Examples of Maslow’s pyramid: discover the basis of human motivation

By reviewing the examples of Maslow’s pyramid, you may be closer to understanding what is the reason why you go to work, get stressed and sometimes feel bad when you are left on Whatsapp. Therefore, the time has come to know them to the fullest.

All human beings have needs to supply throughout our lives, from the time we are born until we reach adulthood. Also, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, each of them encompass different aspects and are more complex than others.

So, if one of the goals you have set is to know yourself and you still haven’t achieved it, this article will be the basis to reach that goal as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if you entered this post to learn how to make a personal Maslow pyramid, in the final section we will share two free resources so you can make yours in simple steps.

So, without further ado, grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable:let’s start with the examples of Maslow’s pyramid!

what are the main examples of Maslow’s pyramid needs?

For many years, hundreds of people have tried to study and understand what Maslow’s pyramid is, but, few understood that the examples of the pyramid must also be analyzed in detail, to then apply them in life.

So, before trying to figure out how to make a creative Maslow pyramid, it is appropriate to define what the needs of each stage are, how they relate to our daily habits and what are the best strategies to fulfill them.

1. Physiological needs

Let’s begin our analysis of the examples of Maslow’s pyramid with the basic human needs. can you think of any right now? To give you an idea, the first rung of Maslow’s pyramid refers to everything you can’t do without.

In other words, all the examples on Maslow’s pyramid that are among the physiological needs must be met in order for you to live peacefully. Here are a few specific cases:

Consuming food.
Getting shelter.
To go to the bathroom.
Having a place to live.
To drink water.
To wash.
Get a haircut.

can you imagine living without the above list? it’s simply not possible! So, you may have already noticed that examples of Maslow’s scale appear in every activity of our daily lives.

Fisiología como uno de los ejemplos de la pirámide de MaslowSource: Pexels

2. Security needs

Continuing with the examples of Maslow’s pyramid, it is now time to talk about the needs that will allow you to improve your quality of life and which, of course, are complemented by physiological needs.

While biological requirements are among the most important, according to Hubspot, you will notice that Maslow’s examples of security needs are “indispensable for the development of human beings, as they are responsible for providing us with an adequate lifestyle“. let’s get to know them!

To have medical and accident coverage.
Maintain your physical and moral.
Take care of your mental health.
To have the protection of your private spaces.
Receive support and care from family members or loved ones.
To have a cell phone or mobile device to communicate during emergencies.
To have job stability.
To have access to an income.

Although they are one step higher on Maslow’s pyramid, as you can see, they are also basic, don’t you think?

3. Social needs

On the third rung, the examples of Maslow’s pyramid are related to the need to belong to a group, regardless of the number of people in it.

In this case, we are talking about the needs that lead us to seek the approval of other human beings through affection, coexistence and friendship, identified as other true pillars for the development of our daily life.

So, according to the pyramid, the human being needs the following examples of Maslow’s social needs:

To be part of a group.
To have people to whom to give affection or love.
To be repaid for the affection or love he gives.
To feel that he is not rejected by the people he loves.
Having a partner.
Attending social gatherings.
To maintain a dialogue.
To be understood and listened to.

In that sense, if you have friends with whom you share favorite hobbies, musical tastes, etc; now you know why you feel so good with them: you are covering one of the examples of Maslow’s needs!

Grupo cumpliendo con ejemplos de las necesidades sociales de MaslowSource: Pexels

4. Recognition needs

On the fourth rung, the examples of Maslow’s pyramid refer to needs that are related to one’s self-esteem, confidence and personal aspirations.

In other words, “recognition needs are met when we feel valued by others and by ourselves, in relation to our achievements, well-being and status”.

So, the examples of recognition in Maslow’s pyramid in relation to this level are as follows:

Being valued in the family, social and work environment.
To obtain the respect of others.
To be identified as a person who can be trusted.
To maintain a good reputation.
To have confidence in oneself.
To have dignity.
Achieve success.
To receive attention from the people with whom we interact.
Respect for ourselves.
Care for our well-being.

Finally, it is also important to highlight that this level of Maslow’s pyramid is directly related to motivation at work, because if you do not feel valued or do not value your collaborators, the performance of the area will be significantly diminished .

Reconocimiento como un ejemplo de la escala de MaslowSource: Pexels

5. Self-realization needs

we’ve reached the top! Let’s look at the last examples of Maslow’s theory. but, pay close attention, because this level is the most subjective of all: it has a different meaning for each and every human being.

For example, for some people, feeling fulfilled is synonymous with achieving the highest number of professional goals; while, for others, success can come from developing an activity they are passionate about.

On the other hand, the last level of Maslow’s pyramid also includes being able to recognize our emotions .

Nia Ayanz, teacher of our emotional life skills course, reminds us that being aware of our emotions is essential to understand how what happens around us affects us, so that we can heal the conflicts we have with ourselves.

But recognizing our emotions is not all, it is also of great importance to point out that only those people who have fulfilled all the examples of Maslow’s needs mentioned above will be able to satisfy the needs of self-actualization.

So, in order to make a list of these needs and then learn how to apply Maslow’s pyramid in life, you will have to work on this last level:

Problem solving.
Lack of prejudice.

And finally, to make you aware of the importance of complying with this level, being aware of our emotions is essential to understand how what happens around us affects us, so we can heal the conflicts we have with ourselves.

Ejemplos de autorrealización en la pirámide de MaslowSource: Pexels

Resources to elaborate a Maslow pyramid

As you have been able to see, through the examples of Maslow’s pyramid it is easier to understand that if you do not attend to your needs correctly, the consequences have a direct impact on your physical and mental well-being.

In addition, through the examples of Maslow’s pyramid from everyday life, you can enhance other aspects of your life, such as, for example, the workplace.

Maslow’s theory of needs is fundamental in explaining human motivation and also works to analyze what we need for our lives, as you have seen throughout this article.

Don’t keep all the knowledge to yourself, share it!

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