how to monetize on Facebook? make money with your social media content!

have you ever wondered how to monetize on Facebook quickly and easily? Would you like to start making money with Facebook? Nowadays, conventional jobs because of the pandemic have been virtualized; however, many other ways to generate income from social networks have emerged.

Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Twitter, many people have found various means to reach a high level of popularity on the internet. In turn, they started generating great income thanks to these platforms.

However, in recent years, one of the pioneer social networks, Facebook, decided to implement various means so that its users with more followers and more interactions could earn money with their content on the platform. This is how the question began to arise: how to monetize on Facebook?

That is why, in today’s article, SPana brings you everything you need to know about how to monetize on Facebook in every possible way. In addition, we will tell you what are the requirements to monetize on Facebook and how much Facebook pays for videos. Finally, you will find recommendations and tips ideal for you to succeed in this social network.

let’s not waste any more time! ready to learn how to monetize on Facebook?

how to make money with content on networks?

Imagine if someone paid you to create daily content and post it on the social network you visit every day… Wouldn’t it be amazing?

There are many who have seen in social networks a way to start increasing the numbers in their bank accounts. By creating content for platforms like YouTube, Instagram or TikTok they have achieved not only fame and influence, but also money.

monetizing on Facebook? tell us more!

Imagine your friends are scrolling down their News Wall and suddenly…apost from you! Ok, nothing weird.

But what if you think you ‘re getting paid for that post? Well, monetizing on Facebook is now a reality. The question is in the way you decide to start doing it.

But, is this possible or only a select few have the ability to generate money with Facebook?

You should be aware that there is no quick and easy formula to start monetizing on Facebook. This work requires time, dedication and being fully dedicated to the goal. All in all, it’s nothing more than looking to make money on a social network with more than 2 billion monthly active users (according to Hootsuite, exactly, about 2.74 billion).

Sounds easy, right? Now let’s see how you can learn how to monetize on Facebook quickly and easily.

Ways to monetize on Facebook

Learn more about what can be the best way to learn how to monetize on Facebook this 2022. According to the official Facebook Business page, there are these alternatives:

1. Instream Ads

want to know how to monetize on Facebook with your videos? This is the best option for that.

If you are a regular user of watching videos on platforms (YouTube, Facebook…) you must be familiar with ads. That advertising that used to seem like the biggest nuisance to you, today can be the way you start monetizing content on Facebook.

In case you have no idea what we are talking about, let us clarify. When playing your videos on Facebook you will most likely encounter an advertisement or some short ad before, during or after the video playback. These are the instream ads.

remember Facebook for Creators and Creator Studio? They will serve you wonderfully for this feature. In case you start monetizing by this way, you will be able to choose in which part of the video these ads can appear or let the platform itself identify the natural pauses.

This is definitely one of the best ways to monetize on Facebook, if you are dedicated to uploading long videos, since the more ads, the more money you can generate. Let’s continue exploring new ways to monetize on Facebook!

2. Fan subscriptions

With this option, it will be your own followers who will give you an economic retribution in exchange for creating your content. The kid’s dream…

Through fan subscriptions, the public is allowed to finance your page with monthly payments, configured by yourself. Those who collaborate will have a special badge, granted by Facebook and you can reward them with content, discounts and exclusive material. A great option to monetize on Facebook.

This is the best option if you manage a page with many followers (an artist, a meme account) or for those pages interested in creating additional content exclusively. Although to activate this feature, you can only access by invitation.

3. Branded content

With this feature, you are already working directly with brands. Branded content is when you start monetizing content on Facebook, publishing material that highlights a business partner or, if applicable, their influence.

It’s no secret to anyone that brands often seek out influencers to work with them and their audiences. And this Facebook tool allows you to connect content creators with brands.

This mode of Facebook monetization is perfect for pages that not only have loyal and active followers, but also don’t touch on topics that brands consider controversial or risky.

To be eligible for this type of feature, you have to request access to Facebook, both to be an administrator of collaborations with brands and to tag a business partner in a post.

como monetizar facebook red social

Source: Pixabay

4. Subscription groups

This feature is perfect for those group administrators with active communities to start making money with Facebook. want to know why?

