never lack style with these signature fonts !

Fonts for signatures are gaining ground within the typography websites, and the number of users looking for personalized signatures on the Internet is growing all the time.

Nowadays, there are few people who have not had to digitally sign a document or presentation. In fact, many of us are in the habit of signing even our e-mails, and the importance of fonts for digital signatures is becoming more and more evident.

Do not worry if you have to sign a document digitally and you do not know how to do it, because in this article we will share with you some alternative fonts for signatures.

Keeping in mind that not all signatures are the same, we have divided the signature fonts in this article into four sections, so you can r custom signature fonts based on your needs or purposes.

Personalized Signature Letters

When it comes to personalized signatures, the best option is to write your signature on a blank piece of paper and then digitize it. However, the easiest and probably the most aesthetic option is to r some letters for personal signatures.

Later we will see how to digitize personalized signatures, in the meantime, take note of what are the best options for r letters and make beautiful signatures.

Signature Font

The name says it all. If you want personalized signatures, this font will help you achieve it, in particular, because it has a style with strokes that give the feeling of having been made with a pen.

Signature tipografía para firmas

Signature Font

Malina Font

If you want something with a more informal touch, but with the same Script style that characterizes the signatures, Malina is a good choice. With this font you can make your custom signatures, and get results that will make anyone believe that you made them with your own hand.

Malina Font para firmas

Malina Font

Euphoria Font

With this typeface for signatures, you will undoubtedly make a difference. Although it belongs to the Script family, it slightly dispenses with the basics of calligraphy. You could use it for signatures in presentations or as a personal brand.

Euphoria Font

Euphoria Font

Variane Font

Usually, letters for personal signatures denote a certain sobriety, but with Variane the opposite is true. Although you can use it to sign documents or presentations, you will have a friendly and legible personalized signature.

Variane Font para firmas

Variane Font

Grand Amoura Font

You will be the envy of everyone when they see your signature written with Grand Amoura. It is a typeface for signatures that is characterized by its long strokes and the curvature of its letters. You can sign presentations and invitations, and it could even become the logo of your personal brand.

Grand Amoura firmas con caligrafía perfecta

Grand Amoura Font

Typography for email signatures

Nowadays it is more than important to place a signature on emails. While typographies for email signatures have to be very simple, there are fonts that could give a personalized touch to your emails.

It is true that you can find good options in the font banks of Microsoft Word or Google Fonts, however, to save you some time, at this point we will share with you some alternatives of typographies for signatures that you can use in your email.

Fredoka Font, typeface for warm email signatures

Fonts for email signatures must be extremely legible, since in that section you will not only put your name, but also other important contact information. Fredoka has the legibility we are looking for, in addition, its strokes produce a great warmth.

Fredoka tipografía para firmas

Fredoka Font

Graviola Font, originality in your email signatures

This typeface for email signatures belongs to the Sans Serif family and is characterized by its simple shapes, to which you can give a touch of originality thanks to the styles and variations included in the .

Graviola Font para firmas

Graviola Font

Harabara Font, a typeface for email signatures with a lot of style

Harabara is a typeface for email signatures that has the perfect thickness, a factor that will help you mark your presence in a subtle way. Although it is available in several formats, its best version is between the regular or bold variation.

Harabara tipografía para firmas

Harabara Font

Caviar Dreams Font, a typeface for elegant signatures

With Caviar Dreams your brand’s collaborators will be able to have personalized signatures in their e-mails, which will speak very well of your company. It is a very legible font with a variety of very useful styles to alternate your signature.

Caviar dreams Font para firmas

Caviar Dreams Font

Champagne & Limousines Font, keep the elegance in style

This typeface for email signatures has the elegance that characterizes personal signatures, but without losing legibility. It is available in four styles, so you can try several alternatives before choosing your email signature.

Champagne & Limousines tipografía para firmas elegantes

Champagne & Limousines Font

Typefaces for photography signatures

It is common for photographers’ logos to include the real name of the person behind the camera. Therefore, it is important to choose a typeface for photography signatures that is original, creative and legible. Here are some options to choose from.

Novitha Script Font, elegance for your photos

It is the typography for photography signatures par excellence, due to its great versatility to be placed on images. Despite having a somewhat extravagant style, it is still legible.

Novitha Script tipografías para firmas de fotografía

Novitha Script Font

Rolest Font, give your photos a unique stamp.

