How to say goodbye in an email? +30 examples to leave your personal stamp

How to say goodbye in an email without using the classic phrases”; this is an excellent question, since we are used to reading short and common farewells at the end of an email. In fact, when was the last time you read the phrase “best regards” in your emails? we’re sure it was recently!

While the final words are the email phrases we read the least, this is not due to a lack of attention, but rather that most are formal farewells that are so overused that it’s not a novelty to see them.

And since we want you to extend and strengthen your professional image, in this article, we give you 30 ways to say goodbye in an email in case you run out of ideas for your emails, formal and informal letters .

So, are you ready to surprise your recipient with your creativity and unique writing style? Check out the following sentences to end an email.

why is saying goodbye in an email important?

Simply put, learning how to say goodbye in an email is relevant because it allows us to strengthen the relationship we have with our collaborators, managers, prospects and clients.

Surely, more than once you have exchanged cordial farewells where the classic “Greetings” appears by inertia; even, that phrase is included as part of the text of the “Autocomplete” function if you have a Gmail. So, at this point, it’s pretty predictable.

While using formal farewells in emails doesn’t demonstrate inefficiency in your workday, you always have the opportunity to change the routine with a way to say goodbye that is innovative and includes positive, fresh and creative messages.

For example, you had a successful meeting with a prospective client and you both agreed to exchange e-mails in order to resolve questions before signing an agreement. You decide to initiate the conversation and end your formal email with the following phrase: “I hope you have a successful week”.

Sounds very different from “Greetings” or “Sincerely,” doesn’t it? This is one of the phrases to end a formal email that will help you look more friendly and approachable in front of your customer.

Remember that the way you deal with your stakeholders is key to building a good brand image and, for that, email goodbyes are a good way to start. But, how else can you benefit from innovative email goodbyes? We’ll tell you in a moment.

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Benefits of being creative with email goodbyes

According to HubSpot, employing personalized goodbye phrases for your reader generates a positive impact on your communication, as you show interest in their response and encourage the conversation to continue.

In addition, if you are looking to improve your first impression, apart from learning how to say goodbye in an email, Canva recommends incorporating your personal signature in your emails, as this is also “an essential element to be remembered by your client with your service or brand”.

Because we are social beings, messages, even goodbye phrases in an email, reinforce our spoken words or vice versa. Moreover, empathizing communication with customers or collaborators allows us to understand their needs, emotions and frustrations.

That’s why it’s important to have a creative farewell sentence so that the communication in your emails has a fresh approach and is focused on your reader’s interest.

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Goodbye phrases in a formal email

Knowing what to say goodbye in an email is not something complex, but sometimes it requires some creativity. To help you with that task, we put together this list of general phrases that will serve as a wildcard when you have to answer an email and you have no idea what you can include in the closing (and do not have the desire or time to think much).

Find out how to say goodbye in an email in a general way with these phrases:

1. “Have a successful day!”

This goodbye in a mailer has an air of enthusiasm and freshness that stands in contrast to traditional messages like “Best regards.” Moreover, you can use it with clients, collaborators or more recent contacts, i.e., it lends itself to all audiences!

2. “Have a great start to the week”

Knowing how to say goodbye in an email is to convey a positive message to wish our contact a successful work week, while consolidating a personal and professional connection with them.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the email phrases that you have to include in your list of goodbyes if you are looking to know how to end a formal or informal email.

3. “Thank you for your support and collaboration in the [project].”

While it is a farewell in a very formal email, this sentence stands out for its personalized nuance. It’s also a way of acknowledging the recipient’s support for your company’s activities.

4. “I look forward to getting more details on the [problem, project, etc.]”

This is an excellent email farewell, as it demonstrates the commitment you have as a professional to contribute to the solution of a problem or any other work issue in your work environment.

Also, this email farewell phrase reflects the interest and listening skills you possess. Use it to close with a flourish an important email that you want to hear about soon.

5. “I look forward to starting the [project] with you!”

Work environments allow us to interact with one or more people and learn about diverse points of view that enrich our experience. If you’re about to start a project with a client, contact or colleague, employing email phrases with powerful words like these is certainly motivating.

So, add it to your wildcard list on “how to say goodbye in an email”!

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6. “I wish you much success for the [project, event, etc.]”

Knowing how to say goodbye in a work email is quite an art, especially, if you want to imbue your positive energies and the quality of person you are in the message.

Therefore, if you have been interacting with your client, prospect or collaborator for a long time and you know that they will soon have an event or participation, send them a farewell message full of encouragement and motivation like this one.

7. “Thank you for the [meeting, call, video call, etc.] of [day].”

Remember that it’s important to keep a good impression of your business meetings with your clients. With this farewell sentence in an email, you will emphasize that there is a cordial and fruitful collaboration.

8. “Thank you for your consideration, I hope you have a great start of the week.”

