Learn what an opinion letter is and share your point of view with a wider audience

Don’t know what an opinion letter is? then you can’t miss this article! especially if you usually have difficulty communicating your position on a sensitive or controversial situation to a mass audience.

Many times, when we try to explain our point of view regarding an issue or circumstance, we can end up generating an even greater conflict. That’s why you should know what an opinion letter is and how to write one properly.

It is not enough to know what it is to write, since this type of text is characterized by transmitting a point of view in an accurate way, getting to connect with the reader. in this article, you will find the necessary information to understand what an opinion letter is and what it is for. pay attention!

We recommend you continue reading until the end of the article because, in addition to informing you about what an opinion letter is, you will find a free Word format to download that will inspire you to write an opinion letter that suits your objectives.

what is an opinion letter?

It is a type of text in which the author expresses his opinion on a topic that, sometimes, can be a bit sensitive or controversial for the public. To do this, we usually appeal to the reflections, thoughts or recommendations to argue our point of view to the audience.

The concept of an opinion letter is within the group of formal letters. Therefore, if you already know how to write a formal letter, you will realize that they keep some similarities, such as structure, language, length, etc. However, a clear difference is that a formal letter is usually addressed to a single person, while an opinion letter can be addressed to a group of people, such as a community, or to the general public.

Many years ago, the exchange of letters was considered the primary means of communication that allowed the barrier of distance to be broken. Nowadays, although technology has replaced correspondence, we can still find many types of letters that remain valid, one of them being the opinion letter.

what is the function of an opinion letter?

As we mentioned before, the purpose of an opinion letter is to communicate the perception that one has regarding a subject. Anyone can write these types of texts and then disseminate them by the means they consider most relevant.

Some important spaces where we find opinion letters are in newspapers and magazines. In the case of newspapers, there are sections specifically created to publish opinion letters. These spaces are known as “Letters to the editor”, “The public gives its opinion” or some other similar name.

The print media usually call upon recognized personalities with specialized knowledge to write an opinion letter on a current issue of public interest.

Now that you know what an opinion letter is, let’s show you in detail what are the characteristics of an opinion letter.

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Characteristics of an opinion letter

After knowing what an opinion letter is, it’s time to delve into those aspects that make it different from other letters.

Next, we will show you the 5 characteristics of an opinion letter that you should always keep in mind when writing:

1. It should be as short as possible

It is advisable to write a short opinion letter that is no longer than one page. In this way, it will be much easier to reach a larger number of readers, since a very long text could intimidate the general public and they will not want to read it.

2. Focus on a specific topic

When writing an opinion letter you should be as clear as possible, for which it is necessary to go to the central theme from the beginning of the text. In addition, this also implies having to describe the context of the problem, and then include the opinion.

3. Support your opinion with arguments

To make an opinion letter that can persuade the reader, it is necessary to write good arguments to support our position. To do this, we can draw on our personal experience, use references, appeal to a credible authority, etc.

4. Use formal and simple language

When writing an opinion letter, it is important to use formal language that conveys politeness and respect. Also, do not forget to follow all spelling rules.

Also, preferably, avoid the use of technical terms, since our opinion letter could be addressed to an audience that uses a simpler style of language.

Tip: Majo Moirón, teacher of the online course The Art of Writing with Majo Moirón and professional writer, recommends that when writing we ask ourselves the following question: What would be the simplest way to say this? In this way, by opting for a simpler language, you will be able to achieve a greater connection with the reader.

5. It should follow the structure of a formal letter

The elaboration of an opinion letter has to follow a specific structure, very similar to that of a formal letter. That is to say, the place and date must be indicated, the addressee must be named, the body of the letter must be written and it must end with a farewell and a signature.

what are the parts of an opinion letter?

You have probably written many letters throughout your life, such as a letter to a friend, a letter of recommendation or a cover letter for a job. However, the elements that go into an opinion letter are a little different than what we normally see.

Since you already know what an opinion letter is, it’s time to learn which parts of an opinion letter should always be present in this type of document.

