Survey question examples that will make you parachute into the marketplace

Looking for sample survey questions about a product or service? Maybe you want to know how to improve your merchandise to increase marginal utility, or perhaps you want to measure how engaged consumers are with your brand.

Whatever the reason you want to conduct a questionnaire, it will be necessary to ask the right questions for a market survey. Remember that understanding your customers is the key to improving and growing your business, but you will not be able to do so unless you obtain more information about them.

As María Alejandra Peñalosa, professor of the online market research and consumer behavior course, explains, knowing our consumers is an infinite task, and without research methods such as the survey, it would be impossible to find answers. In this regard, she mentions the following:

“Consumer and market data is the basis for building strategies and making better decisions around the needs of our customers.”

Therefore, in this article we will show you the best examples of questions for a survey about a product or service, so that you can become a master in conducting market research. We will also give you some tips on how to write product or service survey questions correctly.

Then, we will tell you about the most common mistakes when writing a product questionnaire. Finally, we will share with you the best platforms to create online surveys and a pack of free tools to make an efficient market analysis.

hold your parachute and land your brand successfully!

Sample questions for a customer satisfaction survey

how well do you understand your customers? do you know who they are? What keeps them up at night? and what brought them to your business looking for a solution?

In that sense, polling your customers’ opinions is very important. And just like the product itself, think about how your customer can answer this questionnaire in a simple and friendly way.

Keep in mind that the most valuable feedback about your product or service comes from clear survey questions and carefully structured scenarios. Here are some examples of customer satisfaction survey questions:

how long have you been a customer of our brand?

how likely are you to recommend our brand to a friend and/or family member?

what problem does our (product or service) solve in your daily life?

what would you like the (product or service) to have that it doesn’t currently have?

what do you like most about our (product or service)?

do you consider that the means of communication of our brand are adequate?

From 1 to 5, how would you rate your last experience with us?

From 1 to 5, how satisfied are you with our (product or service)?

Examples of survey questions according to the 7P’s of marketing

In the field of marketing, there are the famous 4 P’s of Marketing that cover the following variables:



Place (or distribution)


However, in recent years, market surveys have also been conducted based on the 7 P’s of Marketing, which maintain the 4 previous variables plus the following:




Next, we will show you some examples of questions for a product survey based on the Marketing Mix that will be your guide to launch into the market without mistakes. Let’s look at each stage.


does our (product or service) meet your expectations?

does the price of the product or service match the benefits it provides?

From 1 to 10, how would you rate the quality of the product or service?

From 1 to 10, how would you rate the presentation of the product?

Location / Distribution

is our store easily accessible?

do you consider the distribution of the product to be optimal/accessible?

If you could, would you change the location of our store?

is our delivery service fast?

does our delivery service meet your needs?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate our online sales platforms?

have you had any problems when buying our products, either in the physical store or online?


do you consider that the price is adequate for the product/service we offer?

is there a relation between the price and the quality of the product/service?

would you pay an additional price for more features of the service?

how much would you be willing to pay for our product?


what is the medium you use the most to find out about our promotions?

would you like to implement a new means of communication for the company to communicate promotions or offers?

do you consider that the language of our brand is appropriate?

have you ever had any inconvenience with a promotion or discount?


From 1 to 10, how would you rate our customer service in the physical store?

From 1 to 10, how would you rate our customer service in the online store and on social networks?

do you consider that our staff treats the brand’s customers well?


do you consider that our service is efficient?

From 1 to 10, how would you rate our after-sales service?

have you ever had a query not answered? in what medium?

is our online purchasing process fast?

have you ever had any inconvenience with an order?


From 1 to 10, how would you rate our service as a whole?

would you recommend our service/product to a friend?

do you consider that we are the leading company in our sector?

what do you like most about our service/product?

consumidora interactuando con el vendedorSource: Unsplash

Sample questions to evaluate a business idea

We know that starting a small business is not an easy task, as there is work to be done even before you get a new business off the ground. That’s why you need to know what constitutes a profitable business concept and how to evaluate it to decide whether it’s worth it or not.

