Learn how to make salmon color and give elegance to your projects

have you always wondered how to make salmon color to use it in your next creations? It’s definitely a resource you’ll love to know about in the future, but as you can imagine, it’s quite tricky to get the right shade.

The salmon color is very versatile, elegant and timeless, as it never goes out of style. In addition, salmon color combines very well with several color ranges that we can deduce thanks to color theory, so you can use it both to create crafts and for your paintings.

If you are tired of using the same pink, yellow and white color in your projects, it’s time to change and start using salmon color! This color option can become one of your favorites .

Read on to find out how to make salmon color with this easy and simple technique. Also, you will learn how to combine salmon color with other colors and what is the meaning of salmon color.

all set to get started? grab a pencil and paper to write down your favorite way!

Mixing to make the basic salmon color

Salmon color is warm, medium intensity and results from mixing more than two colors. Here’s how to make salmon color with acrylic paints, watercolors, gouache or any of your preferred painting techniques.

let’s start this guide on how to make salmon color at the beginning! For the basic shade of salmon color, you should use the following amount of these colors:

2 drops of magenta (if you don’t have this color you can mix red, green and blue colors)
1 drop of yellow
2 drops of white

When mixing the colors to obtain salmon color, you should follow the same order as mentioned before: first magenta, then yellow and finally white. the amounts vary depending on the shade of salmon color you want to obtain.

Once you have the salmon color, you can play with the amounts to lighten or darken the color and create different shades of salmon color. The result you will get from the mixture we recommend above is a fairly reddish orange and slightly pinkish, i.e. a salmon pink shade.

Tip: if you need to make a lot of salmon colored paint, we recommend mixing a small portion first, to make sure you use the right amounts to get the shade you want, so you don’t waste your art supplies!

cómo hacer el color salmón basico

Okay, now you know how to make the salmon color. If the result of your mix is not so convincing, you can choose these other shades of salmon color to get to the color you want:

Mixing to make the pastel salmon color.

To get the pastel salmon color, you are going to use the previous mixture with the magenta, yellow and white colors. But, this time, you are going to add another amount of white color.

If you want to create a new mixture, we have the exact quantities so that you can achieve the pastel salmon color. In this example we use drops, but remember that the amounts vary depending on how much salmon color paint you need.

2 drops of magenta
1 drop of yellow
3 drops of white

fórmula del color salmón pastel

Mixing to make the dark salmon color

If what you want is a dark salmon color, then you should follow the same procedure. With your mixture of magenta, yellow and white, you are going to add another amount of magenta.

These are the necessary amounts of each color for you to get the dark salmon color:

3 drops of magenta
1 drop of yellow
2 drops of white

fórmula del color salmón oscuro

Mixture to make the coral salmon color

This last shade of salmon color will be useful if you are looking for a more orange tone for your painting. The coral salmon color is obtained with the same colors: magenta, yellow and white, with an additional amount of yellow.

In order to have the color quantities clearer, we show you the approximate quantities that you should use for the coral and salmon color. Remember that you can play with the amount of yellow and magenta until you get the expected tone.

2 drops of magenta
2 drops of yellow
2 drops of white

fórmula del color salmón coral

With the mixture of these three colors you can create new shades of salmon color to combine as you like. Remember to test each color by adding small amounts until you get the shade of salmon color you like best

but we know that art is not just canvases and oils! If you want to make salmon color digitally, it will be useful to visit the Adobe color page, where you can extract the salmon color code in RGB or HTML from an image or create it from the color wheel.

Meaning of the color salmon

The color salmon means innocence and goodness. this color has a positive connotation that is usually related to these concepts. In addition, salmon is classified as a warm color that represents love and brotherhood.

The color salmon is a color between pink and orange, whose name is inspired by the color of the flesh of salmon, a freshwater fish. Incredible, don’t you think?

Another curious fact about the color salmon is that the word salmon comes from the Latin word salmo, did you know that this is what they called these fish in ancient Rome? In addition to this peculiar name, salmon color is also known as coral or melon color.

Significado del color salmón

Source: Unsplash

Salmon color psychology

According to salmon color psychology, this color represents affection or love for the natural look. It is a friendly and approachable color that is eye-catching and subtle at the same time.

As you know, color psychology tells us that all colors that exist in the world convey a feeling to people. For example, red color represents love and green color is related to luck and money, likewise, salmon color also produces an effect on human perception and behavior.

If you like the color salmon, your life focus is likely to be family, friends and home. It is said that, being a warm color, salmon can stimulate appetite. have you ever had a salmon craving?

how to combine salmon color?

Salmon, being a warm and soft color, is easy and practical to match. As an artist, you’re always looking for the best possible color combination, so you’re probably wondering: what color goes with salmon?

