Free presets for Lightroom: The perfect complement for your editions!


Why are free presets for Lightroom so sought after and used by photographers, designers and photo enthusiasts? They not only allow you to save editing time, but also to professionalize your work.

Why is it important to install presets in Lightroom?

“Presets for Lightroom” are configurations of editing settings that, once created, can be applied over and over again.

Their main feature is that they can be easily exported and imported. In other words, anyone can create a Lightroom preset, export it and share it for other Lightroom users to easily install and use.

Free and varied Lightroom presets

At spana we live to make your life as comfortable and easy as possible, that’s why we bring this list for you to download free Lightroom presets.

Presets for Lightroom by Gerardo Sandoval

presets lightroom gerardo sandoval


Presets for Lightroom: apply them to your Instagram photos

imagen que presenta presets de lightroom


Free Lightroom presets: use them for the photos of your estimation animations

fotografía de gato revelada con presets de lightroom


Presets for Lightroom spana

fotografía de utensilios revelada con presets de lightroom


Presets for Lightroom Cor

fotografía de papagayo editada con presets de lightroom


Free Lightroom Preset Cherry Blossom

fotografía de flores reveladas con preset de lightroom


Preset for Lightroom Spring

fotografía de animal revelada con presets de lightroom


Presets for Lightroom Somber

fotografía revelada con preset para lightroom mobile


Free Lightroom Preset Blue Film

fotografía de novios revelada con preset para lightroom gratis


Free Lightroom presets by One One

free lightroom presets


Free vintage Lightroom presets

The retro vibe has become a trend nowadays and we also found some interesting free vintage Lightroom presets. These presets for your images are fully editable, so if needed, you can adjust the values according to the chosen image.

In addition, these free vintage Lightroom presets are compatible with both JPEG and RAW formats, and work in all versions of Adobe’s software. Which of these 10 free vintage Lightroom presets do you like best?

Shadows Pink: vintage preset for landscapes

This is one of the free vintage Lightroom presets that was specially designed to give an artistic touch to photographs in open spaces, such as landscapes or architecture.

presets lighroom

It is recommended not to use very colorful or saturated photos to apply this vintage preset.

of this vintage preset

Matte: a real vintage preset

This vintage preset, as the name suggests, gives a matte effect to photographs by adjusting the light, shadow and white indicators.

preset gratis

Photography experts recommend using this free vintage Lightroom preset for photos that have almost realistic colors and contrasts to achieve the desired effect.

of this free vintage preset

Soft Cream: vintage preset that gives solidity to your image

Imagine you have a photograph with very vivid colors, but you want to give it a warm touch, as if you were giving the impression of another era. With this free vintage Lightroom preset, you’ll get it.

preset lightroom descarga

Soft Cream is a vintage preset that alters your highlights, shadows and lights to create a much warmer and friendlier image.

of this free vintage preset

Soft Tonning: a vintage preset for transforming photos into postcards

This free vintage Lightroom preset has a similar effect to the previous one, but its toning is even softer, which will give an effect similar to that of a postcard to the images to which you apply this effect.

preset descarga gratuita

To achieve this effect, this vintage preset has significant adjustments to the contrast, light and hue indicators. it is recommended for use on images captured in open spaces.

of this free vintage preset

Crash: everyone will think your photo is old with this vintage preset

Choco is one of the free vintage Lightroom presets that will give your images a more retro look. This is due to the adjustments in temperature, saturation and white indicators, factors that will give your photos a pinkish hue.

Choco preset

of this free vintage preset

Shade: vintage preset with nostalgic tones

Any of your photos can be given a timeless look by applying this vintage preset. The tonality has adjustments on the red, vibrance and shadow indicators, which can give any image a retro look.

Tonning preset

it is recommended to use this free vintage preset in photos that stand out for their bright colors.

of this free vintage preset

Soft Sepia: go back in time with this vintage preset

With this free vintage Lightroom preset you won’t have to make any further adjustments if you want to turn a current image into an image from the past. As the name suggests, the sepia effect will be applied to your photos, giving them a totally timeless look.

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