To know how to say goodbye in an email in a correct and friendly way, analyze this example. This phrase conveys cordiality, trust and good wishes, therefore, it is perfect after closing a work agreement.

9. “All my thanks for the [work done, extra support, etc.]”

If you find yourself in charge of an area, it’s important to acknowledge your team’s work whenever you can. Therefore, learning how to say goodbye in an email will be essential to let your team know that you value their actions .

This action will reinforce your team’s motivation, so you will always count on their support to achieve the company’s goals.

10. “Anyway, I appreciate [the document, the information, the time, etc.] We’ll be in touch.”

Learn how to say goodbye in an email by highlighting the action the recipient took with you. Also, seal that interaction with a friendly phrase that demonstrates that email communication is available to resolve any further concerns.

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Enthusiastic phrases to say goodbye in an email

To learn how to say goodbye in an email in an enthusiastic way, take note of these exciting phrases to close your message in a more human, memorable and empathetic way.

1. “Happy Friday! Wishing you a spectacular weekend!”

Adding words like “spectacular” to our formal email goodbyes totally differs from the classic “thank you very much” phrases we usually employ.

Use this farewell in a work email if you already have a longer professional connection with your client or contact. Besides, who doesn’t love Fridays?

2. “Thank you for the opportunity to exchange ideas for [project], have a successful week!”

who doesn’t love a little assertive feedback in a farewell in an email? This phrase contains a personalized, human and empathetic thank you .

What’s more, the addition of well wishes strengthens the connection with the client or collaborator. don’t forget these details to know how to say goodbye in a work email!

3. “It’s been nice chatting with a colleague [movie lover, music fan, etc.]”

Discover how to say goodbye in a work email using messages related to the most personal preferences or commonalities you have with your client.

This demonstrates a relationship of complicity and professional friendship.

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4. “Hope you enjoy [prospect’s hobby] this weekend, success!”

These parting words are more family-related, so we recommend you use them with clients, collaborators or colleagues with whom you have a higher degree of trust .

And just like the farewell message for mail we showed you before, this one also demonstrates an interest that goes beyond the professional sphere and focuses on the more human side.

5. “I send you positive energy for this beginning of the week.”

how to say goodbye in a work email without falling into extreme formality? If you have to send an email at the beginning of the week, send assertive energy to your client or collaborator to make him feel motivated, because there is an idea that Mondays tend to be complicated .

it never hurts to have a positive vibe! That’s why it’s a good idea to use ways of saying goodbye in an email that are capable of freeing the recipient, for a few seconds, from the routine.

6. “Nice chatting with you!”

This is a way of saying goodbye in an email that summarizes very well the pleasure of having interacted for a few minutes with the collaborator, customer or supplier with whom you are communicating.

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Phrases to say goodbye in work emails

According to Universia, having a higher degree of empathy in professional environments generates effects that benefit workers and the company, such as increased productivity.

A message that is aligned with a communication and that encourages work motivation is the best way to say goodbye in an email. Here are some examples:

1. “Have a productive week!”

Use this friendlier mail farewell if you don’t know your future client very well and want to avoid messages that sound too informal.

2. “Don’t forget you can write to me if you have any questions.”

If you had a call or video call with your future client and it’s time to email them about some agreement or documents to review, this parting message of a mailer shows professionalism and interest.

3. “Don’t hesitate to write to me, remember I am here to help you with whatever you need.”

Just like the previous example of goodbye in mail, this message is also focused on showing interest to our contact, client or supplier, etc. Therefore, it is perfect if you have no idea how to end a formal email.

These formal but personalized goodbyes convey support and are much friendlier than a “thank you”.

4. “Thank you for the opportunity to work this [project] together.”

Learning how to say goodbye in an email allows us to generate personal and work connections with our clients, contacts or prospects, while reinforcing assertive group communication.

Also, remember that, as a professional in constant learning, it is always wonderful to increase our teamwork experiences. Therefore, it is important that you know new ways to say goodbye in a mail to show your interest.

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5. “Share my greetings and congratulations to your [collaborators, peers, colleagues, etc.]”

With this farewell email message you reaffirm your commitment and professional relationship with your contact or collaborator, as well as with the entire team. We recommend you use this message if you are communicating with an area manager or with a client who is in charge of more people who have also been involved in your project .

Recognizing that all team members are important to achieve the company’s goals will undoubtedly improve your coworkers’ view of you. So, if you are in this situation, write down this sentence so you know how to end an email in an empathetic way.

6. “May you have successful sales.”

Reading this farewell message at the beginning of a week or at any time of the day, promotes positive energy, but, above all, it will fill your recipient with enthusiasm. Just what a person needs to be motivated and achieve their goals.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to add this message to your list of goodbye phrases for email.

7. “Thank you in advance for [requested].”

If you are the one who initiates an email conversation asking for information, a document or any other file, it is important that you are polite when making such a request.

