Get to know the structure of a podcast and share your knowledge with the world

Do you want to know the structure of a podcast to create your own? If so, in this article you will find the answer.

Knowing the elements of a podcast will help you put together an audio program that is understandable, but, above all, attractive to the audience. Therefore, it is always recommended to take this aspect into account before learning how to record a podcast.

Moreover, if we take into account that, according to Listen Notes, a podcast search engine and database, there are more than 2 million podcasts in the world, it is clear that competition in this industry is increasing, so you must stand out.

But how can you make a difference among so many programs? Start by choosing a compelling podcast topic, then focus on creating a good podcast structure. Later, you can invest in advertising to gain more exposure.

In this article, we will address the second point, as we will explain how to structure a podcast step by step. Get ready to know what the parts of a podcast are and how to develop them correctly.

why is the structure of a podcast important?

The use of a podcast structure is key so that you don’t get lost during the recording process. If this happens, the final product will be an audio that, rather than generating a connection with listeners, will only confuse them.

Therefore, if you plan to be the creator of a successful audio program, you need to make sure that your episodes are presented in a way that makes sense. Whether you publish on Spotify, YouTube or Apple Podcast, considering the elements of a podcast is key to getting off on the right foot in this world.

Now, we know that some types of podcasts sound like very natural conversations, which seem like they don’t have a lot of elaborate planning. However, the fluidity they demonstrate would not have been possible without a podcast structure .

Thus, the most popular podcasters of the moment always draw up a strategic plan that addresses the topics they are going to cover before recording a new episode.

The truth is that podcast competition is increasing, so your professionalism when making each episode must also increase. Steven Olsher, founder and editor-in-chief of Podcast Magazine, states the following:

“Today, creating, launching and listening to podcasts is done in just a couple of simple steps. There are more ways to listen to podcasts than ever before, and listening in connected cars is still to come. These are critical factors in the explosion of the medium in recent years and the reason it will predictably continue to grow at a breakneck pace in the future.”

Undoubtedly, the outlook for creators of this type of content is very promising, so you should take advantage of this moment to boost the impact of your program. But how do you arrive at a solid podcast structure for each episode? how do you structure a podcast in a way that will keep you listening?

It’sall about good planning and, of course, excellent development of the elements of a podcast. Below, we’ll explain how to make each episode entertaining from start to finish, without losing listeners along the way. let’s get on with it!

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what are the basic elements of a podcast?

how do you tell a good story? Every story needs a beginning, a development and an end. In fact, the structure of a podcast is very similar. In fact, the Dudas Medias team, which teaches the online podcast creation course, comments that “people are attracted to stories and learning how to tell them is fundamental”.

Thus, defining the sections of a podcast and its contents is key to captivate your listeners. So, to achieve a perfect podcast structure, you should keep in mind that the basic elements of a podcast are three: the introduction, the body or main content and the conclusion.

We explain this with an example and, in the following lines, we tell you what each element or section contains.

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1. Introduction

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression!”, you’ve probably heard this phrase at least once in your life. These words couldn’t be truer when we talk about a good podcast introduction.

Just as the first 10 seconds of a video should grab the viewers’ attention, if we put it in the context of a podcast, it essentially means that you have less than 10 seconds to engage the listener and convert them into a fan .

Content to include in a podcast introduction

The first element of a podcast gives you the opportunity to hook listeners, because, in it, you should make it clear why they should listen to you and what they will get from your podcast .

Therefore, you should give a brief summary of the content of the podcast episode in advance. This will help your existing audience easily digest the content and will also increase the likelihood that new listeners will stick around until the end, remember to grab their attention and give them a reason to keep listening.

The podcast introduction segment should be straight to the point, so it should be no longer than 4 minutes. Now, if you record a video podcast based on an interview, all you need to do is introduce your guest and summarize the key points of the conversation.

In conclusion, a perfect podcast introduction includes the reasons why your listeners will stick around for the entire episode. Tell them exactly what they will gain by listening to you and you’re on your way to a good podcast structure.

Example of a podcast introduction

There is no perfect recipe for planning a podcast introduction, as this will depend on the style of the podcast. Lety Sahagún, one of the teachers of the podcast creation course, comments that the structure of the podcast “Despertando” starts with a few minutes of pure music and then the presentation of the episode takes place.

On the other hand, in the introduction of the podcast “Se Regalan Dudas”, the speakers explain what the project is about and how it was born; then, they include a brief presentation of the episode’s topic. We leave you the example below.

2. Body

The main content of your podcast goes here. To begin with, we should mention that this element of the podcast will vary depending on the format and topic of your program. A good way is to rely on the power of storytelling, so your content will be more engaging and memorable .

Content to include in the body of the podcast

Definitely, mixing technical words and explanations with interesting stories and experiences is crucial if you want listeners to remember your podcast.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of content to cover, the content of a podcast can be divided into a few segments, so it will be more digestible for listeners. Don’t forget that the structure of a podcast aims to make the episode understandable quickly.

So, how to organize a long podcast? Divide the content into key parts and add elements to make the audience understand that the topic is changed and that they should pay attention. To do this, pauses between each segment can help you.

Example of the main content or development of a podcast

Earlier we told you that the beginning of a podcast structure can be very variable. In the case of the body is no different; in fact, there are a lot of formats and content that you can include in this section of a podcast .

