Lettering for billboards: Discover more than 50 fonts that your client will love!

Are you looking for lettering for billboards? Then you clicked on the right note. Here we will tell you which are the most acclaimed typefaces, which you should take into account to take your design to the next level in 2021.

There is no doubt that one of the most important things to successfully design your advertising poster is the typography you are going to use. If the information on your poster cannot be read, you will hardly be able to convey the message you want.

In addition, the letters must also be in accordance with the purpose of your poster. Typography not only captures the viewer’s attention, but also creates “brand recognition, harmony and establishes the value and tone of a brand”. It is not the same to use Times New Roman for a poster aimed at children as it is for a restaurant sign.

So before you think about the colors and parts of your ad, pay close attention to the typefaces you choose! As Marshall McLuhan once said: “The medium is the message”. And, in this case, it couldn’t be more different, as each typeface has its own personality.

Types of lettering for posters

There are many types of lettering for posters and, although each one has very particular characteristics, it is important to know which are the most important classifications to better understand their purpose and style.

We can talk about 5 types of typographies

1. Serifs: The classic typeface

These are the most classic typefaces and they are characterized by having a slight finishing touch at the ends of the lines of each letter. If you use Times New Roman, Garamond or Georgia, you are already familiar with this typeface. They are widely used in the body text of books, magazines and newspapers; and, although they tend to be a rather formal typeface, today they have become very popular.

The marketing and design agency Mascola says that serif typefaces are “an excellent choice for university and corporate brands”. So, if you plan to design advertising posters for an institution, this typeface could be the way to go.

Tipografía Garamond

Source: Type with character

2. Sans serif: A minimalist font

Helvetica and Arial are excellent examples of sans serif typefaces, which are characterized by not having a finial at the end of the letters. They are considered the most minimalist and simple typefaces.

“While sans serif fonts also date back to 5th century inscriptions, they generally have a more modern feel. Their lack of flourishes and extraneous details make them the first choice among minimalist designers,” Mascola explains.

Helvetica tipografía

Source: Types with character

3. Script

They are more flexible than serif and sans serif as they are based on the fluidity of a hand-created stroke. an example of this typeface? Old Fashion Script.

“They convey a personal touch and are perfect for use in travel, tourism and anywhere a brand wants to speak ‘with’ rather than ‘to’ its consumers,” advises Mascola.

tipografía old fashion script

Source: Fonts.com

4. Gothic Typeface (also known as blackletter)

A typeface used in the Renaissance period, it is famous for having thick horizontal and vertical strokes, and for having very elaborate finials.

According to the Canva blog, this font is ideal for giving a more dramatic touch to your designs. an example? Darkrise.

tipografía gótica o blackletter darkrise

Source: Befonts.com

5. Decorative Typefaces

By their nature, they do not fit into other categories and are often created for specific uses.

For example, Sealife has details of the marine universe within its lettering and would work perfectly in a sea-related poster.

fuente sealifeSource: Designcuts.com

Advertising posters: discover the new trends

Not only is it important to know what differentiates the different types of lettering that exist, but also what are the different types of lettering for posters and billboards. Here we summarize some preferences for this 2022!

1. Collage Technique: Design and Typography

Cartel collage zeka design

Source: Zeka Design

The collage technique is one of the techniques that attracted a lot of attention in posters during 2021. And it’s expected to remain among the most popular by 2022.

So keep an eye out for poster fonts that go along with this technique.

2. Handmade: The best lettering for eye-catching posters

Tipografía hecha a mano en un cartelSource: Angelie Yap

This font is perfect for learning how to do lettering. Custom hand lettering is already extremely popular, so you should not pass up this template.

This type of lettering design looks great as typography for advertising posters and many other creative projects.

3. Cyberpunk Aesthetics: Futuristic Typography

Cartel CyberpunkSource: Moss and Fog

As for colors, you should not lose sight of the cyberpunk aesthetic, which will be very popular this year. If you don’t want to miss out on this trend, it is advisable to design an advertising poster with typefaces that can be shown off with cyberpunk colors (fuchsia, blue and green in neon tones stand out).

