Ideas for profile pictures that will increase your visibility on Instagram

Have you wanted to change your Instagram profile picture but don’t know which one to choose? Don’t worry. In this article we will tell you what are the best ideas for Instagram profile pictures and what you should do to make your account the most attractive for your followers.

Remember that the profile picture on Instagram is the first visual contact that users have with an account and, therefore, you must ensure that your photo complies with certain rules of composition and aesthetics to make that first glance unforgettable.

Now, we present you the best ideas for profile photos on Instagram.

Profile photo ideas: Make sure your Instagram profile photo is quality!

The first thing you should do is define what kind of camera you are going to use for your profile picture on Instagram. If you have a professional or semi-professional camera, you will be able to get quality results, so it’s a good idea to use it.

If you don’t have such a camera, there’s nothing to worry about, as you can use your smartphone to create different Instagram profile picture ideas.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to have a state-of-the-art cell phone to take pictures, although it is recommended that if your phone is a mid-low range one, you should make several tests so that you have enough material to choose a good profile picture for Instagram.

Ideas para fotos de perfil en Instagram

In case the photos you take are not of sufficient quality to use them as profile picture for Instagram, you can borrow a last generation smartphone from a trusted friend or family member, you can even ask them for help to take the picture.

You will see that your effort will be worth it to create the best profile picture ideas for Instagram.

Fotos de perfil para Instagram

Mauricio Schroeder, explains the importance of creating quality content and developing our profile picture ideas on Instagram:

“Generating visual content for networks puts us in front of a great goal: To manage to inspire our community, to be great referents and to reach the clients’ goals. With this course you will learn to improve your creations, to exploit them visually and you will learn the most useful points to achieve greater impact on your community “.

Profile photo ideas: Your face is the center of attention

Before choosing the most suitable photo for your Instagram profile, you should keep in mind that your face is your letter of introduction to your followers. Therefore, it is essential that your profile picture has your best expression and reflects the highlights of your personality.

If you are an extroverted person who likes to smile, using your smile is a good idea for a profile picture that complements your essence and brings joy to your account. Then, every time you upload stories or make a post, your smile will stand out and become much more visible.

ideas para fotos de perfil en Instagram

Now, if you are an introvert and prefer not to smile in your photos, don’t worry. Make a gesture that you feel identified with, making sure that your face is noticeable to everyone.

Another idea for a profile picture is to make a pose that reflects your personality. Use glasses, necklaces, hats or any other type of accessory. In the end, what really matters is that youfeel good about how you look.

ideas para fotos de perfil en Instagram

On the other hand, if you have a business or a venture, it is essential that the profile picture is the logo of your brand. However you must make sure that your logo fits in a circle, as this is the format of a profile picture on Instagram.

If you have a very horizontal logo, you may need to place it on a square background to fit the size of the profile picture.

ideas para fotos de perfil en Instagram

Do the necessary tests to make your logo the center of attention. If you want to get closer to your Instagram community, having a good profile picture can help.

Profile photo ideas: Show your identity

If you are proud of your profession or hobby, a good idea for profile pictures on Instagram is to wear clothes or accessories that are related to what you do and that help you highlight your personality

For example, if you are into photography, in your Instagram profile picture you can appear holding a camera or capturing a picture towards the viewer’s eyes.

ideas para fotos de perfil en Instagram

If you have a YouTube channel where you upload content on a specific topic, another idea for profile pictures on Instagram is to accompany your photo with some object allusive to your content. This will give more credibility to what you do and your profile picture will look great.

ideas para fotos de perfil en Instagram

Experiment with different objects until you have different Instagram profile photo ideas that fulfill what you want and turn your profile into something remarkable.

Profile picture ideas: Choose a suitable background

In addition to choosing a good profile picture, you should see to it that the background of that photo complements the whole composition .

One idea for profile pictures on Instagram is to choose a flat background of a neutral color, making sure that it does not saturate the image and that it brings liveliness to the photo.

For example, popular TikTok user Adisson Rae uses a nighttime profile picture with a background of a view of some buildings. Being a dark background, it complements her body pose and skin tone very well.

