Download +25 free Photoshop fonts and make your text stand out

would you like to have more options than the classic Photoshop fonts? today is your lucky day! If you refuse to keep using the same old fonts, pay attention to this list of Photoshop fonts that will save your design projects.

Uppercase fonts for Photoshop

Barbaro Font

It is a rough Photoshop font that comes from the west with details in the center of each letter. It is very practical to give presence to your headers, like these title fonts.

You can only write in capital letters, and it has arms on its vertices to give it a Roman touch. A practical Photoshop font with personality.

If you want to achieve a curved text like the one in the image below, you must follow these steps, explained by Shutterstock:

Choose the Pen tool and select the Paths icon.
Draw a straight line, clicking where you want the starting point and the end point to be.
Left click anywhere on the line to create an “anchor point”, press Ctrl and move the “anchor point” according to the curvature you want.
Select the Text tool and type on the curved line. you’re done!


barbaro font

Coco Font

This is one of the ideal Photoshop fonts for fashion design categories, and it looks very elegant if you use it in texts with dark backgrounds.

You should know that this Photoshop font does not have capital letters and its main feature is that it has wavy features to give it dynamism.


font coco

Big & Slim John Font

Download the font style for Photoshop John. It has a clean and youthful typography to give originality to any advertising design.

The main feature of this Photoshop font is its symmetry and perfect vertices.

big & Slim John

big & slim joe font

Ciderhouse Font

This is the Photoshop font that is made for logos, badges, banners, print and more formats that will help show off your brand .

It is a condensed Photoshop font and, like Big John, its straight and round line format makes it very dynamic.



Cheerful Photoshop fonts

Rousseau Font

It is one of the fonts for Photoshop from the Deco family. It has geometric figures, rigid lines that achieve balance and visual simplicity.

This font is widely used for auxiliary texts because it does not break the graphic composition of the pieces. Undoubtedly, it will be a trend as one of the fonts for Photoshop 2022.


Rousseau font

Cute Tattoo Font

If you need Photoshop fonts for small posters or original business cards, we recommend Cute Tattoo.

This font for Photoshop (and other applications) has simple and thin strokes: you will fall in love with this font instantly. and its number style will please you even more!

Cute Tattoo

cute tattoo

Arco Font

do you have to design a children’s graphic piece? do you want to convey emotions related to fun, joy and happiness? Ready! Arco Font is one of the Photoshop fonts you must download.

This fun Photoshop font is ideal for titles, logos and is suitable for children’s content.

Arco Font

arco font

Elegant Photoshop fonts

Audrey Font

A font for Photoshop with a dry stick and asymmetrical structure, Audrey Font combines curves with straight lines generating a perfect contrast for each letter.

You can find three font families: bold, normal and oblique. download it!


audrey font

New York Font

do you want to create an original design, with elegant and attractive Photoshop fonts? Then download this free font and start working your magic!

New York Font contains strokes that denote seriousness and professionalism, which will invite anyone who looks at the design to read. Besides, it is one of the fonts for Photoshop that includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters.

New York Font

ny font

Caviar Dreams Font

This Photoshop font is perfect for designs that convey elegance, delicacy and a sense of aesthetics. You can use it for titles, as well as for logos or long texts.

would you like to design your own logo like a professional? this is one of the best Photoshop fonts! Download it and start creating.

Caviar Dreams

caviar font

Original Photoshop fonts

Haki Font

One of the most rebellious Photoshop fonts you will find below: Haki breaks with symmetry by combining uppercase and lowercase letters .

Its style is very familiar with digital designs and is ideal for use in posters, infographics and gifs.


haki font

Gomawo Font

did you like “The Squid Game” too much and now you want to make a design with Korean style? Then, Gomawo Font is one of the fonts for Photoshop that you must have installed on your computer.

Gomawo Font

gomawo font

Game Over font

If you are designing a graphic piece related to video games, then our Game Over font will be very useful for you, you can downloadit for free! And with the rise of the gamer movement, it will surely become one of the most used Photoshop fonts in 2022.

Game Over

Game Over font

Strong Concrete Font

If your next graphic design project is for a sports brand, then Strong Concrete is the perfect font for you, and it’s one of the best Photoshop fonts you can use to create graphics with motivational phrases.

Strong Concrete

Strong Concrete font

Handwritten Photoshop Fonts

Dattebayo Font

Handwritten fonts are a classic and Dattebayo is one of the Photoshop fonts that had to be on this list. The elongated lines are the ones that predominate in this Photoshop font using circles very lightly. It is ideal for making cards, logos and stamps.

looking for more logo fonts? Discover these free downloadable logo fonts.


Dattebayo font

Woodlands Font

Woodlands is fresh and elegant, the combination of line thickness and curves creates a nice aesthetic for titles, and it’s one of the Photoshop fonts that simulates handwriting!

The Woodlands

the woodlands fonts photoshop

Clarkson Script Font

Step away from the typical block letters, and go for an italic option. they never go out of style!

Clarkson Script is one of the best fonts for photoshop, and will serve you to decorate not only signage but also other design projects, especially those related to baking or crafts .

Clarkson Script

Clarkson font

Modern fonts for Photoshop

9BAR Font

are you looking for gamer fonts for photoshop? Meet 9BAR: an eye-catching and original font, perfect for book covers, event invitations, web design, and much more.


9bar font

Lineal Font

Lineal is one of the most recommended fonts for Photoshop titles, especially for modern digital magazines. It stands out for its clarity and neatness in design . It has straight strokes with a medium thickness, which makes this typeface can be used for many graphic pieces.

If you want to download formal and modern Photoshop fonts, this is the option you should download.