With this typography for posters, your design will look amazing!

4. Heavy fonts

Afiche concierto tipografía

According to the specialized infographics platform Venngage, several designers will resort to bold typefaces to create contrast and hierarchy in their designs. In many cases, poster fonts will draw more attention than the colors and/or images on the poster.

“Heavy fonts are generally a bold or extra bold font, which gives them a “heavy” appearance. These types of fonts can give your designs a modern, contemporary feel,” they explain.

Typefaces for signage

Next, it’s time to go into detail and see more about what types of signage fonts you can use to promote your products.

let’s see which typefaces you can use!

1. Avenir Next Pro

Avenir Next

Avenir Next Pro was one of the most popular fonts of 2019. And the truth is, if you’re looking for a rather striking, sans serif typeface, it’s a great choice.

To achieve this font, Akira Kobayashi worked alongside the original creator of the Avenir font (officially released in 1998), Adrian Frutiger, to bring to life this new typeface that was definitely born to attract attention.

Download Avenir Next

2. ITC Avant Garde Gothic

Tipografía Avant Garde

Designed by New York designers Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase in 1970, this sans serif typeface is proof that time does not pass for good typefaces.

Although today we are five decades ahead, Avant Garde is one of the favorite options for several graphic designers, since its geometric style can give a modern touch to any poster.

Download Avant Garde

3. Bodoni

fuente bodoni

If you are looking for a more classic typeface option for your advertising poster, you have Bodoni, a font designed by Italian typographer Giambattista Bodoni in the 18th century. This serif typeface is considered the first “modern serif.”

“Advances in printing technology in the late 18th century allowed Bodoni to design letterforms with greater contrast between thick and thin strokes, and sharp horizontal serifs. The result is a typeface that is recognizable, elegant, refined and still popular centuries after its creation,” explains the specialized typeface portal Indestructible Type.

4. Helvetica Now

Helvetica Now

If you are familiar with the famous Helvetica font (created by Max Miedinger in the 20th century) you will not find it difficult to fall in love with Helvetica Now, a font created last year by the Monotype typeface agency in honor of the popular 1957 font.

Like its predecessor, Helvetica Now is a sans serif font. However, this new version has 48 different styles so it will allow you to play a lot with the text balance of your poster. what are you waiting for to give it a try?

5. Mantra Alternative

Tipografía Mantra Alternativa

In the words of its creator, Argentine designer Cynthia Torres, Mantra is a sans serif typeface with an “experimental character” since it has unusual transverse serifs.

If you are looking for a more classic option, you can download Mantra Regular. On the other hand, Mantra Alternate is an excellent choice for your banner headlines.

6. Matrice

Matrice Tipografía

Created by Studio Sun, a typography studio based in Indonesia, Matrice is a sans serif typeface with extended forms. Ideal for posters of all kinds, this typeface created in 2018 has a fresh and light design.

It has eight size styles so you can play with it a lot in your advertising poster without the need to resort to another typeface.

7. Naive Line

Tipografía Naive Line

This French serif typeface was created by Julien Saurin, Fanny Coulez and Louis-Emmanuel Blanc of the S&C Type studio.

This typeface gives a natural and simple look to any design. And something else: it seems to have been crafted by hand.

8. Gilroy

Tipografía Gilroy

This modern sans serif was one of the most talked-about typefaces of 2021. Created by Bulgarian designer Radomir Tinkov, this geometric and linear typeface is perfect for modern advertising posters.

9. Astro

Astro tipografía

looking for a typeface with cyberpunk aesthetics? Give Astro a try, which is a futuristic, on-trend, astronomy-inspired typeface.

10. Coldiac

Tipografía Coldiac

Created by the graphic design agency Craft Supply Co, Coldiac is considered a serif typeface for luxury-related posters. It is an elegant and at the same time minimalist typeface due to the light size of its serifs.

If you are planning to design a poster to present a product and/or an exclusive service, we recommend you to consider it.

11. Frutiger


As with the Avenir poster typeface, this typeface was also designed by Adrian Frutiger (hence the name), and its main feature is that it is a typeface that can be read perfectly from a distance, which is ideal for a poster.

