how to free up space on your cell phone? your files will no longer be a burden!


It is likely that you have ever wondered:how to free up space on my cell phone? That is a constant doubt in the lives of many people, since the use of the smartphone transcends entertainment and is a work tool. For this reason you should know how to delete unnecessary files from your device and keep your storage space as free as possible.

did you get the “memory full” notification just when you wanted to install that app on your phone? did you delete photos and videos and still can’t install anything? If you want to free up space on your cell phone, keep in mind that the photos we take every day (or the ones we receive), the videos we save, and even the applications we download and never use, could be filling up your memory space without you noticing it.

Fortunately, this has a solution. In this article, we share with you some tricks to free up space Android and iOS, so pay attention and learn how to free up space on a phone. stop using apps in Lite versions!

Here are some of the ways you can free up space on your cell phone. let’s get started!

1. Delete apps

The first alternative to the question of how to free up cell phone space is more common than you might think and you just need to sit down and make a big decision. If you have a full internal cell phone memory, a quick and easy way to free it up is by deleting the apps you no longer use. how to do it?

For both Android and iOS there is a different modality but, as it could not be otherwise, we will see both types of modalities:

Free up space on Android

Go to Google Play > Apps and games > Uninstall the apps you want to delete.

Free space on iPhone

For iOS, go to the main menu > Tap and hold the app you want to delete > Tap delete.

2. Disable factory apps

Surely it happens to you that you not only have a pile of apps that you downloaded several years ago, or for a special purpose, but also occupy space on your phone all those applications that come directly from the factory. And, if they are not the ones that make your operating system work, it is possible to delete them!

In the case of iOS, what you have to do is to position yourself on them in the main menu and press with your finger for a long time. This will make the applications “shake” and they will be ready to be deleted. Some alternatives to free up space on your cell phone are:

Apple tv

In the case of android, disabling the factory apps is a little more laborious, as you must enter one by one and click on the “Disable” option if you consider it necessary. now they will disappear from your desktop and will not consume more resources in your storage!

Source: Pexeles

3. Upload your files to a cloud

Beyond the cell phone you have, a great way to free up space on Android or iOS is to move your photos and/or videos to a cloud.

Acloud is known as the paid or free storage that a digital company provides for users. Let’s say that this name is a metaphor for the Internet because this storage space works just like the hard drive, only now the files are in the Internet cloud.

The videos, photos or files you want can be saved in the cloud and, in this way, you can free up space on the cell phone.

According to Tech Radar, some of the apps you should consider to store your files in the cloud and free up space on your phone are:

Microsoft OneDrive.

Google Drive.


iCloud+ (only for Apple device users).

Any of the alternatives you choose will be a great option when it comes to solving how to free up space on your cell phone. All you have to do is configure your device so that all the files, or the ones you want, are stored in the cloud.

Of course, you must be very careful when configuring the settings to free up space on the cell phone in the future, but also in the present. You will surely have to move some files and select folders that will go directly to your cloud.

Alternative to the cloud

If you still don’t trust storing your files in the cloud, or maybe you prefer to keep all your memories in a drawer, we have an option to free up space on your phone! Download those photos and videos that you don’t want to lose, but don’t need to have so close at hand, to an external hard drive.

This way, you have the total security of accessing these files whenever you need them, without them being a hindrance to your daily life.

Source: Pexels

4. Change WhatsApp settings

As a third option, rather than a method to free up space on your cell phone, we bring you a preventive measure, which as you know is better safe than sorry.

Surely you have a lot of fun with the memes you receive daily by WhatsApp. However, if you do not configure the app correctly, it will be difficult to free up space on your cell phone. What you should do is configure WhatsApp so that photos and/or videos are not saved automatically.

how to save space on Android? Simple:

Open WhatsApp > More options > Settings > Chats > Turn off Media file visibility.

If you’re wondering how to free up space on iPhone, it’s similar:

Open WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Turn off Save to Photos.

