PC Equalizer: +15 tools for the best audio quality

For some time now, the variety of equalizer alternatives for PCs began to take the same prominence as the tools used to optimize the graphics we perceive in an audiovisual content.

With so many digital products emerging every day, computer users are increasingly seeking to improve the visual and auditory experience. it is precisely because of this bombardment of content that equalizers for PCs have become an essential tool to fully enjoy everything that cybernetics has to offer.

“An equalizer is basically a software or hardware filter that offers the ability to adjust the volume of specific frequencies. In short, a virtual equalizer for PC allows you to modify the frequencies of an audio signal and customize the sound.

why is it important to be familiar with free PC equalizers? Well, because, as Cristian Arias Arévalo explains, “the success of a message, regardless of the medium by which it is transmitted, is that it can evoke images and stimulate all the senses. Of course, everything is easier for audiovisual media such as television or internet, but if they are not accompanied by a good audio, their messages would also be incomplete. Good audio brings an image to life”.

Whether you are a music enthusiast or an avid consumer of audiovisual material, or a professional video or sound editor or producer, it never hurts to have a list of the best free PC equalizers.

If you are a demanding user and are looking to get the most out of the multimedia content you interact with on your computer, in this article we will take you through the best free equalizer options for PC that will optimize to the maximum any sound you play, or get the best audio quality in your videos.

1. APO Equalizer

If we talk about famous PC equalizers, Equalizer APO is one of them. This virtual equalizer for PC, known for being one of the best open source equalizers, is one of the most chosen ones thanks to the amount of functions it offers to control, process and improve audio.

With Equalizer Apo you can work with multiple channels and filters at the same time, benefit from its support for 3D surround sound and make little use of the CPU. it’s not for nothing that it’s the preferred PC equalizer!

vista previa de ecualizador APO
Source: Softonic

2. Ear Trumpet

This free PC equalizer is almost the preferred replacement for the default Windows 10 mixer.

Basically, Era Trumpet is a virtual equalizer that lets you control the volume of applications, switch between playback devices and manage different audio devices online .

3. Peace Equalizer

More than a PC equalizer, Peace Equalizer is a graphical interface that can be used in conjunction with Equalizer APO. The main advantage of this software is its different effects to improve your sound in Windows.

If we must name a disadvantage of this free equalizer for PC is that it may seem a bit complex at first, this is due to the huge amount of features it presents. However, after using the interface for a while, you will see that it is no big deal.

vista previa de ecualizador Peace Equalizer
Source: Cifpn1

4. FX Sound

This free PC sound equalizer is a great tool for customizing your computer’s output sound. With a fairly intuitive interface, FX Sound is one of the best equalizers for Windows 10 PC, allowing you to enhance the sound of any multimedia content, such as a movie or music.

FX Sound includes ten bands from 110Hz to 15Hz, customizable controls for ambience, surround sound, bass boost and ready-to-use preset audio profiles.

vista previa de ecualizador Fx SoundSource: FxSound

5. Boom 3D

This is a free PC equalizer for download on both Windows and macOS. With this tool you’ll be able to customize the sound through the equalizer, and at the same time, you’ll be able to increase the power and volume, without reducing the quality of the content.

Some of the audio effects that this audio equalizer for PC gives you are surround sound or acoustic recalibration.

vista previa de ecualizador Boom 3D
Source: Boom Audio App

6. Letasoft

what you want is more volume? Then this is the perfect PC equalizer for you. What Letasoft does to give more power to the sound volume of your computer is to amplify the sound signal generated by the PC.

when you may need this type of PC equalizer? When playing a video game, listening to music, or making professional audio-visual editions .demo

7. Graphic Equalizer Studio

With this output audio correction tool you can manipulate any Windows application with sound. Graphic Equalizer Studio is one of the equalizers for PC that can work automatically, limiting the volume and always controlling that the signal is neither too low, nor too high.

vista previa de ecualizador Graphic Equalizer Studio
Source: DownloadSource

8. MP3 Player

MP3 Player is a music player with equalizer for PC and is one of the many Windows 10 tools that will make your life easier, and that you can get directly from the official Windows 10 store.

With MP3 Player you will not only be able to play your favorite music, but also control and customize music files thanks to the powerful equalizer for PC that this program offers you.

This tool is perfect to get professional results with any audio format: MP3, MIDI, WAV, FLAC, AAC. Moreover, with this virtual equalizer for PC it is possible to change the playback tone and the way you listen to audio.

vista previa de ecualizador MP3 player
Source: Softonic

9. DeskFX Audio

DeskFX is one of the simplest options among many equalizers for PC. With its interface, what you can achieve is to work with 20 customizable bands to improve the audio of running applications.

what else can DeskFX Audio offer as a PC equalizer? sound effects, functions for bass enhancements or general volume boosting.

ecualizador para PC DeskFX Audio
Source: Deskfx Audio Effects

10. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a PC equalizer program that is simple to use and very effective in its performance. It works with minimal effort and can be used to listen to a wide range of audio frequencies.

