Discover 12 “easy” and well-paying careers to achieve career success without going to college

Interested in discovering new easy, high-paying careers? think traditional college education isn’t for you? no problem! We know that one of the most important goals in many people’s lives is to find an opportunity to study and graduate. However, nowadays, it is increasingly common to see people with different interests and dreams that don’t necessarily involve pursuing a college degree.

Another important factor that prevents many young people from studying at a university is the high cost of tuition. most university careers last between 4 and 5 years, so the amount of money to be paid is high. maybe shorter degrees are your thing!

We know that there are public universities, but the level of demand to enter is very high, so if your goal is a university with these characteristics, it is necessary to study hard. If you think that the traditional student experience is not for you, you have come to the right place .

While the first steps may be difficult career challenges, it’s best to start now to gain the necessary experience that will help you succeed when the time is right. That’s why we’re going to present you with a list of easy, well-paying careers to help you achieve career success without going to college.

let’s get started!

1. Web Development

No matter how technology has progressed, web developers are still in high demand. More and more businesses are going online, so everyone needs a website.

Despite the increasing sophistication of website building tools like WordPress or Wix, organizations are still hiring experts who can do a more professional job.

Persona se desempeña como desarrollador web

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Even with the thousands of tutorials or guides that exist to make a website, a good web developer manages to do it in less time and using all the tools that are not usually taught.

What makes this career part of our list of easy and well paid careers, is that if you are good at it, it has little to do with the method with which you acquired your skills or where you got your certification. The essential thing is your talent and the quality with which you create websites.

2. Programming

Although many programmers have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, other successful people in this field begin their careers with two years of formal training in programming languages or mobile application development.

Definitely, having a college degree in computer engineering or programming is a plus when looking for a high-paying job. However, it is not essential to excel in one of the highest paying professions.

You can learn the programming languages and technologies you need with free online resources, supplemented with some basic computer science courses.

Plus, in this digital landscape, people with an online technology degree can work in a variety of specialties, including web development, software engineering, information technology or cybersecurity.

Another reason for placing it among these easy and well-paying careers is that technology-related jobs are in high demand today. this means that there are not many programmers, so it is more than certain that you will get a good job with a good remuneration.

But remember, in the world of computer programming, practical experience always trumps theoretical knowledge. This makes it one of the favorite easy and well-paying careers you can start thanks to the power of the internet.

Ejemplo de carrera corta en programación

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3. Graphic Design

While some graphic designers do have a bachelor’s degree when they enter the creative field, it’s not necessarily a requirement.

Most companies focus on the tangible work of graphic designers. This body of work has a name in the design world, it is known as a portfolio. This is the document that is usually sent as a cover letter for the company to evaluate your talent.

Thus, potential employers have something concrete to support their hiring decision.

Nowadays, computer education is a must for a graphic designer, so you may want to know what are the best graphic design software to start with.

Definitely, if creativity and technological prowess is your thing, this is one of the best easy and well-paying careers. Consider it as a good option.

Computadora para diseño gráfico

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4. Marketing

Skilled marketing professionals are highly valued by corporations. It is this that places this profession as one of the most versatile and entertaining easy and well-paying careers out there.

Behind a successful marketing campaign is a complex combination of methodical research, creativity, calculated risk and audience orientation.

While it may not seem like an “easy” career to study, if it catches your attention, you could be part of a team of skilled marketing professionals. If you’re passionate about something, you’re always going to think it’s the easiest job in the world.

With a reasonable investment of time and money in a technical certification, a marketing degree could help you boost your career through many different fields such as Market Research, branding or brand management, advertising and public relations, promotion and sales, etc.

It all fits under the marketing umbrella. Marketing involves creativity and doing things differently to make your career stand out from the crowd.

True, some would not include it in this list of easy, well-paying careers. With some practice and experience in the field, you’ll be able to stand out and make a living doing what you love without having to invest large sums of money in a college degree.

Computadora para marketing

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5. Photography

This list of easy and well paid careers could not miss a profession that has been relevant in the art and modeling market for many, many years: photography.

Photography is everywhere. The media constantly bombards us with images every day. From the compelling images of advertising photography to the stunning world of editorial photography, the camera’s ability to record and manipulate the world around us creates an endless array of opportunities for someone interested in photography.

Like most creative industries, photography is incredibly competitive, but the opportunity to embark on an “easy”, well-paying career doing what you’re passionate about is what makes it all worthwhile.

As a freelance photographer, you could develop your career in a specialty area of photography such as advertising photography, fashion and beauty photography, food photography, fine art, lifestyle, abstract, documentary and more.

It is advisable, however, to specialize by taking courses in photo editing or even lighting techniques as a “short” route for your learning process.

You could even sell your photos on Shutterstock and have another source of income.

Lente de fotografía

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6. Computer network administration

Continuing with this list of easy and well-paying careers, let’s talk about the technical career of computer network administration. According to the job portal Freelancermap, a network administrator is responsible for maintaining the smooth running of a company’s network software and hardware.