Remember that the person in question will have to take a break from his or her activities to respond to the request. Of course, if you show your attentiveness -for example, with this e-mail farewell- we are sure that the addressee will feel more willing to help you. You may even receive the information sooner than expected.

that’s the magic of learning how to say goodbye in a polite mail!

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Farewell phrases for entrepreneur emails

As an entrepreneur, it’s very important to showcase your personal brand in a goodbye email. Whether you’re composing an email to offer services or contact clients and prospects, it’s key that you take care of the details in your communications, from email signature phrases to a professional photo in your profile.

To make your job a little easier, here are some examples of how to say goodbye in a business email:

1. “Do not hesitate to write to me, remember that I am here to help you with whatever you need”.

This goodbye in an email is focused on showing interest to our contact, client, supplier, etc. It is perfect if you have no idea how to end an email.

In addition, these formal but personalized goodbyes convey support and are much friendlier than a “thank you” or “best regards”.

2. “Remember that you can count on me for any queries”.

This phrase serves to reiterate to your contact that their opinion is valuable and that, as a professional, you are willing to help them achieve their goals and objectives.

As you can see, the farewell of an e-mail says a lot about your professional profile. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use this sentence.

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3. “Happy to address your inquiries about the [project, event, etc.], write to me with confidence.”

Undoubtedly, this farewell in an email will replace the “At your service”, giving it a fresher, creative and, above all, active listening air towards our prospects, clients or colleagues.

Today more than ever, feeling listened to or read in such a fast-paced and digital world is really motivating. With this farewell sentence in an email you will be able to achieve that impact.

4. “I look forward to hearing from you soon about [project, event]. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.”

how to say goodbye in an email without completely closing the dialogue? If a few days or hours before you closed a business deal, you should use this email farewell to communicate interest in the news to come .

5. “Best wishes for a successful presentation of the [project, event, etc.]. we’ll be in touch!”

If you use this farewell in an email, keep in mind that it is advisable to maintain a close working and professional relationship with your client, collaborator and supplier, so that you are informed and aware of industry-related activities.

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Phrases to end informal emails

Every once in a while you will have to send an email that has nothing to do with work. In those cases, how about using some creative phrases to say goodbye by mail?

1. “May the force be with you”

The popular Star Wars phrase can be a great idea of how to say goodbye in a mail, as it shows the human and sympathetic side of your personality. Plus, it goes great if you know the recipient is a fan of George Lucas’ saga.

2. “Have a great Monday (and don’t let the routine take us away)!”

Many times, Monday is considered the heaviest day. So, to learn how to say goodbye in an email and lift the recipient’s mood, the main thing is to give a more human approach to the message .

We recommend using this way of ending an email with someone with whom you have a friendly relationship or with a person with whom you have interacted often.

3. “Let’s go all out!”

This email parting sentence can also be classified as an enthusiastic message for your emails. It is a way to greet your recipient and send them energy to continue with their work, routine, project, etc.

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4. “May luck be always on your side!”

This phrase is a nod to the movie Hunger Games and, like the Star Wars phrase, shows a fun, human side of your personality.

If you want to be a pro at knowing how to say goodbye in a post with offbeat phrases, take note of this example.

5. “See you later, alligator.”

If you have a lot of trust with the recipient, you can add famous phrases as an email farewell. This example is a well-known saying in the United States and means something like “see you later, alligator”.

You can also use other email farewell phrases such as “au revoir”, “sayonara” or some other word from your favorite language.

6. “Hasta la vista, baby.”

Of course, we couldn’t fail to mention this very popular phrase. While you should only use it in very informal emails with friends or family, it is still a good example of how to say goodbye in an email in a very nice way .

7. “Namaste.”

If you know your recipient well and you know that he is linked to the spiritual world, be sure that this way of saying goodbye in an email will delight him. It should be noted that this word of Sanskrit origin can be used as a greeting and farewell, in addition, it has different meanings. Therefore, this depends on the context.

Usually, in yoga classes “namaste” has a connotation of gratitude, as it is always said after the practice. So, you can also adapt this word to turn it into a way of saying goodbye in an email to show gratitude.

Remember that the phrases we share with you to know how to say goodbye in an email can be adapted to the different contexts in which you interact with your customers, suppliers, collaborators, colleagues, or even if you want to contact a friend of yesteryear.

Fabián Moncada, publicist and teacher of the course, explains that “anyone can speak, but not everyone knows how to communicate (…) People with communication skills are more successful in the labor, social and personal fields”.

We hope that with these creative messages to know how to say goodbye in an email, you can personalize your farewell, but, above all, connect with your customers. According to Hubspot, “at a time when people’s attention spans are shrinking by the day, every line of your message should have a positive impact”.

Luckily, you already have more than 30 phrases at hand to finish an email and impress your colleagues. Now, if you want to further enhance your development, don’t hesitate to check out our catalog of comprehensive communication courses to strengthen your soft communication skills.

see you soon!

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