how to use Google Trends in your business? Take advantage of this free tool

Although not everyone cares about learning how to use Google Trends, this is a very useful tool to improve the SEO positioning of your business in a short time, and it is also a good source of new ideas to generate content that will increase the profitability of your website.

So, if you are one of those who spend a lot of time surfing Google and can’t find inspiration to generate winning content, this article is for you. In the following lines, we will tell you how to use Google Trends for SEO, how it works to create content and how to use Google Trends to sell.

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Before learning how to use Google Trends, we will review how this tool works, so you can understand in depth how to take advantage of it.

Google Trends is one of the most important Google tools of the moment; it works as a trend search engine that shows the popularity of a keyword. You can easily see if a trend is on the rise or on the decline.

According to Google’s support page, you can use Google Trends for the following tasks:

Find out what users are searching for
Find daily search trends
Annual search report
Guidance material on how to use Google Trends

So you can find demographic information, related topics, and queries related to a topic of interest that will help you better understand Google’s famous trends.

crawling, search engines send their “spiders” to crawl the web; indexing, information about a web page is added to a search engine’s index; crawling, search engines send their “spiders” to crawl the web; indexing, information about a web page is added to a search engine’s index.finally, ranking determines what each page is about and how it should rank for relevant queries.”

Google Trends takes the information gathered in the previous process as a basis to present relevant data about users on the Internet. Therefore, by learning how to use Google Trends, you will be able to boost your SEO strategy considerably.

In other words, the Google Trends search engine collects, stores, organizes and connects the data from each of the searches made by Internet users on Google and other platforms such as YouTube.

But what does the Google Trends database exclude? In this tool you will not find the searches of a term performed by the same person in a short period of time, the little searched data and the personal information of each user.

Here is a visual example of what Google Trends does and how it works.

como usar google trends grafico

If you want to know how to use Google Trends, the best way to do it is by analyzing different topics to see how each result varies. Before you start, we recommend you to have a list of keywords that are important for your business. Then follow these steps:

You must enter the terms one by one in Google Trends.
Then, enter a certain time interval and press Enter.
Then, you will see the search evolution in the first graph, and the degree of interest by region in the third and fourth graph of Google Trends.
In the last graph, you will find the related topics that match the main topic; these can serve as secondary keywords or long tails.

google trends grafico

Example of a search in Google Trends

To clear all your doubts about how to use Google Trends, we are going to explain step by step what you should do to succeed in your next search.

1. Type in Google: “Google Trends” and click on the first result that appears.

2. Once we are on the Google Trends page, we will compare one keyword with another to determine which one is more popular.

We will use the words lenses and glasses as an example. Both refer to the same thing, but what interests us is to know which is the exact term that users are searching for.

To do this, you must first type one of the words and press enter. Next to the search term you entered, you will see an option that says “+ Compare”: click on it and enter the new word.palabra clave google trends

As you can see in the graph, the most searched keyword is: glasses.

According to Kontacto, an integrated technology, marketing and communications agency, when using Google Trends, this tool allows you to take your analysis to a more specific level with the following filters: country, timeline, category and web search.

3. As a next step, we will use one of them to focus on the regions that search the most for the keyword in the “interest by region” part.

region google trendsImage: LinkedIn

4. Search for keywords related to your main keyword. This exercise will give you an idea on what other topics you can target.

keywords google trendsImage: LinkedIn

That’s it. Now you know how to use Google Trends to do a simple search and also to make some comparisons between keywords.

Learning how to use Google Trends gives you the possibility to perform different exercises to analyze them and find the inspiration you need to create valuable content.

One of the advantages of knowing how to use Google Trends is that this tool allows you to do a very specific and advanced keyword research, which will be very useful to boost your SEO.

But, how can you use Google Trends to become popular on the web? Take the above procedure as a basis and review these tips to take advantage of all the information offered by this Google tool.

Identify popular products and topics: Google Trends will help you easily find keywords that are trending.
Find seasonal trends: identify trends in different months to create and promote content at the right time.
Prepare a content calendar: with all the information from Google Trends you can find various ideas for creating valuable content.
Identify current topics and future trends: with this tool you will know the trends of various keywords to understand how they will behave in the future.

If you know how to use Google Trends and you are an observant person, this tool will be one of your main sources for finding valuable content. Pay close attention to the sections on topics and related queries offered by this platform.

Now, what can Google Trends do for a business? Although many do not use this platform to sell, it is important to note that Google Trends can help you expand your market niche and boost your level of sales.

For them, you must know how to use Google Trends to sell strategically; we explain it below.

1. To find potential market niches

In addition to using Google Trends to find out which products are most in demand, you can use this tool to discover new market niches.

To do this, you must search in Google Trends for the keyword you are interested in using the range “2004-today”; do not use “the last 12 months”, as it is important to visualize a stable market trend to consider new niches.

Doing this exercise helps you see clearly whether search volume is increasing or decreasing. It also allows you to see seasonal trends.

google trends ejemplo

2. To search for relevant product categories

did you know that Google Trends allows you to search for products related to your business category? That’s right, this tool never ceases to amaze.

Let’s say you have created a store specialized in selling brooms, and now you are interested in expanding your business and selling related products. The best way to know what you can invest in is to open the Google Trends site and find out what people are searching for.

So how do you use Google Trends to search for new products? Type the word “broom” into the Google Trends search engine, then scroll down to “related topics” and you’ll be in for a big surprise.

temas relacionados google trends

3. To promote your store

Seasonal trends definitely play an important role in the success of any business. If you want to identify the preferences of the public to develop a good innovation strategy, learning how to use Google Trends is practically mandatory .

But how to read Google Trends results to promote an online store?

Start by setting a time interval to identify the seasons when your customers are most active. In certain months, you will notice that competition and sales increase more strongly, this will be the high season.

At that time, you should take the necessary steps to stand out from your competitors. As we have reviewed before, if you know how to use Google Trends, you have at your disposal a lot of valuable information that will serve you to boost the creation of content to make it more attractive to Google’s algorithm.

However, when the low season begins, that is, the time when the competition is not launching promotions or offers, is when you should put even more effort to boost the presence of your brand online. In addition to creating more content based on the results of Google Trends, we recommend investing in advertising .

This way, you can maximize the impact of your online store to reach more customers and take advantage of your competition.

4. To create content

Finally, if you focus on content marketing, using Google Trends to power your strategy will help you generate more traffic to your website and increase awareness of your brand, thus getting more customers .

So, how to use Google Trends to create content? let’s go with another example! Let’s say you have a cycling products store and you are interested in writing content about “how to fix bikes” on your website’s blog.

As a first step, you should search in Google Trends what is the trend in relation to that search, that is, you should identify what is the popularity of this term during the last months.

Then, identify the related topics and queries. In this section of Google Trends, you will find more ideas linked to the keyword you are interested in. This information will give you a scope on the scalability of the creation of this content in the long term .

By doing the exercise in Google Trends mentioned above, you will find out whether or not it is worth writing this article.

google trends data

Well, now you know how to use Google Trends to achieve a successful business. Remember that you should always analyze the digital behavior of your consumer and look at what the market trends are to create valuable content .

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