Discover how to go “For you” on TikTok and get ready to go viral on networks!

Do you want to learn how to get “For You” on TikTok? If you’ve ever asked yourself “how do I know if I’m on “For You” on TikTok”, “why my TikTok video has no views”, “or how do the most famous tiktokers go viral?” and you haven’t found an answer, let us tell you that it’s not a matter of luck or looks, on the contrary, it all falls on the tricks to appear in “For you” on TikTok.

So, to go viral, you just need to know what to put on TikTok to get on “For You”, because every video that goes viral follows a formula to be trending. But what should you keep in mind to find out how to get on “For You” on TikTok? where can you find all the secrets to launch yourself to stardom? We’ll reveal them in this post!

So, if you are one of those who enter TikTok and never leave the “For You” section because you find enough videos to have fun for hours and you always wanted your content to appear there, here you will have the answers to all your questions.

Without further ado, we advise you to pay close attention to the following lines, because you will learn how to viralize a video on TikTok with all the tips and tricks we have for you.this way you will not only learn something new, but you will also have the chance to reach more people and make your efforts pay off .

open the app, get your camera ready, hit play and get ready to appear in “For You” on TikTok organically!

1. fight for interactions!

Maybe you already knew this, but it’s still important, because in social networks we move thanks to interactions. Playing a video, commenting or liking a post is totally different from not doing it and that may answer your question: “Why don’t I appear in “For you” in TikTok?

So, a hack to get on “For You” is to generate content that connects with viewers, i.e. videos that people want to share and like. For example, some of the most successful ones are the funny TikTok videos that many people create, so you can start by looking for people on TikTok who are viral and get inspired.

Another point to consider in learning how to get on “For You” on TikTok is that, according to the social network, when a user watches a long video from start to finish they are this aspect can also be more important when the content creator and the viewer are in the same country, for example.

2. Generate quality content

For this app it is very important that your videos have good definition and that they do not look badly recorded, otherwise, the social network will consider that you are offering a bad user experience and will avoid positioning you in “For you”.

So, if you want your content to appear in the “For You” section of TikTok, pay attention to every detail, record in HD and vertically, don’t forget!

Remember that “to appear in For You it doesn’t matter how many followers or likes you have. It’s true that the more followers you have, the more likely you are to be featured. But you can go out having a number of 100 without any problem,” explains Cosmopolitan magazine.

In other words, the most important thing is quality content, that same content that your fans should see to the end, so you guarantee your appearance in this section and show that you have learned how to get on “For You” on TikTok correctly.

perfil de TikTokSource: Unsplash

3. Use the music in the app

especially the one that’s trending! As you should know, Tik Tok values that you create your content using the tools of the same platform, that’s why, there are so many filters and effects that you can take advantage of.

However, more than using these features, using their music will give you access to a huge library of audios with which you can catch the TikTok algorithm and place yourself in the “For You” section.

If you’re not sure what sound effects or music are trending, explore the “Discover” tab or just spend some time scrolling through your own “For You” in TikTok. When you find a video that has a sound you like, tap the sound icon in the bottom right corner. This will take you to the sound’s page, where you can see how many times it’s been used and explore the top videos that have gone viral.

persona grabando un video de TikTokSource: The Social Post

4. Include hashtags

Including hashtags related to the video you upload will help you rank and show up in searches. If you want to know how to get on “For You” on TikTok and are wondering what hashtags to use, we recommend trying the following:





In addition to these hashtags to get on “For You” on TikTok, you can use a couple more that describe your content to show up in people’s searches. every effort counts!

app de TikTokSource: Pexels

5. Create engaging videos

While joining TikTok trends helps, you should be careful because, if you only engage with them, you could be just another one in the landscape. Therefore, we recommend you always think about creating interesting and valuable content for others, you decide how to do it: will it be general interest or niche ones?

For example, one of the tips for making TikTok videos is that to attract more people to your profile, you can stock your TikTok videos by making trends or challenges and, at the same time, sharing content specific to your brand or venture.this mix of posts will help you get “For You” on TikTok!

