how to make a comparison chart in Word for a successful sale?

Do you know why a comparative chart is important for your sales? How many times have you tried to make presentations that persuade your customers? The first step to convince them to choose your product is to know how to make a comparison chart in Word.

In this article we will tell you from what a comparison chart is to how to make step by step your first comparison chart in Word in a creative and strategic way to convince your target audience (and whoever you want).

Knowing how to make a comparison chart can help you attract more customers to your business. To find out how to make them just read on.

how to make a comparison chart in Word?

If you think that making a comparison chart in Word is complicated, you are wrong! Beyond the columns and rows, the most important thing is the information you will tell through the graphs. Don’t worry, we will explain you how to make your first comparison chart in Word step by step and in detail.

ejemplo cuadro comparativo


Features of a comparison chart in Word

The visual representation of a comparative table in Word has certain characteristics that you must take into account to elaborate your own scheme with the information you want to work with.

A comparative table of differences and similarities will be worked with the tables inserted in the document (usually two columns).
The information you include should be concise (don’t go into too much detail).
The database of a comparative table should maintain the same format and order in each column.
In comparative tables always consider placing data next to each other so that you can visually detect the differences and similarities when contrasting these data.
Organize the information in the comparative tables of similarities and differences in such a way that they are easy to understand, making clear the pros and cons of each topic.
The comparative models you work on in Word can be quantitative or qualitative in nature.

ejemplo cuadro comparativo caracteristicas


Advantages of making a comparison chart in Word

Knowing the advantages of making a comparative table in Word will put you in a favorable condition if you want to surprise your coworkers with a clear, concise and orderly presentation.

Making creative comparison charts for your company allows you to get your ideas across in a clearer and easier way.
The logic of a simple comparison chart consists in the systematic contrast of elements. This means that you can easily compare two or more elements.
A thematic comparison chart helps you to order information relevant to your business.
Product comparison charts worked in Word allow you to quickly and easily read the differences and advantages of each of its elements.
The features and functions of comparative tables allow you to make better decisions on a specific topic.
Comparative table formats are based on easy visual learning and are used in a didactic way in presentations in any context.
Double-entry comparison charts help you compare, organize, summarize and synthesize information on a topic along two axes (vertical: rows and horizontal: columns).
Most comparison charts are simple to construct and read.
These comparative summary charts help synthesize a large amount of data and are accessible to a wide audience.
Comparative charts allow viewers to get a comparison of data in a very quick way.

So, if you are wondering how to make a comparison chart in Word to get all the benefits of its structure, you can read on.

Elements of a Comparison Chart in Word

The elements of a comparison chart in Word are as important as the information you will place in each field.

An empty, blank comparison chart always consists of rows and columns.
The columns of an explanatory comparison chart are made up of a minimum of two columns where the different characteristics to be compared are included.
Each of the items to be compared in the table will be placed in the rows.
It has a first box (header) in which the title of the comparative table is placed.
The title and enunciator boxes (items and characteristics to be compared) use different colors or fonts to make it clear what is being compared.
You can include bullets in each field of the comparison chart; but remember that each column should have the same number of bullets.
It is important to outline the number of columns you will be working on.

cuadro comparativo semejanzas diferencias ejemplo


Structure of a Comparison Chart in Word

The structure of a comparative table is composed of the elements mentioned in the previous item and, basically, it should follow the following order:

Title in the header of the comparative table.
Subjects to be compared in the rows.
In the upper columns should be the characteristics to be compared in each topic of the rows.

Types of Comparative Charts in Word

You can make different types of comparison charts in Word. There are an infinite number of topics that you can develop with this great graphic tool. Here are some examples of topics to elaborate in a comparative table:

Comparative table of characteristics about products or services.
Comparative table of differences and similarities.
Comparative chart of similarities and differences.
Descriptive and conceptual comparative table.
Creative comparative table of pros and cons.
Comparative table of competitors.

what do you need to make a comparison chart in Word?

There are 5 preliminary steps to start making a comparison chart in Word. enough to synthesize the information in an informative table. Interpret the data correctly so that anyone can easily understand the information.

2.highlight the most relevant and explanatory information for your chart. The underlined texts are the central ideas that you will place in your comparative table in Word.

3. Check if the highlighted content is useful for your comparative map. Check if the texts are useful for comparing different elements.

4.determine the feasibility of making a comparison chart in Word based on the information you have at hand. You may need more research time.

5. Use your creative and critical thinking to land your ideas successfully.

how to start making a comparison chart in Word?

After completing the steps mentioned above, start creating a comparison chart in Word by following this guide:

1. Establish a sense of comparison. Answer these questions about the things you will compare: what are the similarities, what are the differences, what are the characteristics?

2. Identify the elements to compare: first work on a Word document by placing all the elements you will compare before creating the table.

3. Add the rows and columns needed to make the comparison.

4. Conclusions: after making a comparison chart in Word, you can add final conclusions with the “winner” or the best option of what was presented.

Now that you know how to make a comparison chart in Word, we will focus on explaining how to draw the table.

how to make a comparative table in Word?

Follow these steps to make a comparison chart in Word.

Open a new document in Word.
Go to the Insert tab and look for the table option.

Tabla de cuadro comparativo en Word

A window with tables of different sizes will be displayed.
Choose the size your comparison chart needs.
You can then add more rows and columns if necessary.

In this comparison chart example I have selected a 3×3 table.

