what is shadowban on TikTok and how to avoid it so as not to damage your account?


are you afraid of becoming invisible on TikTok? Knowing what is shadowban in TikTok is important if you don’t want your views to start decreasing.

All social networks in the world, even if they identify themselves as a space of free opinion, have different functions to keep control over what users share. Therefore, when they detect a violation of the rules of digital coexistence, they apply the shadowbanned sanction.

So, just as you have to know what is shadowban on Twitter to be able to continue expressing your ideas in a few lines, and you should learn about Instagram’s shadowban to avoid unexpected sanctions, it is also very important that you know what is shadowban on TikTok to be able to continue enjoying its musical challenges without problems.

do you feel something is wrong with TikTok, let’s find out what’s wrong!

what is shadowban in TikTok?

TikTok shadowban is a feature, practically invisible to the average user, that is activated when the platform detects suspicious content. In other words, shadowban on TikTok exists as a “temporary ban on the network as a consequence of a breach of established rules for the entire online community,” according to the scientific media outlet called Citeia.

established norms? Yes! It is very likely that, under the excitement of inaugurating your new TikTok account, you have not paid attention to the regulations where, among other things, the rules acting under shadowban operations on TikTok are mentioned.

They also make it clear that the app is not obliged to notify you that your account has fallen into this situation or what the particular reasons were for what happened. However, there are some causes of shadowban on TikTok that can be predicted.

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what are the possible reasons for shadowban?

It is very likely that, when you go into details about what is shadowban on TikTok, two or three reasons pop up in your head, but, to your surprise, the possibilities are practically countless .

Therefore, in case you detect a very unusual activity on your account, besides suspecting that you have entered the dreaded TikTok shadow banning, you should know that the platform did it to protect itself from the following threats :

Banned videos – As it happens in almost all social networks, no user is enabled to share multimedia material that includes nudity or similar content.
Non-copyrighted videos – Day by day, shadowbanned is applied on hundreds of accounts that were created to commit the infringement of sharing third-party content.
Illegal videos – The music challenge social network is very strict, therefore, upon detecting content that goes against a Law, it immediately applies the shadowban on the TikTok video.
Poor quality videos – If the material you share has poor lighting, it is likely that “TikTok will not be able to detect if there is any element that is not illegal and will shadowban it just in case,” according to media outlet Writeres.

what happens to your account if it gets shadowbanned?

As you can interpret, the list of reasons that can trigger what is shadowbanned on TikTok is very varied. Therefore, the consequences will not be the same if the function was triggered by content that breaks a government law, or by having a low quality of lighting.

TikTok’s staff has the mission to make a detailed analysis of the videos on your account and determine the consequences of shadowbanning. what can happen to your account in that period? The following:

You will be enabled to share videos but it is very likely that the number of reproductions will be very low or that, directly, it will never move from zero.
Other users will have difficulty finding your account name, i.e. TikTok will change algorithms to prevent others from locating you easily.
If it is confirmed that the content actually breaks all the terms and conditions, what started as a simple shadowban on your TikTok account, may end up in a user deletion .

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can you tell how long a TikTok shadowban lasts?

Well, now that you know what shadowban on TikTok is, you must be wondering how long this punishment lasts. However, to your bad luck, the answer is that there is no set duration .

According to the comments of whose accounts fell into what is shadowban on TikTok, it is dated that there are people who have not had views on their videos for 10 days; however, in other cases, situations were recorded where the hiding of the material was maintained for several months .

TikTok has more than 800 million monthly active users and is available in almost every country in the world; therefore, TikTok shadowban time on an account depends on the following factors:

Age of the account to be analyzed.
Number of videos that have been flagged as suspicious.
The level of severity, in the case that any rules of coexistence have been broken.
The country where the account that remains under shadowbanned status is registered.

Recommendations to remove shadowban in TikTok

At this point of the article, if it was clear to you what shadowban in TikTok is, you also have in mind that completely removing this censorship is a decision exclusive to the mobile application. However, there are a number of activities that you can implement to reduce the shadow ban time.

1. Remove suspicious content

If you characterize yourself as a fanatical TikTok user and enjoy the app for several hours a day, it is very likely that, when faced with a shadowbanned situation, you will immediately notice a drop in the number of views on the content you share.

So… What is one of the best strategies to put into practice in such a moment? In addition to learning about what shadowban is on TikTok, you can start a personal investigation from your profile to determine which video(s) might have caused the penalty.

Once you identify them… We recommend you to delete them without mercy! It doesn’t matter if it’s the video with the most likes on your entire profile because, if you decide to preserve it, learning how to remove shadowban on TikTok will be more complicated.

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2. Configure your TikTok account

In addition to removing suspicious videos, other tasks you can complete to reduce the time of shadowban operations on TikTok, is to make a total reconfiguration of your account, through the following steps:

Without opening TikTok, go to your smartphone’s settings.
Locate the “apps” option and enter it.
Find the TikTok app, a victim of shadowbanned, and tap the screen on the login option.
Click on ” Clear Cache Data” and, if necessary, also click on “Force Close” .

by completing all the above instructions will you be guaranteed that the shadowban on TikTok will stop completely? No! There are chances that following these steps will work, but as we already explained, the final decision is made by the app’s authorities .

Anyway, there is one more strategy you can use. Although it doesn’t guarantee you a resounding success in putting a stop to the shadowban on TikTok, you can be encouraged to uninstall the app, as long as you take the following precautions:

Make sure you have, in your smartphone’s image gallery, a copy of the videos you don’t want to lose.
Prior to the uninstallation process, confirm that there is no material left in the drafts folder.
Take note of your username and password because, when you reinstall the application, it is very likely that you will be asked for the above mentioned data.
When the uninstallation is finished, you can restart your smartphone and wait 10 minutes before reinstalling TikTok.
Do not repeat the process, even if the shadowban operations on TikTok are still present on your account.

Finally, if you still have doubts about configuration tasks… We recommend our online courses on social networks, so that you can lose your fear in a matter of minutes!

3. be patient!

After discovering how to go out in For you in Tik Tok, it is likely that your passion for the videos of the application are in permanent increase, but, if you are unlucky enough to fall into the hands of what is shadowban in TikTok… Try to control your emotions!

Making hasty decisions, just for the sake of trying to recover the amount of reproductions that you are used to have in your videos, represents an unnecessary risk that can generate very bad consequences on your material. Therefore, take advantage of the shadowbanned situation to take a break from TikTok.

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Searching for information and learning about what shadowban is on TikTok is a task that every user should complete. It doesn’t matter if you have 5.5 million followers or you just opened your account, no one is exempt from going through the situation of censorship on their videos. The best thing to do is to be well prepared!

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