10 makeup tips for beginners that will help you highlight your beaut

The makeup for beginners will always be < strong > surrounded by many questions, such as, what < strong > foundation to use ? what is the difference between a < strong > bronzer and a contour, what is a < strong > makeup primer? < p > If you feel identified or identified with these issues, the best thing to do is to read our recommendations and makeup tips for beginners. < strong > In this note we will explain everything you need to know, and we will give you some makeup tips that will help you get better results. < p > In addition, at the end of the article we will tell you what you need to put together a basic makeup kit to get started. < h2 > 1. Pay attention to the preparation of your skin < p > The first thing to do is to clean your face and apply a good moisturizer. If your skin is not well prepared, you will not achieve the simple and natural makeup you want. < h2 > 2. Be sure to apply a primer < p > The primer for makeup should be applied in < strong > very thin layers, otherwise it will become < strong > pasty or form a few balls of the same makeup that will give an extra texture to your face. C é ntrata in your < strong > T-zone, ie forehead nose and chin which, in general, tend to be the < strong > most oily area. learn about foundation and concealer application < p > Now that your skin is prepared, you can start applying these makeup products, < strong > usually starting with foundation and then applying concealer. The best way to do this is by placing a few dots of foundation on your T-zone, focusing on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, then you can blend for best results. < p >< strong > This is one of the easiest makeup tips to apply, just make sure to complement your foundation with concealers to even out your skin. It is also important when covering imperfections to use the technique of rubbing the skin and not dragging the makeup from one side to the other. < p > Another important tip when covering dark circles: < strong > draw two inverted triangles under the eyes and blend the edges into the base with soft touches, this technique besides being infallible, will illuminate your face and give it a special glow. < h2 > 4. Apply a setting powder _ _ _ < p > To use the setting powder, you must apply the press technique, so that it does not blend all your makeup. Focus on areas that normally need touching up throughout the day or night. < h2 > 5. Use a contour for your face < p > Contouring makeup comes in powder, liquid and cream formulas, with powder being the best format for beginners. With an angled brush, < strong > start below the jawline, then place the makeup contour under the buttocks, around the hairline and down the sides of the nose. < h2 > 6. Use blush on your cheeks < p > When it comes to blush, it is best to select a < strong > shade that highlights your skin color . According to < strong >< a href = “https://www.maybelline.com/” target = “_blank” rel = “nofollow” > Maybelline , the application n of blush is made _ _depending on the type of face you have . However, many makeup artists recommend < strong > simply smile ; r ;the area that is rounded while smiling is d & oacute ; n where the blush is applied . < h2 > 7. Do not forget the application . n of the highlight < p > When it comes time to < strong > apply the highlight in your makeup, c é ntrate on the < strong > “high” points of your face . Add highlighter above the cheekbones, along the arch of the eyebrows, along the bridge of the nose and < strong > blend well. As a beginner , or Highlight for makeup < strong > powder . < h2 > 8. Use a simple eye makeup < p > If you want to apply our makeup tips for beginners in relation to the eyes, we recommend you start by selecting the colors of the palette of shadows according to the clothes you will use and the type of event for which you make up. It is advisable to use a < strong > simple eye shadow in a single shade; apply with an eye shadow brush lightly on your < strong > eyelid. < p > To give that < strong > touch of mystery and depth to your look, opt for a simple eyeliner, draw a small line < strong > as close to your lashes as possible, then blend gently to remove the line. Finish the look, applying r & iacute; mel for eyelashes, one or two layers , according to your preference. < p > As for your eyebrows, they deserve < strong > attention on their own, but if you still don’t know < strong > how to do perfect eyebrows, take it easy. If you have < strong > few eyebrows , use a pencil to mimic the natural look of the hair; < strong > if you have gaps , the ideal is to use an eyebrow shadow to fill in; and if your eyebrow hairs < strong > are unruly , you can use a gel eyebrow shadow to gently set them in place. < h3 >< strong > Makeup tips according to eye type < p >< strong > Makeup is a form of drawing, in which you can create effects from light and shadow . We want you to keep this in mind in this tour of makeup for beginners that we have been doing. < p > Therefore, we want to give you some makeup tips for beginners that allow you to < strong > use light and shadow to transform or accentuate certain aspects of your eyes and, of course, your look. < h4 >< strong > Sunken eyes < p> It is said to be sunken eyes when the brow bone is more prominent. To counteract this, it is suggested to use shadows in lighter shades to brighten them and give more relief to the eyes. < h4 >< strong > Eyes close together < p > To make the eyes appear more separated than they really are, < strong > the darkest colors are usually applied on the outer corners and the outer corners of the eyes. to make the eyes appear wider apart than they really are, darker colors are often applied at the outer corners and lighter colors towards the tear trough, thus creating a feeling of width. < h4 >< strong > Separated Eyes < p > If this is your case, we recommend you put into practice one of the most effective makeup tips for beginners: < strong > apply more intense shadows on the part of the eyelid that is closest to the tear trough, and more luminous colors towards the outer side or temple. < p > This creates an effect of “rapprochement” between the two eyes, giving balance and harmony to the entire face. < h4 ><strong> Eyes with drooping eyelids </p> <p>These eyes are recognizable because the crease is hidden by the upper eyelid and is not easily seen. It is a look that has a certain melancholy air, but with some makeup tips can get another look. < p >< strong > To counteract the eyelid ca & í; do, the recommendation is to apply matte shadow of intermediate tone just above the crease, looking for a torn shape upwards. Then you can outline the upper eyelashes. < h2 > 9. Use a good lipstick < p > As a beginner, choose moisturizing lipsticks in shades that will highlight according to your skin color and the shape of your lips. To achieve a good makeup, first outline the shape of your lips with a lip liner and finish by filling in with your favorite lipstick. < h2 > 10. Apply a makeup setting product _ _ < p > After so much effort, it is important to keep your makeup on for as long as possible. We recommend applying a light layer of makeup setting spray on your face so that the work you did can stay intact. #BBD0E0 “

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