how to make money on Kwai? The secrets that will keep your cash register ringing

have you always wanted to know how to make money on Kwai? We knew you would come to ask this question, as there are countless ads with this headline on social networks and even on TV.

do your friends keep watching short videos of all their favorite influencers, but when you go to check out their phone, it’s neither Instagram reels nor TikTok? Most likely, it’s Kwai, the trending Chinese app that you can become a fan of without even realizing it.

why do we say it so convinced? In this blog post you will understand much better the effect it has on its users. Is it true that Kwai pays for watching videos and recommending the app? we delve into this platform to tell you how Kwai works to earn money and how much you can monetize with one of the best new social networks that is making waves around the world.

Beyond entertaining us by creating funny and viral videos, having an economic compensation for them sounds pretty engaging, don’t you think? With this app you will have fun for hours, while earning extra income. So, stay and read the next lines, because you will learn the tricks to earn money on Kwai that will help you start saving for your next trip.

In addition, we will tell you how much Kwai pays in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and other countries that will serve as a reference. log in to Kwai and start earning big!

1. Invite to download the Kwai app

Although inviting people to download the Kwai app will not generate a permanent payment from the application, we recommend that you do so. According to Gustavo Vargas, Kwai’s director of public relations in Latin America, “with the incursion into this new region, users who invite others to download the platform are being paid”.

Therefore, our first tip (and the most popular of all) to become an expert and know exactly how to make money on Kwai is to invite your friends to download the application. Below, we explain how to do it in the most detailed way. For now, start thinking about how you will invest the money you will earn.

how to invite your friends to download Kwai to earn money?

Enter the app and in the Kwai Bonus section select the option “invite 1 friend and win now”.

Immediately, the app will give you a code, which you must send to your friends so that they can enter it when downloading Kwai.

If your guest downloads the app through the link and the code you shared with them, you start receiving income. did you imagine that the steps on how to earn money on Kwai would be so simple?

persona descargando KwaiSource: Techno Break

2. Play as many Kwai videos as you can

In addition to knowing how to make money fast on Kwai with just one download, the cash register will keep ringing for both your friend and you. Yes, you read that right, both of you can win. your friend gets a small bonus for downloading the app and if he starts watching videos for more than three minutes a day for 6 or 7 days, you will get even more money.

Just as you read, Kwai pays for something you live doing for free on other social networks: consuming their content. Definitely, learning how to earn money on Kwai by watching videos is getting more and more interesting, don’t you think?

You just have to be attentive to the circular bar on the right side of the screen, which is the one that will alert you that you have completed the minimum number of videos watched in the day. After completing this task, you will receive one Kwai Golds, which is the app’s own currency. The rest is to transfer the money to your account and invest it as you wish.

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3. Monetize content thanks to your influencer power

If you have enough followers on other social networks to be considered an influencer, Kwai pays money for it. It’s no longer just a matter of waiting for brands to contact you to advertise, but the app itself pays you for having a large audience and lots of views on your videos.

Creating short, vertical videos has become a trend, and Kwai has also joined in. Therefore, professional and amateur content creators should apply their creativity to produce quality, unique and engaging short content that stands out from the crowd of millions of other users, especially if they want to know how to earn money on Kwai for uploading videos.

In fact, there is an exclusive section on how to make money on Kwai by being a content creator, which allows profiles with a huge number of followers to earn money right from the start, without the need to learn how to make money on Kwai by inviting friends.

Requirements to earn money on Kwai as an influencer

Kwai offers financial compensation only to users over the age of 18 who want to monetize their participation on the platform.

By confirming a bank account, Kwai will pay you a monthly payment based on the number of followers you have on your other social networks, such as TikTok or Instagram. This payment will be made only in the first month, from $100 for 5 thousand followers to $600 for having more than 1 million followers.

After that, you will have a special bonus for six months, which will depend on the number of views you have in the videos you publish, adding up the best 20 contents. This ranges from 1 dollar for 2 thousand views to 500 dollars for more than 1 million views.

If you are not yet an influencer, but you want to generate passive income and live off your content, start building community on Kwai. You know there is money waiting for you if you learn how to make money on Kwai with followers!

Video de KwaiSource: The Spectator

4. Participate in the trends

how to make money on Kwai by uploading videos? it’s easy! By participating in the trends of this social network, if by making videos with current challenges, you have a high level of views, get your account ready to receive money and win prizes.

If you want to bet on making money on Kwai by making videos, Matu Garcés, content creator and teacher of the online course Become an influencer: live from social networks, recommends:

“Having a calendar of the month and the week, because you need to plan everything to make it work well, because, although it sounds like an amazing job, it can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to get organized as content generators.”

Video virales KwaiSource: La Fm

5. Complete tasks on a daily basis

Another way to earn money on Kwai is by completing simple tasks available on the platform. Among these daily actions, one of them is to watch a specific amount of videos in a certain category, which is a very quick way to generate income in this application.

Among the tricks to earn money on Kwai is also to log in daily to the application. Each day you log into the app you are guaranteed a treasure chest that varies according to the amount of Kwai Golds to collect. The treasure chest will give you a relatively larger amount on the seventh day of logging in and will trigger the weekly cycle.

Phew, there are a myriad of daily tasks that bring you Kwai Golds once performed. These tasks vary every day, so keep in mind the following earnings:

Rewards: bonuses that Kwai users receive for a considerable number of video views or live streams completed within the app. Rewards allow you to earn a large amount of Kwai Golds, which can be redeemed for real money.

