful filters, to search for job offers that match your interests and your profile. Likewise, it has an interface design that provides a very fast and simple user experience.

this is one of the easiest job search applications to use! All you have to do is register your CV for free and you are ready to go:

Search for the best job offers.
Apply to the job ads you are interested in.
Send your CV to companies automatically.
Follow your applications from your phone, to know if the job selection process is still open, if you are still in the running for the position or if your application has been discarded.

Hundreds of companies post ads every day hoping to find the ideal candidates. In summary, is one of the best job search applications because it has thousands of job offers for all professions; and even for freelance workers.

On the other hand, keep in mind that through this job search app, you can find internships, part-time and full-time jobs . aplicaciones para buscar trabajo


5. Jobandtalent

Jobandtalent is one of the leading job search applications in the labor market. It was founded in Spain in 2009 by entrepreneurs Juan Urdiales and Felipe Navío. And since then, its mission has been to digitize the recruitment, selection and hiring process.

what makes Jobandtalent one of the best job search applications? Large companies in Spain, Mexico and Colombia, such as Banco Santander and Decathlon, use this platform to post job offers.

This is one of the job search applications that stands out because it provides job stability, since, being affiliated with prestigious corporations, they assure you seriousness and a good work contract.

Particularly, Jobandtalent is one of the few job search applications that gives you the possibility to make your labor contract; and guarantee your security in the collection of payroll and legal issues.

To conclude, it is one of the best job search applications, because if a company contacts you and sends you an invitation to a job interview by email or communicates with you by other means, you will be able to sign your contract directly from the app. Also, you will have at your disposal a team of specialized professionals to answer all your questions during the job selection process.

6. Indeed

The Indeed platform is one of the largest online job search apps worldwide. In 2017, it was named by Comscore as the #1 job search site globally. Currently, the job-finding app stands out for:

More than 50 million downloads.
250 million users.
Presence in more than 60 countries.
Being translated into 28 languages .

Through this free job search application, you have access to a list of millions of job offers. In addition, it is one of the most efficient job search applications because you can find the ones that best fit your profile, adjusting your settings and adding filters, according to your profession, experience, salary expectations, schedules, location and more.

Note that it is considered one of the best job search applications, as you can set up email notifications to alert you when new jobs are posted in your favorite categories. At the same time, this is one of the job search apps that allows you to save the offers that interest you, to apply when you have time or when you feel ready.

When you apply, the job search application will keep a record so you can monitor the status of each application. At the same time, when you send your CV in this job search app, you can add a personalized message .

7. InfoJobs

everyone has searched for a job on Infojobs at one time or another! This is one of the most popular job search apps in Spain, with more than 5 million downloads, as well as thousands of users and job offers available.

Some of the positive aspects of this job finding app are:

The large number of filters to find the ideal job offer for you.
Indicates the competition that exists in a selection process.
Notifies you of offers similar to the ones you have searched for.
You can track the status of your job applications.

Also, this is one of the best applications to search for jobs online, which allows you to have additional functions, such as reading opinions about the companies you apply to. In this way, collaborators write reviews about their workplaces. And so, when using InfoJobs, one of the best job search apps, and if you are contacted for a job interview, you can get an overview of what it would be like to work at the company.

“It’s important that you know the organization you’re applying to. Find out all the necessary information about the company. Use the Internet. Most organizations, nowadays, have a website. Go there and gather relevant information, such as: who they are; where they are located; what is their culture, mission, vision, their values; what is the size of the company (number of employees); what is the direct competition (…). Find out something about the history of the organization: where it was founded, by whom and why it was founded. Know some relevant news about the company in recent times (…). See how the company is perceived by the employees. This will give you more data about the organizational culture, the work climate and how satisfied the employees are”.

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