Pages and apps to make free comics: unleash your creativity without spending money

Searching for websites or apps to make free comics can take a lot of hours.

Time that, surely, you are waiting to take advantage of to create the scripts of the comic, the first sketches of drawings, the appearance of the characters, etc.

On the Internet, there are many paid applications for drawing that, due to their premium features, are oriented to the work of professional artists of drawing, illustration and comic creation.

However, it is likely that you are about to start making a comic for the first time, or you still have little experience, so you don’t need to invest so much money in these platforms.

Therefore, today we are going to explain which are the apps to create free comics with which you can start designing your first stories.

1. Canva

Before moving on to pages to design comics exclusively, remember that you can use a well-known platform in the world of online design: Canva.

Although it has premium subscription plans, you can use the free version to start making a comic.

Maybe you already have a Canva account. But if not, you can generate it in a couple of seconds by associating it to your email, Facebook or Apple account.

To create your first comics in Canva, just type the word “comics” in its search engine. After pressing enter, you will be taken to the comic design panel and you will be able to start unleashing your creativity.

Benefits of creating comics in Canva

Variety of comic templates in basic version.
Free fonts.
Free dialogue bubbles.
Option to modify the color palette of the template.
Easy drag-and-drop design elements.
Possibility to use the premium version for 30 days without paying.

2. Pixton

This is a website that aims to turn school students into creators of comics and cartoons.

Although it has this educational orientation, it can actually be used by different types of profiles: students, teachers, parents and businesses.

The only thing you have to do to start creating your comic idea is to enter the main page, select the “business” profile and then click on “Try it for free”.

These steps will take you to the platform to create free comics. Before entering the main panel, you will be able to design your first avatar.

Benefits of creating comics on Pixton

You have access to the features of the paid version for 7 days.
Spanish language is enabled.
There is a diversity of templates for faces, actions, characters and backgrounds.
You have the option to upload images from your computer.
You can rate your comic on a page made for that purpose.

Source: Pixton

3. Comicgen

An important element of making online comics is the story character. And this is the comic element you can create with Comicgen.

Unlike Pixon, Canva and other tools, this app for creating comic book characters allows you to design the representation of a person and give them all the traits your story requires.

It is focused on making easy what for some aspiring comic creators may not be easy: drawing contour lines, making character sketches and, in general, drawing a human body.

So as soon as you enter the Comicgen comics page, you’ll see an interface with the features to add, and with the silhouette of a pre-designed character for you to start taking advantage of this free comic creation app.

Comic features in Comicgen

It is open source, so you can copy the code and reproduce the work on another platform.
You can choose from over 20 pre-designed characters.
You have the option to choose two positions: sitting or standing.
You have different options for gestures that show emotions and body postures.
You can download the PNG, SVG version or copy the comic portrait through a link.

Source: Comicgen

4. Make Beliefs Comix

This is a simple website, but very special, because of the amount of content and inspiration to create comics that you can take advantage of.

It is intended for children and young people. However, if you are wondering how to start drawing comics, this is a good starting point.

Once you enter the platform, you may feel confused, because of the various options and the varied information it displays.

But don’t get lost. Just click on the “start here” option, register with your email and name, and you will have the panel to create webcomics for free.

Features of Make Beliefs Comix

It can be used in 15 languages, including Spanish.
It has the option to save the comic online in the platform.
It has templates of animals, characters, objects and words.
It has templates with story starters for comics, such as themes focused on personal issues, Covid or the digital world.
You can showcase the comic you have created by sending an email to the platform.

Source: Make Beliefs Comix

5. Cartoon Story Maker

This is one of the applications to create comics in Windows. It is free to download and is focused on creating cartoons, but it is also useful for developing comic strips.

If you are thinking about what it takes to make a comic book, this free software has the features you require in your creative journey.

You have the possibility to choose between main and secondary characters.You can also add dialog boxes and some background scenes.

Using this free comic book platform is quite easy as you just need to drag, pull and place the elements within the story frames.

Features of Cartoon Story Maker for comics

You can import images from external sources.
There are no limits to add frames to the story.
Dialog boxes and texts of different sizes are available.
You can save the comic in HTML format for viewing in a web browser.
You have tools to rotate, reposition, move forward or backward the image.

Source: Cartoon Story Maker

6. Lywi

This is a website for making comics in the simplest way. It has a very simple interface, with the elements needed to build the comic story at the bottom.

Unlike some other platforms or apps for creating free comics, this one gives you freedom to apply your comic drawing skills.

You can customize the look of the scene, characters and details through the pencil tool.

In this case, it is more necessary for you to have drawing experience if you want to achieve the look you want for the comic.

Features of Lywi Comics Creator

You can use 4 types of characters, which are limited in numbers.
Basic shapes are available, such as rectangles or arrows.
There are different looks for dialogue bubbles.
You can choose between stickers and emoticons.
The fonts include the handwriting style.

Source: Lywi

7. Toonytool

Among the websites and apps to design comics, Toonytool stands out for its ease of use, and its simple and intuitive interface.

In fact, as soon as you enter the main page, you can see the panel with several options to customize the background with scene templates, to choose between people, animals and objects, and to design texts and dialogue bubbles.

At the end of the comic creation process, you have the option to save it as an image on your device or print it.

Features of Tonytool for making comics

You don’t need an account to start using it.
You can save it as GIF or HTML animation.
You can even convert it to mp4 video.
You have the possibility to share the comic on Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Unsplash

8. Comic Life 3

Among the programs for making comics, Comics Life is one of the most complete. Although it has a premium version, you can use its 30-day trial period and take full advantage of all the features during that time.

When you enter the website, look for the option “try it for free” and download this app to create comics on Windows or Mac.

With this comic application, you can create your comics online from your own images or hand-drawn characters.

Its uses are multiple, since the generated comics are useful for explanatory guides, educational classes, business announcements, reports and even Internet memes.

Advantages of Comic Life 3

You can choose from 35 templates.
You have the option to filter your images and customize the comic panels.
Insta Alpha tool allows you to remove the background of your images.
Dynamic backgrounds to generate a sense of movement and action.
You have the Script Editor to facilitate the writing of the comic script.

Other websites and applications for making comics

Comics Head
Super Action Comic Maker
Strip Generator

We hope this list of pages and apps to make free comics has helped you to put your comic ideas into action.

Beyond the tools you use, remember that it is important to develop, little by little, a style that identifies you as an illustrator, comic creator or artist.

In fact, Valinski, teacher of our Discover Your Illustration Style course, states that “personal style is part of identity and shows how an illustrator perceives the world. It is even a direct way to interact with your audience and be remembered in front of other professionals”.

So, don’t forget that creativity for stories is worked from personal practice, from the experiences we remember and, of course, from what the tools allow us to do.

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