How to set timer on Instagram for photos and stories without missing unique moments?

You can’t deny me! In some fantastic and unique moment you couldn’t capture a great photo, video or story because you didn’t know how to set timer on Instagram, right?

Yes, I know, it’s frustrating, but relax! You’re not the only one: we’ve all been there. The important thing is that you made it to this post, because that can’t happen again! That’s why we compiled for you some tricks for you to learn how to set timer on your Instagram camera to take photos or videos hands-free, but if you want, you can also activate the timer on Instagram Stories

I assure you that you’ll never miss those wonderful content ideas for your Instagram again, so let’s go for it!

does Instagram have a timer?

That’s a good question, and the answer is: “yes, but no”. Let me explain: by default, Instagram only has a built-in timer option for Instagram stories in video format, but not for photos.

For the latter case, there are alternatives (tricks) with third-party applications that help you to set a timer on Instagram. Here we will show you one that will help you to set a timer on Instagram on both Android and iPhone.

Timer for photos on Instagram

Before starting, it is important that you know very well what Instagram Stories are and how they work. once you master all its interface, you will be more than ready to use the tricks we are going to teach you.

now it’s time! The time has come to teach you how to set timer on Instagram to take photos. as we mentioned, officially there is no option to take photos on Instagram without hands. For this, you will need to use an app to set timer on Instagram called “Automatic Clicks”, which you will find in your Play Store.

App Clics Automáticos

Source: screenshot

When you open this app that will serve us to set the timer to the Instagram camera, you will need to grant it some permissions so that it can work. To do this, follow these steps: click <Grant> and, in settings, activate <Draw on top of other apps>.


Configuración de App Clics Automáticos

Source: screenshot

Afterwards, when you return to the previous menu, you must click on the <Start> button, which will take you to your <Accessibility> settings. In the <Downloaded Services> section, you will need to locate the Automatic Clicks application, which will do the timer function in the Instagram camera, and activate it, as shown in the image:

Clics Automáticos

Source: capture

After finishing with the corresponding permissions, we are going to configure the Instagram camera timer for photos, setting the time we are going to take to pose and that the app will click and take the photo.

You go to <Start multi lens mode> settings.
Click on <Start delay>.
And you set the time it will take you to position yourself to give your best angle. For this example, we will set 5 seconds.

Clics Automáticos Retraso Inicio

Source: screenshot

The next important step is to remove the <Final Delay>, which by default you are going to find at 25 milliseconds; you should remove it and set it to zero.

Clics Automáticos Retraso Final

Source: screenshot

NOTE: all other options are left as is.

In this way, you go back to the main menu and press the <Activate multi-target mode> button. Immediately, the app, to set timer on Instagram, will show you how it is and how the menu works to use the automatic click.

Menú de App Clics Automáticos

Source: screenshot

Finally, by hitting <Skip>, you will find the menu floating on your phone’s interface. The next thing will be to go to Instagram Stories as if you were going to upload a story and, with the menu on the camera, hit the cross option. This will launch a circle with a cross on the screen, which you must place on the button to take Instagram photos, located at the bottom, as shown in the image.

The last step is to press play and the app to set the timer on Instagram will start counting the 5 seconds we set before taking the photo.

important! Once the capture is ready, you must immediately stop the application. Otherwise, the click will continue to do its function, as if you were holding your finger on the screen.

Temporizador para fotos de Instagram

Source: screenshot

and that’s it! You’ve learned how to take photos on Instagram with timer. Best of all, with this app you will also be able to take photos on Instagram with filters and you will know how to set timer on Instagram for boomerang and selfies



Timer in Instagram Stories

The timer in Instagram Stories in the app is called ‘Free Hands’ and you place it on the right side of your Instagram camera, as you can see in the following image:

Temporizador en Instagram Stories

Source: capture

To activate the timer for Instagram stories just tap <Hands Free> to record a video without having to hold down any buttons.

You should note that the timer in Instagram Stories will record up to four stories of a single video, all with a duration of 15 seconds. In other words, at the end you will have a one-minute video split into four parts, as shown in the image below

Temporizador en Instagram

Source: capture

Once you finish recording, the timer for Instagram stories will give you the option to check how the video turned out before publishing. This way, you can save each video individually or discard the one you want. When you are sure, just click <Next> and finish the publishing process

Countdown timer for Instagram stories

Finally, I bring you a ‘bonus track’, considering that there is another tool that they also often call Instagram stories timer, which has nothing to do with capturing photos and videos.

This is one of the 15 stickers you can choose from for your Instagram Stories, as detailed by Instagram Helpdesk. With it you can create a countdown that will be showing in a dynamic and fun way how much time is left until a specific event arrives: your birthday, the date of a big sweepstakes or an Instagram Live, the opening of a new product or store, and so on.

Imagine the possibilities and everything you could do with this countdown and a good pack of Instagram stories to promote products. It’s just a matter of letting your creativity fly.

The countdown timer in Instagram stories can be found on the smiley face sticker icon at the top of the stories menu that appears once you have selected the photo or video you are going to publish.

cuenta regresiva para historias de Instagram

Source: screenshot

Next, in the Instagram countdown box you will have to set the date of the expected day and, in addition, set how long you want to set this publication in your stories: whether for the whole day (24 hours) or until a certain date. For our example, we are going to set December 24 as the special date.

As a final touch, you only need to name your countdown. In our case we will name it “Christmas”. Before publishing, how about accompanying this Christmas countdown with a nice Christmas carol? For that you’ll have to learn how to put music on Instagram stories.

cuenta regresiva de Instagram

Source: capture

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