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what is a gadget?

If you came here because you want to know what a gadget is, we start by telling you that you can have the answer right now in your hand. According to the concept of what a gadget is presented by the Universidad Libre de Colombia, these can be defined as devices or tools created for a certain purpose. The idea is that they are totally practical, mobile and, above all, innovative.

Nowadays, gadgets have been combined with the latest technologies to generate ideal tools to simplify our lives through digitalization, which is how the first smartphones or even the innovative smartwatches came about. now do you understand what we meant when we said that you probably have a gadget at your fingertips right now?

Also, all gadgets are characterized by their small size, you can take them everywhere without needing a lot of space. Think, for example, of the iPod era, that was a great gadget, very innovative and acclaimed by everyone who wanted to carry their favorite songs everywhere.

There are those who say that the characteristic of gadgets is not precisely their function, but their novelty. do you see why we talk about the cell phone, the iPod or the smartwatch, for example? That’s how you’ve actually always been in touch with what a gadget is, although you probably didn’t know it.

Well, now we know what a gadget is, but what is its history? stay tuned!

History of gadgets

The history of the gadget, or the term as such, dates back to the 19th century. It has been a word that does not have an exact origin, however, one of the theories says that it emerged with the company Gaget, Gauthier & Cie, which built the embossing of the Statue of Liberty in 1886. As advertising they created a small scale of the monument with the name ‘Gadget’.

However, there are others who say that the word existed before and was used in nautical circles, or that the first atomic bomb was called gadget. It is even said that the origin of gadget comes from the French gâchette which has been applied to various parts of a trigger mechanism.

But it also comes from the French word gagée, which refers to a small tool or accessory. which version do you know? Whatever it is, the most important thing is to really know what a gadget is and its usefulness. We’ll tell you all about it soon.

what are gadgets for?

So, you already know what a gadget is, but what are they needed for? Actually, this question is not so simple to answer. According to the Gadgets Peru store, we talk about what a gadget is for as recent products on the market “to make life easier or improve the operation of other devices to add a special function”.

As we explained, a gadget is a device that has a certain utility; however, nowadays, there are technological and non-technological gadgets for almost any activity.

what do we mean by that? The uses of gadgets are infinite, since they depend on the characteristics of each device. Although if you want to encompass their purpose, we can say that it is to simplify people’s lives .

If you are still wondering why you need gadgets, below, we list some of the most important gadget features:

They possess a specific purpose or function. There are gadgets for just about everything, so we will explain the different types of gadgets that exist in today’s market below.
They are small in size most of the time. One of the main functions of gadgets is to be available most of the time, and what better way to make that possible if you can take them everywhere?
They are innovative and very practical. Technology and gadgets go hand in hand nowadays. It is impossible nowadays to conceive of acquiring a new cell phone without buying accessories to improve the user experience.
High prices. However, as for their disadvantages, we can mention that the prices of gadgets are usually high due to the new technology they bring with them. Probably, the lowest point, since clearly being at the technological forefront is something expensive that not everyone can enjoy.

Types of gadgets

You already know what a gadget is and you probably still think it’s all about technology, but there are many other types: electronic, mechanical and even desktop gadgets like widgets. Among the most common are:

Technology or hardware gadgets

Also called smart gadgets “are small-sized technological devices that fulfill specific functions and have a more ingenious design than ordinary technology,” explains software company Bluumi.

The most popular are home voice assistants or car gadgets, wifi amplifiers or wireless chargers.

One of the most sought-after technological gadgets today are wearables, which consist of products that have a microprocessor and are capable of taking and transmitting data, and the best thing: you can take them with you everywhere, as is the case with smartwatches, with which you can interact with other devices.

The case of smartwatches is that of electronic gadgets developed thanks to the internet of things, do you know this concept?

Virtual reality gadgets

They are also gadgets that include technology, the difference is that they are focused on this activity. Some examples of virtual reality gadgets are augmented reality goggles, VR (gloves) and helmets of this type.