If you are thinking about how to monetize on Facebook, we tell you that subscription groups give users who want to monetize on Facebook the option to generate revenue by subscribing their followers to the group in question, in exchange for additional exclusive content and material.

sounds simple, right? Well, to create a subscription group, it is not only enough to be an administrator of a Facebook group, but also to comply with the Monetization Policies required by the platform.

There are other ways to learn how to monetize on Facebook (creating an online store, monetize on Facebook Gaming, send traffic to a blog), but the direct ways of the platform are the 4 mentioned above.

5. Publish ads on Facebook Ads

A good alternative for your publications to have a better reach and visibility is to make small investments in advertising. Facebook has a very safe and effective option called Facebook Ads. Although it will not generate immediate money on social networks, it is one of the platform’s tools that can help you monetize with Facebook in the long term.

6. Selling affiliate products and services

Another great alternative to monetize content on Facebook is the possibility of making alliances with other pages or businesses and perform what is usually known as “affiliate marketing” .

This type of marketing consists of establishing an agreement with other companies or businesses and selling their products on your Facebook page. Usually, this strategy is useful when the page that will be the intermediary has a large number of followers compared to the business itself.

However, for it to be a really profitable idea, your page that is serving as an intermediary to reach a larger audience receives a percentage of each sale made. Thus, if you have a page with a large number of followers on the platform, you can already start thinking about making extra money with Facebook.

You must keep in mind that to establish this type of alliances to generate more income with Facebook, you must be very careful. You need to be very sure of the products or services you are going to recommend, because if they turn out to be disappointing, the page that will lose credibility and prestige is yours. never forget that your followers will always be your best ally!

And you, have you already thought about how to monetize your Facebook page?

how to monetize on Facebook with Creator Studio?

Previously, we briefly mentioned that, through the Creator Studio option, Facebook makes it possible for content creators to monetize their work. However, you should keep in mind that not everyone can access this option. Below, you will see step by step how to access this possibility provided by the platform itself.

Access Creator Studio, which is an extension of Facebook’s own website, although with a different domain.
Locate the “Monetization” option on the left side of your screen.
Select the page you want to check if it is available to be monetized. Remember that only the pages that you have created or in which you have the role of “Administrator” will appear.
Click on “Apply”.

Automatically, you will see the suitability checker, with which you can determine whether your page is suitable or not to generate income on Facebook. You will be able to determine this depending on the color that appears on the side of your page:

Green. Great ! If the color that appears next to your Facebook page is green, we tell you that you will have no problem to start generating money with Facebook.
Yellow: Beware ! Although the yellow color indicates that you can monetize your Facebook page, it indicates that you could have some problems when generating income. These could be related to the type of content you usually share on Facebook. It will be important that you verify this before you get any surprises when it’s time to collect your money.
Red. Stop right there! The red color is a sign that Facebook has detected something on your page that may not allow you to generate income at this time. Usually, this is usually related to meeting the basic requirements of monetization on Facebook, which we will see later in this article. don’t go away!

Cómo monetizar en Facebook con Creator Studio

Image: Pexels

how to monetize videos on Facebook?

what types of videos can be monetized on Facebook?

While we already showed you the main ways on how to monetize on Facebook. The reality is that not everything is as easy as it seems. For example, if you want to go down the path of generating income by uploading videos to Facebook, you need to know that not just any content will help you achieve that goal.

We noticed the enthusiasm in your eyes and the eagerness to start generating money with Facebook. But first, do you meet the requirements?

what types of videos can be monetized on Facebook? Not just any video will do. You must make sure you don’t submit the following formats, because you WILL NOT Monetize:

Static videos, with images, or low quality material.
Videos that are repeated forever.
Videos with text and background with images.
Videos with advertisements in any part of the video (either before, after or during the video playback).

Also, that’s not all you need to consider if you really want to be aware of how to monetize on Facebook.

The published content is of interest to Facebook users.
Be consistent and constant with the publications. It would be good if you post your videos at least once or twice a week.

On the other hand, there are some basic aspects that we will mention below that will help you in this process.

Requirements to monetize videos on Facebook

Although the platform has its own policies and specific conditions for each monetization function, there are a number of basic fundamentals that are essential to start making money with Facebook. Especially if we talk about the option of monetizing with videos.

