6 examples of personal branding recognized for their international success


When talking about examples of personal branding , it is inevitable to think of some public figures who have transformed the world with their inventions and their enormous contributions.

To mention some examples of brands, we can talk about the appearance of Facebook, which completely changed the way we communicate and share our likes and dislikes with our acquaintances, but we cannot forget that, thanks to Microsoft, we can surf the web on our laptop and achieve our goals.

The truth is that, behind different types of brands, companies or platforms that we use every day, there are valuable examples of personal branding that have been a source of motivation for many people and that, if you are looking to build yours, will be of great help .

Therefore, we have written this post to show you 5 examples of successful personal brands that have left their mark in the history of mankind and are constantly looking to change the ways of connecting the world.

But first, what is personal branding and what are the advantages of creating one? If you already know the definition of these concepts, you can skip to point 3 where we will show you examples of personal branding that will surely inspire you.

all set? Get comfortable and learn with us.

what is a personal brand?

Before we show you our 5 examples of personal branding, it seems pertinent to tell you what personal branding is and what its main characteristics are.

A personal brand, also known as personal branding, is the way you are perceived by others based on your experience, skills and abilities.

Beyond this perception, creating a personal branding plan involves transforming your knowledge into a commercial tool in order to differentiate yourself from the rest and position yourself in different media. It also helps you to strengthen those unique attributes that you have and, thus, have a more positive reception.

Therefore, it is important that, every time you carry out a personal branding strategy, you first have total clarity about the topics you master so that the public identifies your specialty and takes into account your talent for a future occasion.

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However, keep in mind that creating a personal branding and becoming an example of personal branding is not a process that takes place overnight, but involves a series of gradual exercises that will help you identify your best attributes and turn them into your allies.

Advantages of creating a personal brand

still have doubts about becoming a successful example of personal branding for your audience? Then you should know the advantages of creating a personal brand and how it can bring great benefits to your professional career.

You will gain recognition in your field of work

Keep in mind that, regardless of your field of work as a professional, more and more people are becoming part of your competition, so you need to devise a strategy that will help you stand out from other professionals who share your same aspirations. developing a personal branding plan can help you do just that!

Therefore, creating a well-established personal brand will help you showcase your skills and differentiate yourself from your competitors. You will also offer an image of security and confidence, which will attract more clients.

ventajas de crear una marca personal
Image: The Entrepreneur

You will expand your job options

Another great advantage of creating a personal brand is that you will have more possibilities to apply to different vacancies and become a more attractive candidate for recruiters. Also, small projects may appear that will help you diversify your sources of income and generate more profits.

Therefore, when you write an email to send your CV and showcase your skills for a resume, your chances of being selected will be even greater, since your personal brand will help to make clear what your value proposition is and what you offer to the company if they hire you.

Similarly, you can search for jobs on LinkedIn in the hope that your personal brand will stand out among the candidates who apply for a vacancy. Remember that promoting your personal brand on social media is critical to gaining greater recognition.

crear marca personalImage: Personal Economy

Get to know yourself better

The phase of creating a personal branding strategy is an enriching procedure in which you go on a journey of introspection where you connect with your most important qualities and opportunities for improvement.

One of the exercises to know how to create a personal brand is to make a list of your services, your capabilities and those factors that make you unique.

When you finish writing it, you will know for sure what are the most important skills in your profile. In this way, your personal branding process will be much more enjoyable and dynamic as you will be clear about the fields in which you perform best

Expand your network of contacts

Nowadays, applying through online job boards is a thing of the past. The best jobs are obtained through contacts, which is why it is convenient to build a powerful personal brand that reaches the ears of the best recruiters.

In addition to using social networks to promote your personal brand, you could also attend events, seminars or conferences, where you can meet different professionals with great reputations and who can open the way to different job opportunities.

Ampliar tu red de contactosSource: Pexels

Examples of personal branding

good! After knowing what a personal brand is and what are the advantages of building one, it’s time to know 5 examples of personal branding that will fill you with inspiration to optimize your skills and achieve success in your professional career.

Steve Jobs

Anyone interested in the digital world knows that Steve Jobs is one of the best examples of personal branding that the history of technology has given us.

From the beginning, the co-founder of Apple was clear about what he wanted to achieve with his brand, as he always found ways to captivate the public through innovation in their technology products.

