These are the types of trees and their names: did you know them?

Have you ever wondered what are all the types of trees and their names?Trees are an essential part of nature, because, in addition to producing the oxygen we breathe to live, their different species adorn our environment and beautify the landscapes we see day after day.

Regardless of their species, one of the main characteristics of trees is their longevity. According to the newspaper Nius, some can live for tens of years, or ten thousand years like the Bristlecone pine, and some can measure more than 100 meters in height, as is the case of the largest tree in the world with a height of 115.85 meters,

In this article, the types of trees will be the protagonists, we will explore their characteristics and common names so you can easily identify them and -why not- give life to beautiful trees if you are interested in gardening.

Tipos de árboles

Some characteristics about trees

Trees are types of plants that are not uniform, but come in many different forms. They are tall, short, with thin or thick trunks, wide leaves, huge roots, very colorful leaves, thick bark and different types of reproductive organs.

There are approximately 100,000 species of trees, which represents 25% of the total number of plant types. Trees have managed to adapt to the most varied climates and environments, which is why we can see them in natural spaces such as forests, or in urban environments such as cities.

Regardless of their location, trees are vital in nature, as they are an essential part in the production of oxygen and in the generation of a friendly environment, both for us and for our future generations. For all these reasons and more, it is worth getting to know them a little better. Although, if your thing is not trees, but outdoor plants, we recommend these plants perfect for decorating your garden.

deciduous trees

As their name suggests, these types of trees have leaves that expire during the fall. drawing a comparison to animals, they would be trees that shed their skin once a year. Some examples of deciduous trees are chestnut, birch, beech and ash.

These tree species are mainly found in the sub-tropics, tropics or temperate regions. They drop their foliage to adapt to dry and cold weather conditions; in addition, they grow very tall and usually have a long life. They are generally used for:

Landscaping in parks, streets and houses.
Breaking or protecting from the wind in places where strong winds blow.
Construction and manufacture of furniture.
Fencing for privacy.
Use of medicinal and natural remedies.
Uses as charcoal and firewood.
Recreational uses.
To obtain fruits in the case of those that can give.

Nombres de árboles

These are the names of the best known deciduous trees:

white Poplar/White Poplar
Cercis/Love Tree
Red Plum
Weeping Willow
Wild Pear Tree
Pata de Vaca/Orchid Tree
jupiter Tree
Pink Lapacho
paradise Tree
Constantinople Acacia
Ginkgo Biloba
Red Maple/Canada Maple
Montpellier Maple
White Maple
Canadian Poplar
Mulberry/White Mulberry
Japanese Cherry
Apple/Red Apple
Thorny or Trifoliate Orange Tree
White Birch
Pubescent Oak

evergreen Trees

Unlike deciduous trees, evergreen types of trees do not lose their leaves during autumn, but shed them little by little. Thus, their branches are never leafless. Some examples of evergreen trees are the mimosa, the strawberry tree, the olive tree or the cork oak.

These types of trees, which are also called coniferous trees, keep their evergreen leaves all year round. There are more than 600 varieties of these types of trees, which are also known as the tallest and oldest trees.

The types of evergreen trees are further subdivided into two:

trees with spiny needle-like leaves.
broad-leaved trees such as spruce, pine or hemlock. They usually take the form of a large canopy, preventing smaller plants from growing under their shade.

These are the names of the best known evergreen trees:

Holm oak
Cork oak
Acebuche/Wild Olive
Acacia Mimosa
Lemon tree
grapefruit Tree
Strawberry Tree
False Pepper Tree
Bitter Orange
Callistemon Viminalis
Green Leaf Acacia
Red Eucalyptus
Red Flowering Eucalyptus
Sea Grape
Blue Leaf Acacia

Árboles de hoja perenne

fruit trees

The types of fruit trees are those that have flowers and produce fruits that are consumed by humans and also animals. In the case of these trees, we can find disagreements in some aspects. For example, culinary sciences consider fruit trees to be those that produce so-called nuts, while the fruit industry separates them from fruits.

Some common fruit tree names are:

Lemon tree
Apple tree
Orange tree

Depending on the fruit they produce, there are three types of fruit trees according to their fruit:

Tender fruits with stone: the fruits borne by these types of trees are known as “drupes” and are fleshy with hard stone. Examples are olive, apricot, mango, cherry or plum trees.

Tender fruits with pips: These fruits are known as “knobs” and some examples of trees that bear this type of fruit are apple, pear or pear trees.

Nuts: They are the easiest to distinguish because the fruits are wrapped in a shell, the most famous examples of nut trees are walnut, hazelnut, chestnut, almond and almond.

Especies de árboles

ornamental trees

Finally, we find the types of ornamental trees. These are those that present some aesthetic characteristic that makes them highly eye-catching or pleasing to the eye. they are usually highly valued for the decoration of gardens or green spaces, and their variety is as wide as the tastes of gardening enthusiasts.

It is important to keep in mind that the fact that a tree is considered ornamental does not exclude it from the previous classifications of trees. thus, it may be, for example, an evergreen ornamental type tree.

Some common ornamental tree names are:

Korean maple
Silver willow
love tree
iron Tree

Árboles ornamentales

which one do you want to plant? Now that you know the types of trees and their names, it’s time to unleash the green spirit inside you and bring out your passion for gardening.

Besides, there is no greater expression of love for the planet than planting a tree, because you don’t know if you will enjoy its shade and fruits, but you know for sure that someone else will; and as Lucy Larcom’s phrase says: “He who plants a tree, plants a hope”.

So, if you want to continue exploring gardening, a hobby that will bring you many joys, we recommend you to know also all the types of plants that exist so you can give life to a diverse garden with a great variety of species, sizes and colors.

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