Star Wars Font: let the ‘font’ accompany you … in your designs

did you know that it is possible to find Star Wars Fonts to download and use in Word or PowerPoint? That’s right, young Padawan, you’ve come to the right place in the galaxy. We will introduce you to 7 types of Star Wars Fonts that you can find online.

Best of all, these Star Wars fonts are free and easy to use and include in your designs.

So, if you’ve been wondering, “How to make Star Wars fonts in PowerPoint?” or “Where to find Star Wars fonts for Word?” all the Star Wars fon ts can be part of your font file collection.

are you ready to take your designs to a galaxy far, far away? May the ‘font’ be with you!

what is a Star Wars font?

First, let’s contextualize and define it better. If you read the title and thought: what is a font and why is it next to Star Wars? Don’t be alarmed, a font refers to the term “source” in English. In typography, a font is a group of characters that have a particular design and are different from the rest.

Font: Google

So, yes, we have Star Wars fonts ready for you to use in all your designs, documents or whatever you deem necessary. For a fan of the saga, it’s never enough, right?

So, what is a Star Wars font? Over the years, the Star Wars saga has evolved not only in its content and story, characters and scenarios. But also in the design of the lettering of each advertising poster for their movies or video games.

Below, we present the original logo with the first Star Wars font. Did you know that this font was designed by hand?

Source: Google

The artist Suzy Rice was inspired by the Helvetica Black font to create the iconic logo, then, the designer Joe Johnston made small changes to perfect the logo until it became the one we know today (we tell you the story below).

Star Wars typefaces have changed in each movie, however, they have always kept the essence and the most specific features of the first Star Wars font. Each of these Star Wars fonts has managed to stand out on its own, so much so that any fan of the saga could identify which movie each font corresponds to.

Meet the Star Wars fonts available

Here are 15 Star Wars Fonts that you can find online right now. Best of all, these Star Wars fonts are free and not at all difficult to use and include in your designs. ever wondered how to make Star Wars fonts in PowerPoint? where to find Star Wars fonts for Word?

We already did and now we have compiled it all for you.

After reading this article you will have no excuse to make every design, presentation or document you create look like something out of a movie.

Star Jedi Font

The classic and iconic Star Wars typeface direct to download and include in any creative project. Here the designer Boba Fonts has perfectly recreated the Star Wars font “Jedi” properly known as Star Jedi. Recognizable at a glance this font will help you to make your designs not go unnoticed. The designer of this Star Wars font created three variations so you can choose the one you like the most.

Download Star Jedi Font

Source: Google

Mandalorian Font

According to the designer himself, this font is an exact replica of the Mandalorian language that was seen in Star Wars Episode II. Also, it has been seen on the Star Wars DVD released in 2004. Undoubtedly, an essential font for your collection as a connoisseur of the saga. Respected fan, it even has the ones that most people don’t understand, right?

Download Mandalorian Font

Font: Boba Fonts

Distant Galaxy Font

The Distant Galaxy Star Wars font takes us to a distant and futuristic galaxy, very futuristic. All the variations that the designer ShyFoundry has elaborated: from bold and italic to thick strokes and symbols characteristic of a civilization from outer space.

Download Distant Galaxy Font

Source: FontSpace

Death Star Font

True to the style of Star Wars in the 80’s, the designer SharkShock has created this typeface somewhat similar to the lettering of the Star Wars logo, keeping the retro style characteristic of the first films. With it you can enhance any design you have. Understandable for the general public, this font will stand out in any design you have, even evoke memories of the beginnings of the saga.

Download Death Star Font

Font: FontSpace

Star Jedi Outline Font

Perhaps Boba Fonts is even more of a Star Wars fan than you are, dear Jedi. Well, he’s back with the first Star Jedi font we showed you, only improved and taken towards a more versatile style. The best part is that downloading this Star Wars font is still free. If you liked the previous font, we promise you’ll love this one too.

