App for giveaway: +10 tools to reward the loyalty of your followers

Are you looking for the best social media giveaway app with which you can select the winners of your contests? Do you want to increase your followers and make them jump with happiness? if so, organizing an online giveaway is the easiest way to attract eyeballs to your brand.

However, choosing the best sweepstakes app for social media platforms is a challenge. Even more so when there are hundreds of Facebook and Instagram giveaway apps available on the market.

That’s why, in this blog post we’ll share with you the best free giveaway apps with which you can create popular giveaways to boost your business growth and, in turn, choose the winner of your giveaway on Instagram or Facebook easily.

join us to discover them!

1. SweepWidget

SweepWidget is a powerful giveaway app that provides you with more than 90 types of sweepstakes on approximately 30 social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, among others.

In fact, creating a contest with this giveaway app is very easy thanks to its drag-and-drop button. It definitely includes the necessary features to increase user engagement on your digital channels, attract potential customers and increase your brand visibility.

Advantages of SweepWidget

In this free giveaway app you can access the main features for social media sweepstakes, viral sharing campaigns, ranking contests and instant coupon or reward sweepstakes.

In addition, this is an amazing app to choose a giveaway winner randomly or manually and view every user action, as well as export all your information to a CSV file.

If you are one of those who value the aesthetics and interface of an app, SweepWidget has an advanced design editor and a custom CSS generator. Once your contest is ready, you can use a free landing page in this sweepstakes app or embed it directly into your favorite blog, website or social media platform.

SweepWidget app para hacer giveaway gratis

2. ShortStack

This is another free giveaway app that focuses on the essentials to help you launch a successful social media sweepstakes. In fact, this platform has a wide variety of features to create and monitor contests on your social networks and, thus, get closer and closer to your community.

Advantages of ShortStack

Within this app to make giveaways on Facebook and Instagram you can create unlimited contests by choosing some of its predesigned templates or creating one from scratch.

Also, you have the option to embed the giveaways or make them appear as a pop-up on your website to maximize their exposure.

If you are looking for a random sweepstakes generator, ShortStack will automatically select the winners and eliminate any repeat users. This way, you will avoid possible fraud.

In addition to being an intuitive sweepstakes application, it has a unique tool to amplify your social media marketing strategies and/or viral campaigns.

If you are managing a team, you can grant individual accounts and assign permissions to each one.

Finally, you can track the success of your contests in real time by checking vital metrics in the analytics dashboard of this giveaway app.

ShortStack aplicación de sorteos

3. Vyper

If you are new to social media contests and don’t know where to start, Vyper will light the way for you to run a viral giveaway in the right and effective way.

Unlike the previous free giveaway apps, Vyper has the added bonus of allowing you to develop a thank you landing page for your audience. Yes, all in one application. what do you think?

Advantages of Vyper

With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop button, even non-designers will be able to create awesome giveaway templates in this giveaway app.

running out of contest ideas on Instagram? or don’t know how to go viral without resorting to comment spam? take it easy! Luckily, this giveaway app helps you find your ideal partners and/or content creators to promote your giveaway.

Vyper works well with paid media campaigns, so it allows you to increase your ROI by generating even more traffic to your social networks and, consequently, gain more brand awareness.

On top of that, you can use the platform to make loyalty programs that get your customers moving to escalate to your brand. From this Facebook and Instagram giveaway app you can reward them with points for each recommendation or action they take.

4. Woorise

Woorise is a popular social media giveaway app that allows you to create free online sweepstakes easily and quickly. In fact, it offers you an extensive list of benefits to establish fruitful relationships with your community of followers on the different platforms where your brand moves.

Advantages of Woorise

Creating contests, quizzes, surveys and forms is very easy in this sweepstakes application, as it has a wide range of visually appealing templates. What’s more, you can modify the design to achieve the look and style you want.

Since everything is handled in this app, one of the great advantages of this giveaway app is that you can embed the widget with a tracking code on your Facebook page, Instagram, website or blog. This way, you will be able to visualize the level of participation of your audience and, also, if they are sharing the contest on their social networks.