It is not an ideal job for all types of people, as it requires a lot of attention and immediate resolution to problems that may arise throughout the day. Without a doubt, you have to like computer networks in order to stand out.

Since you must have much more specific technical knowledge and skills in this career, you can’t get into a computer network administrator job without the proper certifications.

Fortunately, these qualifications can be met without enrolling in a four-year program. A technical degree in a Computer Network Administration program can be completed in two years.

With a little experience and certifications such as CCNP or CompTIA Network+, you can put yourself in a good position to begin your “easy” and well-paying career as a computer network administrator.

Herramientas de carrera en ciencias informáticas

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7. Communication Sciences.

This is the last on the list of easy and well-paying careers, but it is not less important for that.

We know that the communication science career is very common in universities; however, its technical alternative is very good and profitable .

We put it on this list because the learning field of communication sciences is very wide, you can focus on audiovisual editing, journalism and even recording. This is one of the easy and well paid university careers, since all organizations require these skills, for example, to develop internal and external communication plans.

As you noticed, the career offers you a wide range of possibilities to which you can orient yourself. This undoubtedly makes it an interesting option for anyone interested in audiovisual issues.

Jóvenes hablan de carreras cortas y fáciles

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8. Data analyst career

A career as a data analyst is one of the most in-demand and, therefore, high-paying careers. If you get along well with data, enjoy performing analysis, and believe that you have skills in generating reports, then you should add data analysis to your list of easy and well-paying careers.

Furthermore, this career can be done through traditional college education, or through short specializations.

To give you an idea of why data analytics is on the list of well-paying short careers, we can mention to you an average of the salaries that people who specialize to become data analysts usually receive.

According to Glassdoor, the average earning of a specialist of this type of careers working for companies in the United States is 96 thousand USD per year. While in countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, it is one of the main easy and well paid careers because their monthly salary exceeds one thousand dollars.

Ejemplo de salario en carreras cortas y bien pagadas

Source: Glassdoor

9. Careers in professional baking and pastry making

Cooking is also on the list of easy and well-paying careers, especially what has to do with professional pastry and baking. Not to mention that a person with this type of knowledge also has the opportunity to develop his or her own business project and work independently.

But why do we say that pastry and confectionery is one of the best short and well paid careers? Simply put, we include this career in the list of options we recommend because one of its most important aspects is the recipes, that is, if you know how to follow instructions, you can do well.

Of course, it takes some talent to excel at preparing a recipe, but any of the easy, well-paying careers require talent. The main thing is to dedicate time and a lot of practice.

Another aspect we can highlight is that to do this career, in the beginning, you won’t need a lot of things. Unlike careers like music, where you have to buy expensive instruments, to develop your interest in pastry and baking you can start by preparing recipes with ingredients you have in your kitchen.

Similarly, although it is one of the easy careers with which you can become a professional, it is advisable that you find an institute to study, that you take courses to increase your knowledge, and that you complement what you learn with all the tutorials to prepare recipes that you find.

Persona trabajando con repostería

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10. Career in modern languages

is modern languages an easy and well-paying career? Although it may seem that knowing other languages is no longer as important as it was in the past, people who specialize in learning languages such as English, French, German and Portuguese, among others, have a fairly wide job field.

In addition, the salary of a language specialist is quite attractive. Whether you work as an interpreter, translate texts from one language to another, or teach your preferred language, you can earn quite well.

We include modern languages in our list of easy and well-paying careers, because you have many options for studying languages, from a university degree to distance learning courses.

A translator in Mexico, on average, can earn at least USD 800 per month, a very attractive salary considering that the minimum wage in that country is around USD 200 per month.

If you like languages and think you have the skills to learn a new language with ease, a career in modern languages can become one of your favorite easy and well-paying careers.

Persona trabaja como traductor de textos

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11. Careers in tourism and hospitality

An easy and well-paying career that can appeal to most people is a career in tourism and hospitality. In addition, to specialize in this area you can do a bachelor’s degree, or a technical career.

Depending on the country you are in, tourism is one of the activities that generates the most income, so it is worth taking advantage of the fact that it is one of the easiest and well paid careers you can study.

Depending on the institution where you study this career, you will have to learn about administration and customer service, something that surely will not represent a challenge for you.

The duration of this easy and well paid career is 2 years when it is done as a technical degree, and 4 years when it is a bachelor’s degree. you have many options to study it, from private institutes to public institutes, and you can choose between classroom or distance learning.

how does working in the tourism industry sound? If you study this easy and well-paid career, you can work as an event planner, tourist tour guide, or work as part of the administration staff of hotels or inns, among other things.

Persona trabajando en turismo

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12. Career in dubbing and voice acting

This career is ideal for those who want to train to work in broadcast media. Besides being an easy and well-paying career, those who do it can work in entertainment, whether it’s voiceover projects or voice dubbing for movies.