Download Star Jedi Outline Font

Font: FontSpace

Star Jedi Logo Font

Boba Fonts can’t get enough of the Star Jedi font, and neither can we. The designer has done it again with this new design, and in this collection he has created three Star Wars letter fonts inspired by the Star Jedi font, with variants designed to evoke the most classic of the saga .you decide your favorite, are you ready to make your designs look like a movie?

Download Star Jedi Logo Font

Font: FontSpace

Star Jedi Special Edition Font

still can’t get enough of the Star Jedi font? Truth be told, we still love it and wanted to see more. The latest update from our now favorite font designer Boba Fonts has been this special edition Star Jedi Star Wars font. With variations that we promise you won’t go unnoticed, definitely not to be missed.

Download Star Jedi Special Edition Font

Source: FontSpace

Distant Galaxy Symbols font

Not all Star Wars fonts have to be of letters that are perfectly understood, some of them, such as the Mandalorian font, fulfill the purpose of giving movie fans the possibility of using some of the most iconic typographies of the saga, even if they are of languages we do not know.

This font, in particular, is ideal for those who marvel every time they see Star Wars iconography. This font includes many of the classic symbols from the movies, such as the Jedi and the Sith. Besides, with it you have the possibility of generating the image of your favorite logos.

This Star Wars font is amazing, and surely you are already imagining the possibilities you have to use it.

Download Distant Galaxy Symbols font

Source: DaFont

StarWars Kit font

Just like the Star Wars font above, this font will be very useful to write symbols with the most famous Star Wars figures. what if you want to press a key and a symbol with the figure of Darth Maul appears automatically? Well, with this Star Wars font not only will that figure appear, but you can practically recreate in Word or PowerPoint any character from the movie.

We can think of many ideas of what you could do with the symbol of a blaster or a jedi saber. The truth is that you could have a lot of fun with this Star Wars typography. As you can tell from its name, it’s an ideal symbol kit for Star Wars movie fans to have a good time.

Download StarWars Kit font

Font: DaFont

Droidobesh depot font

This Star Wars font is inspired by the language used in the droid depot on the planet Batuu. If you’re a fan of all things Star Wars, then you know that the inscription that inspired this typeface, appeared in the augmented reality video game Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge.

Yes, not all Star Wars typefaces are inspired by the movies. Many artists and typeface designers take inspiration from what they see in comics, animations and video games.

This Star Wars font includes 50 glyphs and 75 characters that you can use to enhance the aesthetics of your designs. Its use is more decorative than instrumental, so you can download it while you think about how you are going to use it.

Download Droidobesh depot font

Source: Font Space

Aurebesh Racer font

This Star Wars font was designed by AurekFonts, the same designer of Droidobesh depot font. The font represents the most widely used writing system in the galaxy, and within several of the movies you will find reference to this type of font, especially in the movies set within the time frame of the clone wars.

The aurebesh alphabet, has 34 very striking characters, which you can use for your design projects. Even, some of the Star Wars fans can use this Star Wars typeface for writing, because it is a language that can be written and read. In fact, in some movies, instructions for items such as life jackets were written in aurebesh.

The family this font for Star Wars has three variations, and each of them has 50 glyphs and 75 characters.

Aurebesh Racer font

Source: Star Wars Fandom

Soloist font

Coming back to a Star Wars font that looks more like the letters we regularly use for writing, we have to tell you about Soloist font. If you see the image of the font, you will surely recognize where this font comes from. We’ll give you a couple of seconds to think about it and try to identify it.

are you ready? Surely you already recognized that this Star Wars font was the one used to design the promotional poster for the movie Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. Although this is not one of the best or most popular movies of the franchise, we can rescue that the font design they used expanded the universe of possibilities for fans of Star Wars fonts.

This Star Wars font has at least 17 variations in its typeface family, so you will not have any problem when choosing one of them to have fun and use it in whatever you want.

Soloist font

Font: Font Space

Shadow of Xizor font

This Star Wars font was designed based on the lettering used for the logo of the comic and video game series “Shadows of the Empire”. The font includes 166 characters and 164 glyphs, including a variety of the most popular Star Wars logos.

The designer of this free Star Wars font was Boba fonts, who already has more than two million downloads for the fonts he has designed inspired by Star Wars lettering.