If you are thinking about how to monetize on Facebook all the videos you upload to the platform, it is important that you have all these requirements in order:

A significant number of followers: in this case, the minimum is 10 thousand on your FanPage but, if you want to generate a good profit, look to have more than 100 thousand. These followers must be real (no buying bots) and segmented (country, tastes, hobbies…)
Maintain a good pace of activity: if your activity is low, it will be impossible to monetize.
At least 30,000 views of at least 1 minute in your videos (lasting at least 3 minutes): this must be achieved within the last 60 days of activity.
The service must have been launched in your country. If you have any doubts about whether your country is included or not, check the listing.
You must comply with the Monetization Policies for partners.

do you meet the requirements to monetize on Facebook? If not, today is as good a day as any to start working on getting to those numbers.

great! You now know everything you need to know about how to monetize on Facebook without any restrictions in between. However, now it’s time to find out how much Facebook pays to monetize videos. stay tuned, it’s only going to get more interesting!

Requisitos para monetizar videos en Facebook

Image: Pexels

how much does Facebook pay to monetize videos?

If you’re expecting to receive a steady paycheck as an employee of some company, we’re sorry to disappoint you. Monetization on Facebook doesn’t work that way. Facebook, like other internet platforms that allow users to monetize through advertising, doesn’t guarantee a set salary. However, you don’t have a ceiling to be able to generate money on Facebook, so there is a positive and a negative side.

In the first place, there are a lot of variables that you must consider when calculating how profitable it is to monetize on Facebook. But all of them are summarized in the following point:

The place of origin of the people who view your videos: for Facebook, it is not the same for a German to view the video than for a Latino to do so, since in Europe more revenue is generated than in Latin America and, therefore, companies pay more for competition in the market.

In other words, advertising space does not cost the same in all parts of the world. A company can pay three or four times more to reach a North American audience than a Latin American company would pay to advertise in its own continent. This is how people in the United States or Europe can generate more money on Facebook.

However, this is not always a good thing. Just as we say that in each country is charged differently, itshould also be clarified that in each country the tax rate is different, so what Facebook gives you, you must subtract a percentage that may be higher or lower depending on where you are. This is why many times understanding how to monetize on Facebook is not complicated, but estimating how much money you can get per month.

monetizar videos en facebook

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what content can NOT be monetized on Facebook?

It goes without saying that there is certain content that is banned or “banned” from Facebook for logical reasons. While it may be a bit obvious information, it’s always good to be aware of the exact bans to try to change your content if what you really want is to make money through Facebook.

The content banned from monetizing on Facebook is as follows:

Encourages conflict. Pages in which confrontations or heated debates are promoted regarding issues such as nationality, race, sex, politics, among others. No one says that there is no free speech on Facebook; however, if there is no respect on your page, you will hardly be able to monetize publications on social networks.
Presenting information related to violence and abuse of prohibited substances. You must be very careful with this point, because although there are pages dedicated to sharing real scientific information, it is possible that Facebook will not let you monetize in the same way.
Posting fake news: It goes without saying that lying is a fact that pays dearly, especially if you are wondering how to monetize on Facebook. Whether you do it as a joke, or if you really enjoy misleading people, if you share false or misrepresented content, you probably can’t make money with Facebook.
Being a political figure or authority. It is forbidden for political figures or authorities to earn income from Facebook, whether they are in power or in electoral processes.

what videos work on Facebook?

You are already in the game, the proposal of the social network seems appealing to you, you have a good base of followers…but, what are really the best video themes to monetize on Facebook?

Those related to:

Humor: people do not usually look for humor on platforms like Youtube, just the joke appears and that’s it, that’s why on Facebook is much more accessible to create content of this type and that appears, thanks to your Wall.
News: we know that news has an expiration date, so it is more profitable to create content of this style and upload it to Facebook (a medium in which people seek information about current affairs in the world), rather than platforms like Youtube.
Stories: engaging, engaging stories with titles read by users is another successful formula for monetizing on Facebook.

By this point of the article, you will have realized 2 things: you can monetize with Facebook or through it.

In the first case, the social network pays you through means such as instream ads on videos or similar content. In the second case, Facebook doesn’t pay you, but you monetize the content through connections with brands, the creation of your online store or with promotion issues in general.

Cómo monetizar videos en Facebook

Image: Pexels

We hope that everything we have seen has helped you to know how to monetize on Facebook in different ways. Undoubtedly, new ways to make money online are emerging every day, so entertain people thanks to the Internet and social networks.

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