7 Types of Radio Shows That Will Make You Cancel Your Netflix Subscription

The existence of different types of radio programs is what gives this broadcasting medium so much diversity in terms of entertainment. Although, nowadays, the podcast format has gained a lot of ground, radio is still a bastion and symbol of communication for many.

Despite its age, radio remains one of the most important means of communication and entertainment in many countries. Although it may surprise you, it’s not all Netflix and Spotify!

Maybe if we ask you how often you listen to the radio your answer is not very encouraging, but you should take into account that although podcasts are not transmitted from a radio station they are based on the same principle and are very fashionable in our generation.

In this article we are going to tell you all about the types of radio shows and what to do to have your own show. In addition, you will learn about the types of radio shows and the link of radio broadcasting with podcasts.

Types of radio programs

All radio programs have their own particularities, and they differ mainly by the type of content they work with, and by the audience they are targeting.

These are the 7 most popular types of radio programs:

Music radio program

Sports radio programs

Thematic radio programs

Educational radio programs

Youth radio programs

Cultural radio programs

Live news radio program

Let’s take a closer look at what each one is about.

1. Radio music program

This is the first of the radio program types because it is the most popular of them all. Anyone you ask about what they do with the radio will answer that they listen to music.

The most listened to radio programs are those that, in addition to informing and educating, have a good mix of current music to entertain listeners. The content of this type of radio programming varies from music broadcasting, to discussion on topics of interest to music fans.

There are as many music programs as there are music genres, so it’s up to you to find one that captivates you. do you know the name of a music program?

2. Sports radio program

There are many examples of sports radio programs to mention, but the ones that stand out the most are:

The broadcasting of live sporting events.

Sports commentary and discussion programs.

These radio programs are also very important for any brand interested in sports marketing.

3. Thematic radio programs

Thematic radio programs could cover absolutely all radio content, however in this classification of radio and its programs we can mention programs about:




Interviews with prominent personalities.

4. Educational radio programs

This category includes short radio programs that seek to disseminate knowledge on various topics in order to educate the listening audience. Educational purposes stand out among the types of radio programs because of their pedagogical value for the cultural formation of people.

There are many programs about reading and history that are very interesting. In addition, depending on the radio, you can find conversations and debates to stimulate your learning on any topic.

It seems that radio has beaten formal education.

5. Youth radio programs

Youth programs are different from others because one of their essential elements is audience participation.

No matter what radio program names you come up with, for a program to be labeled in this category, interaction between the broadcaster and the listener is a requirement.

6. Cultural radio programs

Like educational radio programs, when scripted for cultural programming segments on the radio, the goal is to educate listeners about general cultural topics.

This type of radio program usually deals with topics related to art, literature, and cinema.

7. Live news radio program

Newscasts are one of the old radio programs that have been maintained through the years. In them, what is done is to inform the audience about current issues of the country where the station is located, although they may have additional sections to communicate news in general.

Now that you know what the types of radio programs are, are you ready to learn how to make and broadcast your own programming?

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how to make a radio show?

To create content in any of the types of radio shows you need to have some basic knowledge. Get your notebook ready so you can take note of the steps to make a radio show. let’s get started!

1. Define a platform

Depending on your objectives you should define the format in which you are going to transmit the content you want to create. You can say make online radio programs, or contact a radio station to study the possibilities of broadcasting in a traditional way.

The Wikihow portal recommends the use of certain free programs in case you decide to share your content over the Internet. The available options are:




2. Plan the best topics to talk about in radio shows

If you’re just starting out, you need to grab the audience’s attention quickly. regardless of the types of radio programs you listen to, you need to take notes on the things you find interesting about the way the announcer conducts the program.

You also need to identify your target audience and learn how to define your buyer persona, so that your show connects with the audience you hope to reach.

And, of course, the most important thing of all: if you don’t know how to write a radio program, you should run to find out about it. this is the key to everything!

3. Prepare to broadcast or record

If you’ve made it this far in our article on types of radio programs, then you’re all set! Well, maybe we’re exaggerating.

Tips for Radio Show Names

Now that you know a few types of radio shows and how to make your own product, it’s time to think bigger and go further: what will yours be?

The first thing you should have in mind is the concept and some idea of what your show will be about. Once you are clear about what you want, the objective and the basis on which it will be built, you must move on to the next point: the name.

and that’s what we’re here for! In this post, we present you some tips to design the best radio show name ever:

1. Find a short name

Don’t go to great lengths creating a will for your radio show name. Go for something that is easy to remember and reveals the purpose and theme of your radio show.

For this, you have to be clear about the different types of radio programs. If it is sports or music, you have to allude to that in some way. Remember: easy and short, so it will be more present in the collective imagination of your audience.

2. Easy to pronounce

does your name have 10 consonants and 1 vowel? Then you have to change it immediately. It is very common that because we want to sound sophisticated, or exaggeratedly creative, we appeal to the use of a complicated name, but this can be counterproductive.

