+15 programs to mix music and become the DJ you always wanted to be

If you feel that music is your thing, these programs to mix music will be your best allies to shape your talent and creativity. To be a DJ or a renowned music producer, you must have the fundamental tools to chart your path to success.

For many people, mixing music is just about layering sounds and combining songs randomly. However, one thing that every beginner DJ quickly realizes is that mixing music is no easy task. In fact, it takes a lot of practice, discipline and knowledge to become a pro.

Although this process will not be easy, there are music mixing programs that will help you become familiar with the activities that a DJ performs to start your way in this industry. Best of all, you can use many of these programs to make a music mix at no cost, as they are free or have a trial period .

So, if you are ready to explore your musical skills, in the following lines you will find a list of programs to mix music from your pc and from your mobile. Also, in the last section of the article you will discover how to mix music without suffering in the attempt.

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Programs to mix music on your PC

We will start this article with the list of programs to mix music from the comfort of your desktop.

You should keep in mind that there are many music mixing programs on the market and they all seem to do pretty much the same thing. However, some have better usability and can help you perform more tasks than others .

Below, we will introduce you to the most efficient music mixing programs that you will find online, which you can put into practice from today, as they are very intuitive and have very complete tools.

1. Virtual DJ

An easy-to-use music mixing program – Free

If you’re looking for something really easy to mix music on your computer without buying any expensive hardware, you might like Virtual DJ. This program has been recognized as one of the best music mixing software for 20 years, with over 100 million downloads .

Here are some of the main benefits of using Virtual DJ:

Capacity of 99 mixing consoles.
Adjusts the tempo and pitch of your music
Allows you to scratch with the mouse cursor
Transitions between songs in your playlist
Burn your mp3 sessions directly to CD
You can broadcast online via Youtube or on your social networks.

If you are organizing your next birthday party and want to do more than just play a Spotify playlist, Virtual DJ is a great option to mix music and surprise your guests.

virtual dj para mezclas de musica

2. MixPad

Music Mixing Software with Great Benefits | Free

This music mixing program makes multi-track recordings and simulates the experience of being in a virtual audio studio, and its simple interface is designed for use by the general public, from beginners to experts

Some of its advantages are:

Record single or multiple tracks simultaneously.
Mix an unlimited number of audio, music and voice tracks.
Open any audio file. MixPad supports more formats than any other mixer.
Adds audio effects including equalization, compression, among others.
Includes a music and sound effects library with hundreds of royalty-free clips.
Allows you to design your own beats or use one of the sample patterns from the beat designer as a starting point.
Save any file type you need, from studio-quality WAV files to highly compressed formats for online sharing.
It’s compatible with SoundCloud, Dropbox and even Google Drive.

Undoubtedly, MixPad is one of the programs for mixing music that offers you the most benefits to unleash your creativity.

mixpad programa para mezclar canciones

3. Ableton Live

Music Mixing and Recording Software | 90-day Free Trial

Ableton Live is not a music mixing program or DJ software, rather it is a program that is primarily used to record audio and create music digitally.

However, considering that as a musician or DJ, at some point in your career you will need to use both types of programs, Ableton Live is perfect, as it allows you to mix existing pieces and also create from scratch .

Here are the main advantages of using Ableton Live as DJ software:

Create music with over 1500 sounds, 21 audio effects and 4 software instruments.
Record using up to 16 tracks.
You can connect a MIDI control instrument, e.g. a keyboard.
Mix music and modify your ideas in real time without interrupting the creative flow.

As you become more proficient, you can enhance your music projects by adding hundreds of Ableton plugins and downloading the best Ableton libraries with multiple tools to complement your creations.

ableton live para mezclar musica

4. DJ Music Mixer

Music Mixing Software for Beginners | Free

If you are starting to create your first mixes, this music mixing program will be ideal to avoid feeling overwhelmed or lost, because it has the essential functions that every DJ needs distributed in a very easy to use platform.

DJ Music Mixer has two configurable decks and a console where you can add effects and extract music from video files so you don’t have to depend on other programs to get your songs.

programa para mezclar musica para principiantes

5. Torqu

DJ Music Mixer – Free – Free music mixing software with custom effects

One of the most popular music mixing programs used by DJ’s is, without a doubt, Torqu, since it has numerous plugins created by the developers to give your creations a plus.