Like many other advertising poster typefaces, it has different variations, among which Frutiger TM Black Condensed shines with its own light.

12. Garamond

garamond letras

Mentioned above within the Serif typeface, Garamond stands out above the rest, being considered one of the most influential billboard typefaces today. This is the reason why many companies have decided to bet on this typeface.

what is this typeface for advertising posters about? It is based on a classic style, mainly, so it is used with the intention of sending a more traditional and conservative message than others.

13. Future

futura fuente

If we talk about the typeface for advertising posters, Futura, we must emphasize first of all that it is a Sans Serif typeface, designed by Paul Renner? in 1927! We are facing one of the most popular typefaces of all those used today, being considered one of the many applications of what is known as the new typography.

One of the letters for advertising posters that is inspired by the font Avenir, we see that Futura is used by companies of great prestige and recognition, as is the case of Opel and even Ikea, for what are their advertising campaigns.

14. Morish

morish letras

If there is something that is currently popular is the Serif font, especially in the design of web page headers or in print advertising posters. So this typeface can be very useful for your professional projects.

And, if you want to look at it in a certain way, even a retro style, as it is inspired by vintage designs from the 1970s.

15. Portway

portway letras

Those are letters for particular advertising posters, as they are inspired by military designs. This modern typeface is very modern and can work very well in certain types of representations.

You can see this typeface being used, not only in bold posters, but even in logos and t-shirts, where they end up being really striking designs.

16. Burtons

burtons letras

And we move on to a very elegant typography. These letters for advertising posters combine various elements, ranging between retro and modern, so you should keep it in mind in your future creations.

This typeface is the favorite of many when it comes to eye-catching headlines or advertising poster titles. In addition, it is accompanied by many characters that attract the viewer’s attention, as well as symbols.

17. Rhinos Rocks

rhinos rock letras

do you want letters for billboards that are out of the ordinary and show your wildest and boldest side? You don’t have to think about it much longer, because with Rhinos Rocks you have that and more!

It’s perfect for movie posters or rock events, thanks to its hand-painted design. It has several variants, among which we can find the “All-caps” or “Swashes” typefaces.

18. Girock

girock letras

This is a creative font type for advertising posters that need an extravagant and particular design. Girock is ideal, in case you need to design:

Creative posters.

Book covers.


19. Morton

morton letras

Here we find very modern letters for advertising signs, Morton being one of the most suitable for formal events, such as:

Business conferences.


Networking events.

This typeface has a professional design and comes in 9 different weights.

20. Helios

helios letras

Another typeface from the sans-serif family. These letters for advertising signs stand out for their futuristic style, especially useful for a space theme and having at the user’s disposal all the letters, uppercase, lowercase and punctuation.

If desired, the Helios typeface is also available for regular and rounded versions. So it is ideal for the design of posters that are related to technology.

Beautiful Lettering for Posters

Now, you want your advertising poster to look really nice. then you should apply the typography most in line with this style.

Here are some typographies that can help you:

1. FS Pink

Tipografía FS Rosa

A typeface from the same design studio that is also worth checking out is FS Rosa, a typeface that is reminiscent of book covers and fanzines from the seventies. Although it is serif, it is still an ideal font to approach a young and dynamic audience.

“FS Rosa separates itself from these conventions by combining the classic elegance of a serif with warmth and frivolity, created by its round and curved shapes,” explains its creator, designer Pedro Arilla.

2. Losta Masta

Tipografía Losta Masta

are you passionate about the graphic aesthetics of the sixties and eighties?losta Masta is for you! Especially if you are working on an elegant yet fresh and fun design. This serif typeface -created in Bali, Indonesia- stands out for having numerous curves and decorative ornaments for the finials.

Moreover, it could be considered among the most talked-about typefaces for titles in 2022.

3. Papercute

Papercut Tipografía
If you have in mind to create a playful poster (perhaps for a child or youth audience), this sans serif typeface is excellent. This font is easy to read and easy to reproduce, and it has a small detail: this typeface also includes ornaments to decorate the letters.