It also lets you quickly modify your voice and smoothly change the pitch of a sound. To top it off, this PC audio equalizer lets you tune your voice with just a few clicks.

Adobe Audition Features

You can add echo effects to your voice or to the sound being played. This is very useful for theatrical performances.

The user interface allows for multi-track compatibility.

Helps you customize your sound settings.

It is possible to add default sounds to voice recordings in this equalizer for Windows PC.

ecualizador de audio Adobe Audition11. Realtek HD Audio ManagerAdjusting audio frequencies has never been easier with Realtek HD Audio Manager, an open source PC sound equalizer for Windows 10 and other popular versions of the operating system. More than a professional equalizer, Realtek is primarily a sound card that can be configured on your PC via a driver.

Realtek HD Audio Manager Features

It supports multiple audio channels.

Allows you to make a professional audio recording.

Play any type of multimedia files and much more.

It is a complete driver package, which is compatible with various audio codecs.

It gives you audio input options, including beamforming, acoustic echo, virtual equalizer and more.

Assists you in significant noise suppression.

página web de Realtek HD Audio Manager

12. Bass Treble Booster

want to enjoy an incredible music listening experience? Choose Bass Treble Booster, the ideal equalizer for Windows 10 PC to boost your sounds.

This software has all the essential tools and utilities needed to modify the audio quality on your system. You can easily modify the output of songs in batches to bring a whole new dimension to your listening experience.

Bass Treble Booster Features

Provides a wide range of sound frequencies.

Allows users to increase or decrease power in frequency ranges from 30 KHz to 19 KHz.

It features a large number of PC equalizer presets to enhance your music listening pleasure.

Supports input and modification for multiple music file formats.

Easily convert music from other audio sources to MP3 and other formats without losing quality.

vista previa de Bass Treble BoosterSource: Pinterest

13. Audio Equalizer EQ

are you looking for an equalizer extension for PC? If so, the next choice within our list of the best equalizers for PC is Audio Equalizer EQ.

This Google Chrome tool has tons of features to easily adjust the overall sound quality and its volume. Regardless of the platform you’re using to listen to music, this PC audio equalizer software ensures that you always get the perfect, crisp voice.

Audio Equalizer EQ Features

Highly flexible PC equalizer extension.

Easily adjust sound levels.

Supports equalization between various musical genres.

Allows you to significantly increase the volume of the standard sound.

It has presets such as a bass booster, vocal booster, high frequency amplifier, etc.

extensión para PC Audio Equalizer EQ

14. WavePad Audio

WavePad is a premier PC audio equalizer software designed for Windows and Mac operating systems. It has all the essential functionalities that allow users to record, modify and add effects such as amplify, normalize, equalize, reverb, echo, invert, etc.

WavePad Audio Features

This free equalizer for PC has an audio restoration tool for noise reduction and click removal.

It has dedicated sections for editing audio, even after extracting sound from videos.

Works directly with MixPad Multi-Track Audio Mixer.

Allows you to undo and redo an unlimited number of processes.

It has practically all the effects and filters to improve sound quality.

ecualizador gratis para PC WavePad Audio

15. AutoEQ

If you’re looking for a free and easy-to-use PC equalizer, then AutoEQ is the perfect fit. Its user-friendly interface allows you to speed up audio processing while recording sound and also to remove noise from your recordings.

AutoEQ Features

It allows you to make a perfect recording of audio files.

You can use this virtual equalizer to automatically remove breath sounds in audio files.

It is easy to use and is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, etc.

ecualizador para PC gratis AutoEQSource: Pinterest

16. RealTime Equalizer

Adjusting the sound quality is done in the blink of an eye with this digital equalizer for PC. Moreover, it is possible to change the frequency composition of the sound in real time with this software. let’s explore more about this powerful PC equalizer!

RealTime Equalizer Features

It works easily on all audio file formats.

Its interface is lightweight and easy to use.

This is a free equalizer for PC that has 31 bands in real time.

productor musical usando un ecualizador virtualSource: Freepik

17. FL Studio

FL Studio offers professional PC equalizer tools such as I Fruity Parametric, Morphing Graphic Equalizer, Parametric, Linear, among others. In fact, it is packed with a lot of tools such as audio sends, advanced automation, effects chain, sidechain control, complement delay compensation and much more.

FL Studio Features

This free equalizer for PC offers 83 to 107 instruments and effects.

Its trial versions allow you to export your saved projects to audio formats such as WAV and MP3.

It has a browser function through which you can easily organize the data in your project.

It provides a comprehensive set of tools for audio editing.

It is compatible with Windows and macOS, as well as all VST standards 1, 2 and 3.

interfaz del ecualizador FL Studio

have you already detected the PC equalizer you are going to try first? The truth is that this audio tool is increasingly used not only by those who are professionally engaged in the production and editing of audiovisual material, but also by computer users who want to get an excellent user experience, both graphically and aurally.

see you next time!

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