The 55 most acclaimed typefaces and the ones you cannot miss

Need to renew your font catalog? bingo! We have gathered the typefaces that have caused a furor and those that are still trending.

Knowing which are the most used fonts will not only allow you to master more information, but will keep you on top of the wave as a professional. did you know that, as a result of most businesses moving to the digital environment, the competition is getting tougher and the process of choosing your typeface more important?

According to Kinsta, “font choice is more than just an aesthetic choice: it can have a substantial effect on your site’s bounce rates and conversion rates, especially if you choose a font that is difficult to read.”for example, fonts for logos don’t work in every design

the best thing about this list, these fonts are ready to go! Create a new folder on your desktop and click on each link.

1. Morganite Font

This font is already a classic of the decade and is widely used for headlines, logos, print, magazines, packaging and much more. This font is free to use for commercial and personal projects, and has 18 different styles.

Typeface by Rajesh Rajput

Morganite Font

2. Euclid Font

Although this font type does not come in the basic package of editing programs, nor is it free, it will be beneficial for its simplicity and attractive design. Moreover, it is used by many branding and advertising agencies worldwide, as it has the best geometric finish.

Euclid Font

3. Colus Font

Also, it is a free font that we have been seeing for a while, with vintage tone that is used for outdoor advertising such as panels and signs. It contains a wide support of languages, numbers and style figures based on Latin and Cyrillic.

Colus Font

4. Adelle Font

She’s not the British artist who sings ‘Rolling in the Deep’, but she’s just as remarkable. Adelle is a typeface with a slightly dark, somewhat gothic color, winner of numerous type design competitions years ago. why would we stop using it? Besides, it belongs to a versatile range of fonts that will help you grab readers’ attention.

Adelle Font

5. Graphik Font

It has already become a modern classic, due to the fact that it has improvements with its updates every year. It is widely used in corporate branding and streaming platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It is used in TV show banners, as well as in websites and application interfaces, and it will remain in force in the 2021 font category.

Graphik Font

6. Anonymous Pro Font

It is a font used by the artistic environment of design to generate more user and reader experience. Even if the name Anonymous makes the world’s web portals tremble, this font will set the time from now on.

Anonymous Pro Font

7. Oswald Font

This is a classic style font that arrived some time ago and does not seem to disappear. It has been modified several times for practicality of use in digital standards. It is free and mostly fits perfectly on digital devices such as tablets, cell phones and computers.

Oswald Font

8. Cunia Font

This font is a totally free font that differs from the rest by its rounded corners. It is completely suitable for brand logos, headlines, flyers and more. With only one remark, it contains only capital letters.

Cunia Font

9. Carnaby Street Font

Traditional typographic style, but with a human touch reminiscent of freehand writing. It has a high impact and if you know how to handle it when combining images with letters, it will attract attention. Many specialists say that this font will be the most acclaimed in the 2020 typeface community.

Carnaby Street Font

10. Free Fat Font

Its name explains it all. It’s huge, stout and free on top of that. Precise for outdoors, such as in headlines, headline drops and packaging. Also, this font offers multilingual characters for greater usability.

Free Fat Font

11. Helvetica Font

Yes, just as you read it. The Helvetica we all know has been renewed. This has been and will continue to be one of the most used fonts in word in the past and in this 2021 has a new version called Helvetica Now.

It has been created in specific sizes and all the characters of this font have been redesigned. Useful alternatives have been added to help you in the challenges that are looking for modern typefaces for logos and other designs.

Helvetica Font

12. Aeonik Font

If you are looking for a typeface for posters or title typefaces that have attention to detail, then you need to get to know Aeonik. It has been crafted with geometric or “neo-grotesque” details and this has given it some popularity in 2020.

Image: Aeonik

Aeonik Font

Now if what you want is to stay in the land of the simple without losing your own style, we invite you to know the font that is able to save all the designers that you will surely use it.

13. Futura PT Font: a typeface that

13. Futura PT Font

Among the best typefaces for designers for this 2021 and definitely stays for next year, is Futura PT. It has 7 weights with obliques and 8 condensed styles, all coordinated in letterforms, metrics and weights to visually work better.

Image: Adobe Fonts

Futura PT Font

14. Gilroy Font

One of the free modern typefaces is Gilroy. It is a modern sans serif with geometric touches. It has 20 weights and 10 uprights with italics. And for your good luck, you can get the Light and ExtraBold versions for free.