Finally, keep in mind that TikTok’s goal “is to strike a balance between suggesting content that is relevant while helping you find content and creators that lead you to explore experiences you wouldn’t otherwise see.”

mujeres haciendo un challenge para TikTokSource: Unsplash

6. Calculate the time to go out on “For You” on TikTok

what time do I go on “For You” on TikTok? Before posting your video, make sure you’re on the right schedule to get the most views and interactions.

Below, we reveal the best times to post on TikTok by country:

For Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, every day between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm.

For Peru, Tuesday through Thursday between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. and Fridays at 5:00 a.m.

keep an eye on these facts! By learning the times to go on “For You” on TikTok, you’ll have a better chance of jumping in front of your target audience.

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7. Stay on top of trends

Be prepared to make an original challenge and stay on top of what’s trending , so you train yourself on TikTok and learn how to get on “For You” on TikTok. Also, if you create a unique challenge, everyone will go to your video to play it over and over again to learn the steps you invented.

On the other hand, as you must have seen throughout the application, the ideas of viral tiktoks are so varied and very simple in some cases. We recommend you to watch every opportunity you have around you and take advantage of it to craft your next viral video.

usuario viendo un video en TikTokSource: Unsplash

8. Interact with your audience

A good idea to achieve this is to connect with your followers through comments, responding or reacting to them. You can also create a live stream with your followers and talk to them for a moment.

Also, it will be useful for you to watch other videos, as the application will take into account your permanence and actions with other users when rating your content and placing you in “For You” in TikTok.

tiktokers haciendo un live en TikTokSource: Unsplash

9. Learn how TikTok’s algorithm works

Another trick to get on “For You” on TikTok is to learn how TikTok’s algorithm works, so you know how all content is handled and why people watch different videos.

According to a report from Europa Press, to recommend videos to its users, “TikTok relies on information in the videos, such as subtitles, sounds and ‘hashtags,’ as well as well as device and account settings, such as language preference, country settings and device type, although the latter factor to a lesser extent.”

Additionally, it is known that likes have a lot to do with the recommendations made by TikTok in the “For You” section, therefore, your “likes” also influence how the algorithm works.

In this way, every time you interact you give clues to the app about content that might interest you and, if they see that you did indeed like it, they will continue to present you with similar content; otherwise they will skip it.

The relationship between TikTok’s “For You” section and viral videos

Basically, the “For you” section in TikTok, or “for you page” in English, refers to a sequence of videos selected by the social network according to our interests, which makes us stay for hours and hours watching each video in the playlist.

Additionally, according to the official TikTok blog, “part of the magic of TikTok is that no two For You feeds are alike; although different people may find some of the same videos featured, each person’s feed is unique and tailored to that specific individual”.

In that sense, the key to how to be featured on TikTok fyp varies according to each active user on this app, so it is essential that you know what are the tastes or preferences of your target audience. This way, you will be able to reach your ideal segment easily through your content.

10. Make your video descriptions interesting

When it comes to writing descriptions or captions for social media posts, less is more, and the same goes for your TikTok videos. Therefore, write descriptions that are relevant so that your video can easily appear in “For You” on TikTok.

Your descriptions, audio and hashtags should work together to complement your videos. Telling your viewers what to do can also be helpful. For example, “Watch to the end” has been an effective call to action and used by the app’s creators.

TikTok en iPhoneSource: Unsplash

11. Collaborate with popular creators

You may be wondering how to get views on TikTok, well this tip will come in handy. One strategy is to find popular TikTok creators who are in the same network as you. To do this, you can use your friends and friends of friends who use this app to increase your view count. Don’t be afraid to communicate with other creators.

Learn from them and their strategies to reach your audience. You can also activate a search function in your TikTok account. This way, you’ll get access to someone else’s audience and you’ll know how to get “For You” on TikTok in seconds.

Ideally, however, you should collaborate with other creators who publish content similar to yours. TikTok is not a competition. It’s best to grow together with other users.

colaboraciones entre tiktokersSource: YouTube

12. Schedule your TikTok videos

You may have a fantastic idea for a TikTok video, but many factors can get in the way. You may have even filmed it and want to wait for the ideal time to post it. But then that time comes and you forget to get it out there. Trust us, you’ll be less likely to show up in “For You” on TikTok.