Although the font is only available in one style, we’re sure you’ll be able to get the most out of it. You just have to find the right time and the right design to use it.

Shadow of Xizor font

Font: DaFont

Star Jedi Hollow font

If you are an attentive reader, you may have noticed that most of the Star Wars fonts we mentioned belong to the Star Jedi font family. Well, this is one of the latest variations of this Star Wars font.

This is a Star Wars font that differs from the others we have told you about, because it has no filler. That is, the font only has borders, so we consider it an excellent choice for any design you want to take to screen printing.

Further, before downloading you will have the possibility to test the text you want to write, so you can know if this Star Wars font is ideal for your designs, or if you should try any other.

Star Jedi Hollow font

Font: Typografí

Starkiller font

This Star Wars font bears some similarities with the font that was originally used for the first movies of the saga, however, it is inspired by the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. In fact, its name is a reference to Galen Marek, the main character of the game.

Characterized by the curves and the thickness of its letters, this Star Wars font can be very useful to create attractive designs. Also, included in the font package are some Star Wars symbols that you will surely enjoy a lot.

The font is available in four formats including regular, italic, regular border and italic border. We can also highlight that it has 155 glyphs and 242 characters, so you will not fall short when writing with it.

Starkiller font


Font: Font Space

Wait, there’s more!

We have an additional tip for you, Star Wars fan, who wants all the fonts but doesn’t have room on the computer. Or for you, dear Jedi, who first wants to see what the fonts look like before downloading all the files.

We recommend this Star Wars font generator to try out all the Star Wars fonts online that you want. That’s right, there are more than 15 Star Wars fonts online. excited? We are too.

Here are the steps you need to follow to try all the Star Wars fonts in this free font generator:

Step 1: Enter the text you want in the first box where it reads “Enter text here”.

Font: FontMeme

Step 2: Choose a Star Wars font, the one you like the most.

Step 3 and 4: Choose an effect to add more emotion to the design and a color or more, this varies according to the effect you choose.

Step 5: Click on Generate! You are done. You have an image faithful to the Star Wars font style.

Font: FontMeme

how to install your Star Wars fonts?

Now, installing and using your favorite Star Wars fonts is no big deal. In fact it will be easier and faster than you thought.

Step 1: We are taking as an example, our favorite: Star Jedi font, downloaded from FontSpace. You must click on the three dots at the end of the white box where the font name is, then click on Download File.

Font: FontSpace

Step 2: The file will be downloaded automatically and you will see the following at the bottom of the screen.

Font: Own

Step 3: Open the file and click install.

Source: Own

Install Star Wars fonts in Word

These fonts are installed immediately in Office programs so you just have to search for them in the program’s font browser.Font: Own

that’s it! Your documents will no longer be the same after getting to know this new Star Wars font for Word.

Install Star Wars fonts in PowerPoint

The same happens in PowerPoint, here we show you how. ready to take your presentations to the next level? We already want to use them in all our presentations.

Source: Own

History of the Star Wars Font

Now that you’re a Star Wars Fonts Jedi, let’s take a look at the history of the Star Wars logo.

Before George Lucas was able to contact the great designer Suzy Rice, who was inspired by the Helvetica Black font to create the iconic logo, the Star Wars letters went through a long process.

Since its premiere on May 25, 1977, the ‘Star Wars’ movie logo had an evolution that featured interesting changes.

For example, did you know that a little known decal was produced during the pre-production of the movie?

In the first official Star Wars Fan Club newsletter, reprinted in the Star Wars Scrapbook (Chronicle Books, 1991), there was an explanation of the decal by Ralph McQuarrie, who did the art:

“It (the decal) was done as a symbol of the movie, to put on company mail cans and letters. George Lucas had one for American Graffiti, and he wanted one for Star Wars.”

“It was done while we were working on the costumes,” McQuarrie said. “That’s how we first imagined Han Solo.

At the time, the original title of the film was ‘The Star Wars‘ and, apparently, the typeface used to make the decal was Futura Display.