Source: APPerlas

5. Clear the cache

Cache can also be a silent – very silent – reason for having your phone’s internal memory full. Fortunately, it is extremely easy to free up space on your phone.

Clear cache on Android

If you’re wondering how to free up space on Android, here’s how it works:

For Android (selective option) > Settings > Apps > Select what you want to delete > Click Clear cache.

For Android (global option) > Settings > Storage > Cached data.

Delete cache on iOS

To clear cache in iOS you need to follow the steps below:

For iOS > Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Delete app. Once the app is deleted, reinstall it to have it without cache.

If you have an iPhone, here’s how to clear Safari cache and then how to clear app cache.

Settings > Safari > Scroll down and click Clear website history and data > Tap Clear history and data.

Source: Download Source

6. Manage your download folder

It’s time to review the oldest method to free up space on your cell phone, it is definitely the longest to perform but it definitely brings its benefits. For it allows you to control in great detail which files you leave and which ones you delete from your device.

To avoid having your Android’s internal storage full, we recommend you to enter the Downloads folder and delete the files you don’t need (believe us: there are some that you won’t even know why they are on your phone). You’ll find photos, videos and even documents that you surely downloaded to open at some point. Follow these steps:

Enter the My Files app > Downloads > Select the files you want to delete > Click Delete.

Another great way to manage this folder is to directly change the destination of the downloads, so far, we know it works on Android and in the following way: what you must achieve is that your downloads are made directly on the Micro SD card. So you can free up space on your cell phone! are you wondering how to do it? We offer you these options:

Set the automatic location of your downloads from Chrome and choose “SD card”.
Configure Chrome to ask where you want to save your downloads when you make them. And, of course, choose to do it on your SD card.

On the other hand, if you do not want to have the storage of your iOS device full, you can free up space on the phone by reviewing the photos in your camera roll to see if you have a repeat (for example, if you usually take several selfies the same) or something temporary that you really want to delete.

7. Download an app to free up space

An alternative and very effective option is to use applications to free up space on your cell phone. Just as there are applications to make videos with photos, there are also others that help you get more storage space.

There are some very convenient and others that you will have to purchase the Premium mode to access them, but they all help you to get more storage space.

The most important apps to free up space on your cell phone are the following:

A. Google Files

With this app you can free up space on your cell phone. The Internet giant and developer of Android itself, Google, has created an application that will help you in this task of freeing up space on Android.

The application can quickly check, search and transfer files from the phone. In addition, it allows you to create a backup in the cloud, with this you can free up space on Android in a couple of minutes.

According to the developers themselves, the idea of using Files is “to have enough memory and keep the phone running smoothly”. Among its virtues, we find that the same app is responsible for sending you “a message periodically to remove unwanted or temporary files, and recover space immediately”.

You can download this application to free up space on your cell phone on Google Play.

B. CCleaner

With this app you will have more speed, space and memory for free. CCleaner is one of the most popular apps for freeing up memory on Android. It is very easy to use, you can delete junk files, analyze storage and monitor system status.

In addition, CCleaner allows you to see the impact of apps on system resources and how much data they consume. If you wanted to know how to free up space on your phone, this app does it almost automatically.

You can download this app to free up space on Android directly from Google Play.

Source: Unsplash

C. Smart Cleaner

This application is available for Android and iOS. It is developed by Smart Mobile and has a very friendly and effective appearance. With this app you can delete the cache and junk files to free up space on your phone.

In addition, it has “Memory Booster”, which is a system accelerator for the cell phone, since it frees up RAM memory. Smart Cleaner is a good alternative if you want an application to free up phone memory.

Best of all, it is available both in Google Play and in the App Store.

D. SD Maid

This is one of the apps to free up space on your cell phone that you will learn to love. Being as it is one of the veterans in this of data freeing, you will be surprised by all the features that this tool puts at your disposal.

the best thing about this app? You’ll be able to free up space on your cell phone… without a bunch of buttons and ads everywhere! This application specializes directly in locating traces of uninstalled applications in your phone’s storage (which, yes, also consume a lot of information without you noticing it).