4. Popstick

Tipografía Popstick

Popstickis ideal for creating outstanding designs this 2022. There’s one thing for sure: if you’re into pop art, this font is for you, as this sans serif typeface is based on the aesthetics of the late 20th century.

It’s ideal for use on your advertising poster, as well as in social media graphics.

5. Helena

Tipografía Helena

planning to design a poster that looks handmade? Helena is a calligraphic typeface created by designer Noe Araujo that emulates the strokes of a paintbrush.

If you’re looking to give your design an authentic handmade feel, this is the typeface to use. Although it works great for posters, it also works quite well as a logo typeface.

6. The Painter

the painter letras

This is one of those vintage-style poster letters that can be used in bold title designs.

In addition, they have a style that is inspired by the brushes and posters of yesteryear. And if that’s not enough, The Painter has a total of 420 characters available.

Free Poster Lettering

Because creativity needs no limits, we bring you 15 free downloadable advertising fonts that you can use right now in your designs, posters, signs, logos and more.

1. Margaret: a letter for elegant advertising posters

Fuente Margaret

This typeface is ideal for advertising projects that need to be elegant. You can use this font for posters, headlines and logos, as well as in body text as a stylish H2.

Created by Kacper Janusiak and K94 Studio.

2. Arjenta Black: a hand-drawn typeface with attitude

Tipografía Arjenta Black

The Arjenta Black poster font has an ideal typeface to give attitude to your creative projects. It is a very good typeface to give a professional touch to your advertising posters, business cards, flyers and branding projects. With Arjenta Black any of your designs will stand out from the rest. Designed by Startstudio.

3. Nikolas & Pine: a font for the little ones

Fuente Nikolas and Pine

With this free downloadable typeface you can create designs focused on children, toys, stories or projects involving animation. Designed by Khurasan, you can use it in your advertising projects, branding and any design you see fit.

4. Impossible: the typeface for all kinds of posters

Tipografía Impossible

Impossible makes all your creative projects possible. This is a handmade poster font with a simple but stylish style.

It is a very versatile font, as you can use it as a typeface for advertising posters, branding, logos, stationery, packaging, display and much more.

Designed by Ghuroba Studio.

5. Skaters: a simple but powerful typeface

Tipografía Skaters

Created by Teguh Pranata, this bold font is a simple and thick typeface that features some unique uppercase characters. It is an ideal eye-catching advertising font, as it looks great on advertising posters, titles, headlines, logos and much more.

6. Gilbert: an eye-catching font for your designs

Tipografía Gilbert

This typeface was originally created as a font for striking headlines, but it has been used for the design of banners, posters, billboards. You can use it as a font for posters or billboards. Developed by Animography.

7. Sorro Retro: a font for Italian-style posters

Tipografía Sorro Retro

This typeface inspired by a Roman shoe store, may be the vintage style you were looking for in a typeface. You can use this font for advertising posters, in your branding projects or as high-impact headlines.

8. Alvania: a free and versatile poster font

Tipografía Alvania

This font is great for a wide range of design purposes. You can use this font for posters, headlines, logo, packaging or the posters of your freelance advertising projects, as it is a great font for business posters.

Created and shared by Angelica Cardona.

9. Cera: eye-catching fonts for banners

Tipografía Cera

This striking typeface unites the warmth of round Latin letters with the elegance of its design. The typeface has support for Cyrillic and Greek, making it perfect for advertising designs for international distribution. You can use this typeface for advertising posters, banners, but also for editorial products.

Designed by Typemates.

10. Krabuler: an eye-catching and cheerful font

Tipografía Krabuler

Krabuler is a cheerful, handwritten advertising typeface. It is especially useful for adding a bit of fun and good humor to your design. You can use this font for billboards and banners, and it’s perfect for your projects aimed at children.

11. Claytonia: typefaces with handmade style

Tipografía Claytonia

This cute and fun poster font is ideal for headlines, presentations and advertising posters. You can use it as a branding typeface and also as an eye-catcher on banners.