The book ‘Photo-lettering’s One Line Manual of Styles‘ shows us on one of its pages the Futura Display and Futura Display Open typefaces.

And in the decal, you can see a modification of the letter “T” to close the space with the “H” in ‘THE’ and the “A” in STAR’. Undoubtedly, a fascinating fun fact about the evolution of the Star Wars Font.

‘The Star Wars’ decal, made in the pre-production stage of the film. Source:

Some time later, the film’s title dropped the ‘The’ article and a new logo was created, the one we know today as ‘Star Wars’. In the Star WarsScrapbook, it was revealed that Joe Johnston (who we mentioned at the beginning) did the lettering for the title, for which he relied on the Precis typeface family.


Continuing with the history of the ‘Star Wars’ logo, the book The Art of Star Wars (Ballantine Books, 1979) shows some of McQuarrie’s concepts (who worked on the conceptual design of the first trilogy) for the movie poster with Johnston’s logo.



In December 1976, Ballantine Books published a novel with the Lucas screenplay, written by Alan Dean Foster. The cover art was by McQuarrie and the cover typefaces are from the Helvetica family.


As you can see, the original Star Wars font was very different from the one we all know. One might wonder how much the change of fonts for Star Wars could have influenced the success of the movies.

Suzy Rice and the new Star Wars logo

After many ‘Star Wars‘ posters and logo designs, George Lucas turned to Suzy Rice to design a new Star Wars logo.

Rice wrote about her involvement in a two-part post on her website.

The Star Wars Poster Book (Chronicle Books, 2005) contains a brief description of her role in the design of the new logo:

Although the poster had no painted images, she introduced a new logo to the campaign, which had originally been designed for the cover of a Fox brochure sent to theater owners.

Suzy Rice, who had just been hired as art director, remembers the job well. The design instruction given by Lucas was that the logo should look “very fascist.”

According to Rice, “I had been reading a book the night before the meeting with George Lucas,” she says, “a book about German type design and the historical origins of some of the popular type faces used today: how they developed into what we see and use today.”

After Lucas described the type of visual element he was looking for, “I went back to the office and used what I considered to be the most ‘fascist’ typeface I could think of – Helvetica Black.”

Source: @thr

Inspired by the typeface, Rice developed a hand-drawn logo that carried over well to the poster campaign and, ultimately, the film itself.

“When I drew the logo, I had the screen in mind,” explains Rice, who “stacked and squared” the words to best fit the brochure cover. It was an aesthetic choice that has lasted nearly three decades.

The “S” ligature extensions Rice drew were modified a bit after Lucas “commented that it read like ‘Tar Wars,'” Rice says. “He asked me to make some revisions to the initial and final ‘S.'”

Starlog #7 Source:

Another historical anecdote about the ‘Star Wars’ logo has to do with Marvel Comics, which was preparing its Star Wars adaptation by writer Roy Thomas and artist Howard Chaykin.

Sometime in 1976 or early 1977, cartoonist Jim Novak was hired by Stan Lee to redo the ‘Star Wars’ logo.

Novak explained how it happened in an interview with David Anthony Kraft in Comics Interview #1, February 1983.

DAK: You’ve been credited as a letterer on almost every series Marvel publishes, Jim. what are some of your uncredited works?

Jim Novak: The Spider-Man comic strip, several logos like the Power Man and Iron Fist logo (that’s one I remember doing that I was proud of).

The Star Wars logo has an unusual history. They brought their logo in from the studio and Stan Lee wasn’t thrilled with it: the “W” looked a little different and the lettering wasn’t in the Marvel style.

So I ended up redoing it. It was long before the movie came out. At the time I didn’t even know what Star Wars was.

DAK: Nobody had any idea.

Jim: At the same time, we were working on the comic book adaptation. I did the lettering for the first issue and I had no idea what it was about either.

The next thing I knew, the Star Wars logo was being used everywhere from newspaper ads to some promotional materials and ‘merchandising’.

DAK: You did that logo for Marvel and it ended up on all the Star Wars material?