Through this app to free up space on your phone you can do the following actions:

Delete waste and unnecessary system files.

Clear cache of different applications.

Optimize databases.

Search for duplicate files.

Investigate storage space usage (and, thus, know where it is going).

Now, we have good news and bad news. Let’s go with the good news and that is… it’s a free app! However, the bad news is that you must buy the Pro version, if you really want to get the full potential of this tool.

You will find this app directly for download on Google Play.

Source: Pexels

E. Norton Clean

If what you are interested in is getting an application with which you can not only free up space by deleting files, but also empty elements such as heavy apps or the cache memory of your device, then Norton Clean is just what you need.

This platform is very easy to use, as well as being safe, useful and powerful. A perfect combo that will come in handy to keep you from running out of storage on your cell phone.

Just by starting this application to free up space on your phone, you will see the amount of “junk” files and documents that are available to be deleted. You can also see all the space you will save by doing so. a real marvel!

Likewise, you will also have the option to optimize the memory of your mobile device and, of course, uninstall applications in a totally safe way and without any type of advertising.

Don’t miss this opportunity and get this app to get rid of all unnecessary material on your Android device. You will find it, of course, on Google Play.

F. All-In-One Toolbox

This is another of the most popular options, if you are interested in freeing up space on your cell phone. And not only that, it has several tools that will make your life easier with your device.

what kind of actions can we perform with All-In-One Toolbox? Beyond freeing up space on your device, with this application you will be able to do the following:

Delete junk files.

Clean all the cache of your applications.

Stop those tasks that are running in the background.

Free up your phone’s memory and speed up your device.

Manage your applications and manage your files.

Block apps and advertising, as well as verify permissions.

Possibility to schedule tasks, automatic cache cleaning, implement silent mode on your phone, as well as airplane mode or activation/deactivation of the Wi-FI device.

Extend battery life.

You literally have a multi-purpose tool at hand. you can do anything you want! It even has a flashlight and compass, something totally unrelated to freeing up space on your phone, but it helps you get back on track, no doubt about it.

where can you access this app to free up space on your phone? Well, in Google Play.

Source: Pexels

G. Droid Optimizer

In the same way as the previous application, All-In-One Toolbox, with Droid Optimizer you’ll have more options to optimize your phone’s performance than just freeing up space on your device.

Throughthis app to free up space you will have the possibility to administer and manage all the software that you have installed on your device, as well as to perform an automatic maintenance to your equipment. You organize the clutter of apps and improve the performance of your cell phone, what more can you ask for?

Speaking on the subject of privacy, we must highlight how Droid Optimizer is capable of getting rid of the traces we leave on the Internet, with which it is possible to violate your data and most private information. So if you want to avoid being spied on in the app, this is the solution.

This app not only frees up space on your device and protects your privacy. It also offers to help you with the battery issue, offering you a longer battery life and disabling functions, such as automatic connectivity of the cell phone in customized periods of time.

If you consider Droid Optimizer to be the solution, then run and download it from your nearest Google Play store

H. Clean & Master

Here we have one of those apps to free up space on your cell phone that are an all-in-one. With Clean & Master, you have at your disposal, not only a file cleanup tool, but also an optimized accelerator and… and even an antivirus for your device!

what exactly does Clean & Master offer you? We detail its main features below:

Junk file cleaner, eliminating waste, cache, obsolete apps or temporary files from your computer.

App manager, controlling the management of your software and eliminating those applications that you no longer use, in order to save more space.

Enhancer, through which you can free up RAM on your device, as well as clean background tasks. This will help your cell phone run much faster.

CPU Cooler, which will help you to locate overheated apps and stop them, in order to cool down the temperature of your device.

App locker, which protects your private information with an additional pattern password for sensitive apps, such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

One of the many “all in one” apps that we have obtained, especially for you. You will no longer have to constantly free up space on your cell phone and you will see how your phone will thank you. You can download it perfectly from Google Play.