Place and date

In the opinion letter, you should always include the place (city) and the date (day, month and year) of issue. Thus, the reader will get more information about the issuance of the document.


It is very important to point out at the beginning of an opinion letter, to whom we are addressing. Whether it is to an organization, a community or the general public, you should always begin with a respectful greeting.


The body, or content, of an opinion letter is where we will develop the topic in question and specify our position on it. To make your text look well organized, we suggest you follow the following structure:

Entrance: in this first part of the opinion letter, you have to introduce the topic under discussion, being precise when describing the context and the facts you consider important.
Body: here it is mentioned which opinions an opinion letter expresses, with the respective arguments that validate the stated position. This part requires a lot of clarity and persuasive elements.
Conclusion: to conclude an opinion letter, a brief summary or synthesis of the entire content can be presented. In addition, a recommendation or a suggestion for a solution to the subject of the letter can also be included.


Many times, an opinion letter may refer to controversial topics, that is why you should show cordiality when addressing the reader. To close the letter, do not forget to always include a farewell. You can use expressions such as: “best regards”, “good-bye”, “yours sincerely”, etc.


The identification of the author of the opinion letter is a must. Always remember to include your full name and signature. In case you are representing an entity, you can include your position within the organization.

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how to write an opinion letter?

We have already studied what an opinion letter is for, its characteristics and the parts that make it up. So to go beyond the question “what is an opinion letter”, we are now going to explain how to write one.

1. Start with the Introduction

To learn how to write an opinion letter, the first thing you should do is define the main topic. In this part, you give an overview of the situation or issue (what made you react).

Defining the question: the question you should ask about the topic or situation of your opinion letter.
Position statement: you must include a clear position statement (the answer to the question). You need the presence of the “I”, i.e., you must write your opinion letter in the first person.

2. Follow with the body or development

Since you want to know how to write a convincing opinion letter, you need to provide solid arguments. Therefore, you will have to support the content with reliable sources. In this way, through the evidence you provide in your opinion letter, you will be able to provide readers with information to support your point of view.

You should always start an argument with a textual organizer, which will allow you to group the contents into parts and present them in an orderly fashion. According to the Encyclopedia of Tasks website, textual organizers have two main functions:

To delimit a textual unit by indicating its beginning or opening (in principle, to begin, well, well, let’s see) and its closing or closure (finally, to finish, in order, in summary, in conclusion, in a nutshell, finally).
Group the contents of the unit into parts and present them in order (first…, second…, third…; first…, last…; on the one hand…, on the other hand…; on the one hand…, on the other hand…)

Now you know what a textual organizer is and how to use it to write an opinion letter. Let’s take a paragraph-by-paragraph look at how to write a strong opinion letter so that your readers have no doubt about your point of view on any topic.

First paragraph: first argument for your position

To write your opinion letter, the elements of the first paragraph are textual organizer , argument, explanations and then evidence. These elements will help you shape the structure in this part:

Explanation (…I explain, …indeed, etc.)
Evidence: quotation from a credible person, an expert, a specialist; statistics; objective evidence; example; proverb, maxim, common expression…

Second paragraph: Second argument in favor of your position

In this section of your opinion letter, repeat the same procedure as in the first paragraph, i.e. textual organizer, argument, explanations , then evidence.

Third paragraph (part 1): third argument (objection)

You continue writing the third paragraph of your opinion letter, only in this part you have to put yourself in the place of someone who objects to your position.

Use an appropriate marker or textual connector (however, against, etc.)
The explanations these people might give (…explain that, …say that, suppose that, etc.)
The evidence these people might give: quote from a credible person; statistics; true story; example; proverb, etc.

Third paragraph (part 2): fourth argument (refutation)

And in this last part of the opinion letter, you have to demolish the objection of the people who oppose your ideas. To do this, your opinion letter should consist of the following elements:

Use an appropriate marker or textual connector (however, against, etc.)
Explanations: …I explain, …indeed, etc.
Evidence: quote from a credible person; statistics; objective evidence; example; proverb, etc.