Generating contrast between the background and yourself is a great idea for Instagram profile pictures.

ideas para fotos de perfil en Instagram

But if you want to be much more specific and ensure a good balance between background and profile picture, use a white background and its different variations to accompany your face and give it prominence.

ideas para fotos de perfil en Instagram

In conclusion, choose a favorable background that does not detract from the relevance of your profile picture and that integrates as a perfect complement.

Ideas for profile picture: Use the right size

You should make sure that the format of your profile photo is the right one for Instagram. Using a very large photo or a very small photo can give an unpleasant appearance to your profile, since the photo can be pixelated or with a crop that does not favor you.

a good profile picture for Instagram must meet the exact measurements!

what size should your Instagram profile photo be?

Although your followers will see your profile photo encased in a small circle, the resolution for these photos should be just right, i.e. 110 x 110 pixels. However, if you want to get a higher level of detail, it is recommended that your profile pictures are sized 180 x 180.

Keep in mind that Instagram crops images to adapt them to its own dimensions, and the larger the resolution, the better the profile picture will look.

Profile photo ideas: Take care of the cropping

Cropping important parts of a photo is a common mistake we usually make when we go to edit any photo. But when it comes to Instagram profile picture, you should be very careful when cropping the right image for your account .

For example, the profile picture of Daniel Scavino Jr.’s account makes the mistake of cropping out parts of the heads and bodies in the photo, generating an image that is aesthetically not pleasing to the eye.

ideas para fotos de perfil en Instagram

Some ideas for profile pictures on Instagram in terms of cropping can be the following:

If your Instagram profile picture is your face, try to crop the photo a little lower than your shoulders. This cropping will give hierarchy to the composition.
If you prefer a full-body profile photo, don’t crop parts of your head, arms or feet. However, you can use photographic shots to highlight certain parts of your body.
If you opt for a profile photo with a striking background, crop only the parts that are left over and do not affect the continuity of the background.

ideas para fotos de perfil en Instagram

The Instagram profile picture has a very small size, so you should make sure that the most important elements are in it, so make sure you crop it in a good way.

Profile picture ideas: Less is more

Just as you should be careful when choosing a background for your Instagram profile picture, you should also try to incorporate as few objects as possible in the photo.

A profile picture that contains many objects will generate noise and will not be pleasant for your followers. We know that there are very striking backgrounds, but if you notice that these have visual distractors, it is better to choose other ideas for profile pictures on Instagram.

ideas para fotos de perfil en Instagram

The fewer objects that appear in your profile picture, the better.

Profile photo ideas: Apply the law of thirds

The law of thirds is one of the most used photographic techniques when taking a picture. And without a doubt, it is a rule that you should keep in mind when taking your profile picture for Instagram.

what is the law of thirds?

When you go to take a picture, imagine that your composition is divided by lines and will form different parts: three parts from top to bottom and three parts from left to right.

That is, your photo will be divided into a total of 9 equal spaces, as shown in the following image:

ideas para fotos de perfil en Instagram

Image: Foto Nostra

notice the red dots? It is right in that space where you should try to place the most important elements of your photo to make them visually relevant.

You can apply this rule in order to generate Instagram profile photo ideas that will help you highlight the most important elements of your composition.

Profile photo ideas: Experiment with shots and angles

Although the simplest shot for taking profile pictures on Instagram is one from a frontal position, you can venture to take pictures from different angles and shots to give more value to your compositions.

ideas para fotos de perfil en Instagram

Photographic shots will be your best ally to take creative profile pictures. You can use American shots, cropped shots, or close-ups to transmit different sensations with your photos.

Profile photo ideas: Keep coherence with the aesthetics of your publications

Good profile photos on Instagram usually have a style and aesthetic consistent with that of the profile posts. That is, if you use a specific color palette to edit the photos you upload to your feed, you should make sure that your photo doesn’t clash, but is integrated as part of a profile style.

Even if your account is not that of a brand, maintaining consistency of style will help with your engagement. If your account’s publications are characterized by being colorful and cheerful, using a profile picture with dull or dark colors could generate an unpleasant visual clash.

The same goes for the style, poses and shots you use for your Instagram profile pictures. If the body language in your photo does not convey the values of your account, your followers will notice the inconsistency. For example, if you have an account that reflects your professional side, your profile picture should help you reinforce that idea.

Estética de tus fotos de perfil

Source: Unsplash

Profile picture ideas: Keep your profile picture up to date!

