The 11 best apps to download free Instagram videos

Who never browsed the Instagram feed and came across certain videos that deserve to be downloaded and saved? The best apps to download videos on Instagram are here.

With photos, this can be easier, because we can capture a screenshot and soon. But for videos it is necessary to use reliable and safe applications that allow us to download videos from Instagram for free.

Do you know any?

We have a TOP of FREE APPLICATIVES for you not only to download videos, but also to download Instagram stories.

Have you used them before?

If you have never used these tools to download videos, it is important to know which applications you can trust.

In this list, we offer the safest apps that will help you save the recordings in your cell phone or computer library.

Download Instagram videos for free

List of free apps to download videos from Instagram

1. DownloadInstagramVideos


3. w3toys

4. DownloadGram

5. Downloader for Instagram + Direct Message

6. Gramsave

7. Reposter for Instagram (Regrammer)

8. REC

9. Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App

10. +Download 4 Instagram Twitter

11. FastSave for Instagram

1. Aplicativo DownloadInstagramVideos para baixar vídeos no Instagram

This is one of the most popular tools and also easy to use.

O DownloadInstagramVideos é um downloader de vídeo do Instagram a partir da área de trabalho. It has a quite explanatory name that refers to its main and exclusive use.

Use it like this:

– Open Instagram and copy the link of the publication.

– If you do this from a web browser, just copy the URL.

– If you are in the Instagram app, tap on the 3 dotted line at the top and click on “copy link”.

– Open DownloadInstagramVideos and copy the video link in the inbox.

– Click on “download Instagram video”.

– Your video will soon be downloaded in MP4 format.

2. Download photos and videos with this app

The second tool that allows a simple and easy download is

You will download videos in a few minutes. You can also use it to download photos without having to capture the picture and crop it on Instagram.

One advantage is that it also works to download the famous IGTV.

Use it like this:

– Copie o link do vídeo do Instagram.

– Click on the white square.

– Click on the “download” button.

– And it will start downloading your video.

3. Download Instagram photos and videos with w3toys app

This platform is very popular for downloading Instagram videos, stories, IGTV, highlights and photos.

W3toys works like other download sites.

These recordings will be downloaded in MP4. You may encounter ads to access the download button, but nothing that takes more than a minute.

Besides, the quality of the downloaded videos is in HD.

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4. Upload Instagram videos to the Internet with DownloadGram app

Next on the list is DownloadGram This is another online tool that allows you to save Instagram videos in high quality MP4 format.

The design of this site is super simple. Just copy the Instagram post, upload it and press the download button.

Note that maybe another page can be opened by clicking on the URL field, but don’t worry; ignore it, go back to the tool and download your video.

5. Downloader for Instagram + Direct Message

Do you use Google Chrome and connect from the Web to Instagram? If so, you should try the Downloader for Instagram + Direct Message extension.

This tool is one of the few that can download Instagram stories and direct messages, as well as videos and photos.

6. Gramsave application to download photos and videos from Instagram

Gramsave is a web platform that allows you to download:

– Videos do Instagram.

– Photos.

– Stories.

– IGTV content.

– Private IG videos (we don’t recommend this).

– Display image (IG profile picture).

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Baixar vídeos do Instagram no iPhone e Android

How many times have we seen videos of cats on IG and wondered: how do I download?

Download from Iphone

7. reposter for Instagram (Regrammer)

This application for iOs has a FREE version.

Use it like this:

– You will need the URL of the IG video you want to download.

– Open the Regrammer app and enter the URL.

– Click on View.

– You can choose to download the video to your device or publish it.

It is available in the Apple App Store

8. Download Instagram videos with the REC app

Another alternative that you can use if you have an iPhone is to record the screen of your cell phone.

The REC app allows you to record videos with audio.

You can easily export your web recordings to your photo library.

You can also edit and trim the videos using your phone’s tools.

The recordings will be made on plain canvas, and this is a good resource if you want to save an Instagram video post.

It is available on the App Store

Do you struggle when adapting your videos in horizontal and vertical formats for Instagram? Solve this with Auto reframe: the tool that will help you with your Instagram stories.

Download the Android

9. Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App

This is an exclusive application for Android.

It allows you to download Instagram videos, photos and IGTV content.

Use it like this:

– Open the Instagram app.

– Copy the URL of the video you want to download.

– Move to the “Video Downloader” application.

– Enter the URL in the white field.

– Download the content to your cell phone.

This application is only available on Google Play

10. +Download 4 Instagram Twitter

Android users have many options when it comes to download Instagram videos from their cell phone.

One of them is the +Download 4 Instagram Twitter app

As the name itself says, this app also serves to save videos from Twitter.

11. FastSave for Instagram

FastSave for Instagram is another well-known Instagram video downloader for Android.

In a few simple steps, you can download photos and videos from IG on your cell phone.

Currently, this application is only available for Google Play

Apps to download Instagram stories

Get to know the apps to download FREE Instagram stories and highlights. You will have them in less than a minute in your cell phone library!

Instagram stories have incredible filters. We offer the best Instagram filters here…

12. Story Saver App

it’s one of the best tools to download and save IG stories.

If you use Android, this app will be your great friend to save Instagram stories and IGTV posts on your device.

All the content of the stories you download, using the Story Saver app, will be stored in the application.

This application is 100% free.

Download here

13. Tutuapp for Iphone

The first thing you need to do to download your stories on an iPhone is to insert Tutuapp in your browser.

Then you will download the free version.

The store will start downloading and, when that is done, you need to go to Settings> General> Device Management> Trust Beijing Nation Sky Network Technologies.

Click on “trust” to confirm all permissions and exit Settings to return to the Tutuapp store.

In the search mechanism, type “Instagram ++”. Select this option and download.

When the download is finished, type your IG username and password and you will see that the interface is identical to Instagram.

The last step is to select the user and, within the story, you can click on the mushroom icon located on the lower right corner.

The application will ask where and in what size you want the download to be saved. Choose the options and the story will be saved forever on your iPhone.

Download here

is it legal to download Instagram videos?

Video download apps are very useful if we want to save interesting content for us.

Don’t forget that this is content that belongs to an IG user; therefore, you should always be ethical and use the downloaded content correctly.

We recommend that you do not upload the downloaded video as your own and, if you do, always add credits.

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