With Rolest you will have a unique font for photo signatures. Although it is part of the Script family, legibility is one of its main features. Besides, its strokes are subtle enough not to interfere with the composition of your photographs.

rolest fuentes para firmas de fotografía

Rolest Font

Brownhill Font, a vintage photography firm

Brownhill is a typeface for photography firms whose creativity exceeds all limits. It has a design with vintage tints and quite nice strokes. Without any doubt, we can include it in the list of the best vintage typefaces.

Brownhill fuentes para firmas de fotografía

Brownhill Font

Seascape Font, to transmit tranquility

what better way to sign your photos than with a typeface that conveys peace of mind? This typeface for photo signatures will have the ability to give your clients peace of mind that someone like you is doing the job. give Seascape a try!

Seascape Font para firmas de fotografía

Seascape Font

Street Photography Font, a typeface for documentary photography signatures

Street Photography is a typeface specially designed for photography signatures. Its simple strokes can resemble the typeface of any of us, so your photographs will appear very close and human with this signature.

Street Photography tipografías para firmas de fotografía

Street Photography Font

Signatures for logos

The minimalist trend is getting stronger and stronger, which has led many businesses and entrepreneurs to have a logo with the name of their personal brand. And what better way to put your name on a logo than using a custom font?

Here are some incredible examples of signature fonts that you can use in a number of logos.

Olivia Font, the perfect signature for your brand

This example of logo signature has the particularity of having unique strokes, a factor that will contribute to the recognition of your brand by your customers. In addition, it is a signature font that will give an elegant touch to your logo.

firmas para logotipos

Olivia Font

Barista Font, a very legible script

When choosing a signature for logos, you should make sure that it is an option that stands out for being as simple and legible as possible. Barista, although it belongs to the Script family, stands out for its legibility and perfect calligraphy. It is so versatile that it could fit quite well in brand logos of any industry.

Barista Font

Barista Font

Rottarity Font, for brands with authenticity.

This logo signature font has a slightly informal cut, but without losing the elegance that a logo requires. This signature font will be able to show your clients that your brand is authentic by nature.

Rottarity tipografías para firmas de logos

Rottarity Font

Authentic Signature Font, classy logo signatures typeface

If you want your brand logo to inspire your customers, Authentic Signature is the ideal signature font. This font emulates almost perfectly the characteristic strokes of the signatures but with a legibility that does not get lost at any time. Perfect for your brand logo.

Authentic Signature tipografía para firmas de logotipos

Authentic Signature Font

Autography Font, perfect to humanize your brand.

This typeface for logo signatures gives the feeling that it is telling you a story. By placing it on your logo, your customers will know that there is a person like them behind the success of your business and will quickly identify themselves. Imagine your brand name with this font and see how powerful it will be.

Autography fuentes para firmas de logos

Autography Font

Personal Signature Pages

While digital signature fonts can be faster and more secure, they often lack the personal touch you experience when signing a piece of paper. Luckily, there are several platforms that allow you to create a handwritten signature online. Below, we’ll show you the best sites for creating personal signatures.


This is a free and very easy to use personal signature creation site, and you can use it from any of your mobile devices, or on your computer. Because it’s a cloud-based system, you don’t need to install any software. it’s all online!

Also, CreateMySignature does not store your signature on the platform, so you don’t have to worry about someone capturing and reusing your personal signature. Also, it allows you to electronically sign PDF documents.

Páginas para crear firmas personales

Signature Maker

Another site for creating personal signatures quickly and in a matter of seconds, Signature Maker allows you to create a handwritten signature directly from any web browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Best of all, you can customize it according to the color of your choice. You don’t need to install any software or register on this platform. it’s totally free!

have you ever wanted to make a signature that includes all your contact information? Signature Maker can help you do it. With its HTML email signature tool, you can generate a custom signature to place at the bottom of your emails. You can even upload a photo via Dropbox or Google Drive to be included in your new signature.

Signature Maker página para crear firmas personales


If you are looking for a simple image file for your handwritten signature, then PandaDoc is the ideal alternative. With this personal signature creation page you can design your signature and keep it in your PandaDoc profile for quick and easy access. If you sign documents regularly, this is an excellent tool that will help speed up your workflow.

PandaDoc página para crear firmas personales

how to digitize custom handmade signatures?

The only disadvantage of custom signature fonts is that a good number of people probably use the same fonts as you. So, as we explained at the beginning, if you want to have a unique and totally original signature, the best thing to do is to digitize a signature that you have made yourself.

Of course, to use this type of signatures in your logos you have to have great skills with calligraphy, or at least with editing in programs like Illustrator.