Jim: Yes. It was kind of a surprise to me, because I didn’t think much about it. I was either working with the staff or I was just there that day. I made some significant changes, but basically it was their design and I ‘marvelized’ it, let’s put it that way.

DAK: What is the one you use now on the ‘Star Wars’ posters?

Jim: I think it’s my logo. I don’t remember seeing the one that they probably spent a couple thousand dollars on.

DAK: And you did yours for?

Jim: Twenty-five dollars. Things have changed since then. Now the financial situation is very different…..

In the interview, Novak was apparently referring to the Rice logo. In the first issue of Star Wars, all the letters are separate and have a thicker stroke.

The biggest change was the design of the letter “W.” In the next issue, the horizontal strokes of the “ST” and “RS” were rejoined, as Rice had originally designed.

The credit for the Star Wars logo goes to Suzy Rice. First was her original design. Second, Joe Johnston revised her logo for the film.

And third, her original logo with the revised “W”, which can be attributed to Jim Novak, whose contribution, though minor, was significant.


Fun facts about Star Wars fonts

After telling you a little history of the Star Wars logo, we will give you ideas on how to use your Star Wars fonts, but not before sharing with you more curious details about the creation of Star Wars letters.

Controversies associated with the saga

do you remember the Star Wars spin-off “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”?

Well, the sequel of the saga was accused of having political undertones when one of its writers tweeted about the former president of the United States Donald Trump.

want to know what the Rogue One writer tweeted?

“Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization.” This was what Chris Weitz tweeted (and has since been deleted), according to The Hollywood Reporter, prompting the hashtag #DumpStarWars.

Disney CEO Bob Iger insisted at the time that ‘Rogue One’ was in no way a political film, according to The Washington Post.

Complementary sources for the posters

Another curious detail about the Star Wars font, having to do with the main Star Wars logo in blocks, the ITC Serif Gothic font appears as the subtitle on the logo for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Interestingly, this was featured as a Star Trek Font on the Star Trek movie poster. As you might notice, a typographic device that has often been used to promote science fiction movies.

The political background of the Star Wars font

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the designer of the Star Wars logo, Suzy Rice, says that George Lucas wanted the Star Wars logo to be “very fascist,” “intimidating,” even “rival AT&T.”

So part of his inspiration was due, in part, to Nazi signage. Interesting, isn’t it?

Rice, who worked at an advertising agency, was tasked with creating the Star Wars logo by Lucas, who had already rejected a number of drafts from other designers.

Designer Suzy Rice used the Helvetica Black font after reading a book about Nazi propaganda used by war criminal Joseph Goebbels.

Poster Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Source:

how to use your Star Wars fonts?

Well, now that you know all the ways to get and download Star Wars Fonts, the brief history of the Star Wars logo and curious details around the ‘Star Wars’ letters, it’s safe to say we have everything to get started.

where do we start? We suggest a few alternatives. Of course, you can always imagine many more!

In your own digital designs: use the Star Wars fonts in Photoshop and Canva, downloading them as an image from the Star Wars font generator we recommended earlier.
Create something decorative: with all the Star Wars fonts we included for you you can create amazing designs for yourself or for others, decorate your notebooks, desks, your room. let your imagination run wild!
Create a gift: Many Star Wars fans identify with these letters and get excited every time they see them. how about a Happy Birthday with Star Wars letters?
Time to color: Star Wars coloring letters are a great choice. do you have a little sibling or family member who loves to color? Make up a phrase or write his name and invite him to have fun. This way, you’ll keep him away from the dark side.

Source: FreePik

These have been just a few ideas in which you can capture the incredible Star Wars letters to enhance your digital designs and take them to another galaxy. Sorry, to another level. We even give you ideas a little more related to crafts so you can take advantage of these fonts and have fun connecting with your creativity.

Star Wars fonts have definitely become our new favorite fonts. We declare ourselves fans and we are happy to have found so many to share with you. We know you will use them wisely in your presentations, in your documents or in your designs. Creativity has no limits.

If you made it this far you should feel very proud, young Padawan, you are now closer to the beloved movie saga that continues to garner fans of all ages and will last for a long time to come.

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