Here are some examples of how to build the body of a podcast:

For interview podcasts:

In this case, the stories will come mainly from real experiences. If you are explaining how to have a work-life balance, give concrete examples of how you or your guest put some tips into practice.

For podcasts about an area of expertise:

Here you’ll need to get a little more creative with the narrative. For example, if you’re trying to teach listeners about digital marketing metrics (perhaps a topic you need to explain step-by-step), you should come up with a dynamic way to do it so it’s easy to understand.

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3. Conclusion

We come to the last element of a podcast: one of the most important, as it is decisive to get listeners interested in listening to the next episode.

The closing of a podcast is crucial for building a community, as it is the perfect opportunity to explain how people can support the program. First, you should remind them how they have benefited from listening to you, so you can include a summary that lists the key points of the whole narrative.

Then, introduce a call to action. At the conclusion of a podcast, you can ask them to follow you on networks, to share the episode with their friends or to become followers of the program so they don’t miss the episodes .

In addition, Lety Sahagún suggests soliciting feedback from listeners to improve the content of the podcast over time. In short, make sure the conclusion of the podcast highlights the value you offer to the audience.

Example of the conclusion section in a podcast

This section, according to Lety Sahagún, is also known as an “outro,” because it should have some relationship to the podcast’s introduction.

For example, “Despertando Podcast” usually begins with a few moments of music and the phrase “Hello, good morning”,while the closing of the podcast, after a conclusion on the theme of the episode, ends with the phrase “have a great day” and a song that is slightly muted.

do you want to listen to it to better understand the structure of the podcast? We leave you one of his best episodes below.

how to structure a podcast?

Now you know what the elements of a podcast are. However, you are probably still wondering what is the easiest and most effective way to develop them. The answer is easy: plan your podcast episodes before you start recording; this will save you a lot of time in the long run.

To do this, you can develop a podcast script to structure the entire episode and have a checklist or bullet point outline at hand, so you can keep your podcast on track.

In other words, with these resources you will know what to say in your podcast introduction, at what point the commercial breaks and how many minutes you have left to ask the last questions to your interviewee .

As a summary, here are some tips for you to create an incredible podcast structure:

Establish the topic of the podcast episode and the focus you’re going to give it. You can start with 10 examples and discard some.
Designate goals to accomplish in each episode, so you understand what you want to achieve with each one and avoid detours.
Create a podcast structure, prepare your script and be as faithful as possible to it.
Define what type of content to use for the podcast: it can be interviews, personal experiences, real stories, narration, tips, humor, among others.
Research thoroughly the topic to be covered before you start recording a podcast. This will give you more confidence.
Once you have finished writing your script, have it reviewed by another person. Having a second opinion will help you organize the structure of the podcast.
Use short sentences and simple verb tenses: you don’t want the listener to get lost in your story.
The elements of a podcast should agree with each other. follow a thread and maintain the style from start to finish!

Finally, take into account the type of podcast you will do to define the organization of the contents: the structure of an educational podcast is not the same as the structure of a news and current affairs podcast. The latter can allow a certain level of improvisation.

Free tutorials and tools for planning a successful podcast

what else do you need to structure a podcast? To close today’s article with a flourish, here are some free resources that will help you plan your episodes successfully .

In addition to our recommendations and the knowledge you have gained above, these tools will help you define the structure of a podcast without giving too much thought. Pay attention to each of them:

1. Essential steps to make a podcast

If you already know by heart the elements of a podcast and you are ready to get down to work, this is the video you should watch. In just 5 steps, we will explain how you can make a podcast about your favorite topics, ensuring a good reception from the audience .

You can’t miss this video if you want to ensure excellent results with your next audio program.

2. Tutorial to plan a podcast from scratch

To learn in more detail how you can structure a podcast, this webinar will solve all your doubts. Specifically, we will review the following aspects:

Podcast topic
Format of the program
Structure of a podcast
Equipment to make a podcast
Platforms to publish podcasts

Look at it before you start organizing the sections of a podcast.

3. Guide to create a podcast

Now, if you are one of those people who prefer to read -rather than watch the videos above-, you can download this ebook. Throughout the pages, you will learn what is the essence of a podcast, why you should make one, what types of podcasts exist and how to record one step by step.

Complement what you’ve learned today about the structure of a podcast with this definitive guide to be victorious in this process.

4. Podcast Checklist

how to organize the elements of a podcast? There are many ways, so we can say that this is the opportunity to unleash your creativity.

While you can add different segments, divide parts of your program into sequences and add creative elements with as much production as you want, the important thing is to keep track of it so as not to forget any detail. For that, this resource will help you more than you can imagine.

5. Template to promote a podcast on social media

At the beginning of this article, we told you that, after learning about the structure of a podcast, the next step to make your program stand out from the competition is to promote it in the right media .

To help you with this, we have developed these templates that will allow you to increase the impact of your content on social networks. We advise you to save them so that, after publishing your podcast, it won’t take you long to become known.

como promocionar un podcast

that’s it! Now you have everything you need to create the structure of a podcast. With a good introduction, body and ending, your listeners will find your podcast easy to follow, which will result in a memorable program.

Therefore, having a structure with the basic elements of a podcast is part of the foundation for retaining listeners longer, so they’ll be more likely to come back for more the next time you publish an episode.

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