In addition, it has the Traq Morph system, which allows you to add all kinds of effects when changing decks. Also, there are many devices that are compatible with this software to mix music, so you can get the most out of it.

torqu software para hacer canciones

6. Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is a Windows-developed music mixing program

With Music Maker Jam you can create all kinds of music in record time. This is a free music mixing app that features a large selection of professional loops. In total, it has eight tracks to mix and adjust the pitch, tempo and effects of the songs as you wish.

On the other hand, this music mixing program always seeks to be updated, therefore, it offers three new styles every month so that your tracks will never be the same.

Besides, according to Music Maker Jam’s official page, its main objective is to be an easy-to-use DJ software to make music available to everyone. Its creators state that to use it “you just have to start the application, choose one of the three musical styles included and start combining sounds. Do you dare to try it?

music maker jam


Free online music mixing software

Despite the long list of programs that we have presented to you and the mobile applications that you will learn about later, there are also options that allow you to mix music online, such as You.DJ.

This music mixing website shows you a virtual DJ table to browse from your computer. Besides, something you will surely love is that it has more than 20 million songs for you to mix non-stop.

youdj programa para hacer musica

8. Serato DJ

Software to mix music with the best rhythm : Free

Now let’s take a look at this program developed by iZotope, a company specialized in audio technology. According to their tutorials on Youtube, this music mixing software can boast of some really good effects for music production.

Serato DJ makes it easy to apply effects to different music mixers. Moreover, this music mixing software allows you to choose each of the audio effects for your consoles. Also, it is easy to add beat effects with great precision.

On the other hand, it has two versions: Lite and Pro. The first one is very easy to use and has expansion packs that you can download, which are free and paid. The second one has an intuitive design and includes specialized tools to boost your tracks to the level of the great artists.

serato DJ software para hacer remix

9. MixVibes Cross

Professional Music Mixing Software – Paying

This is a DJ software that, over the years, has accumulated thousands of followers, who prefer it both as a recreational application and as a professional DJ application.

MixVibes Cross comes in three editions, all of which are paid:

Cross DJ 3.4.3: features two decks and three effects.
Cross DJ 4: offers four decks and 14 effects.
Cross DJ 4 Pro: offers you the most advanced effects for music mixing.

In fact, Cross DJ pro is the favorite music mixing software of many music production people.

Moreover, you can download this music mixing software on Mac, PC, iOS and Android, which means that it is finally possible to mix music from a tablet or even a smartphone, from a reliable and easy-to-use user interface.

Mix vibes cross mezclar musica dj

10. Music Maker

Easy Music Mixing Software | Free and Paid

If you are just starting out as a DJ or just want to try out music mixing software, then Music Maker is the DJ software for you.

According to Music Maker’s official website, you don’t have to be an expert to mix music with this program, as the intuitive interface designed with artificial intelligence will help you decipher how to use the software’s tools and functions easily.

It comes with a lot of sounds, 8000 to be exact, and has a wide range of virtual instruments and loops. Music Maker is a really good music mixing software that makes it very easy to dabble in DJ activities up to a professional level.

music maker software para mezclar musica

11. MAGIX Digital DJ

Affordable and intuitive song mixing software | Free

Digital DJ is a good program for aspiring DJs who want affordable music mixing software. It’s available for Mac and PC, and it’s fairly easy to use as long as you’re willing to spend a little time at first to learn it.

Best of all, this music mixing software makes it easy to use songs directly from your favorite music library. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter if you just want to play your music, mix it or scratch it; this software can do it all without any additional hardware.

Therefore, Digital DJ is a good choice for anyone who wants a fairly simple DJ software to try out at a party with their friends.

magix digital dj


Music Mixing and Production Software – Free

Much more than a DJ software for mixing music, the FL Studio application is a digital audio workstation that you can use to produce music and make live performances. It comes with many different functions such as correction and pitch shifting, audio stretching, changing the speed of a loop, harmonization and much more.

It brings many different functions such as pitch correction and shifting, audio stretching, changing the speed of a loop, harmonizing and much more. One thing that is really interesting about this PC music mixing software is that it includes lifetime updates.