Source: Pexels

I. Avast Cleanup

The popular antivirus also has a version for cleaning your computer and freeing up space on your cell phone, so you can consider it as a very valid option for recovering storage space.

The best thing is that, with just one movement, you’ll be able to eliminate those residual files that get in your way and the applications you don’t need. This way, you will optimize your device’s performance in no time!

It even has a special feature that you will appreciate: it has a cloud transfer function! This means that, in order to get more space on your phone, you can send important files to your favorite cloud storage system (such as Dropbox or Google Drive). this way you won’t lose valuable documents and clean up your device at the same time!

Tips, recommendations, application hibernation, automatic cleaning… An app to free up space that has multiple uses and will make you a satisfied user.

To download it, just go to Google Play and purchase this space freeing tool. what are you waiting for?

8. Format your cell phone

what if you not only want to free up space on your phone to install a few apps that caught your attention, but you want to completely free up your phone’s memory?

In case you want to make your phone as good as new, you only have one option: formatting. Although the word formatting is a bit scary, it is the best option to free up space on your phone in a hundred percent effective way.

Sometimes, even if we take care of deleting the cache and uninstalling the applications we do not use, there are traces and empty folders that detract from the performance of our equipment. The best option to free up space on a phone, and leave it as the first day you used it, is to restore the factory settings. To do this, here are two options:

A. Restore factory settings on Android

Depending on the Android version of your phone, the option labels may change name, but generally speaking, the procedure is the same for all phones.

First of all, make sure you have backed up the information you are interested in before freeing up space on the cell phone using the formatting method. Now, let’s see:

Enter the settings menu > System > Reset and reset > Restore factory data.

Another route to free up cell phone space, for older phones, is to enter the settings menu > General > Backup and reset > Restore factory data.

In case your phone already seems like a basket case, and you have no way to restore factory defaults, you can learn how to free up space on Android through Android recovery for phones.

Source: Nextpit

B. Restore factory settings on iPhone

For Apple fans we have good news, it is also possible to format and free up space on an iPhone phone! All it takes is a couple of spare minutes and following our directions.

As with our directions on how to free up space on Android, we recommend making sufficient backups to keep valuable information safe.

Enter the settings menu > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings > Erase iPhone.

By following this route, your phone will be ready for a new life. Sometimes we all deserve second chances, don’t you think?

Source: Apple Support

9. Delete empty folders

Although this way to free up space on the phone is only suitable for Android devices, it is very useful for those users who do not usually have habits of prevention in the use and storage of files.

Of course, you must be very careful with which folders you delete if you decide to do it manually, because there are four untouchable folders that you’d better ignore when it comes to freeing up space on your phone:


The reason is simple, they are responsible for turning on your device and for many of the functions of the operating system. If by some wrong move you delete them, you run the risk that your smartphone will no longer be the same as before. and the truth is that it is very tempting to free up space on the phone by deleting these folders because they are very heavy!

Step by step to delete empty folders

how to do it? First decide whether you will start it to free up space from PC or your cell phone, and then get to work!
To delete Android folders from your computer follow these steps:

Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
Select the folder and file transfer option on your cell phone.
Go to My Computer and browse all the contents of your phone.
Go to the internal memory.
Delete all folders that are empty and no longer useful.

Now, if you prefer to do it directly from the phone, this is the procedure to follow:

Select the storage location where the native files are hosted on your phone.
Once inside, choose the internal storage icon or the SD card storage.
Look for those folders that are empty and that you know are not being useful on your device.
Delete the empty folders and free up space on your phone with your own hands.

Delete empty folders with an app

As you can imagine, we will not leave anything to chance when it comes to solving how to free up space and that is why we recommend a series of specific applications for this task that will help you avoid possible catastrophes. Analyze which one suits you best and search for it on Google Play:

Empty Folder Cleaner
Folder Cleaner
New Empty Folder Cleaner

Source: Pexels

how do I know if I need to free up space on my cell phone?

There are several symptoms that warn us that we need to free up space on our cell phone. Sometimes we fill up with files that we do not need and take up memory in our cell phone. This causes our equipment to present some behaviors that are not normal.

