Learn how to set Zoom filters for fun meetings

Knowing how to set Zoom filters (and remove them) is key if you don’t want what happened during a Zoom trial in the United States to happen to you. remember it? We summed it up: a lawyer inadvertently appeared on camera with a filter of a cat . and he didn’t know how to remove it!

It’s just that, for many of us, using Zoom has become part of our day-to-day lives, and that’s reflected in the numbers: the video calling app has about 300 million daily meeting participants, according to a TechRepublic article. However, sometimes we don’t get to take advantage of all the configuration options that this powerful digital tool offers us.

We previously told you what Zoom is and how to use it, so that you too can take advantage of all its benefits and learn about different technological tools. This time we will focus on the visual aspect of your video, because with this tool you will not only improve your appearance in front of the camera, but you can also get funny reactions with just a few clicks.

ready to start learning how to set filters in Zoom? You’ll start by exploring the application’s configuration options, and then move on to the main course.

make yourself a nice cup of coffee, get comfortable and start reading!

what do I need to set filters in Zoom?

To enhance the appearance in Zoom and use settings such as virtual backgrounds, you have the option to do it from a computer or cell phone, in the case of Apple users. Zoom requires Windows 5.2.0 and above or macOS 5.2.0 and above for computers. For iOS devices, from 5.2.0 onwards you can use this feature.

For Zoom filter settings, the same goes for Windows and macOS, from version 5.2.0 onwards you will be able to use it. While, for iOS, it will be available from version 11.0 onwards.

now we’re talking! In the next point we will show you how to set filters in Zoom. Remember to log in to your Zoom meeting to be able to configure this feature.

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how to set filters in Zoom?

Without face-to-face meetings in the equation, a great alternative to bring people closer together was to make video calls. Meetings at work, between friends or even birthday parties became Zoom. Our virtual connection was complemented with the use of Zoom filters, which provided fun and, in some cases, necessary additions to show off our best style.

Below, we will show you what you should do to show your best version in virtual meetings or have a fun time, no matter if you are on a computer or on a cell phone. Pay close attention to this Zoom tutorial.

how to set Zoom filters from a computer?

Watch out for the following steps to make your meetings more fun with these Zoom filters.

1. Log in to Zoom

After opening the application on your computer, you will need to log in to Zoom. Enter your username and password to be able to access Zoom tools.

2. Go to your profile picture and choose Settings

Click on the profile picture that appears in the application and then select the Settings option.

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3. Click on the Background & Filters tab

Once you are in the Settings menu, you will see a menu on the left side of the window. There, you will have to select the Background and filters alternative.

4. Click on the Video Filters tab

In the Background and filters section, you will find two alternatives. The Virtual Backgrounds section and, to the right, Video Filters. Select the latter option.

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5. Select the desired filter

Now that you’ve reached the Video Filters window, choose your favorite. Zoom offers you several options, from color changes in the camera, to add-ons that take advantage of augmented reality, as is the case with the mask filter and the puppy filter.

and that’s it! That’s how easy it is to set up a Zoom filter on your computer. when will you start using it in your team meetings? If you also want to know how to set Zoom filters on your cell phone, go ahead! In the following section, we will tell you step by step how to create a great Zoom filter from your mobile device.

how to set Zoom filters from the cell phone?

Fortunately, this option doesn’t only work on computers; you can learn how to set Zoom filters from a mobile device in a quick and easy way. remember that the first thing you must do, whether you are on a computer or a cell phone, is to log in to Zoom.

1. Enter a meeting

The use of filters in Zoom is enabled from the moment you enter a video call. When you join a meeting you will be able to see the digital tools available to you. If you don’t know how to schedule a Zoom meeting from your cell phone, we recommend you read our step-by-step tutorial.

2. Select More in the controls

In the menu that appears at the bottom of the application, you must choose the More option, which will take you to a new Zoom tools section.

3. Choose the Background and filters option

In this new menu you will have to go to Background and filters, then select the Filters tab.

4. Select your filter

After selecting the Filters option you will see a wide variety of filters. Choose the one you think best suits the occasion. Then, once you have managed to choose a filter, tap the X.

With this last step, you’ll be back in the meeting and with your filter active. That’s all you need to know about how to set filters in Zoom from a cell phone. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Plus, you can learn how to use Zoom on mobile and forget about having a PC nearby for meetings. master Zoom and make it your ally in business!

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in which situations is it not possible to use Zoom filters?

Although Zoom filters are an excellent tool to give a fresher tone to meetings, there are some cases in which it is not possible to use them. In this section we would like to tell you about some of the reasons why you may experience problems when trying to use Zoom filters.

If you pay attention to what we are going to tell you, you will notice that these are some simple things that can be easily solved. Here are some of the situations why you may not be able to put Zoom filters in your meetings.