It also allows you to choose a winner of your sweepstakes on Instagram or Facebook automatically using its “1-click pick winner” and “Instant win” features so you can interact with participants in real time.

You can even integrate your preferred email marketing tool into the sweepstakes so you can add new users directly to the lead list on your email marketing platform.

Woorise app para elegir ganador de giveaway

5. Gleam

want your fans to easily recognize you just like their favorite influencers? This giveaway app provides you with useful tools to open a path to growing a larger audience.

Advantages of Gleam

One of its services called Galleries allows you to launch user-generated contests. For example, participants can submit photos of their outfits with your brand’s garments. This works best if you want to promote your company on platforms with a lot of visual content, such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.

In addition, within this app for sweepstakes on Instagram you can run fair competitions with verified accounts, so you won’t have to deal with the famous bots.

looking for a dynamic way to announce the results? With this app to draw the winner of giveaway you can make the triumphant entrance to the champion or champions. Of course, we recommend using these Instagram post templates that can give that “look and feel” to your publications.

Also, you can reward your audience with special coupons for performing a particular action using Gleam.

Finally, growing your email list is easier with Gleam’s highly customizable subscription form templates .

6. Outgrow

Outgrow gives you the opportunity to interact with your audience on social media using dynamic content to stand out from the crowd. Interestingly, this giveaway app is the only one on the list that allows you to use numerical calculators to captivate people’s interests .

For example, if you have an organic food business, you can use Outgrow to count calories, calculate health risks and more. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Advantages of Outgrow

According to Small Biz Trends, contests have a conversion rate that exceeds 30%, higher than any other content marketing tactic. Therefore, launching campaigns using interactive content such as sweepstakes, quizzes and forms is easy using the conversion-optimized templates of this free giveaway app.

In addition, Outgrow has the option to display results in real time so participants can track their progress or present graphs based on their responses.

Similar to Woorise, in this giveaway app you can generate leads and save them to a list in the email marketing tool of your choice.

Outgrow sorteo en Instagram gratis

7. AppSorteos

One feature that sets AppSorteos apart from the previous apps is that it allows you to run a giveaway on Instagram for free with over 1000 comments. So if you have a solid community, this giveaway app is ideal for you.

AppSorteos Advantages

In this giveaway app, all you have to do is to spin the giveaway wheel on Instagram or Facebook and pick a winner at random. and the best part? you can do it as many times as you want unlimited times!

With more and more “ghost” participants appearing on social networks, it’s hard for brands to filter for each user. Luckily, this free giveaway app excludes duplicates and detects any fraud with its anti-spam protection.

The most interesting thing is that it allows you to use a myriad of game mechanics to encourage contestants to move to the rhythm of your brand, such as virtual dice or trivia generator.

Likewise, this sweepstakes application has customization and design alternatives for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok giveaways.

AppSorteos generador de sorteos al azar

8. Rafflecopter

This is another good giveaway app that you can use if you need to run an online campaign quickly and effortlessly. In fact, Rafflecopter is the best option for small businesses and independent entrepreneurs who want to launch a virtual giveaway to increase their audience, but have a limited budget.

Advantages of Rafflecopter

Thanks to this sweepstakes app you can build referral campaigns, Facebook contests and provide personalized giveaways. Rafflecopter makes all these features available to brands that want to increase their presence on social networks as quickly as possible.

One of the great advantages of this giveaway app is that it only takes less than 10 minutes to set up a free online sweepstakes. The app offers a simple step-by-step guide to which it adds all the essential contest details.

Also, you can add multiple prizes for each winner and choose different online giveaway options. there is also a quick access to the app’s FAQ page, in case you have any questions.

Once your Facebook giveaway is ready, you can copy the code and add it to your social network, blog or website .

This giveaway app has good reviews from users. Mostly, they like Rafflecopter because it is affordable and easy to set up.

app para giveaway Rafflecopter

9. Wishpond

This is one of the most comprehensive and popular giveaway apps. Wishpond allows you not only to run giveaways and contests, but also to advertise online, design landing pages, create email marketing strategies and even track campaigns.