Below, you will find the steps you need to follow to digitize personalized signatures in a very quick and easy way.

Write your signature on a blank piece of paper

The first thing to do is to write the signature you want to digitize on a blank piece of paper. We recommend you to use a marker, and make your signature in a size where you can see the details better.

It is also a good idea to practice several times until you get an acceptable result. Remember that the signature fonts we share with you are practically perfect, so you will have to make an effort to surpass them.

Scan your signature

The next step is to scan your signature, you can use a proper scanner, take a picture with your phone camera, or scan with a mobile app like CamScanner.

If you want your personal signature design to be the best, you must make sure the image is of good quality. If you are going to use your phone, you should scan the signature in a place with adequate lighting, otherwise your signature letters may look blurry and incomprehensible.

Optimize the appearance of your signature in an editing program

Up to this point, you probably only have a JPEG file with the image of your personal signature design. So to create custom signatures, you will have to use programs like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, if you don’t have these programs installed you can use some online alternatives like Pixlr.

The procedure to optimize custom signatures in these programs is very simple, all you have to do is load the file, erase the white background, polish the details of the signature with the program tools and save your new signature as a transparency in PNG format.

how to insert your personalized signatures in any document?

Now that you have a good set of fonts for beautiful signatures and you know how to digitize your handwritten signatures, you just need to know how to insert signatures into your documents. Regardless of whether they are Word or PDF documents, the procedure is very simple.

how to insert a signature in a Word document?

If you want to insert in Word the fonts for signatures that ste, all you have to do is open the document you want to sign and write your signature in the corresponding space. However, this option is not the best, especially because you will not be able to move the signature to your liking or place it freely in any space of the document.

Ideally, you should choose one of the typographies for signatures and create an image file in one of the editing programs mentioned above. After you have your signature in image format, you must follow these steps:

1. Open the Word document.

2. Click on insert images and select the file containing your signature.

3. Right click on the image and select fit text > in front of text.

If it is a custom signature image that you have not edited, you must follow these additional steps to adjust the signature image directly in Word:

1. Double-click on the image.

2. To adjust the size of the signature, select the “crop” option in the upper right corner.

3. To remove the background or any imperfections, select the “format image” option and then the “remove background” option.

It’s that easy to use signature fonts within any of your Word documents.

how to insert a signature in a PDF?

The steps you must follow to insert a signature in a PDF are very basic, no matter what program you use, all PDF readers have a tool that will allow you to insert your personalized signatures. In addition, they also have the option to draw the signature directly on the document.

In order for you to use the signature fonts in this document format, you must make sure that the PDF is not protected and can be edited. After verifying that the file is not protected, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the document you want to sign.

2. Select the tools panel and click on “fill and sign”.

3. Click on the “sign” option and then press the “add signature” button.

4. Select “text” if you will use some of the signature fonts that ste; “draw” if you prefer to make your signature with the mouse; or image to upload your custom signatures.

5. Click on apply and move the signature to the appropriate space.

In the case of PDF documents it is not necessary to edit the images, most readers erase the background of custom signatures automatically, which is a clear advantage over Word.

Resources to improve your personalized signatures

It is already clear that if you have some signature fonts you will have the possibility to give a touch of style and elegance to all the documents you have to sign. However, what if you have to make the same signature on paper, how can you copy the style of your signature fonts to make them by hand?

Thinking about it, we will share with you a couple of resources that you can use to practice your personal signature design and make handwritten signatures that are as amazing as the digital ones.

Stencils for calligraphy exercises

This resource includes four calligraphy templates that you can use to practice handwriting any of the signature fonts that ste. The templates are in PDF, so it is a good idea to insert the signature font you want to practice and print the document.

using this template you will be able to copy the style of the signature fonts you prefer and improve the aesthetics of your handwriting.

the calligraphy templates

Plantillas para caligrafía con fuentes para firmas

Lettering templates

As with the previous resource, the lettering templates are ideal to improve your handwriting and to copy the design of the signature fonts that we share with you.

To use these templates it is recommended that you have a good number of markers of different sizes. The idea is that you develop the ability to write your personalized signatures on any type of platform.

the lettering templates

Plantillas de lettering

who said you couldn’t have personalized signatures in digital? As you can see, there is an infinite number of typography options for signatures and pages to create personal signatures. We hope that one of this list has pleased you enough to start using it.

Remember that for your signature to be legible, you need to practice your penmanship. take it easy! We’ll leave you with this guide on how to make beautiful calligraphy that your clients will love.

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