10 new social networks to consider in your digital strategy


Social networks are constantly evolving: here are the new social networks that dominate digital marketing, and will continue to do so in 2022.

2021 continued to change many of our habits, including the ways we interact with people around us. In that sense, the different types of social networks that exist brought closeness at times when distance was the key to not contracting Covid-19.

And this effect continues in 2022, although with some changes, as new social networks and platforms that aim to meet these needs created by the current context emerge. In this way, the ways of consuming digital content change all the time and having a profile on new social networks can be very useful for both you and your business.

The number of users who opened a profile on a social platform grew by 13% in just one year according to the Digital 2021 Global Overview Report, 4 billion people use social networks as new forms of communication on a daily basis.

By 2022, an estimated 4.62 billion active social network users are expected to grow by 10% over the previous year, resulting in 58% of the population being part of new and traditional social networks.

Take back your sociable side, and get to know the new social networks that reign! First, let’s start with a list of the new social networks of 2021 that you may not know about and are new.

1. Caffeine

One of the new 2021 social networks for gamers

As you already know, a social network can be defined as a group of people who have links with each other, either by some commercial, friendship, work or familiarity, among others. And definitely one of the big reasons why millions of people were linked this year was in search of entertainment!

Online video games have always been one of the great attractions of the Internet. However, the gamer world has many other trends in gaming this 2021, such as game broadcasting. With the growth of online gamers and the emergence of experiences such as eSports, there are several new social networks 2021 that “compete” for this space and Caffeine is one of them.

While it has to compete with some of the social networks most used by young people, such as YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming or Twitch, the new social network Caffeine has taken the lead thanks to the fact that it simplified its proposal: the user is the real star, and not the other way around.

Caffeine allows:

Upload audiovisual content in less than a minute.

Interact in real time thanks to its chat.

Install it in a few steps.

Access to live streaming without software download.

Because of its fast content upload, Caffeine is the ideal new social network for gamers or content creators with communities with a lot of interaction. Remember that if you are among these cases, you can include video game advertisements and use them to your advantage!

2. Facecast

New social network 2021 that combines Youtube + Instagram

Although this social network was born in 2018, Facecast is experiencing its boom and that is why we include it within the new social networks of 2021. In fact, it has been one of the most used social networks in these years and it will surely be part of the trends to come.

We can describe the functioning of Facecast with 3 basic characteristics.

Live video broadcasting.

Random video chats.

Upload videos between 15 and 60 seconds.

Facecast is an ideal option for those who share their daily experiences, such as trips or meetings. It allows your audiences to follow those moments live in a very creative way. These are some of the actions you can achieve with the new social network:

Join different groups and broadcast your videos.

Create lists of the most popular videos and become a leader.

Create your own circle of friends.

In addition, one of its main functions as a new social network is random video chats. Here you can choose some characteristics of the person you connect with.

3. Howdoo (Hyprr)

A new secure social platform for users and content creators

Howdoo, also known as Hyprr, has only been in its trial version for a year, but it is already resonating for the transparency it offers. This new social network aims to build a more balanced relationship between creators, communities, advertisers and users, thanks to a very clear privacy policy.

Howdoo tries to offer the best of the most popular social networks, combined with the necessary transparency and balance between users, communities, creators and advertisers. It gives users full control of their personal data, allowing them to decide what to share and what not to share.

In a way, it aims to serve as an alternative to some of the most widely used social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, having a social network model that respects users’ privacy.

Its pillars are:

No data will be sold to third parties.

Respect the interests of content creators.

Offer a different monetization system.

To approach this new monetization system, Howdoo has a virtual currency called μDoo, with which it rewards for participation.

4. Okuna

A new social network like Facebook, but without spies

Among the new social networks we are listing, we will tell you about Okuna.

Initially it was going to be called Openbook, as opposed to Facebook, since Okuna places special emphasis on information security. With user privacy as a central factor, this new social network does not track your activity and offers full transparency through open source.

A very noble point to highlight is that Okuna ‘s income is generated through an optional subscription, which includes the donation of part of these profits to causes with a positive influence on society. This undoubtedly makes it stand out from the rest of the new social networks and makes it ideal for those seeking sustainable platforms.

Its creators want to offer its users great possibilities of personalization, promoting an environment of friendship and respect among those who use the app.

5. WT. Social

One of the new social networks 2021 with good information

do you dislike Facebook because of its known data delivery? do you consider that Twitter promotes hate or incites aggressive communities? Then WT. Social is for you!

This new social network seeks healthy communication among its members, without fake news or ads.

And don’t worry about your data: the driving force behind WT. Social is Jimmy Wales, creator of Wikipedia, who assures that he will not sell the data of the community’s users, which is why it has already reached half a million logins.

Unlike the new social networks mentioned above, WT. Social is not yet developed as a mobile application, so its access is only through computers. Until a few months ago, you could only access through an invitation from other users, but now you can log in freely. take advantage of this to create your registration and enjoy the information you need without limits!

6. Tuned

The new social network for digital couples

The new from Facebook joins the list of new social networks for having a very peculiar proposal. Tuned is a new social platform especially dedicated to couples.

In this new social network, quite different from the most popular social networks that usually promote the creation of communities, the proposal is to eliminate the “noise” of other users you follow. On Tuned, couples prepare to live their “digital” love story without limits or embarrassment.

This platform allows couples to communicate quickly, share memories, create a couple’s diary and create dedicated playlists. Multiple functionalities for you to enjoy your partner’s intimacy.

7. ClubHouse

The 2021st social network for audio communication

have you already heard of ClubHouse? Surely you have, as some of the most used social networks such as Twitter or Instagram are inviting new users to join. In an apparent new era where verbal communication is intensifying, but not face-to-face, ClubHouse gives you the opportunity to join conversation groups on various topics.

Likewise, it emerges as an alternative to the already known social networks that predominate in the video format that worked so well in 2020. This new social network organizes online conversation spaces in audio format. Its dynamics is very simple but also interesting: both senders and the rest of the users can participate in the chat.

8. Twitter Spaces

Platform for sending audios

Although it was launched at the end of 2020, this new social network is the beta version of Twitter’s new audio functionality. It’s all about real-time audio rooms. Yes, as you can imagine, it’s a very similar idea to ClubHouse.

For now it is only available for the iOS operating system. However, we must keep a close eye on its updates as it is a trend-setter in the digital world.

9. Nextdoor

The new 2021 social network for neighbors

That said, you may wonder: what was it that prompted the creation of new social networks today? Social networks allow those communities we mentioned to meet in a virtual environment thanks to the Internet. As new social networks are created or existing ones are improved, these possibilities expand and adapt to different audiences, this is the case of Nextdoor!

The world’s largest neighborhood social network took a big leap in 2021 due to the global context. This platform offers a space to weave community between neighbors from different neighborhoods and in this way, promote conversation digitally. This new social network has more than 240,000 adhered neighborhoods.

are you running a local business? This is definitely one of the new social networks 2021 that you should study if you want to boost your sales by attacking the ideal target audience.

10. Goodreads

A new social network for readers

Although this platform is not specifically one of the new social networks of 2021 but of 2020, we add it in this list since it gained popularity in recent months. It can be said that it is a niche social network as it is specifically aimed for reading enthusiasts to share recommendations about books and publications.

If your business or venture launched a new ebook or plans to publish content of this type, you’d better keep an eye on this new social network.

The new social networks 2022 presented in this article are different options for you to create your own safe, comfortable and creative virtual environments. The important thing is to evaluate what your brand needs and what is the best way to achieve it. Follow these trends according to the needs of your audience and achieve those goals you always wanted!

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