Types of fashion: Which one best describes the way you dress?

Today, there are different types of fashion that allow each individual to express their personality and feel at ease with themselves by wearing a garment that represents their essence 100%.

Ricky Sarkany, teacher of our online course on Entrepreneurship in the world of fashion, refers that there are two main aspects. On the one hand, signature design, and on the other, trends. The latter are the ones that guide the direction of fashion and, in a way, make it uniform in different parts of the world.

If you are in search of finding your own fashion style and do not know where to start, you have found the best list of the types of fashion that can serve as a reference for you to reflect the best of your identity through your clothes.

In the following article we will show you which are the types of fashion that exist and their characteristics. this way you will be able to discover the ideal style for you!

1. Hipster fashion

It is one of the types of fashion for men and women that has gained popularity in recent years. The hipster style arises from the urban group of the same name that originated between the 40’s and 50’s in the U.S. They tend to be lovers of vintage things, classic movies and both classic and contemporary art .

The hipster culture is constantly portrayed in street style fashion photography, as it has a very particular way of interpreting style. Some characteristics of this type of urban fashion are:

Colorful and dark shades of clothing.
Skinny pants.
Sunglasses or reading glasses.
High-waist pants.
T-shirts with original prints.
Ripped jeans.
Accessories such as gloves, scarves and handmade hats.

Tipos de moda hipsterSource: Pexels

2. Casual fashion

According to the portal of the Des Arts school, this is one of the types of fashion that is distinguished by reflecting an informal and casual image, in which they try to make a balance between functionality and comfort of clothing. Here we can find some sub styles such as:

Business casual

It is a casual fashion style that offers a much lighter perspective than traditional business etiquette. Some of the variations that this fashion incorporates are:

Replacing the dress pants with chino pants.
Wearing a suit jacket without a tie.
Wear shoes with laces, buckles or moccasins.
For women, avoid wearing low-cut necklines and respect discreet lengths.


Smart casual

This type of casual fashion is still looking for elegance, but making use of more casual garments. It is a dress code that can work both in professional environments and in any social gathering. To elaborate these looks, you must take into account the following considerations:

Wear basic shirts and knits of good quality and with a sober style.
It is usual to use classic shoes or chelsea boots.
You can use blouses, sweaters, blazers, knitted jackets, pants and skirts.
Not many accessories are required.

Pure casual style

It is the most casual casual fashion style of all and is reserved exclusively for creative work environments. It is also suitable for outings with friends or colleagues. Some of its characteristics are:

Loose-fitting cotton garments are usually worn.
Sneakers are combined with jeans.
Clothes with different types of prints are accepted.

Tipos de moda casualSource: Pexels

3. Classic fashion

Another of the best known types of fashion to wear is the classic, which is characterized by being very balanced and harmonious. It is distinguished by creating elegant and sophisticated looks, which allows reflecting an image of seriousness and maturity. Likewise, its color palette includes all the sober and neutral tones, such as black, gray, blue, burgundy, moss green, among others.

Some of the basic garments to wear a classic fashion style are:

White shirts and suits are infallible.
Flat knitted or embossed garments are widely used.
In the case of women, it is common to use tube skirts, skirts above the knees and classic cut dresses.
Accessories should not be flashy or exaggerated.
Wear classic and elegant shoes, such as loafers, sandals, ballerinas, ankle boots and oxfords.

Tipos de moda clásicaSource: Como de moda

4. Romantic fashion

Romantic style is one of the most long-lived types of fashion dating back to ancient Greece, yet it continues to be current to this day. It is characterized by floral prints, the use of bows and puffy sleeves.

To acquire a romantic type of fashion and look like one of the characters in Pride and Prejudice, you must follow the following guidelines:

Garments with cotton or linen fabrics.
Cuts that help emphasize the silhouette: fluid, geometric, linear and draped cuts.
Romantic details with embroidery, lace or ruffles.
Color palette with pastel tones and predominance of white.

Tipos de moda romanticaSource: Pexels

5. Sports fashion

It can be said that this is one of the most specialized types of fashion, since it is oriented to those people who practice some sport. this implies that the clothing must have a functional design and be made with a material that facilitates the movement required by the sport.

Some characteristics of this type of clothing fashion are:

Elastic garments and with a percentage of elastane to facilitate movement.
Lightweight design with cuts and finishes well thought out to avoid chafing.
Clothes that facilitate breathability.