Download Lineal Font

Lineal Font photoshop

Classic fonts for Photoshop

The Night Watch Font

This is the perfect font for designing classic, medieval, and even horror poster titles. It’s one of the classic Photoshop fonts you’ll want to use in your illustrations, graphics, or design projects.

The Night Watch

The night watch

Nordic Font

Nordic is one of the best fonts for logos in Photoshop. It contains stunning, eye-catching details that will undoubtedly make any design stand out. This font is also perfect for use in posters, flyers and banners.

want to combine it with other original Photoshop fonts? Try using Nordic Font with vintage letters and create amazing graphic pieces.

Nordic Font


Adobe Fonts for Photoshop

A good resource of free fonts for Photoshop is Adobe Fonts. Using the different fonts for Photoshop from Adobe Fonts is super easy, you just need to do it through an active Adobe Creative Cloud account.

You can use Adobe Fonts to add new and unique typefaces for Photoshop, as well as for other design software like Illustrator, InDesign and more.

Here are the benefits of using Adobe Fonts for Photoshop:

It has unlimited fonts for free.
There is no additional cost. All fonts for Photoshop are included in your Creative Cloud subscription.
Plus, you can download Photoshop fonts for commercial and personal use for free.

adobe fonts

Image: Adobe Fonts

how to use Adobe Fonts to add fonts to Photoshop?

Adding fonts to Photoshop from Adobe Fonts is a simpler process than downloading and installing fonts from your computer:

1. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud application. On Windows you can find it in the taskbar and on Mac you can tell Siri to find it.

2. In the app, go to the “manage fonts” section.

creative cloud desktop

Image: design.tutsplus

3.sign in with your account associated with your Creative Cloud subscription.

4. Then you can start browsing and searching for fonts that will help you start or complete your design project.

adobe fonts fuentes

Image: Adobe Fonts

5. You can search for fonts by thickness, by their properties and modify the settings according to what you need.

6. When you find the right font, go to the “view family” option.

fuentes adobe fonts photoshop

Image: Adobe Fonts

7. Then click on “activate font” and you will easily find the font in your Photoshop program.

macho fonts adobe photoshop

Image: Adobe Fonts

8. Enter Photoshop and search for the activated font.

9. Select the text tool and type the Photoshop font name in the options bar.

photoshop fuentes fonts


That’s it, you now know how to install Adobe Fonts fonts in Photoshop. Below, we have made a selection of the 5 best fonts for Photoshop that Adobe Fonts has.

In fact, Adobe Fonts, has thousands of fonts for graphic designers, illustrators, art directors and any artist who needs letters to design graphic pieces; but these fonts for Photoshop have been selected for being the most popular of 2021.


Acumin is a Photoshop font that belongs to the sans-serif family. It has a neo-grotesque design and works great on any screen size .

It has a total of 90 styles for designing graphic posters, covers, advertisements and any piece of printed design.


acumin fonts photoshop



Orpheus is a Photoshop lettering style originally designed by Walter Tiemann in 1928. This Photoshop font features a beautiful cursive design that simulates freehand calligraphy.


orpheus fonts photoshop


ITC Avant Garde Gothic

ITC Avant Garde Gothic is an elegant Photoshop typeface. It was inspired by the German Bauhaus movement of the 1920s and was designed by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase.

Something very interesting about the creation of this Photoshop font is that the letter A and V have a slanted shape; that detail makes them different from other letters. This typeface is used in the Adidas logo.

ITC Avant Garde Gothic

avant gothic font photoshop



Termina is one of the ideal Photoshop fonts for logos and for any design style.

This sans-serif Photoshop font was designed by Mattox Shuler and released through Fort Foundry in 2015. The design features wide proportions and a large height, allowing it to be set at small sizes and still be legible.


termina font photoshop



Minion is an old style Photoshop text font designed by Robert Slimbach and released in 1990 through Adobe.

Minion’s design is inspired by classic Renaissance typefaces. It is available in 5 formats: regular, medium, semibold, bold and bold.


minion font photoshop

Image: Adobe Fonts

Download and install Photoshop fonts for Mac

Before downloading and installing fonts for Photoshop on Mac, be sure to close all open applications.
After downloading your Photoshop fonts, find the file you want to install. The most common file types for fonts include these .TTF and OTF formats. Mac OS has native support for Type 1, TrueType and OpenType fonts. These Photoshop font formats allow you to be more proficient with letterforms.
Check that the Photoshop font file is unzipped and apply either of these two options to install the typeface.
Copy all the Photoshop fontsfiles and paste them in the Fonts folder. Remember that the fonts must be loose in the final folder and not in a subfolder. The final destination of your fonts must be: /Library /Fonts, but if you want to install the fonts only for one user of your computer, then the destination is: /Users /Library /Fonts.

font para mac

Image: Apple

The second option for installing fonts for Photoshop includes these steps:

Double-click on the font name; the Font Book application will open in a new window.
Click on install font.
Then, from Font Book you can organize, enable, disable and uninstall any font for Photoshop.

Download and install Photoshop fonts for Windows

If you have Windows, the steps to download and install Photoshop fonts are easier. But first, you should know that the Windows operating system supports Photoshop fonts in OpenType, PostScript Type 1 and TrueType formats.

fuentes windows

If you want to install multiple fonts in Photoshop, just hold down Ctrl or Shift and click on all the desired fonts. Then follow these steps:

Unzip the zip file.
Extract the Photoshop fontsfiles and save them wherever you want.
Then find the Windows folder (where your operating system is installed).
Inside the Windows folder, you will find the Fonts folder.
Drag or copy and paste your Photoshopfonts and you’re done.

fuente coco photoshop

Now, are you ready to create your next advertising campaign? Download these Photoshop fonts and surprise your clients with original, creative and personalized graphic pieces.

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