Advantages of Wishpond

With Wishpond you can publish sweepstakes on a variety of platforms, including your website and blog. However, compared to the other giveaway apps on this list, Wishpond allows you to run giveaways only on Facebook, which is a drawback if you’re looking for a wider reach.

The definite advantage of this Facebook giveaway app is its customization features. You can add elements to the templates and upload your own content. You can also test the final result on different devices.

aplicación Wishpond

10. EasyPromos

With this free giveaway app you can create contests on four social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. There is also an option to launch games, trivia, quizzes and generate discount coupons for your community of followers.

Advantages of EasyPromos

One of the best features of this giveaway application is its online campaign tracking system, which presents data in an easy and digestible way.

As for running a giveaway, EasyPromos is one of those giveaway winner applications that have all the templates for every occasion. You don’t need graphic design or coding skills to create a giveaway form, as all templates are tailored to the requirements of different social media platforms.

On the dashboard of this random sweepstakes generator you can change contest registration details, adjust fonts and add prize images. However, the design of the forms is very basic and you will need to purchase extensions for additional design options.

app EasyPromos

11. Viral Loops

As its name suggests, this template-based platform for creating different online sweepstakes, landing pages and referral campaigns will be your best ally to go viral instantly.

Companies that want to build a brand on Shopify can also use Viral Loops to run customer engagement campaigns on this platform through an integrated strategy.

Advantages of Viral Loops

With this giveaway app, you can run a sweepstakes on all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, among others. You can also create a pop-up contest for your website.

This giveaway app for Facebook and Instagram allows you to change the format of the template, either the name, the basis of the contest or the prize according to the objectives of your campaign. While these templates make it easy for you to create a basic giveaway in a couple of minutes, you should keep in mind that there aren’t many customization options.

It also has a fraud detection mechanism for each sweepstakes, so you can easily identify any suspicious activity.

app para hacer giveaway Viral Loops

12. Woobox

This is another free giveaway app complete with a variety of amazing features, such as social media contests, landing pages, pop-ups and more. Without a doubt, Woobox is ideal for small businesses that don’t want to spend a fortune creating and running an online giveaway.

Advantages of Woobox

The dashboard of this sweepstakes application is divided into five categories: landing pages, pop-ups, website embeds, Facebook tabs and posts. Each of these categories offers a selection of templates for different purposes, including giveaways.

When creating an online sweepstakes, you must first edit all the information in the form and then customize it to your liking. You can also change the contest design, add and remove elements, as well as create a custom branded background.

Woobox is among the digital marketing solutions that allow you to preview your sweepstakes on different devices and through various email providers.

In terms of customization, this giveaway app differs from most of the apps mentioned in our list, as it allows you to add many types of content to your giveaway form, such as videos and gifs.

Woobox’s free plan allows you to add 100 giveaway participants at most and run unlimited campaigns, so you can choose a giveaway winner on Instagram or Facebook as many times as you want.

app Woobox

13. UpViral

If you are looking for a great giveaway app with impressive features to boost your brand, such as rewards programs and viral contests, UpViral is a great alternative for you.

The seamless integration with digital tools, such as ClickFunnels, Kartra, Brizy and LeadPages, will be useful not only to run online campaigns, but also to reduce the cost of advertising investment and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Advantages of UpViral

This giveaway application allows you to create a custom domain for an exclusive giveaway landing page and track the contest in real time.

With its drag and drop button, you can build unlimited sweepstakes campaigns and rewards programs at the same time.

want to launch a contest focused on a specific niche? With UpViral you can publish sweepstakes segmented by location and reach the desired target.

aplicación para sorteo UpViral

As you can see, the social media business is not a game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun interacting with your audience using any of the above giveaway apps. From the description of each giveaway app, by now, you should have a good idea of which one to use based on your needs.

Beyond choosing a certain free giveaway app, always keep in mind to respect the rules of each social network and restrictions of each country (in case your sweepstakes is international) to ensure that the mechanics of your contest are effective.

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