Gilroy Font

15. Recoleta Font

are you looking for new title typefaces with high visual impact? If the answer is yes, it’s time for us to introduce you to Recoleta. In 2021, the combination of typefaces is a typeface design that uses resources from different decades and will continue to be in force next year.

This type has a variety of weights that provide a range of options that will help you find the best model for your project.

Image: Myfonts

Recoleta Font

16. Lil Stuart Font

Of the trendy typefaces to be found is Lil Stuart.

It is a collection of creative fonts within the alphabet of digital styles in lettering. It has very beautiful designs that can be used to project your creativity. And you can download and use it for free.

Image: PixelBuddha

Lil Stuart Font

17. Maler Font

If you want fonts for Photoshop and design with a more urban style, Maler is a very creative font and comes with a set of Latin and Cyrillic characters.

It is an uppercase font that you can use to add a touch of creativity and original style to your design projects. download it for free!

Image: Behance

Maler Font

18. NewsSans Font

As always content is still king and that’s why NewsSans font design stole the likes in 2021. It has 90 styles that allow you to create a varied typographic look without much effort, from loud and expressive, to subtle and reserved.

Their trial fonts are free and available for the.

Image: NewsSans

NewsSans Font

19. Quacker Font

One of the best Serif typefaces is Quacker, it has a retro-vintage style. This beautiful font fits perfectly in different types of logo and label design. If it was all the rage in 2021 because of its contact with nature, it is surely here to stay.

It has alternative characters and a multi-language support. Download it for free.

Image: CreativeTacos

Quacker Font

20. FF Mark Font

FF Mark, is one of the most used fonts of last year for its versatility and continues to be in force in 2021. This font is ideal for film and TV, advertising, packaging, editorial, logo, branding and much more!

It has a full range of options, download it and start playing with them.

Image: Myfonts

FF Mark Font

21. Peace Sans Font

One of the typefaces for your logo can be Peace Sans. Only if you are looking for a large font suitable for designing elegant logos, websites, social media or other types of “strong” designs.

Peace Sans is an elegant modern typeface. It’s bold and includes glyphs and multi-language support. And what’s more, you can get it for free.

Peace Sans Font

22. Avenir Next Font

This is the version of a classic, it is an expansion of the original concept that takes the Akira font to a whole new level in 2020.

This is a collection of 32 fonts that offers condensed faces, standard and ultra-light styles. It combines very well with contemporary serif body types.

Image: Avenir Next

Avenir Next Font

23. Supria Sans Font

Another very good choice of this 2021 if you are looking for beautiful typefaces, is Supria Sans. It is a typeface system with italics and obliques inspired by the practicality of Swiss type design with a leaning towards subtle curves and fine details.

If you know how to use it you will make it look stunning and beautiful; in smaller, clean and classic sizes.

Image: Adobe Fonts

Supria Sans Font

24. Nib Font

If you’re in the typeface search engine you have to type Nib. This typeface is friendly and aggressive at the same time, allowing you to mold and apply to a range of different scenarios.

It is available in 5 weights (light, regular, semibold, bold and black) with italics in each variant.

Image: Colophon-foundry

Nib Font

25. Spartan MB Font

Finally, if you want another good free font option, we recommend to end 2021 the Spartan MB.

The families of this font are quite useful as they come in multiple weights and styles. It has a simple sans-serif typeface design, includes 7 different weights and you can use it in different projects.

Image: Spartan MB

Spartan MB Font

Yes, it’s a long list and with some amazing typefaces, were you left wanting to see those fonts that look vintage but rock all your designs? Check out the best free vintage typefaces and unleash your creativity.

26. Long Johnson Font

One of the 2021 typefaces that has everything to become a trend for designers is Long Johnson.

Being an uppercase-only typeface, it falls into the category of advertising fonts, as it can be included in posters, signs and even logos.

Long Johnson Font

27. Stoneburg Condense Font

Stoneburg Condense also has everything to place in this list of 2021 typefaces. It is a Slab Serif typeface, one of the characteristics that are present, for example, in fonts for advertisements.

This typeface includes five styles (solid, rounded, hatch, outline and extended), so you will have versatility to make an impact in your designs.


Stoneburg Condense Font

28. Calama Font

Calama is a Sans Serif typeface, which stands out for its rounded and well-proportioned corners.

This font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters and an important aspect is that it supports Latin characters. It is perfect for headlines, posters and even for creating logos.