Daily Bonus: this is a way offered by Kwai to earn small amounts of money on a daily basis. As mentioned before, you can watch a certain number of videos with a minimum duration of 3 minutes. It should be clarified that, this balance is immediately credited to the account.

aplicación KwaiSource: AndroidPhoria

6. Learn how Kwai works

If you’re just getting familiar with Kwai, it’s worth knowing what you’ll be able to do within this app. The answer is very simple: a Kwai video is short and can be produced by someone else or by you, since you have the possibility to edit videos, add music, filters and use advanced options such as playback and dubbing.

Therefore, it is vital that you know how Kwai works to make money. Kwai, also known as Kuaishou in China, is an application and social network of short videos created in 2011. It is very similar to TikTok and how Instagram reels work. But, unlike these two platforms, watching videos on Kwai and receiving a financial reward is the main objective of this social network.

According to figures from Statista, it grew from 10 million users in its first four years of existence to 481 million active users around the world in 2021. Today, more and more users are interested in learning how to earn money on Kwai, and this is where part of its success has come from.

think of a topic and you will surely find it on Kwai! In this app you will find all the content you can imagine, for example, beauty tips, animal care, fashion, sports, humor, music, psychology, among others. To get started, all you have to do is follow the same steps you follow when making TikTok videos and that’s it, you’re ready to publish!


how much does Kwai pay?

You already have the tips on how to make money on Kwai, now let’s talk about the value you can get for it. So far, Kwai is only available in Asia and in some Latin American countries, such as Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

In other regions of the world, such as North America and Europe, the Kwai application plans to expand in the future and offer its fun platform to users in the United States and Spain.

It is important to clarify that earnings may vary according to each country, however, here are some references for you to make your own calculations:


how to earn money on Kwai Mexico? it’s simple! All you have to do is take into account the following methods to increase the numbers in your bank account.

For each friend who downloads Kwai, 30 pesos will be paid to the user who recommended him/her, i.e. you.

For every thousand points you earn by watching videos, Kwai will deposit one peso in your account. The daily limit is 8,000 points.

how much does Kwai pay for watching videos in Mexico? If your friends watch videos for 3 days in a row, you will receive 20 pesos. if they watch 6 days of videos, it will be 50 pesos; while 10 days of viewing will add up to 100 pesos.


Colombia is one of the South American countries where more and more users are attracted to this app. So it is very common to wonder how to earn money on Kwai Colombia and if it is really as profitable as it is promoted. do you want to know how much Kwai pays in Colombian pesos? let’s find out!

For each download of Kwai with your code, you will receive 16 thousand pesos.

If your friend downloads the application on your recommendation, you will receive 3 thousand pesos.

For watching videos on Kwai, users receive 100 pesos.

If your guest watches videos for 3 minutes for 6 days, you will receive another 16 thousand pesos.


Kwai continues to grow in Latin America and continues to increase the number of downloads on a daily basis. Peru is no exception. Below, we tell you how to earn money on Kwai Peru.

If your friend downloads the app with your Kwai code, you will earn 1.5 soles.

If that same friend watches Kwai videos for 3 minutes, 3 days in a row, you will receive 50 cents.

If your friend is super committed to your purpose and watches videos for 6 days in a row, you will receive 3 soles. If he/she does it for 10 days, it will be 7 soles.


As you may have noticed, Kwai started its popularity in other Spanish-speaking countries, since, like TikTok, it allows you to generate extra income. However, users in Chile could not earn money on Kwai, until suddenly this function was added within the app, achieving an indefinite amount of downloads.

To understand how to earn money on Kwai Chile, let’s see what are the ways to earn money on this app and how much Kwai Golds are equivalent to Chilean pesos:

For every friend who downloads the app with your Kwai code , you get 1 Chilean peso.

For every thousand Kwai Golds you earn by watching videos, you will earn 100 Chilean pesos directly into your bank account, or you can redeem them as a gift card.

You can also benefit from bonuses for participating in contests and challenges, with which you can reach more than 2 million Chilean pesos.


To find out how much Kwai Golds pay you in Argentina, we will tell you below what is the equivalent of Kwai Golds in Argentine pesos:

As part of the referral program, if you recommend the Kwai app among your family and friends – through a code generated by the platform itself – you will receive 30 Argentine pesos per new user, which can reach up to 200 if that new user uses the app ten days in a row.

For every thousand Kwai Golds obtained from video views, you will earn 1 Argentine peso.


Influencers in some Latin American countries can earn money on Kwai, and Ecuador is one of the lucky ones. Here, the monetary value is purely in dollars. so if you want to generate content on this app, these are the approximate amounts you could earn:

If you achieve more than 5 thousand views in a minimum of 20 videos per month, you could receive monthly 100 dollars.

With 15 thousand views on your Kwai profile for more than 20 videos per month, you can increase the payment up to 200 dollars.

By getting more than 30 thousand views on your 20 videos, you can earn $300 as a base payout per month.

If you get more than 60 thousand views on your profile, you will have $600 per month base payment which will be added to the amount you receive for traffic on your content.

logo de KwaiSource: Freepik

Now that you know how to make money on Kwai, the next thing you need to do is create a Kwai account and upload your own videos. For this, we recommend you to have a video script template at hand that can be very helpful in your content making process.

After familiarizing yourself with the app, start taking advantage of all the ways to earn money on Kwai. We are sure that if you commit yourself, Kwai bonuses will pour in and you will be very close to becoming a social media guru.

we support you in that project! That’s why with our online digital marketing courses you will understand much better how data analysis and metrics work, monetization, as well as learn how to identify trends and insights.

We look forward to seeing you succeed in Kwai – see you there!

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