Learn how to make a creative outline and organize your ideas like a PRO

If you think that organizing your ideas is boring, knowing how to make a creative outline will change your perspective. To carry out any project, either within the academic or professional environment, this tool will be very useful to group information, understand and learn in a dynamic and entertaining way.

In addition, traditional schemes have gone out of fashion. Although this does not mean that they are no longer useful, if you want to show off in your work, it is best to demonstrate your skills in a creative scheme that is totally innovative .

On the other hand, if making a creative scheme seems difficult to you, one advantage you have today is that, thanks to the Internet, there are many web sites that will help you design one in simple steps. Also, at WP, we have prepared for you the best free downloadable tools to give you a hand with this task.

So, are you ready to create the best graphic organizers? In this article, we will tell you what a creative outline is, what types exist, how to make a creative outline step by step and what are the most effective resources that will support you in the process.

What is a creative scheme?

Before learning how to make a creative outline, it is important to delve into the concept of this powerful organizational tool. As many of us know, outlines are graphic representations of different ideas and concepts that are related to each other, since they start from a main concept or idea.

But what is a creative outline? Unlike its classic version, a creative outline is more visually appealing, which is essential to improve the understanding of the subject you are studying .

According to a study conducted by the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, “the value of using outlines lies in the fact that it allows us to get a clear general idea of the subject at a glance, select and deepen the basic contents and analyze them to better fix them in our mind”.

In that sense, by learning how to make a creative outline, you will be able to organize your ideas in a clear and functional way. In other words, it will be easier for you to notice what is the objective of the outline you have elaborated to avoid confusion.

In conclusion, to define what a creative scheme is, we can say that it is the improved version of a traditional scheme and the tool you need to enhance your ideas in any area of your life.

Characteristics of creative schemes

Now, to delve deeper into the concept of this tool, you will learn the main characteristics of creative schemes to clarify the benefits they have for your presentations.

Pay attention, as these characteristics will help you get an idea of how to make a creative outline later on .

They contain only the necessary information that is reflected in brief concepts and few words.
Include little text and more visual information.
Relate ideas to generate a visible continuity between them.
Include few main ideas, since they generate complementary concepts.

Image: Pexels

what are the types of creative schemes?

Another important step before knowing how to make a creative scheme, is to know the types of creative schemes that exist to complement your work. Remember that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes or your needs .

Here are the most popular creative schemes:

1. Key Scheme

A creative key diagram, also known as a synoptic table, is one of the most used in the formal field, since it lends itself to place different ideas of the same concept .

This type of creative scheme uses braces or square brackets to group the ideas that arise from a main concept. It is important to mention that you decide the end of this sequence, since tertiary ideas can also be born from these, and so on.

Finally, remember not to load your map with too many ideas, since the purpose of this blog on how to make a creative outline is to innovate and be able to summarize all the ideas in a simple, but striking map.

Image: Pinterest

2. Arrow outline

Just like the previous creative diagram, this one uses the elements that its very name mentions to link ideas together. In this case, arrows are used to group ideas that start from a main idea and open up into secondary ideas.

However, some designers prefer to use this type of creative scheme because they can further enhance their innovative ideas by extending the arrows to any part of the map. In fact, this is a little tip you might want to consider as you learn how to make a creative outline.

Image: Pinterest

3. Outline development

This type of creative scheme is very particular because it has a specific point to place the central idea. Generally, it is located at the top of the space, since it is a developmental outline, it is expected that all the content will move from the top.

In addition, it has a hierarchical form that helps to prioritize the most important concepts from top to bottom. Pay attention to the following image to include it within your ideas on how to make a creative outline.

Image: Pinterest

4. Radial scheme

Continuing with our list of beautiful and creative schemes, we now present you with the radial scheme. While it is similar to the previous one, in this case, the main idea is placed in the center. Some refer to this creative diagram as a cloud or spider map, as its structure simulates those silhouettes.

For many designers, this is a very inspiring creative diagram model, as it lends itself to adding different elements in your design.

Image: Power Point

5. Flowchart

This creative scheme is more particular, as it is usually used more in the technological field and within project management. In addition, you should take into account that, in this case, not only text is included, but also graphics.

On the other hand, it is called “flow” because it proposes to elaborate a process with the diagram. Although it is not the most used map, it will help you gain inspiration to know how to make a creative outline.