Image: Pinspiry

Calama Font

29. Bripokus Stencil Font: boldness made typography

If you need to make a bold design, this font is perfect for you. Available in bold and uppercase only, it’s a font with a bold feel that inspires strength in posters, book covers and even web headers.

Image: Pinspiry

Bripokus Stencil Font

30. Searocks Condensed Font

If you are looking for a multipurpose font, Searocks Condensed is one of the 2021 typefaces you have to consider.

Although it is a classic Sans Serif font in uppercase, you will be able to use it for several designs you have in mind, such as business cards, prints, clothing, among others. In addition, you could also combine it with other types of fonts.

Searocks Condensed Font

31. MD Tall Font

MD Tall is one of those unique fonts that can add a lot of value to your design. It includes the full set of punctuation marks, plus some special characters.

If you are looking for ad fonts, this is a great choice for marketing and advertising designs.

Image: Behance

MD Tall Font

32. Small Script Font

Typefaces that have a handwritten style are also something to talk about in 2021. Peque Script is one of those fonts that will give a personalized touch to designs that have to do with greeting cards, invitations, textual quotes, among others.

Image: Dafont

Peque Script Font

33. Atalanta Font

If you were having a hard time finding a perfect typeface for designs that have to do with sports, look no further. Atalanta is a font inspired by sporting greatness with that strength and impact that sports bring to us.

2021 is definitely a year with a lot of sports movement, so Atalanta will be a font for advertisements as well as headlines and publications. Available in uppercase only and also with special characters.

Image: Behance

Atalanta Font

34. 9BAR Font

do you have to make a futuristic design and you can’t find the perfect font? 9BAR can be the perfect complement for your design. This font stands out for its futuristic design and great personality.

This font includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. It is a font for advertisements or also for product packaging, book covers or advertising posters.

9BAR Font

35. Theobald Font

Vintage is in and this typeface is ready to give that touch of nostalgia to your designs. In fact, Theobald was inspired by labels and old beer advertising.

This font is available in uppercase, but it has numbers and special characters. Theobald is a perfect typeface for advertising, but it could also help you create the ideal logo for your brand.

Image: Dafont

Theobald Font

36. Arber Font

Continuing with the vintage touch, Arber is a font made “to feel and look at”, according to its creator. he himself explains that each letter was hand-drawn with a water brush on acrylic paper, which makes it truly unique.

Having that unique touch, Arber is a typeface that will cause a sensation beyond 2021. It is perfect for designing posters, logos and also for setting headlines. It includes capital letters, numbers, as well as some punctuation marks and special characters.

Image: Befonts

Arber Font

37. Bricklane Font

Yes, just as you read, this font brings a gift, but first let’s go to what matters to us. Bricklane is a font that will also give your designs an original touch, so that in 2021 your graphics will be something to talk about.

The versatility of this font makes it work well for all types of graphics, whether posters, advertisements, clothing labels or packaging. It is a font that includes capital letters, punctuation marks, special characters and is multilingual. the free gift? Bricklane includes a bonus of hand-drawn artwork, which could complement some of your designs.

Image: Behance

Bricklane Font

38. Forward Font

Forward is a typeface also with vintage touches that stands out for having three styles: regular, rough and rounded. In this way, it is a font that will help you give extra value to your designs.


Forward Font

39. Bobby Jones Font

Bobby Jones is a fun font with a lot of personality, perfect factors for the designs of an advertising campaign, for example.

Although the free version does not include all the styles that Bobby Jones offers, the ones included (Soft, Rough Soft and Outlined) will give a very special touch to your graphics.

Image: Behance

Bobby Jones Font

40. Merriweather Font

If what you are looking for is a legible typeface capable of highlighting useful information, Merriweather is an option that you will like. It is one of those conservative fonts, but always necessary and whose success will be more than assured in 2021.

In addition, Merriweather is available in countless styles and thicknesses, as well as a Sans Serif version.

Image: Google Fonts

Merriweather Font

41. Andika New Basic Font

Many times we need fonts to include simple texts in a design, but we only have the default typefaces. Andika New Basic can help you by being a font that could be located between formal and informal.

Available in regular, bold and italic, plus several characters that make it possible to write in multiple languages.

Image: Font Squirrel

Andika New Basic Font

42. Blogger Sans Font

The name of this typeface says it all: it is perfect for blogs or websites. However, it is a youthful font that would also go well in presentations or in graphic pieces for social networks.

2021 is a year of a lot of digital marketing, so this typeface is perfect for all that this implies. It includes up to eight styles, uppercase, lowercase, punctuation marks and special characters.