Steve Jobs is a great example of personal branding because he knew how to differentiate himself from his competition through important details, such as his simple dress, his ability to know how to make a good speech or his way of using assertive communication techniques in his presentations.

ejemplos de marca personalImage: GQ Mexico

Steve Jobs’ technological legacy changed the way we communicate with the world and his personal brand has motivated many people to optimize their leadership skills and design innovation strategies to ensure success in the professional field. That is why he is considered one of the most successful personal brands in recent years due to his high level of influence.

In conclusion, the life of Steve Jobs and his legacy in the technology industry is an example of a successful personal brand that endures over time and never goes unnoticed. If you find yourself interested in specializing in the technology field, then Steve Jobs is an important reference that you should keep in mind.

marca personal ejemplosImage: Inc Magazine

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama changed the paradigm that the first lady of a country doesn’t have much to contribute. Since her emergence to the presidency in 2009, Michelle has built her own personal brand based on her experience and life story.

Her testimonials have made her an example of a successful personal brand that is characterized by applying storytelling techniques to talk about education, health, feminism and racial discrimination. In this way, she gives greater weight to her testimony and manages to connect emotionally with her audience.

Her words have been a source of inspiration for many people who see in Michelle Obama an example of self-improvement and courage. She is also an important reference for personal branding in the political arena, something that is very difficult to achieve.

ejemplos de marca personal mujeresImage: Time Magazine

In addition to writing her own book, giving lectures and talks on different topics, Michelle was encouraged to record her own podcast program where she addresses different issues of collective interest.

It was so well received that during 2020 it became one of the most listened podcast in the world due to its criteria, its guests and its different testimonies, becoming an example of female personal branding that has conquered the world.

What makes Michelle unique and special is her naturalness, as she never appears what she is not and always intends to reflect being an independent woman. Likewise, she also stands out for her good sense of humor that can be seen reflected in the interviews and dynamics in which she participated when attending different entertainment programs in the United States. she is undoubtedly a clear example that it is possible to build a successful personal brand in politics!

ejemplos de marca personal en la actualidadImage: Architectural Record

Mark Zuckerberg

Despite having been involved in different controversies over the use and treatment of digital data, Mark Zuckerberg is another great example of personal branding due to his constant interest in turning technology into a resource available to everyone.

Mark has inspired many young people to learn to program from an early age and has awakened a great passion for creating entrepreneurial ideas with a technological focus.

In addition, Zuckerberg is in a relentless pursuit to expand the possibilities of his platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram by adding new features that make people’s lives easier. That is why his personal branding plan is oriented to innovation and creativity for the development of technological tools that benefit human beings.

ejemplos de marca personal exitosasImage: Money

Like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg is an example of personal branding characterized by his body language, his simplicity when dressing and effective communication in his presentations or conferences.

The truth is that Facebook and Instagram were part of the most used social networks in 202 1 and are currently the best platforms for digital campaigns from scratch by brands or new ventures. This tells us a lot about how Mark Zuckerberg has managed to run his company.

Without a doubt, Zuckerber is an excellent example of a personal brand that continues to expand its technological catalog to satisfy its users.

ejemplos de marca personal en la actualidadImage: Fortune

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

If you keep up with the latest trends in American politics, chances are you’re familiar with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the most influential activists of recent years.

Since her appearance in the U.S. Congress, Alexandria dubbed herself to digital media as AOC, becoming one of the youngest examples of personal branding today.

Alexandria is characterized by her critical stance on different national situations such as the privatization of prisons and the guarantee of access to free public university for citizens.

In addition, her charisma and spontaneity have made many people support her political career and support her ideas. Her personal branding strategy has been mainly oriented to young people, who have been able to identify with her and share the same points of interest.

ejemplo de marca personal jovenImage: Magacin

Fun fact: Alexandria knows how to stream on Twitch and in 2020 she streamed a game of Among Us adding more than half a million viewers worldwide.

Since then, her popularity has grown and Alexandria has become an example of personal branding that has inspired many young people to follow in her footsteps.

Bill Gates

We owe our first venture into the world of computers and operating systems in large part to Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and one of the most important entrepreneurs of the moment, who has been building his personal brand for years and today enjoys a highly prestigious reputation.

remember when we used to spend hours browsing Microsoft Encarta on a computer the size of a whale?

The truth is that thanks to Gates and his team we had access to vast amounts of information thanks to his virtual encyclopedia and we also had the opportunity to enjoy the first notions of interactive technology

His contributions to the computer industry have made him an example of a personal brand characterized by his vision of the future and his wise reflections on sustainable innovation.