The key is to choose a short name that your audience can not only identify with, but also remember clearly.

3. It does not necessarily have to be related to the radio world

Don’t feel the need to stick “radial” or “onda” in there somewhere. Sometimes you just need to know how to choose a word or phrase that has value to you.

With a name like this, not only will you generate a stronger bond with your audience, but it will also be easier for them to remember your radio program.

4. Brainstorm ideas

If you’re having a harder time than you thought, relax. Every creative process requires, from time to time, a brainstorming session to serve as a catalyst for the flow of good ideas.

If it works for you to do it yourself, that’s fine. If not, try gathering your family and friends to help you with the process, either by mentioning random words or giving you some pointers on how you should approach the name of your program.

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5. Take into account the audience you are going to address

If you don’t take your target audience into consideration, you’re unlikely to connect with them. For this reason, it is important that you focus on generating a valuable connection with them.

And one way to do this is to come up with a good name for your program that you feel can generate a genuine connection with your audience.

6. Consider the history of radio or its origin

Yes, a good alternative to choose radio program names is to take into account the space where people will tune in. For that reason, it would do you good to take into account something binding from the radio and use it to name your show.

This can be an inspiration for you. Although if, at some point, you migrate the show to another station or a different platform (such as an online space), you may lose a bit of the meaning of the name.

7. Elaborate your own brand

Now, what if, rather than a radio program, what you want is to found your own brand? Then, you should start by associating the name of your radio program with this purpose.

For this reason, think of a name that, even if it has nothing to do with radio topics, works so that it stays in the memory of your audience.

You already have the types of radio programs and you have some solid tips on how you can name a radio show. so, want some inspiration?

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Examples of radio show names

If you don’t feel like the muse has arrived yet to choose a name for your show, don’t worry. We’ve got some ideas that can be a great help to get you inspired.

You don’t have to use the radio show names listed here, but they can serve as a source of inspiration for your creation. want to know more?

We have grouped these ideas according to the type of radio program you want to build. Let’s take a look at some proposals.

1. News

For these types of radio programs, there are many variants. They are even determined according to the broadcasting schedule. For example, if it is a morning news program, some recommendations may be:

Morning Awakening.

El mundo a las X (the X indicates the time at which you broadcast your program. If it is at 08:00 am, then it would be: The world at 8).

El mañanero.

Joy of your mornings.

The morning voice.

Wake up, XXX (in this case, the 3 X’s indicate the name of your community/city. For example: Despierta Buenos Aires).

Morning Chronicles.

Now, if your program will be broadcast in the afternoon or evening, what do you think you can call it? We suggest some options:

The afternoon spokesperson.

The daily dose.

On air 24/7.

Primicia Stereo.

Informative link.

Evening link.

The newscast of your afternoons.

It can also be very influential if your radio program, rather than information, is of opinion. Some suggestions are:

I ask for the floor.

Sound without anesthesia.

Meeting point.

Building opinion.

Say it out loud.

2. Cultural

If your radio program is of a cultural nature, then you should go for a name that identifies it as such. And if you can associate it directly with what you will talk about in your program, even better.

Some options that we recommend, for generic cultural radio programs, are the following:

Cultural Impact.

Free Culture.

Cultural Bazaar.

The society of cultured poets.

Express Culture.

Closer to culture.

Shakespeare Lives.

3. Youth Radio

did you create a radio project with the intention of reaching younger minds? Then you need a name that works as such and serves the purpose of connecting you with today’s youth.

For that, we have some suggestions that might help you:

New Generation.

The youth voice.

Cool wave.

Youth in tune.

Youth opinion.

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4. Musical

When it comes to music radio shows, there are many options available. Although, while it is true that when you talk about musical, it is undoubtedly a space dedicated to music. so we will try some different variations:

Current rhythms.

Eco Sound.

Stereo Pop/Rock Radio.

Rhythmic space.

Caribbean flavor (perfect for tropical rhythms).

Tropical Wave.

To the rhythm of son.

5. Online Radio

Now, do you have an online project and want to know how to name it? There are alternatives available to help you, such as:

Digital Debates.

Online trend.

Zoom Radio.

Your opinion online.

Web/Net Radio.

6. Sports

There are sports radio programs that cover sports in general and there are others that are more specialized in a specific discipline. Regardless of what you have in mind, we offer you some alternatives to explore, such as the following:

Sports Space.

Playing time.

Sports connection.

Sports universe.

The route of the ball.


In three quarters.

These examples are only generic references. You can mix them with each other, take them into account or simply discard them if you don’t consider them as good options. Anything goes, but the idea is that they serve as a reference and inspiration for you to create your own content.

If you found a radio station to broadcast, it is important that you practice enough so that everything goes well. Now that you know what a radio show is and its main features, you are ready to start creating amazing content and sharing it with the world.

Remember that, to succeed in any area, it is important to have perseverance and dedication, so don’t stop working hard! For our part, we will continue writing top content for you to learn with us everything you need.

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