6. Sporty chic fashion

If you are looking for current types of fashion that have gained great popularity, then you need to know about this one. sporty chic style incorporates sporty elements into everyday outfit, allowing you to create an original and elegant look that strikes a balance between comfort and good dressing.

The basic garments for the sporty chic fashion style are the following:

Sweatshirts and jackets are vital garments for this type of fashion.
White or black sneakers are essential to put together an outfit. However, recently, sneakers with platforms are the ones that stand out the most.
It is possible to wear heels, which can be combined with a tracksuit or other sportswear.
In the case of men, they can combine a suit jacket with running sneakers. It is also common to wear peg pants with sweatshirts.

Tipos de moda sporty chicSource: Pexels

7. Preppy fashion

The preppy style is one of the types of fashion for young people that moves away from the traditional model and seeks to reinvent school uniforms. The name of this style comes from the young people of the American upper class who, before entering the most prestigious universities in the country, must attend preparatory courses.

Preppy fashion is characterized by being daring and fun, but without losing elegance. In this style, pastel colors, checkered prints and embroidery abound. Here are some tips to wear the preppy fashion style to perfection:

Wear knitwear in pastel shades.
Include garments related to the world of tennis, polo or golf.
Elements such as bows, pearls, headbands and glasses are a great success.
Shirt dresses and pleated skirts are a must.
The blazers in neutral tones and beige trench coats are perfect to give a college style.

Tipos de moda preppySource: Vix

8. Grunge fashion

The grunge style reminds us of the types of fashion for teenagers that existed between the 80s and 90s, a time marked by a strong musical influence, especially by the rock genre. That is why this fashion is characterized by being comfortable, casual and seeks to convey a rebellious image that wants to break with everything established. It also has a color palette in which black predominates.

Some basic garments that can not miss in the grunge fashion style are:

Oversize T-shirts in white, black or gray and that have prints of rock bands or albums.
Loose and comfortable clothes.
Different denim garments, like pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, etc.
Converse sneakers and military style boots are key pieces.
Remember the main rule: the scruffier, the better.

Tipos de moda grungeSource: Ok girls

9. Boho fashion

It is said that this is one of the most difficult types of fashion to replicate and this is because it has very particular characteristics, such as hippie and bohemian elements, as well as some ethnic and country touches. As a result, you get a look that is fresh and natural, but also wild.

Within the boho fashion style you can find a color palette in which red, black, ochre and earth tones predominate. In addition, themes related to art and culture are highly valued.

Some considerations to wear this fashion are:

Clothes made of yarn, denim, suede or crochet.
Include some long flowing garments for more movement, such as skirts, dresses, kimonos and dusters.
Use exotic accessories such as hats, handbags, belts, bracelets, cowboy boots, etc.
Cardigans and ponchos with ethnic prints are perfect to complete the style.
Flared jeans are a basic of the boho style.

Tipos de moda bohoSource: Pexels

10. Vintage fashion

Vintage style is another type of fashion that is inspired by past eras (between 1920 and 1980). It is a current cultural manifestation that seeks to reinvent old fashion to create a unique and exclusive style. In addition, it is also characterized by promoting responsible consumption, since part of the vintage philosophy is to reuse old clothes to create a spectacular look.

If you would like to incorporate this type of sustainable fashion to your closet, we recommend going to thrift stores, as there you can find clothes that are related to this trend. Likewise, some garments that cannot be missed in this style are:

Cardigans are a basic garment that can not miss in vintage fashion, you can combine them with jeans or satin skirts.
Get a simple white blouse or a blouse with colorful prints.
Long skirts and high-waist shirt dresses are perfect for a more feminine style.
Basic lace-up shoes and round toe heels are the most used in this style.
Bow ties are a vintage accessory that provides elegance.
For men, bomber jackets, suspenders and gangster pants are a must in this style.

Tipos de moda vintageSource: Pexels

Now that you know the different types of fashion and their characteristics, it’s time to build your own style that makes you feel unique and special. Remember that these are only trends, because the most important thing is to dress according to how you feel most comfortable. Also, if you want more inspiration, there are different fashion blogs you can visit to get more ideas.

On the other hand, you can also choose between the different types of fashion and create your own clothing business. For this, we recommend you to check our Entrepreneurship and business courses category where you can learn about fashion marketing and everything you need to develop your business idea. see you in the next article!

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