Like any entrepreneur, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Is my business idea viable?” Relax! Don’t make the mistake of diving headfirst into entrepreneurship and investing your savings in a business without taking the time to be absolutely sure there is a market for it. So how can you know for sure that you’re solving a problem that people want to pay for?

the answer is simple! Get real market data by asking questions to evaluate your business idea to your potential target so you can determine if it has a chance of succeeding.

As SurveyMonkey survey tool SurveyMonkey mentions, before starting a new business, you should know if there are consumers who might be interested in your service or product, what their demographic profile is and, most importantly, how many of them you could reach.

Here are some questions to ask about entrepreneurship:

do you find this product or service easy to use?

do you feel this product or service meets your needs?

what is your biggest fear or concern about a product or service?

what do you value most about a product or service?

how would you describe a perfect product or service?

at what price would you consider a product or service to be so cheap that you would begin to question its quality?

at what price would you consider a product or service to start being expensive, but you would still buy it?

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Examples of questions to ask when introducing a product to the market

If you’re struggling with whether or not your product will be accepted in the market, maybe these questions for launching a new product can help.

Product surveys are one of the most useful ways to gather feedback from potential customers to get better insights. When writing questions for a new product market survey, they should be carefully designed to ensure an unbiased response for accuracy and verifiability.

Therefore, they should be questions that provide as much detail as possible. Here are some examples of open-ended questions for a new product survey:

what do you think of the product?

how simple is our product?

If you were the product manager for this product, what would you improve and why?

could you explain to me, step by step, your process for using this product?

how does this product make you feel?

what don’t you like about this product?

how likely are you to recommend this product?

how does our product compare to others you have tried?

do you think our product is worthwhile, and why?

what do you need our product to do for you?

what do you value most about our product?

If you could not choose our product, what alternative would you choose and why?

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Tips for writing market survey questions

Well, you’ve already seen several examples of questions for a survey about a product or service. However, if you still have doubts about how to write survey questions, don’t worry, we will give you some tips that will be very useful:

1. Define the objective of your market survey

You must be clear about the purpose of your market research and the objectives to be met. This will help you to formulate your survey questions correctly. In this sense, there are several different categories depending on the purpose of the market survey. let’s see what they are!

Market research survey

By means of this type of survey, carried out before the launch of a certain product, you will have the possibility of knowing, for sure, various opinions and elements about the item you plan to launch on the market.

Thanks to the questions for a market survey, it is possible to determine whether your product will see the light of day or not. what kind of information will you get from this type of survey? Some of the questions you can answer are the following:

how viable is your product?

what will be the extent of the market?

what is the target market?

where should you offer your product?

what kind of advertising can attract customers to your merchandise?

what requirements should they have to purchase it?

Survey for the launching of a new product

Once you have the courage to produce your product, everything goes smoothly. However, a consultation prior to the launch of your item would not hurt, so be sure to launch such a survey.

Thanks to this consultation, you will be much clearer about elements such as the following:

What people really think about the product you are going to launch on the market.

The features they may be attracted to and those they may not be attracted to.

The reason why your product may be purchased before those of your competitors.

Survey to know the price of a product

All markets tend to be competitive, so you would do well to ask price questions in a survey to find out what your product is likely to be worth.

If you are not aware of whether the price of your merchandise corresponds to the functionality it has, or if you doubt whether it will be an acceptable amount for your target audience, then a product price survey can be useful. This way, you will know if your customers will pay for what you are offering or if you need to make some necessary adjustments to adjust your product.

Survey to test the performance of a product

This type of product survey is a pre-test to see if the product’s performance is suitable for the interests of the target audience.

what will you be able to determine with this survey? Basically, if the features of your product are the most suitable, or, on the contrary, if the product is too complex and difficult to use, then you can find out what kind of features you should completely remove from the product.

Customer satisfaction survey

We don’t doubt that you have heard of this type of survey. The customer satisfaction survey represents the best way to know, first hand, if your audience is satisfied with the product or if you were left in debt with the launch.

Thanks to these product surveys, you will be able to know which features are worth keeping, which ones should be eliminated altogether and which ones you can add without any inconvenience. That’s why you should have a customer satisfaction survey template handy.