12. Holiday: a font for unforgettable banners

Tipografía Holiday

If you need a typeface for advertising posters that is eye-catching and refreshing, Holiday may be the advertising font you need. It is an ideal font for posters and banners of all sizes and for any branding or advertising project.

13. Choripan: the typeface you will eat the world with

Tipografía Choripán

If you want a bit of fun in your advertising posters, this beautiful poster font may be just what you’re looking for. Its versatile style, rounded corners and width make it perfect as a typeface for business posters, logos, apparel and large headlines.

14. Traverse: the font for adventure posters

Tipografía Travrese

This handmade sans serif typeface provides a sense of adventure and tranquility. It is a great font for posters, apparel, branding, marketing, advertising, stationery, web headers and more.

15. Quavo: fonts for posters with a rustic touch

Tipografía Quavo

Created by Studio Aurora, this typeface features a rustic hand-drawn stroke. It is a perfect font to give a natural look to your branding projects.

16. Bacoter

Here we have some letters for advertising posters that feature a brushstroke style, which gives them a unique style to your publication.

Bacoter is a typeface that has a handcrafted design and is perfect for your personal projects… because it’s free!

bacoter letras

17. Stanley

In case you don’t have much budget and want free billboard letters, then you should go for the Stanley font style. It is one of the best, as you can use them in all your commercial and personal projects.

Its font design is unique as it comes with both shapes and forms. And not only does this typeface work for billboards, it also works for many digital and print designs!

stanley letras

Letters for children’s posters

do you have to make an advertising poster for a children’s brand and you can’t think of what typeface to use? it’s your lucky day! In this list you will find 4 different types of lettering for posters with children’s motifs.

1. Arco Font

If you are looking for round letters for posters, Arco Font is your ideal style. This typeface is perfect for conveying fun and cheerful messages.

In addition, it will be very useful for designing logos for children’s brands.

Fuente Arco

2. Mister Pixel Font

Mister Pixel Font is a typeface that has a pixelated style, as if it were a digital screen, and it is ideal for video game brands, retro objects or vintage games. Undoubtedly, it is one of the fonts for posters that will appeal to the nerdy public.

Fuente Mister Pixel

3. Handwritten

If you are looking for poster lettering styles that are friendly and original, then this is your ideal choice. This font, created by illustrator Julia Dreams, is perfect and super cute for children’s designs. combine it with pastel shades!

Fuente Handwritten

4. Searocks Condensed

This multipurpose typeface, free and created by Roman Paslavsky, is perfect if you are looking for large letters for posters, as it is available only in uppercase. Also, it is perfect for a teenage-young adult audience.

Fuente Searocks Condensed

5. Monstarr

With Monstarr, you can find a very useful typeface for children’s advertising posters, as it is very adorable and eye-catching for the little ones.

Being very eye-catching, you can use this typeface for advertising posters, but also in the designs of book covers, flyers and even banners.

monstarr letras

3 creative letters for posters

If you really want to catch the attention of your customer, first, and then of your target audience, then the best thing to do is to opt for out-of-the-ordinary, but beautiful and aesthetic poster lettering. here is our selection!

1. 9BAR

looking for a futuristic type of sign lettering? Introducing 9BAR: a striking and original typeface, perfect not only for posters but also for book covers, event invitations, web design, and much more.

It was created by Andy Kelly. If you like his style, visit his portfolio for more inspiration.

Fuente 9Bar

2. Clarkson Script

Step away from the typical block letters, and go for a cursive option. it never goes out of style!

Clarkson Script is one of the beautiful letters to decorate not only signage but also other design projects, especially those related to baking or crafts.

Fuente Clarkson Script

3. Cute Tattoo

If you need letters to make small posters or original personal cards, we recommend Cute Tattoo. With simple and thin strokes, you will fall in love with this typeface instantly. and you’ll love its number style even more!

Fuente Cute Tattoo

4. Blephyca

In case you find yourself working on a creative poster, you should consider working with these letters for advertising posters. Especially if you want your title to be considered unique and stand out from other projects.

Its design is similar to a soft brush font, which can feature both lowercase and uppercase letters. So it is the ideal font for the following elements:



Web site headers.

blephyca letrass

good luck!

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