If you don’t have a Zoom account

To join a virtual meeting on this platform, it is not necessary to have an account, but it is necessary if you want to use the filters and other customization tools. For example, in meetings that you access using a link, without having an account, you cannot use Zoom filters.

However, this is solved in a very simple way, you just need to create an account to access the platform. To achieve this you just need an Apple, Google or Facebook account. After creating your account you can set filters in Zoom and have a more complete user experience.

When your phone or computer is not so powerful

Electronic devices lose their usefulness over time, especially when it comes to phones and computers. If you followed our instructions on how to put filters on Zoom, and you still can’t do it, it’s likely that the device you’re using is the reason.

Not all computers or phones have the minimum requirements to use Zoom filters. So check if you have a recent cell phone, because to enjoy the advanced features of the platform, you need a fast device adjusted to Zoom’s graphic consumption needs.

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You have an outdated version of the program

Another common problem when setting filters in Zoom is the version of the program. Surely your device has the necessary requirements, but it has an outdated version of Zoom. Maybe your last meeting was a couple of months ago, and you haven’t used Zoom since then, so the best thing to do is to check if an update is needed.

Doing this is very simple, you just have to go to the App Store or Play Store to check if you can update the app. Besides, it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes, so we recommend you take a look at it.

Filters are disabled by your meeting administrator

There is also the possibility that you can’t use the Zoom filters because the meeting administrator has disabled them. This is very common when it comes to serious meetings, where there is no room for filter fun.

To see if this is the case and not something else, what you can do is to try, after your business meeting is over, in a new room where you are the administrator. The idea is that you open the program and check that it was that the filters were disabled for a particular meeting and you have no problem with the app.

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what to do if I don’t have filters in Zoom?

By any chance, have you tried to see if your filters appear in Zoom and noticed that they don’t pop up? don’t panic! Of course, like everything in this life, there is a solution and, below, we will tell you how to make the filters appear in Zoom.

Most likely you have the filters deactivated on the platform to make video calls. But don’t worry, here is the solution so that you can make work meetings a more enjoyable and fun space thanks to the filters. Follow these steps to enable or disable filters in Zoom:

1. Click on the arrow on the video icon

The first thing, to see the filters in Zoom, is to click on the arrow next to the video camera icon (be careful not to press the camera otherwise you might turn it on or off). Here you have to click on the date next to it in order to access the video settings or options.

2. Select “video filter”.

You will see a list of options to choose from. In this case, select the “video filter” option.

3. Play with filters in Zoom

let’s have fun! In this third step, you can now choose the Zoom video filters. Just click on each filter that appears on the screen, you will see a small preview with the filter applied. You can also choose to disable the Zoom filters by selecting the “None” option.

no more excuses for not having fun at work meetings! Use the filters in Zoom, now that you know how to set them on your computer and cell phone. who said team meetings have to be boring?

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Best filters for Zoom

It is likely that when using Zoom filters, you will notice that they are a very basic set of filters. With them you can only edit the colorization of your video, since they are black and white filters, sepia color and other more tones.

The best way to get the most out of all your videoconferences is to use Zoom filters developed by other applications. Yes, just as you are reading, you can use other programs to change the appearance of your Zoom video and you can do it without having to pay anything. In this part of the article we want to tell you which are two of the best platforms with which you can achieve this, so take note of our tips.

Snap Camera

The first application that we recommend to expand the number of filters for Zoom in your account is Snap Camera, with which you can use all the Snapchat filters in your video calls. It is a very versatile solution with which you can have very fun filters at your disposal.

In anutshell, it is a virtual camera that you can link to your Zoom account and modify the appearance of your videos. You can choose beautification filters, green screen filters and pretty much anything you can think of.

Best of all, Snap Camera also has augmented reality filters, so you can use fun effects while talking to your friends, family or co-workers.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is not only a program to make live broadcasts, but it can also be used to get filters for Zoom. This program is optimized and has a very complete set of tools for those who make streaming sessions on Twitch or other platforms, so we are sure you will be able to take advantage of it.

Inaddition to Zoom filters, with this tool you will be able to use other elements within your video call, some of them are text layers, video overlays, images and many other things.

Of course, to use OBS Studio, you need to download the program to your computer and configure all the necessary parameters to use the webcam from the application. This solution, just like Snap Camera, works very well on computers with Windows or macOS operating systems.

We are sure that you will be able to take advantage of all the tools that both programs have and put filters in Zoom with which you can make your video call more fun and enjoyable. You already know that Zoom filters are not the only option you have available, so it is worth downloading the programs and see how things work for you.

how to use third-party Zoom filters?

