How much RAM does my computer support? Turn it into the fastest PC in the West

would you like my computer support to know how much RAM memory your laptop supports? Knowing this information will be vital to be able to expand the RAM memory of your computer, as well as optimize its performance and improve the operation of the operating system.

In the same way, knowing the RAM of your PC will allow you to know which programs you can install so that you have an idea of its capacity and avoid slowdowns in your system

The computers that come from the factory already have a RAM memory, but if in the process of knowing how much RAM memory your computer supports you discover that you can expand your RAM memory, do not hesitate to do it.

But how do I know how much RAM memory my laptop supports? Don’t worry, we will explain everything, without the need for you to be an expert in the world of computers. are you ready? let’s get started!

Clearing technological doubts

If you have ever wondered what RAM memory is, let us clear your doubts before we tell you how to know how much RAM memory your computer supports.

According to Yúbal Fernández in his article ‘RAM memory: what is it, what is it for and how to see how much your computer or mobile has’ on the Xataka page, the Ram memory is that part of the device that temporarily stores the data of the programs that are running in the operating system.

Its acronym in English refers to: Random Access Memory, which translated into English would be Random Access Memory. This type of memory is found in all types of electronic devices, such as computers and cell phones.

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RAM memory is characterized for being very fast and for only temporarily storing data, which means that every time you restart or turn off your computer, the data stored in RAM will usually disappear, freeing its capacity.

Due to this characteristic, RAM memory is the one that guarantees the computer’s performance while working, recording and reading information quickly.

Therefore, the amount of RAM your computer has is directly related to the performance of your PC, especially with heavier computer programs, such as video games or video or image editing programs.

That is why it is very important to do some research before buying a laptop or building your own PC from scratch, to see how much RAM the computer supports, and to make sure it has as much RAM capacity as possible to improve the performance of the operating system.

But, if you already have a computer and there are no funds to get a new laptop at the moment, take advantage of the time to find out if you can improve the performance just by changing the RAM memory. To do that, find out how much RAM your computer supports and identify if there can be improvement just by buying that small part of the PC.

how do I know how much RAM my computer supports?

To find out how much RAM memory your computer supports, you must search the Internet or use a series of specific commands. But, before you start the process of finding out how much RAM your PC supports, you must first find out how much RAM your computer has.

how much RAM does my computer have?

According to the article ‘How much RAM does your PC support? This is how you can find out’ by Rodrigo Alonso, published in the Hard Zone page, to find out how much RAM memory your computer has, the procedure is different depending on whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux.

In the case of Windows you should do the following:

Access the Task Manager by right-clicking on the start bar or pressing the CTRL, ALT and DEL keys at the same time.
Once there, click on the Performance tab.
Go to the Memory button, where you will be able to see the RAM capacity and know how much RAM is in use.

Unfortunately, in this procedure you cannot know how much RAM memory the computer supports, only how much it has at the moment and its performance.

In the case of Mac you must go to the top left icon of the apple, drop down the menu and select the option ‘About this Mac…’. There you will be able to see the technical specifications of your Mac such as processor and memory.

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how much RAM memory does my computer support?

Once you know how much RAM your computer has, you can now proceed to investigate how much RAM your computer supports and see if it is worth making a change and how to do it.

To find out how much RAM your computer supports, the website in the article ‘How to find out how much RAM my PC supports’, clarifies that this step requires an online search. recommends the Crucial website for this inquiry and recommends performing it as follows:

In the first window, select the manufacturer of your computer: if you have a Toshiba Chromebook CB35, the manufacturer will be Toshiba.
Choose the product line. In this case, it would be Chromebook
Select the model. In this case the CB35.
Provided these data, select the Find Upgrade option.
Of the two options it gives you, select the one that says Memory and you will discover the maximum RAM memory capacity that your PC supports.

The Techlosofy page also recommends the Kingston website, the CPU-Z computer program or the EveryMac portal to find out how much Ram memory your computer supports, according to its model.

But keep in mind that you may not be able to change your RAM memory if it is not compatible with the motherboard of your PC and the other parts of the computer, so keep in mind to make an analysis of the entire computer before looking to expand the capacity of your RAM memory, since a RAM memory too powerful, would not be useful in a computer that is not prepared for such power.

Don’t forget

Once you know how much RAM your computer supports, try to look for a RAM memory that is compatible with the rest of the PC’s operating system.

If you are a designer, you have to have a very good device, which will run your design or programming programs. After making those changes, you can start thinking about upgrading your computer even further by purchasing keyboards for programmers.

We hope this article has been of great help to you and that you now know how to find out how much RAM your computer supports so you can decide whether to change it now or later. Based on this new knowledge, you will surely have more tools to choose more wisely. be confident in yourself!

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