In the following list you will find the common problems so that you know if you need to free up space on your cell phone.

1. Slow cell phone

One of the main warnings that indicate that we should free up space on the cell phone, is the processing speed.

When you reach the limits of your device, it takes longer than usual to open or skip an application. It is natural that you get used to your cell phone, so you will notice immediately when an application takes a long time to respond.

When you notice this, you should already be asking yourself, “how to free up space on my cell phone?”

2. You can’t install more applications

Another way to know if you need to free up space on Android or iOS is the installation of applications.

If you try to install an app and you get a warning that says it is not possible, you have already reached the limits of your device and it is urgent that you know how to free up space on your cell phone.

3. Unable to save or record videos

Logically, videos require more storage space than photos. Sometimes, when we want to download or record a video, the cell phone warns us that this is not possible because of “insufficient memory”.

This is another evidence that we need to free up space on our cell phone.

why is it important to free up space on my cell phone?

Freeing up space on the cell phone is becoming more and more necessary due to the appearance of more complex applications, since they demand more capacity on our phones.

Over the years, cell phones are becoming obsolete, and many people are looking for tricks to free up space on the cell phone and install their favorite apps, so one of the most frequent Google searches is always: how to free up space on my phone?

Cell phone manufacturers are developing more and more powerful devices so that you can enjoy all the apps available in the stores. However, many users install applications that saturate the device and then find themselves in the need to find how to free up space on the phone.

Even so, applications are not the only reason why your phone is like a turtle, so are the thousands of photos or videos that you store without realizing it. It’s simple, check your gallery right now and you will see that you have saved images that you could easily delete to free up space on your phone.

So, what happens with most devices? Well, due to applications, photos, and videos, they become saturated with information and their performance decreases.

If you googled “how to free space on my cell phone”, rest assured that you are part of a large community looking for the same thing!

A cell phone that works under normal conditions will be able to offer you optimal performance, and therefore, it will speed up all the tasks you want to accomplish with it. That is why it is important to free up space on your cell phone, so that it becomes a helpful tool and not the reason for your headaches.

Source: Freestocks

Benefits of freeing up space on your cell phone

Having a cell phone free of unnecessary information will help you exploit the full potential of your tool. But is that the only advantage?

Discover the benefits of freeing up space on your cell phone:

1. Correct functioning of the equipment

When we buy a device we look at the processor speed, RAM and storage capacity to avoid constantly freeing the phone memory.

These specifications can give us a device with good performance as long as we do not force the capacity of the cell phone. By freeing up space on the phone, you can fully enjoy the processing speed you have purchased.

2. Take advantage of the cell phone’s internal storage

Another element we always consider when buying a device is the camera. can you imagine having a super camera in your cell phone and not having the capacity to store images? Although the size occupied by a photo is not much, a couple of thousand photos can generate the need to free up space on the cell phone.

When you have finished freeing up space on your cell phone, you can have internal space available to save the most important photos and install the applications you want so much. Remember, not all images are important, so there are many that you can delete.

3. Reduce stress

have you ever felt stress or annoyance every time you got the “memory full” notification? If you learn how to free up space on your cell phone, this alert will be a thing of the past and you will no longer have to stop installing an app or say you can’t take pictures because your memory is full.

If you are a content creator and you are looking for “how to free up space on my phone” (either to learn how to record a Tik Tok, for example), relax and do not stress, because there are many ways to increase your storage space without stressing or losing your sanity.

4. Stop using Lite version applications

Faced with the problem of “full memory”, developers created Lite applications, which are basic versions of a much more complex app and whose purpose is to alleviate the process of freeing up space on the cell phone. Therefore, they consume less resources on the device.

If before you had only Lite version apps, after freeing up space on the cell phone, you will be able to correctly manage the applications you install and use them in their full versions.

Source: Apple

So now you know: if you are one of those who wonders: “Why do I have no space on my cell phone if I have nothing?” Take some time and check these tricks to bring your phone back to its best moments.

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