It is worth mentioning that you can use both the Zoom filters that come by default on the platform, as well as the Snap Camera filters, which will allow you to add new filters for video calls for your day to day. what are the steps to follow to use them?

You have to download Snap Camera from the developer’s official website and install it.
Then, go to Settings under Zoom and under Video choose “Snap Camera”.
After that, select the filters you like the most and have fun!

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how to remove Zoom filters?

Knowing how to set filters in Zoom is just as important as knowing how to remove them (think of the U.S. attorney example!).

Filters are a fun tool for video calls with family, friends and colleagues with whom we have some confidence, but there are also more formal video calls in which it is better not to use them. Learn how to remove Zoom filters and avoid accidents!

Steps to remove Zoom filters

Click the up arrow next to the Stop Video icon.
Select Choose Video Filter to open the settings window.
Choose None in the upper corner.

Steps to remove the third-party filters in Zoom

You must click on the up arrow next to the Stop Video icon.
You must then select a different camera setting, or select each camera from the list until it returns to normal.

Steps to remove Zoom filter before starting a video call

The above steps will help you to remove the zoom filter during a call, but ideally you should do it before a meeting and check the settings beforehand to avoid uncomfortable situations later.

To do so, follow these steps:

On the Zoom desktop, you must click on the profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen.
Select Settings and choose Background and filters in the left pane.

This way, you will be able to check the preview of your video to see if it has any filters activated. By the way, you can check that the virtual background is appropriate.

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Steps to disable video filters in Zoom

Finally, if what you want to do is remove video filters in Zoom, you need to click on the Video Filters tab below the video preview window and select the <None> checkbox in the upper left corner. You may have to scroll up to see this option.

great! You now know how to put filters in Zoom, how to enable third-party filters and, also, you know how to take filters out in Zoom. Now, do you want to know what filters in Zoom are for? read on!


what are the filters in Zoom for?

You already know how to set filters in Zoom, but you may still be wondering what use this will be in your work video calling routine.

The reality is that using filters has become part of our day-to-day lives, whether you’re making a story on Instagram or holding a meeting on Zoom. Here are some of the features of the filters in Zoom.

1. Improve user appearance

Many filters have settings for retouching through augmented reality. some of the most popular changes make the face have a matte texture, while others incorporate makeup.

2. Set a theme

If it’s a birthday or it’s a themed gathering where everyone should wear the same filter, as if everyone is on vacation at the beach. This is a great way to achieve a good result.

3. Give fun effects

As it happens on Snapchat and Instagram, many filters have been made exclusively with the function of getting several laughs out of us. Among the Zoom filters, you will also find several options to obtain this result.

According to Frederick Gutierrez, teacher of the Effective Remote Work Meetings online course, “laughter is a bit of a risky way to break silences” but, used well, it helps topics flow naturally during a video call meeting and “decontract” the audience. Now that you’ve learned how to set filters in Zoom, you have no excuse not to amuse your audience!

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Tips for using Zoom to have a perfect virtual meeting

that’s it! Now you know how to set Zoom filters step by step, but we can’t say goodbye without giving you the best Zoom recommendations, so you’ll soon be an expert at making video calls. Don’t miss the following tips.

Take advantage of Zoom’s use of color filters to transform the entire look of your video. You can choose a black and white version, or choose the hue of one of the available colors to give your camera a personality.
You can handle granular control. Zoom also allows you to adjust the brightness and amount of skin smoothing to present the best possible video quality.
Keep exploring the Zoom tools. You’ll even find a way that, when sharing a presentation, your video can be visible on the slides and you can be integrated into the image. just like a weatherman!
Say goodbye to background noise in your meetings. If you live with a dog or your neighbor has a barking dog, take advantage of the Zoom function to reduce the noise! In Settings, within the Audio device, cancel the Zoom background noise. You can also choose to play background music to complement, for example, a group reflection or meditation session.
Take advantage of backgrounds to play with the environment around you when making a video call with the camera on. For example, you can appear on a beach or blur what can be seen behind you.
Finally, using filters is a great tool at the right time and with the right people. Consider this factor a lot when choosing your filter, as your friends’ or a company’s management team’s reaction to a filter will probably not be the same.

All these tips to get the most out of Zoom filters will make the meetings or interviews in which you participate more dynamic and enjoyable. Fun can also be present at work to strengthen the bonds between teams and improve communication between employees.

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Remember to take full advantage of Zoom’s platform. In short, holding virtual meetings for project and task management will help you work remotely as a team .

Don’t forget to take those digital transformation courses you want so badly.

Now that you know how to set filters in Zoom, you’re ready to make your video calls a great experience. And if you need a little extra help, these business presentation templates will come in handy. don’t forget to combine them with the use of fun filters to lighten up your business meetings!

see you next time!

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