How to generate creative and original Roblox usernames? Be the coolest with these ideas

The selection of usernames for Roblox is definitely one of the most important decisions players make when creating their account on this virtual multiplayer platform, as it will be their identity during each game. it’s not all about Roblox games, it’s also about the user!

Sometimes, thinking about a username can be a complex issue, for several reasons. For example, lack of inspiration may prevent you from thinking of a sufficiently creative Roblox username. Another reason may be that you have thought of several interesting and original names for your Roblox account, but they are already being used by another player.

This happens very often on this platform, due to the large number of users who have an account on this multiplayer platform. But don’t worry, we understand you and that’s why we have developed this article for you, which aims to simplify the process of choosing a nickname for your Roblox account.

Below, we will show you the proper way to change your nickname. In addition, you will learn about the best Roblox usernames you can use, as well as some sites where you can generate them.

let’s get started!

Previous considerations to change your username in Roblox

Before providing you with the pages that will help you generate Roblox usernames, it is important that you take into account certain relevant requirements that you should handle about Roblox usernames.

what do you need to know about it? Some pertinent issues are the following:

1. Changing your user name has a cost

As not all that glitters is gold, we must point out that changing your nickname in Roblox has a cost. But don’t worry, we are referring to the moment you want to change your old nickname for a new one (creating your username for the first time has no price). That is, if you already have an account and a username in this multiplayer platform and you are looking to change it, you will have to pay with Robux for this process.

and what are Robux? They are the coins that are used in everything that is Roblox to be able to get various objects within the platform. And if you reach the required amount, you can exchange the Robux for real money, which is highly profitable if you are interested in generating income with this platform.

Even, according to a note published by the Forbes media, the nearly “1.25 million Roblox creators earned 328 million dollars in 2020”. crazy!

2. There is a simple procedure to create a username

On the other hand, if you are just thinking about opening a Roblox account, you can create your nickname without any inconvenience. And don’t worry, the Roblox platform explains the steps you must follow to change your username.

what are the steps to follow to create your Roblox username?

First, you will need to log in to the Roblox portal, select the settings menu located on the top left and click on the “Account Info” button.
After you have done the previous step, you must click on the symbol located in the option to change user name.
If you have not linked your email, you will be asked to link it. If you have already done so, you will only need to enter your new Roblox username and password.
Finally, select the “Buy” button. and that’s it!

cambiar nombre en roblox

Source: Roblox

Requirements for creating usernames for Roblox

Choosing among usernames for Roblox is not the difficult part. Contrary to what happens with many video game platforms, in this software there is less freedom to create the nickname of your preference.

what requirements do you need to know to create names for Roblox? Some of the aspects to take into account are the following:

1. Number of characters

It is essential that usernames for Roblox have a certain amount of characters and, although we mentioned that it had more limited options than other video games for usernames, this feature is a common point with the rest.

The vast majority of games have a character limit (it is normal, you don’t usually see nicknames of 2 paragraphs). In the case of Roblox, usernames have between 5 and 20 characters; this does not imply that the platform does not allow names of 3 and 4 letters, only that all possible combinations of characters are over.

2. Symbols and special letters

Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of the Roblox username format is that the platform does not allow the use of symbols or special characters when creating the nickname.

so what can you include? The elements with which the software allows the creation of user names are:

Normal letters: regardless of whether they are upper or lower case, that point is at your discretion.


An underscore (_): always place it between letters and/or numbers, never at the end or beginning of the nickname.

However, Roblox requires that the nickname is not exclusively numbers. There must be at least one letter in the name you choose to play with.

3. General rules

During the creation of user names for Roblox, you have to comply with certain regulations, related to the platform’s policies. what kind of measures are they?

Mainly, that in your Roblox name there should be no expressions related to violence, terrorism and, of course, no obscene words.

In addition, you need to spend a total of 1,000 Robux if you want to change the name on an account you have created.

It cannot have spaces.

Cannot be a banned username.

Cannot be a previously used name.

Cannot be the same as another account name.

juegos de roblox nombres de usuario

Source: Roblox

Examples of Roblox usernames

We could mention an extensive list of usernames for Roblox, but it’s not just about suggesting a cool nickname. The idea is that you can discern what you really want to achieve with your nickname in the game.

do you want to sound like a cool person? or do you want to inspire fear in your rivals? Whatever you decide, we’ll clarify which Roblox usernames are the most suitable for you:

1. Funny names

If you’re interested in standing out above the rest of the Roblox users, what better way to start than with the name? There’s no better way for other players to remember you, among the many members of this video game’s community. And, of course, without the need to fall into rudeness and double meanings.

Here are some user names for Roblox that can be fun for users:


I can_see_your_pixels.