Image: LucidChart

6. Concept map

To define what this creative diagram consists of, we will turn to LucidChart, one of the most popular pages for making creative schemes, which tells us that it is a perfect scheme to clearly visualize the relationships between various ideas and concepts.

In this case, the main idea is kept at the top of the canvas on which you are going to make your creative scheme. From there, secondary, tertiary, and all the ideas you consider convenient are triggered.

Image: WP

how to make a creative outline?

you’ve reached the section you’ve been waiting for! In the following lines, you will learn how to make a creative outline in simple steps. Before we start, we want to recommend you that, if you want to add any element that you think is convenient for your map, you can do it freely .

Very well, it is time for you to take note of the following indications so that you know how to make a creative outline and captivate everyone with your designs.

1. Read the text you want to summarize very carefully: this phase gives you a closer look at the content of your creative scheme so that you can put it together easily in the following steps.

2.Identify the central theme: start by finding out what the text is about, since knowing the main idea is crucial to determine the direction your outline will take.

3. Write down all the relevant ideas: it is important that you take note of all the important concepts you find, so you will be able to build the subtopics correctly.

4.Find relationships between ideas: linking each concept will make your creative diagram more fluid. Therefore, you must be able to synthesize the content and unify the ideas.

5. Make a draft: we recommend grouping the data in an orderly fashion in a draft until you find the best way to assemble the final version of your creative scheme.

6. Do a quick reading: almost at the end, you should review the outline to make sure that all the ideas are consistent with the main theme.

7. Create your outline: let’s get to work! Once you have corrected and revised your draft, you can transfer all your creativity to a blank sheet of paper or a digital platform.

that’s it! With these simple steps you now know how to make a creative outline without struggling to create it. Best of all, besides looking pretty, the content you post will be of value, as it has gone through several revisions to make it more efficient and understandable.

Image: Pexels

what are the best tools for making creative diagrams?

As promised, we couldn’t end this article without the key resources to make the step-by-step on how to make a creative outline even easier than what you’ve seen .

First, you’ll find out which are the most recommended sites for making a creative outline online. Then, we will present you a list of the best free downloadable templates to make beautiful and creative diagrams in seconds.

take note!

1. Pages for making creative diagrams

As we mentioned above, thanks to technological advances, you can now create different creative diagrams from online platforms. Before entering any of them, don’t forget to follow the steps we recommend above.

Canva: with this platform you can create schemes of all shapes, as it has different templates that will make your process more efficient and faster.
Bubbl: this tool allows you to develop the diagrams you want and export them as an image to share them on your social networks.
Examtime: On this platform you will find the option to make mind maps, worksheets, tests, notes and much more.
LucidChart: this page allows you to create a wide variety of creative diagrams with its numerous templates; it also works collaboratively.
Coggle: on this platform you can create many maps in a single space and connect them together; additionally, you can chat with your team in real time.

Image: Pexels

2. Templates for making creative diagrams

At WP, we love to design all kinds of tools to contribute to the development of your daily tasks. We know that, in order to be an efficient professional, you need to have the best resources at hand.

Therefore, here we bring you the most effective templates to create all the creative diagrams you need.

2.1. Creative synoptic chart templates

If the idea you want to organize in your creative scheme is very big and you don’t know how to put it on paper, don’t worry! With this resource you can do it in the blink of an eye.

You only have to complete the first phase of the process of how to make a creative scheme, which consists of reviewing the information very well to determine the central idea. Then, you will have to choose the template you like the most and modify the diagram as you see fit.

our creative synoptic chart templates

2.2. Concept map template for downloading and editing

Finally, it’s time to put together one of the most beautiful and creative outlines you’ve made to date. With these editable templates, you will not only have a spectacular design, but you will also be able to organize any topic regardless of its length.

Say goodbye to confusion and get ready to organize your information the right way.

our concept map template

congratulations! Now you know how to make a creative outline and you know everything about this tool. After reading this article, you will be able to make the outlines you want to captivate everyone with your creativity.

Although there are some creative diagrams that are more colorful than others, you are free to choose the one you like the most and that suits the situations or jobs you have. The important thing is to select a diagram that allows you to organize the information in the best possible way, especially when you are going to develop a project .

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