If you’re making a craft and don’t know what to pair salmon with, don’t worry! We have a few ideas for you on how to create a perfect color palette in your art so that all of its shades match salmon.

Take note of these colors that match salmon:

Salmon color in crafts and paintings

The color salmon in crafts conveys a calm and friendly feeling. It is usually attributed with a feminine and cheerful touch, so it works very well in kawaii crafts. If you don’t know what colors to combine salmon with, here are some ideas you can use:

Salmon color and white

If there is a color that combines with salmon, it is white. Together they transmit elegance, warmth and brightness. This combination works very well for crafts and paintings.

Color salmón en manualidades y pinturas

Source: Unsplash

Salmon and lime green

The salmon color combines perfectly with different shades of green. The lemon green tone especially, gives freshness and naturalness to the salmon color. You can use it to create nature landscapes and flowers.

Tip: Consider adding light blue tones to give more ambiance to the combination.

Salmon and gold

Gold is a more vivid and strong tone, which serves to highlight a mix. Salmon is a muted tone, so the gold color creates the perfect contrast to brighten and accentuate the softness of the salmon color.

Color salmón y marrón

Source: Unsplash

Salmon and brown

Brown and salmon are the perfect combination to convey comfort, elegance and support. It is a great combination for any piece of art and you can use it to give a rustic look to the salmon color.

Salmon and orange

Salmon and orange are very similar shades of color. Their combination in crafts will help you create gradients and pieces with warm tones.

Tela color salmon

Source: Pexels

Salmon color in decoration

If you want to transform the space in your home with a new color, the salmon color is perfect to renew the atmosphere.

The salmon color is quite striking, so it is advisable to use it in low tones and combine it with other colors so as not to saturate the space. In addition, salmon is one of the most used colors in color palettes for weddings.

Salmon wall color fills spaces with energy and fun. It is a shade widely used in the fashion industry and in interior decoration.

The colors that go well with salmon wall color are the following:


the salmon color combines with the gray color, because it generates contrast. Gray is a dark pastel color that conveys partiality and mystery, so when combined with the salmon color, they create an elegant and sober mix perfect for your space.

pared color salmon

Source: Pexels


Beige color has a very light shade of brown. Its combination with salmon-colored backgrounds is perfect because it follows the visual line of freshness and tranquility. it is a good option if you want to keep pastel tones.

sala color salmon

Source: Decoora


As with the crafts, the green and salmon colors create a more natural environment; this helps the space to be filled with life and a tropical style.

color salmon decoracion

Source: Decoora

Dark brown

Thiscolor combines with a salmon-colored background to convey firmness. It is a good option to combine brown furniture with a fresh and modern background

color salmon y madera

Source: Decoora

Salmon color in clothing

If when buying clothes you always choose pink tones, the salmon color is a good option that you can use from now on.

The problem with the salmon color in clothing, is to combine it with clothes of other colors. But, don’t worry! We have some options to give your outfit a fresher and more stylish look.

The salmon color in clothes can be combined with:


Inyour outfit, these two warm and soft tones will match instantly. You can wear a salmon dress and beige sandals. It is a combination for sunny and fresh seasons. complement your outfit with beige accessories like bags and necklaces

color salmon en la ropa

Source: Pexels


If you want to dress something more laid-back and casual yet elegant, the combination of white and salmon color is perfect for you. Combine salmon colored pants with a white shirt or the other way around. You can also achieve this combination with skirts, shorts and shoes.

vestido color salmon

Source: Pexels


The combination of green and salmon color are on trend. You can choose to wear pants in shades of green and a salmon colored blouse. This combination is unexpected and draws a lot of attention.

blusa color salmon

Source: Unsplash

Salmon color in pastry

If none of the above alternatives is to your liking, because what you are really looking for is to know how to make the salmon color in chantilly, don’t worry! Follow these steps to achieve the salmon tone in your preparations:

Pour 1/4 cup of cream or meringue in a bowl.
Dip a toothpick in the red edible food coloring.
Dip another toothpick in yellow food coloring.
Mix the two toothpicks into the cream or meringue and blend until smooth.
Let stand for a couple of hours for the color to set and add small amounts of red or yellow to adjust the salmon color as needed.
Once you have it ready, write down how much you used to achieve the ideal shade of salmon, and you’re ready to use it in your preparations!

como hacer color salmon en pasteleria

Source: Unsplash

If you are still not satisfied with these possible combinations for salmon color, we recommend you to visit Coolors, a page where you can generate random color palettes to create unique color combinations and explore palettes in shades of salmon color.

now you have all the information you need to know how to make salmon, salmon pastel and salmon coral. Next time you’re wondering what color goes with salmon, just come back to this notecard

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