3. Conclude your opinion letter by making a great impression

Ending an opinion letter clearly and professionally is another super important aspect of learning how to write an opinion letter. why? It’s the last thing your audience will read. Once you’ve established the tone of your future opinion letter, the conclusion will allow you to finish building the relationship you want to have with the reader.

To do this, consider the following:

Conclude by restating your position with other words
Add an opening (a sentence that makes the reader think…)
Question, quotation
Another undeveloped argument

These are the steps you need to follow to know how to write a compelling opinion letter. If you still need more clarity to make yours, continue to the next section, where you will see a sample opinion letter.

Sample opinion letter

Now that you have a better understanding of what an opinion letter is and its parts, we will show you a sample opinion letter that will help you understand the proper structure this type of document should have.

In this case, the opinion letter is addressed to the editor of the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio and expresses a critical position regarding a bill that prohibits homework in schools. this is an excellent example that will inspire you!

Ejemplo de carta de opiniónSource: El Mercurio

Tips for writing opinion letters in newspapers

An opinion letter written to the press is one of the most important tools in communication because it has the power to reach a wider audience and even initiate a debate.

Anyone could learn how to write an opinion letter, but writing one that will be accepted by a newspaper, or a magazine, that will actually be read by the public is quite a challenge. So, in this section, let’s supplement with some tips for writing a compelling opinion letter for a print medium.

1. Consult the newspaper guidelines

Our first tip for writing an opinion letter to print media is to consult the newspaper’s guidelines. Most newspapers have a website.

Check the newspaper’s Web site or the editorial page of the print version for information on how to submit an opinion letter to the editor. Some newspapers have an online submission form you can use.

2. Be brief and to the point

Opinion letters should be concise. Newspapers usually have a limit of about 250 words (about 3 paragraphs). Remember that editors are less likely to publish opinion letters that are too long.

3. Make your letter timely

Relate the subject of your opinion letter to a recent article, editorial or column. Use that article as a hook to get your message across. On the other hand, small-circulation newspapers tend to print many of the opinion letters they receive. On the other hand, it is more difficult to get a letter published in a larger newspaper, so don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t get published.

4. Contextualize your letter

Try to give your opinion letter as much credibility as possible by pointing out your professional experiences that led you to write about the topic. A case in point would be, for example, explaining how children in your community are affected by the lack of pedestrian bridges near schools.

5. Consider the tone of your letter

The tone of your opinion letter can support or override the essence of the message you are trying to communicate. Therefore, choosing and controlling tone in opinion letters is an important element. Remember that the words you use in your letter tell the reader how you process information and how you communicate with others.

6. Also write about good news, not just bad news

An article in TheNYTimes talked about bad news bias in times of Covid in the United States. It said that when Covid cases increased in the U.S., news coverage emphasized the increase. When cases were declining, coverage focused on where cases were increasing. And when research on the vaccine began to show positive results, the coverage downplayed it.

why always emphasize the negative? If you want to write an opinion letter, you can highlight the good news as well. Thanking the newspaper (as the case may be) for positive and accurate coverage of an issue related to some news or event is also a reason to write an opinion letter. Or thank a responsible politician for being an advocate for a cause favorable to the community, don’t you think?

7. Include your name, title, address and phone number

Editors like to confirm that the opinion letter was written by the person whose name is on it. Also be sure to indicate your professional title, as this lends credibility to your letter.

8. Consider publishing in other newspapers

Many metropolitan areas have free weekly community newspapers that reach thousands of households. Many cities also have newspapers for specific ethnic groups. So you might consider sending your opinion letter to the editors of other publications that are also widely read.

Opinion letter format for download

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Now that you know what an opinion letter is and its elements, you can use this communication tool to convey your ideas effectively and without hurting susceptibilities. Remember that it is very important to maintain cordiality and politeness when addressing a mass audience.

If after knowing what an opinion letter is, you think it will be very difficult for you to write one, we recommend you to join our Writing courses, with which you will be able to improve your skills.

now you know all about what an opinion letter is! It’s time to sit down in front of the computer and let the words start flowing.

see you soon!

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