Image: Font Fabric

Blogger Sans Font

43. BlowBrush Font

Little by little we are getting back to normal and it is very likely that the end of 2021 will be marked by several events that we could not enjoy in 2020. This font will help you create posters for all those activities (depending on the field, of course).

What is a fact is that BlowBrush is a font that will give impact to designs that want to communicate something important. It includes capital letters, numbers, punctuation marks and some special characters.

Image: Dafont

BlowBrush Font

44. Brownhill Font

The soft strokes that make this font stand out make it perfect for designs whose messages are subtle. Despite being a handwritten font, its legibility is one of its main features, so you can use it in graphics for social networks, printed publications, invitations, among others.

This typeface includes uppercase, lowercase, punctuation marks and numbers.

Image: Pixel Buddha

Brownhill Font

45. Hero Font

It has always been attractive to make designs that have futuristic details and Hero is one of the fonts that will bring that value to your graphics. This font could be useful for accompanying social media graphics, as well as for awesome advertisements. It includes only lowercase letters and numbers.

Image: Behance

Hero Font

46. The Night Watch Font

The Night Watch is ideal for adding a dramatic touch to illustrations, posters or design projects of all kinds. It is one of the free medieval style fonts that you must have installed on your PC this 2021.

The Night Watch Font

47. Arco Font

We added this font to the list of 2021 typefaces because of its fun, cheerful and eye-catching style. It is perfect for children’s branding and will come in handy for logo design, posters, social media graphics and much more.

Arco Font

48. Caviar Dreams Font

Modern typefaces such as Caviar Dreams are trending in 2021. They convey elegance, sobriety and order. It is perfect for long texts, but it also looks great in titles. Best of all: it’s free!

Download Caviar Dreams Font

49. Nordic Font

In this list of 2020 and 2021 typefaces we wanted to add styles for all tastes. Therefore, you will find different fonts such as Nordic Font, which contains stunning details that will instantly catch your reader’s attention. it’s perfect for posters and brochures!

Download Nordic Font

50. Mister Pixel Font

looking for youthful or retro style fonts? It’s your lucky day: Mister Pixel and its nerdy vibe is perfect for use in youth design projects. Also, it will catch the attention of video game fans. download it for free and use it in your graphic pieces!

Download Mister Pixel Font

51. Nostalgia Modern Font

Another of the year’s home runs was the habit of starting a healthier lifestyle and of course this translated into the brand images and their use of typefaces in 2021. Nostalgia is characterized by being modern and vintage at the same time. It includes three fonts that you can combine according to your creative needs.

if you want to get started right away, we’ve got our natural branding logo templates ready for you on your computer.

Image: Dribble


52. Cornerstone Font

Its modular design definitely suits those futuristic and modern designs. As well as minimalist and elegant. It is one of the on-trend typefaces of 2021 as it strips away unnecessary embellishments and gets straight to the point.

Image: Behance


53. Noelle Font

Being a serif font, this modern 2021 typeface hasn’t quite abandoned its traditional look without looking old. Both its uppercase and lowercase format is super adaptable to social media as well as brand branding. Are you encouraged to include it in your geometric designs?


54. Maddac Font

Now if you really want to make an impact with your work we encourage you to try one of the design trends of 2021 and 2021, the retro style. Fashion is always recycled and this is no exception, Maddac is one of the modern typefaces 2021, as well as elegant and cheerful due to its subtle angulation at the ends.

Image: Behance


55. Nagasaki Font

To close this list, we leave you with Nagasaki Font, one of the modern typefaces 2021 that will give a punch to all your designs. Whether it’s for a website title or branding, its modern and heavy touch will give it the lift it deserves.

Image: Behance


56. Supreme

This typeface from 2021 is ideal for creating logos and for editorial design work. Its geometric and modern look makes it a super versatile font. Due to its great legibility, it works perfectly for advertisements.


57. Koliko

If your brand or project has a very defined personality, then Koliko may be the modern typeface of 2021 you were looking for. This family has Latin and Cyrillic characters that allow you to play with italics, bold and its regular format.


what can we use these typefaces for?

The answer is: for absolutely everything. Yes, just as you read. All the typefaces we present in this article can be used to design:


Graphics for social networks.



Blog notes.

do you want to give your own style to typographies? Add some of these textures for graphic design and prove once again your capabilities as a professional artist.

The truth is, typographies are amazing and it’s hard to choose a favorite. which one do you like the most?

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