This career has a duration of three years, and can be complemented with a large number of courses. To find out if this is one of the easy and well-paying careers you can do, you should think about whether your voice over and voice dubbing skills seem to have potential, and if you are comfortable with the type of work that needs to be done.

In some places, you can do voice over and voice acting for free, something that gives an added bonus to this easy and well-paying career. The idea is that you can develop your voice, expressiveness, and your ability to interpret any kind of text in a professional dubbing format.

If you’re interested in learning more, and discovering why this is one of the top easy and well-paying careers on our list, we recommend you explore the comprehensive voice over careers curriculum.

Estudio para carrera corta y bien pagada de locución

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Tips for studying easy and well-paying careers

Now that you know our list of easy and well-paying careers, we want to give you some tips related to your educational and professional life.

First of all, try to have a broad vision of what you would like to study, whether it is a technical or university career. Remember that the careers that are worth studying are those that you like and that will make you happy for the rest of your life .
Secondly, you must give your all, regardless of the career you choose. Although there are easy and short careers, we are talking about your future and, if you make an effort and manage to stand out, we guarantee that you will be a great professional and you will be very successful.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that the opportunities for those with two years of professional training can be amazing and, if you are going to invest time and money in getting some kind of training, the best thing to do is to look for technical careers to develop faster.

Regardless of your age, it is never too late or too early to study something new, so here begins your time to discover new alternatives and opportunities to learn with the easiest and best paying careers.

We want to emphasize that the easy and well paid careers we mention are only recommendations, so if your interests go in another direction, we don’t want to discourage you. always follow your dreams!

what’s the reality of college degrees?

You have to go to college to get a good job” is one of the phrases many parents told their children for generations.

This is partly true, but, at the same time, partially untrue. Studying at a university is always going to give you an extra element that makes you stand out in the job market. however, not everyone with a college degree can get a good job.

This leads us to think that, although college is an advantage, it is not the key to professional success.

While college is worth the time and investment, depending on the career path you choose, many traditional four-year degrees and beyond may not be worth it.

In fact, to put it statistically, more than half of college graduates with a traditional bachelor’s degree don’t get jobs in the fields they studied, while others prefer to go into easy careers that make them more money.

Alegoría a graduación universitaria

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In countries like Mexico, for example, 5 out of 10 graduates work in something they did not study, according to figures from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The reality is that many university graduates find it difficult to find a job after gradu ation. in fact, many of the jobs they aspire to require a doctorate or master’s degree, which implies studying longer and investing much more money. For this reason, many opt for short, well-paid technical careers.

So, the key question here is: How much does a 4 or 5-year university degree cost in Latin America? Taking Mexico as an example, according to Universia, the cost of a private university usually ranges between 7,000 and 40,000 dollars. however, the price will depend a lot on the prestige of the university, what career you want to study and other secondary factors.

It is definitely a very strong investment, which is why, below, we are going to explore some easy and well-paying careers. let’s continue!

New opportunities for open minds

As we mentioned before, studying a university degree is not going to guarantee you absolute success in your working life. This can be evidenced in people who, having other types of aspirations and characteristics, chose easy and better paid careers to get ahead.

Unlike most traditional bachelor’s degrees of four years or more, technical schools specialize in setting students on a more defined path to success in the job market. Simply put, technical degrees are geared toward preparing you in a practical way so you can excel in any job .

In addition, these short, well-paying careers allow you to complete complementary programs with short certifications to gain a little more prestige, and thus, generate extra income in the medium and long term.

Persona trabaja freelance con carrera corta

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In fact, many of the highest paying careers can be achieved with as little as two years of focused professional education.

This is the real value of short career training; generating new opportunities with a positive Returnon Investment (ROI).

In this case, ROI refers to the amount of additional money you can earn in your lifetime as a graduate after subtracting the cost of education and the amount you would earn as a typical non-graduate.

Relax, we know it’s a bit complicated to understand at first, we’ll explain it in simple words. when studying a technical career, the return on investment is usually very good, since the cost is usually not a very large amount. in addition, with everything you learn, you are guaranteed to recover that investment in a short time.

Also, we must be clear that ROI does not only refer to monetary aspects. Nowadays,the time we invest is even more important than the money, because it is something that is not recovered. studying a technical career that you are passionate about will allow you to specialize better and in less time.

Undoubtedly, the easy and well paid careers that we will present below will impress you a lot.

Now it is time to get to know these easy and well paid careers that will allow you to enter the labor market with strength. If you were thinking about which are the best technical careers, here are some options .

Persona estudia carrera corta y bien pagada

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we hope these easy and well-paying careers we showed you today have inspired you to study something new! the next step, is for you to contact an educational institution and find out what it takes to enroll in a degree program that interests you.

Just remember: although the best time to start was two years ago, the next best time to start is right now!

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