By planning your content ahead of time, you make sure you post the amount you need to.Not only does frequent posting on TikTok help you figure out what works and what doesn’t, but it also gives people more opportunities to interact with your brand through their “For You” page on TikTok.

That’s where a weekly schedule comes in. With an online tool or even by hand, you can mark the TikTok videos you have yet to post. This makes it easy for you to schedule your content in advance for the time that suits you best and even automatically reuse it for Instagram Reels. who said creating videos on TikTok had to be hard?

grabar y programar videos de TikTokSource: Business Insider

13. Focus on specific niches

Experiment and create all kinds of videos based on different topics until you find two or three categories that your viewers love. For example, you may find that your comedy sketches work better than lip sync videos.

The more views you get, the more likely you are to learn how to get on “For You” on TikTok. The important thing is to have fun, but look at your data frequently to optimize future content. test and monitor metrics on your audience!

videos virales de TikTokSource: Code New

14. Make short and brief videos

Watch completion rate is a critical factor that determines how you come out on For You on TikTok. People are more likely to watch the entire video if you keep their interest throughout .

Originally, TikTok videos could only be 15 seconds long before expanding to 60 seconds. Now, TikTok videos can be up to three minutes long.

However, it’s hard to know how to viralize a video on TikTok when it’s a minute or longer. Efficient but simple story structures are vital for full watches: the more concise, the better.

If your video’s completion rate is high, it indicates that your content is engaging. When the TikTok algorithm sees that your content is interesting, it will want to show your video to more people. So apply this trick and you’ll see the difference.

tiktoker creando un videoSource: Unsplash

15. Apply storytelling

While you want to keep up with the latest trends on TikTok, you need to do it in an original way. One of the best tips for creating awesome content to appear in “For You” on TikTok is simple: be yourself!

There’s no need for expensive equipment to go viral on this app of the moment. All you need is your phone and an interesting story. So, tell your story and let people get to know you. Talk about the things you love and express who you are. Is there something relatable or inspiring about you and your brand? Then you should share it.

Even if you have a controversial opinion on a topic, it can be good to post about it. In fact, controversy can generate some heated debates in the comments, which generates more interactions with users and more chances to leverage TikTok’s algorithm to go viral.

persona viendo un video de TikTokSource: The World

why learn how to viralize a TikTok video?

There are many reasons why you should learn how to go “For You” on TikTok, because, basically, by knowing these tricks you will have the assurance that your content will reach your target audience, and this, eventually, could generate profits for you.

In addition, if you are a TikTok user, you know how entertaining this app can be and the diversity of content you can find, besides the fact that they are very short videos with which you can learn something new, dance or challenge yourself. That’s why it is common to find out how to make a video viral on TikTok, everyone wants to be part of this network!

For example, if you are one of those who produce content for this social network, surely you have seen how viral a good challenge or choreography can be. So, don’t you think it’s worth thinking about how to get a lot of views on TikTok?

Tool for amateurs and companies

It should be clarified that this not only applies to those who make a TikTok video as a hobby, but also for companies that want to reach more people. Whatever your goal is, learning tricks to appear in “For you” on TikTok will allow you to viralize your content and get more people to know you, which will encourage people to share what you do.

So, besides knowing how to get followers on TikTok, this would be an excellent opportunity to reach potential customers and increase your sales in the future, don’t you think?

According to Noel Nuez, director of TikTok Latam and teacher of our online course on Digital Marketing from scratch, “TikTok is a viral platform that speaks a universal language; it speaks video, music and content categories such as soccer, sports or comedy, which can be understood by everyone”.

Although teenagers are the ones who consume TikTok the most, undoubtedly, more and more people of other ages are joining this powerful social network, so your content can be very successful if it appears in “For you” on TikTok.

Personalized experience

By learning how to get on “For You” on TikTok, basically what you are achieving is to be part of the recommendations that the platform has for its users, just as it happens with social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

The recommendation systems are born with the purpose of giving you a more personalized experience and are very useful because they show you information that you can use to make purchases, get interested in a topic or start following someone .

If you want to explore more about how to make a video viral on TikTok, we leave you the following open class with the best tips to go “For you” on TikTok provided by our teacher Noel Nuez. take note and apply them!

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