Diseño de tabla comparativa word

The cells can be modified (stretched or lengthened), so don’t worry if you want to type more text.
Additionally, add a single cell table for the title.

titulo cuadro comparativo word

Customize your comparison chart.
Change the color, choose the font or select a table layout.

diseño tabla comparativa word ejemplo

In the second row write the similar or different characteristics of your comparison chart.
You can separate the characteristics with bullets.
Click in the cell where you will insert the bullet.
Then go to the Home tab, click on the drop-down list of bullets and choose the one you like best.

viñetas cuadro comparativo word ejemplo

and you’re done! Complete your comparison chart with synthesized and relevant information.

ejemplo cuadro plantilla comparativo

how to make a large comparison chart on a horizontal sheet in Word?

If you have a lot of information and you want to make a comparative table in Word, the best option is to use a horizontal document sheet. Here are the steps to follow to make your comparative table in horizontal format:

Go to the layout tab.
In the page setup click on orientation.
In the drop-down list click on landscape.
If the width of your table is not large, then consider only the default option (portrait).

how to make a creative and beautiful Word comparison chart?

would you like to learn how to make a comparison chart in Word creatively and beautifully?

Then take into account these tips for designing a comparison chart.

Choose a color scheme for your comparison chart.
Use color combinations that are compatible with your graphic, the important thing is to create visual harmony. Color psychology can help you understand the impact of colors on your presentations.
If you already have a brand identity, then the color choices are too obvious. use the ones for your business!
Choose typefaces that are easy to read and can be visualized without problems.
Use emojis if you want to make a more interactive comparison chart.

how to make a comparison chart for my business?

Now that you know the persuasive power that a comparison chart has on consumers’ decision making, it is very likely that you will want to start using this tool.

But (and this is not to be negative) it is important that before you decide to make a comparison chart in Word for your business, you follow certain processes and rethink some relevant things.

With this in mind, let’s start planning our planning and learn about the comparison chart options that we can implement in a business.

what type of comparison chart should I use in my business?

As we mentioned earlier, there is no single prototype for a comparison chart, because although they all have the same function (to compare information), the nature and distribution of this information varies.

When making a creative comparison chart that can be useful for our project, we must ask ourselves what our objectives are and what we want to project to our audience.

If you are still not sure what kind of comparison chart to create for your business, here we will present you some models to make comparison charts that will help you improve your business results.

Remember to choose the model that best suits your business intentions and your brand, so you can create a creative comparison chart according to what you want to achieve with your customers.

Comparative table of product and service characteristics

In this type of comparison chart, consumers will be able to relate in a more direct way with the products and services offered by your brand.

The main idea of this comparison chart is to provide the user with relevant information about certain items they can purchase from your business.

Clearly, a comparison chart of product and service features influences consumers’ decision making. However, this type of comparison chart is ideal when the consumer already has a degree of connection with the products, and wants to make the comparison themselves.

Here is an example of how to make a comparison chart in Word for product and service features:

Aprende cómo hacer un cuadro comparativo

Comparison Chart of Differences and Similarities

With a comparative chart of differences and similarities the consumer will be able to identify the parameters that make one product different or related to another.

The difference between this type of comparison chart and the previous one is that the characteristics of the products or services are of direct comparison. In the comparative chart of characteristics, we state that it is the consumer who makes the comparison; however, in the comparative chart of differences and similarities this is not the case.

With this comparison chart we as a brand will establish the comparisons between what we offer to the consumer. In case you have any doubts, here is an example of a comparison chart to make differences and similarities.

Hacer un cuadro comparativo de diferencias

Comparative table of pros and cons

Some brands bet on sincerity when using a creative comparison chart, because they know that there are items that can be more useful for the customer; that is why they resort to the use of a pros and cons comparison chart.

With a pros and cons comparison chart, brands can tell their customers what are the advantages and disadvantages of a certain product. However, this does not mean that this kind of comparison chart is a devaluation mechanism for the products, but rather that it helps to compare the two products directly.

Just as with a difference and similarity chart, it will be you as the brand who will determine which points to compare the two products. In this way, you will guide the consumer with a comparison chart that allows him to see in an orderly way the virtues or disadvantages of a product.

do you want to make your own comparison chart of pros and cons? Here is an example of how to make a comparison chart in Word to establish virtues and disadvantages.

Cuadro comparativo de pros y contras

Recommendations to make a creative comparison chart for your business.

Okay, by now you must have already chosen the model to make a creative comparison chart for your brand. But now, we want to give you some recommendations to make your comparison chart stand out and succeed in your business strategy:

Identify the information you want in your comparison chart.
Highlight the main ideas or words,
In case it is not a feature comparison chart, establish the categories related to the topic and make sure you can compare them.
Opt for a simple wording that is understandable to read.

And that’s it, you are ready to make your own comparison chart in a creative and practical way.

why does a comparison chart help to improve sales?

A comparison chart could be of great help to your business, and although you may have some doubts about the use of this informative tool, more and more businesses are deciding to use a comparison chart as a resource in their sales strategy.

The communication process is one of the most important elements in a project, and that is where comparison charts come in.

As a brand representative it is vital that you ask yourself 2 questions: What is the information you are providing? how are you offering the information to your consumers?

Now, we know what a comparison chart is, we understand that it is a visual tool to organize and compare information. It is possible that in previous stages we have related to them; however, a serious mistake is to limit comparative tables to academic notions and not to commercial purposes.

Comparison is a very powerful weapon in customer decision making, and therefore, a clear advantage for those who decide to use a creative comparison chart.

A business that uses one or more comparison charts will give its customers the opportunity to evaluate what their options are based on their needs and budget.

Comparison Chart Template in Word

finally! Now you can download this free comparison chart template in Word.

You will find 5 examples of comparison charts so you can use them according to your business requirements.demo

Now that you know how to make a comparison chart in Word, what will be your next great presentation to close a deal successfully?

We hope we’ve helped you create amazing presentations where a comparison chart helps you showcase the best of your brand.

good luck!

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