2. Use understandable language

Very specialized language or the use of technical terms can confuse your respondents and give you unfavorable results for your market research.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes when choosing your product survey questions. Most people prefer simple answer choices, because if they don’t understand a term they may abandon the questionnaire altogether. Therefore, try to create questions that are neutral, easy to understand and varied. This is the goal of a questionnaire.

3. Ask qualitative questions in a friendly way

Remember that qualitative questions require more effort from the respondent. So we recommend that you ask these types of questions for product surveys in a simple way, as they are likely to take more time to answer.

4. Test your market survey before launching it to your sample

For example, you can ask some friends to answer the questions for a product survey you have conducted and give you feedback if something is unclear to them.

Also, it is important to test your product or service survey on different types of mobile devices to make sure it displays correctly and provides a good user experience.

5. Follow up on your market surveys

If you already have a product and a market presence, it is advisable to conduct satisfaction and follow-up surveys to evaluate new consumer habits. To do this, the ideal would be to ask questions for a market survey to a group different from your Buyer Persona profile. This way, you can obtain information from a different point of view and even find insights you never imagined.

Never forget that you have plans for the information you want to get, otherwise it will be impossible for you to have an accurate judgment about the suitability of the questions you are asking in your survey.

6. Establish a purpose for each of your survey questions

Although we present examples of questions for a survey, you should know that each question you ask must have a defined purpose. If you do not have an established purpose, you will probably not get a satisfactory response from your audience, since they will not consider your questions worthy of being answered.

It is also advisable to focus on your audience’s responses. Therefore, you should add all the alternatives you consider necessary and, if you have any doubts, you can make sure to include the option Other in your list of answer options in the questions for a product survey. This will prevent the respondent from answering any of the other options out of compromise.

You can also add a section for participants to leave additional comments that can provide you with a lot of valuable information. When asking for comments in your market surveys, make sure that the subject line is well thought out to capture their attention. It is not always necessary to ask for customer feedback after a survey. However, adding this small detail will allow you to make adjustments for the future.

7. Formulate questions in order

The way you phrase your question is very important, so be mindful of how you phrase your questions. It is your decision to use a rhythm of questions that go from the general to the particular or to adapt the order of the questions to your liking.

Always keep in mind that writing questions for a survey is a crucial phase of your market research, so try not to be ambiguous when drafting a questionnaire about a product or service. This way, you will avoid headaches when you see the results.

However, there are also mistakes you should not make in a market survey. Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes when crafting product survey questions.

persona pensando las preguntas para una encuesta de productoSource: Pexels

Mistakes When Designing Market Survey Questions

Although you’ve seen some of the most memorable product survey question examples, that doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes when designing your questionnaire.

For this reason, we tell you what are the most common mistakes users make when making a product survey:

Don’t make a very long introduction when asking a question. The more direct you are, the better; this way you will not have any impact on the participants’ answers and they will be able to answer freely.

Don’t always assume that they will understand all the questions for a product survey, no matter how simple they may seem. While you should be direct in your answers, you should also clearly express all the necessary instructions to make the questions understandable and, thus, obtain quality data.

In case you are dealing with sensitive topics, try to protect the names of the people answering your questions. This point should be made very clear to the audience.

Pay special attention to those survey questions that are related to the demographic profile. The most important thing when asking these questions is that your respondents feel confident enough to answer.

Don’t include a combination of ideas within the same question.

Think about the survey participants and ask specific questions that are able to capture and grab the respondent’s attention.

When asking survey questions,be sure to do so in a way that does not influence a biased response. For example, instead of asking “Why do you love this product?” you can write “What is your honest opinion about this product?”. By avoiding trick words, you can know precisely what the customer thinks about your products instead of being swayed one way or the other.

Market survey for a new service

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Platforms to create online surveys

Now that you know multiple examples of survey questions for a product or service and tips on how to write them, you are probably wondering what platforms are available for creating online surveys.

Below, we will recommend some free and paid online survey tools, which will help you to spread your questionnaire in a matter of seconds. Let’s see the features of each one!

1. Google Forms

The classic never goes out of style, right? Google Forms is a traditional tool that has accompanied us in university and work projects, because it is very easy to use.

In it, you can ask all the types of survey questions that we taught you above and also export the results in Excel.