2. Rare names

We all go through a phase where we want to feel unique, special and different. and what better way to do that than with a good Roblox username?

It’s all about leaving a mark and being remembered on the platform. And if you are not into funny Roblox usernames, we leave you some pretty particular usernames:








3. Popular names

The idea of usernames for Roblox is to stand out with something unique and particular. But what if you want people to recognize you by an element of popular culture?

Using usernames for Roblox that people recognize at first glance is also a good strategy, not only to stand out, but also to meet people who may have similar tastes, related to your nick, and give rise to a good conversation between unknown users.

Among the most popular usernames for Roblox, we highlight the following:













4. Roblox Fornite Names

If there is a video game that has achieved great popularity in recent years, that is Fornite. With its constant expansions and seasons, it has won a space in the hearts of many gamers, even generating a community of users with similar tastes.

So, being on Roblox Fornite, the Roblox version of the popular video game, can connect you with this community of users. By simply having a username that refers to the Roblox Fornite culture, you will see that there will be others like you, so you can expand your network of contacts through this format of the popular video game.

what usernames for Roblox can you choose? Some of the options we have for you are:


Section 7.







Now that you know how to change your username and which are the restrictions that Roblox considers for the creation of usernames, we will tell you which are the pages that you can use to generate usernames for Roblox. don’t miss it!

experiencia en roblox

Source: Roblox

Roblox Username Creation Pages

Now, what happens when inspiration takes a short break and you can’t come up with a Roblox username? Then you need to call for help. And, so that you don’t have to travel too far, we present these portals for creating usernames.

Here you will find creative and innovative options, so you just have to choose the option that best fits you and your profile. Learn more:

1. SpinXO

First on our list of sites to create usernames for Roblox is SpinXO. This page allows you to generate creative nicknames for the multiverse, based on 6 personal data that you must enter before creating the username you want for Roblox.

what data does SpinXO request to generate usernames for Roblox?

Name or nickname.

Know what you look like.


Things you like.

Important words.

Numbers or letters.

Once you have filled in these 6 fields, click on the “Spin” button and that’s it! You already have a list with several options that you can use as username for your Roblox account. Choose the ones you like the most and test if they are available on the platform.

Remember that you can click on the “Spin” button as many times as you want to keep generating new lists of nicknames. The generator generates approximately 30 usernames for Roblox every time you click on the “Spin” button. Also, SpinXo has the following filters that you can use, if you wish.

Exact words.


One word.

spinxo nombres de usuario Roblox

Source: Spinxo


The second in our list of pages that will allow you to generate usernames for Roblox is Nickfinder. This automatic usernames generator has a different interface than the previous one. In this case, you only have to enter a name or nickname in the space located on the upper right side and click on the “Find” button.

that’s it! Nickfinder will show you several blocks with nickname options that you can use for your Roblox account:

In one of the blocks, you will see a list of 5 random nicknames that have been created, you can copy the ones you like or click on “generate another” so that the page will give you 5 new nickname options for Roblox.

Another block will allow you to generate nicknames with symbols or combine two names to create an original and creative nickname.

Additionally, the page has a menu bar on the left side, where you can find more options related to nickname creation. Make the most of them and generate your Roblox nicknames.

nickfinder generador de apodos roblox

Source: Nickfinder

3. Nickerino

With Nickerino you will be able to generate Roblox usernames in a very simple and fast way. First of all, you must select the method you want the username to be created. The application will offer you the following methods:

1. From your name

When you select “From your name”, two boxes will appear where you will have to enter your first and last name. Then, you will have to click on Generate nicknames” and that’s it! You will get 30 random username suggestions automatically.

If you don’t like any of them or you want to see more, you can click again on “Generate nicknames” and 30 new nicknames will be created for you to use in your Roblox account.

2. Random

The second method offered by the site is “Random”. In this one you will not have to enter names or surnames, only the number of usernames you want to be generated, detailing the number of letters you expect them to have.

Finally, select the “Generate nicknames” option and you will have several options of user names for Roblox.

3. First Name+Last Name

The last method is “First Name + Last Name”. After selecting this option, you only have to indicate the number of usernames you want to be generated. Indicate according to your preference and that’s it! you will have the number of suggestions you want.

Remember that, as in the previous options, if you are not satisfied with the alternatives presented or you want to see more options, you can click again on “Generate nicknames” and new username options will appear. We recommend you to choose more than one so that you can test them in Roblox and verify that they are available.

nickerino generador de apodos roblox

Source: Nickerino

Knowing how to choose a good username for Roblox will be very useful to improve your gaming experience and help you stand out from other users and get closer to people with similar tastes.

see you in the next article!

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