Therefore, it is a very easy to use program to start not only mixing music, but also to take the opportunity to create music in different ways.

fl studio programa para hacer mezclas

13. eJay DJ MixStation

Music remixing software on your PC | Paid for

This music mixing software does not require any additional hardware and is the kind of music mixing program you would definitely buy if you are having a party and want to impress your friends as a DJ.

DJ Mix Station gives you everything you need to unleash your creativity and have fun. Plus, with this music mixing software you can add audio effects such as scratching to look like a real DJ.

The fact that it doesn’t require any hardware (except your PC or laptop) makes it extremely affordable, although it is important to note that it is a budget option that doesn’t offer as many possibilities as other music mixing programs.

ejay dj mixstation

14. Soundtrap

The Spotify Music Mixing Software – Free and Paid

That’s right, Spotify not only offers you a streaming platform to listen to your favorite bands, now it also allows you to mix music to become the sensation of the music industry.

The good thing about Soundtrap is that it gives you unlimited free access and also offers plans with more benefits, which are paid, if you want to use this program to mix music professionally.

The free version of this music making program allows you to make unlimited projects, use more than 150,000 sound effects and get sound packs that are renewed every two weeks. As you can see, it turns out to be a complete alternative, although it lacks advanced tools.

soundtrap programa para mezclar canciones

15. Logic Pro

Ideal music mixing program for Mac | Paid

This DJ software offers you multiple tools to compose music, create beats, edit songs and mix them professionally. It also has a large collection of plug-ins and sounds to complement your new creations.

A point in Logic Pro’s favor is that it offers you Dolby Atmos tools to create a powerful sound experience. On the other hand, this program to mix music like a professional DJ has a wide range of instruments, loops and samples, as well as sounds created by some renowned producers.

Finally, Logic Pro is capable of synchronizing music without losing tempo, as well as creating tracks, comparing versions of each of them and merging them if you wish. Undoubtedly, this is a music mixing program that will help you explore this art in a complete way.

logic pro mezclar musica en pc

Applications to mix music on your cell phone

Well, you already knew some DJ programs that bring you closer to your goal of mixing good sounds and effects from a PC. However, if you want to tap into your creativity to mix music when you’re not at home, you can do that too.

So, if you spend most of your day on your cell phone, it’s time to use some of that time to do something useful. Here are some mobile apps to mix music from your smartphone at any time.

16. Edjing DJ

App to mix music on Android and iOS | Free

Edjing DJ is a perfect app for mixing wherever you are. Its main purpose is to grant the “Automix” feature, which manages transitions in different parts of your musical work .

While it is not the most advanced application, you will find a variety of effects such as: scratch, flanger, echo, loop, pitch, equalizer, cue point, which is ideal to start before venturing with a tool for equipment.

edjing dj app para musica en celular

17. Djay 2

App to remix songs | Free

It is a very complete music mixing app. since it integrates the music library of iOS and Android, ideal for mixing your favorite songs

With this music mixing app you can record the pieces directly, mix the sounds and detect the beats automatically. Among its most outstanding functions we can include mixer and equalization and speed controls.

djay 2 app para mezclar musica

18. Traktor DJ 2

DJ App with infinite songs | Free

Like other similar tools, this song mixing app has direct access to your music library and also allows you to access the smart browser that recommends songs, and due to its portability and no cost, the producers define it as “a DJ app with no barriers”.

Also, due to its portability and its lack of cost, the producers define it as: “an app for DJs without barriers”. This application to mix music from the cell phone, is in charge of adjusting the sound of your session with equalizers and adding a filter in each channel.

For example, Traktor DJ 2 allows you to cut the bass of a track and put only the vocals and treble of another. When you’re done, you can record your session and save it with just one touch using the built-in recorder.

traktor dj2

congratulations! Now you know which are the best music mixing programs to create the best songs of the moment, so don’t hesitate to get started today, because later on, you may become a great producer or DJ like David Guetta or Steve Aoki .

The important thing to achieve success, as our expert tells us, is to be mentally prepared for the challenge that this means, because “each of us are the masters of our own creations. Music mixing programs and systems are just tools or channels that will help us to compose”.

Also, keep in mind that, for some people, the important thing will never be the equipment, but whoever is in charge of playing the right song at the right time. It’s all about the music, so try to connect with the audience and give them a unique experience.

best of luck!

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