Price: it’s free!

make market surveys with Google Forms

2. SurveyMonkey

This tool has a modern and user-friendly interface that grabs you with its amazing features to ask 15 different types of survey questions, including Likert scale and open-ended comments.

It also allows you to export the results in Excel, so all you have to worry about is taking advantage of your customers’ feedback. nothing better than a fun monkey to create market research surveys in style!

Price: from USD 31 per month.

conduct market research surveys with Survey Monkey

3. Typeform

This online survey platform has more customization options. Being a SaaS tool, i.e. open source, it allows you to create your own market research surveys, design the background of your questionnaire and export your results.

In fact, it works seamlessly across all devices and has a unique interface that only displays one question at a time. Plus, it allows you to drag and drop the form fields in the places of your choice. what more could you ask for?

Price: from $35 per month.

take market surveys with Type Form

4. SoGoSurvey

Asking questions for a product survey and automating data collection is simply a piece of cake with a tool like SoGoSurvey. It is a platform suitable for small and large businesses alike, as it allows you to easily create unlimited surveys that are sophisticated enough to meet your requirements.

From questionnaires to launch a new product to customer experience, this platform for creating online surveys covers all the vital areas that require a successful market research.

Price: from USD 25 per month.

Conduct market surveys with SoGoSurvey

5. SurveyLegend

SurveyLegend is an app known for conducting market surveys that are very pleasing to the eye. What makes this online survey creation platform a favorite among businesses is its interface, which allows you to make professional questionnaires in minutes.

Moreover, this online application is highly customizable to structure surveys with the help of a large number of templates and then be able to share them through multiple channels, such as email, SMS, social networks, etc. with just one click!

and not only that! Its powerful real-time analytics feature allows you to collect information from customer survey questions.

Price: from USD 15 per month.

conduct market surveys with SurveyLegend

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Free tools for building market surveys

After knowing the best examples of questions for a product or service survey, it’s time to use tools that optimize the whole process. For this reason, we share with you this pack of free resources that will help you conduct a market survey easily and quickly. customize each of them according to your preferences!

1. Likert Scale Template + 3 Excel examples

The Likert scale is used to measure people’s satisfaction with a given topic, opinion or experience about a product or service. In addition, it can be used to collect specific data on factors that might contribute to the expression of a sentiment.

Like the other questionnaire formats about a product, Likert scale surveys conducted in Excel also need to have an objective, multiple response questions and data analysis.

As you could see in the examples of questions for customer satisfaction surveys that we shared with you earlier, a numerical value must be added to each alternative and then tabulated. In this way, you will be able to obtain a deeper analysis.

Therefore, within this free and customizable resource you will find the following:

Likert scale template for measuring customer satisfaction.

Likert scale template to know the work environment in organizations.

Likert scale template to develop from scratch the questions and alternatives.

2. Likert scale templates in Word

To make your business grow, it is essential to keep your internal and external customers happy. Therefore, one of the best ways to achieve this is by using the Likert scale to help you measure and understand your customers’ satisfaction.

As our goal is to help you make sure your product survey questions don’t go unnoticed, we share with you this pack of Likert scale templates in Word that responds to different target audiences. You can edit the questions and customize them according to your company’s objectives. This way, you will be able to collect the most important information about your business.

3. People infographics to display market research

need to sort your market research results? this series of free infographics will come in handy! Keep in mind that using various metrics to analyze the development or success of your product can help you understand what step to take next.

By looking at the statistics of your product or service surveys, you can find out which ideas people liked and which ones they didn’t like. In that sense, product evaluation questions can give you the right metrics to determine the projected success of your product. However, you can also use other metrics to examine new product development in the marketplace.

download free people infographics to showcase market research

Hopefully these sample questions for a product or service survey will inspire you to structure your own form. Remember that market research requires pre-planning for best results. Satisfying your customers’ needs should be one of your goals to make your company a sustainable business.

Market surveys are very valuable resources to measure certain variables that may be of interest to your business, so you should take advantage of them. As you can see, they are available on many online platforms, and according to Forbes, the option to conduct surveys will also be available in WhatsApp group chats!

If you want to elaborate survey questions in a professional way or simply master the best techniques of effective communication, take a look at our online courses on entrepreneurship and business, where you will learn all the necessary tools to know if your product or service is a success in the market .


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