It’s not recommended that you change your profile picture too often, having a different picture every week can be confusing for your followers and can generate the opposite effect you’re hoping for.

If you don’t want your followers to overlook your posts, you should have a photo that they can easily identify.

A good idea to use a profile picture on Instagram that you don’t have to change shortly after selecting it, is to exclude from the frame any element that defines it temporarily. That is, if you are in August, a profile picture with a Christmas tree in the background will look outdated and out of place.

Consigue engagement con tus fotos de perfil

Source: Unsplash

Also, a person will most likely think your profile is inactive if they come across your account and you have a profile picture like the one we mentioned above.

We recommend that your photos to put on your Instagram profile are updated and timeless. To do this, you can use a neutral background that does not place you in time and apply some of the ideas for profile pictures that we have told you about.

Profile photos are part of the identity of any account, so it is necessary to use photos that your audience can empathize with. An updated photo will help you with that purpose.

Profile photo ideas: Take advantage of the beauty of natural light

Natural light helps you provide more information to the pixels captured by the camera, so you can play with depth of field, get more vivid colors, and grab the viewer’s attention more effectively.

In addition, using natural light in your Instagram profile photos can help you generate more empathy with your followers, because this type of light conveys the feeling that these are authentic and natural photos.

If you’re knowledgeable about photography, you know how captivating the magic hour is, that time of day when natural light is at its best and photographs are left with a very striking glow and tone. Taking advantage of the magic hour will allow you to have an attractive profile picture.

Iluminación para tus fotos de perfil

Source: Unsplash

Profile photo ideas: Use a style of clothing that highlights your character

The clothes we wear help us highlight our personality, and in a way, they speak about who we are, what we do and what we like. Choosing the right clothes for your Instagram profile picture can help you convey the right message to your followers.

For example, if you’re an adventurer and you’re into mountaineering, you can use some clothing that serves to reflect your passion. Similarly, if you have a corporate job, the best thing for your Instagram profile picture is to wear your best suit.

If you don’t have a defined style, we recommend you to use clothes with a lot of color, this way you can get a good contrast with the background of the photo and you can create a photo composition that attracts attention very easily.

Estilos para fotos de perfil

Source: Unsplash

Profile picture ideas: Apply some photo retouching filters

Any photo has the potential to become a masterpiece with the right photo retouching. However, not all of us have the knowledge to edit our profile photos for Instagram and achieve a good result.

Fortunately, if you want to retouch your profile photos, you can use one of the thousands of photo filters that exist on the Internet. With them you can edit your photos automatically and, in addition, they are very easy to use.

You can also download some photo editing apps and customize all your photos, either for your profile or for your Instagram feed. Just make sure you don’t overdo it with the retouching, because you could end up with a profile picture with too much contrast, lighting or saturation.

Filtros para tus fotos de perfil en Instagram

Source: Unsplash

Profile photo ideas: Use the same profile photo on all your networks

If you’re using Instagram for your business to reach your target audience, it’s best to use a profile picture that matches the one you use on the social networks where you have a presence. This will help you maintain uniformity across all channels, and will help people locate you more quickly and easily.

Similarly, if you use your personal account to show your professional side, this tip will be very helpful. Using the same profile picture on Instagram and other social networks will allow people to recognize you, especially if you have a common name.

Source: Unsplash

how to change your profile picture on Instagram?

Before we give you the best profile picture ideas on Instagram, it is essential that you know how to change profile picture in simple steps on both Android and iOS.

1. First, log in to the Instagram app and tap on your profile button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. Once you are in your profile, click on the “Edit profile” option located in the central part.

3. There you will see all your Instagram profile information, including your current profile picture.

4. Click on change profile picture and apply one of the following options:

Select a new profile picture.
Import a profile picture from Facebook.
Delete profile picture.

If in addition to changing your profile picture you would like to learn how to change the lyrics in your bio and posts, you can’t miss our guide to change the lyrics on Instagram…

We hope that all these ideas for profile pictures on Instagram will motivate you to take a unique photo that will make a difference in your account.

Remember that consistency and experience is the most important thing when it comes to achieving any goal you set for yourself. Dare to take risks to make your Instagram profile picture a reference for your followers.

see you soon!

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