Beyond being one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates’ personal brand has been represented by never letting his guard down and for seeking ways to contribute positively to globalization.

mejores ejemplos de marca personalImage: TED

What is most striking about Gates is that he is an example of personal branding based on the simplicity of the character, that is, that he is a celebrity who tries to show himself to the media as an ordinary citizen, and with a special interest in helping those most in need.

Together with his wife Melinda, Bill Gates founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 1994, the largest private charitable foundation in the world.

Since then, his altruistic actions, such as donating a large part of his fortune to support charitable causes such as vaccination campaigns, student scholarships and improving the income of farmers in different parts of the world, have had a powerful influence on the direction his personal brand has taken.

In short, Bill Gates is a successful example of a personal brand that has revolutionized the world with his contributions and his way of integrating technology into our lives.

ejemplos de marca personal en la actualidadImage: Hipertextual

Elon Musk

Many consider Elon Musk to be the Iron Man of modern life. The truth is that, regardless of this claim, Musk is one of the most controversial examples of personal branding in recent years.

the reason? His type of leadership and the way he responds to some criticisms have made him a celebrity characterized by his irreverence, but the curious thing is that this attitude has made Elon Musk one of the most important and influential entrepreneurs in the last decade. As you may notice, this is a good example of how to take advantage of your most outstanding qualities to strengthen your personal brand in a positive way.

ejemplos de marca personal exitosasImage: Hipertextual

Musk is an example of a personal brand focused on transforming technology and taking it to levels we once thought impossible.

For example, the fact that a car can drive on its own or that his own space travel company joins NASA’s International Space Station.

His approach to certain topics about the future of humanity and his vision of different types of artificial intelligence has made Elon Musk an example of a personal brand with a vision that, for some, can be somewhat pretentious and egotistical. However, it cannot be denied that it generates great expectations about what kind of wonders may surprise us in the future.

It is important to mention that Elon Musk’s personal brand has taken a bit of a hit due to his recent controversy with Neuralink, his new neurotechnology and brain implant company. This has caused some uncertainty in the South African tycoon’s future projects.

The company has used a monkey with a chip in its brain to mentally control a video game. Although for many people this is an incredible advance in technology, for others it is a matter of mistreatment and animal subjugation.

Despite such controversy, you can’t help but consider Elon Musk as a clear example of a personal brand that you should keep on your radar if you’re interested in the latest tech trends.

marca personal ejemplos 2021Image: Electrek

Personal Branding Templates

We hope these personal branding examples have given you enough motivation and inspiration to make you decide to build your own brand. If so, then you can’t miss the following downloadable resources it has for you.

Although the best thing to do would be to turn to a publicist specialized in personal branding to develop a strategy from scratch, you can start now with the following free resources that will make this task much easier.

1. Personal Branding Canvas

As we mentioned in part of this article, when developing a personal brand, you need to think about your own strengths and skills that will help you stand out from the rest and make your profile much more interesting.

So that you can organize all those ideas that come to your mind in an effective way, you can use this Personal Branding Canvas model that offers you an easy and practical method to determine what you are good at and what you can do to make others notice it.

By downloading this Personal Branding Canvas you will be able to access a PDF template that includes a long list of questions and specific data that will be very useful in the development of your personal brand. download now!

Personal Branding Canvas

2. Banners to promote your personal brand

The promotion of your personal brand is essential to gain greater notoriety within the professional field in which you develop. However, even within digital advertising there is a tough competition to capture the attention of Internet users.

If graphic design is not your forte, but you still want to surprise your audience with an eye-catching and captivating advertising, then you can’t miss these banners to promote your personal brand. they are free and very easy to use!

When you download these personal branding banners, you will have access to a series of templates in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator format. Choose the one that best suits your brand’s personality and add the information you consider most relevant to your advertising. don’t forget to include your logo!

Banners para promocionar tu marca personal

3. Social media contact template

Social networks will be your best ally to make your personal brand known, it is important that you learn how to use them correctly. Nowadays, the public is very demanding and you are not going to have a positive response to any kind of advertising.

As we want to help you boost your personal brand on the Internet, we have prepared this pack of contact templates for social networks that will help you give a much more professional and reliable image.

These contact templates for social networks have a spectacular design and are editable, so you can modify them according to your preferences. don’t hesitate to include them in your personal branding strategy!

Plantilla de contacto para redes sociales

you’re done! Now that you know some examples of personal branding, are you ready to start building yours?

Keep in mind that, although these examples of personal brands correspond to public figures or celebrities, their success is due to the planning of objectives and optimizing all your capabilities.

If you are looking for this path, don’t worry, the doors will always be open for you to expand your knowledge and become the personal branding example you have always dreamed of.

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