This type of gadgets became famous a couple of years ago, although it is true that they have not yet reached their peak of quality, they have already captivated many fans of virtual reality and simulations.

In this case, knowing what a virtual reality gadget is will allow you to give a good gift to someone who loves to explore this type of activity. We share with you a list of VR glasses gadgets with which you will show off in your next gift.

Gadgets de realidad virtual

Source: Unsplash

Gadgets for video games

We come to one of the favorite points of gamers, where we will talk about what is a gadget for video games and which are the most used to improve the experience with the controls or controllers.

As you can guess, these are the accessories designed to make the game more comfortable, but also to improve the gamers’ performance. Therefore, the list of gadgets on the market is extensive.

You can find computer gaming gadgets such as headphones, speakers, microphones, computer keyboards, controllers and even specialized clothing for gamers.

We share with you the image of one of the gadgets that is a trend today in the world of video games. It is the HyperX wireless gaming headset with which you can play for up to 30 hours thanks to the performance of its battery.

In addition, it has earmuffs that rotate 90 ° to rest on the neck and controls with LED effects, microphone mute, power and volume. would you dare to know what a gadget is through these headphones?

In addition to this, we share with you a gaming trends guide for 2021. In addition to knowing what a gaming gadget is, you will be aware of everything you should know about this field.

Source: HyperX LATAM

Health Gadgets

Gadgets are present in everything, not just entertainment. That’s why some are carefully designed with health care and fitness in mind. Most of these are electronic devices that facilitate medical and physiotherapeutic work.

You know what a gadget is because they are devices with which you can monitor your health status and perform physical rehabilitation. Some of them are sugar meters, for example, blood pressure monitors, or massagers.

Some of the most used gadgets in the health sector are the enyware, a device designed to maintain a good posture when sitting, that is, with a straight back. It attaches to any type of chair and can be easily carried as it weighs only 2.6 kilos.

Gadgets de salud

Source: Aegon

Software Gadgets, the famous widgets

Many people wonder what is a gadget and widget? are they the same thing? The answer is yes, only that widgets are not physical objects, but are part of the applications or gadgets for cell phones and computers.

Their purpose is to facilitate the work, the visualization of things or the functionality of a web or cell phone. have you seen the weather app on your cell phone? That’s a widget, just like the interface where you can see the time, date, notepad, among others.

Some of the characteristics of widgets or desktop gadgets are that they are easy to use and configure to activate, they are designed for all types of users and are very useful.

Gadgets de Software

Source: Pexels

Gadgets for sports

Perhaps we should start by posing the question of what is a “sports” gadget? Simple, they are certain technological and non-technological tools or gadgets aimed at contributing to physical activity and good health .

Surely, you are thinking that these types of gadgets fall into the category of health gadgets and, on the one hand, you are right, since exercise and physical activity are important to keep us in a state of optimal health .however, we decided to separate them, because we know that there are many people looking for how to start a fitness life among our readers.

Let’s start by talking about the oldest and at the same time most famous sports gadgets. Weights are one of the exercises par excellence in gyms, but did you even know they were gadgets? Actually, if you notice, it has all the characteristics of a gadget. Another similar case are the ropes, which besides being good for exercise have been the fun of many children.

However, technology has also reached sports. One element that is a gadget, but surely you had not referenced it, are the smart scales. Likewise, there are some smartwatches at a more accessible price that are only oriented to monitor your physical performance.

Finally, being perhaps one of the most striking sports gadgets of recent years, we have a digital weight, which can vary its weight depending on what you choose, in addition to being able to synchronize it to your cell phone.

It’s wonderful to know what a gadget is and to know all its types, isn’t it? let’s go on!

gadgets deportivos

Source: Pexels

Spy gadgets

Now that you know what a gadget is, surely the classic “Inspector Gadget” movie makes a little more sense to you. Precisely, in that movie, certain special tools for espionage were observed. did you know that many of those ideas, years later, became reality? Let’s learn more about these types of gadgets.

Whether you want to use them for secret purposes or you are just interested in gadgets with hidden utilities, spy gadgets have become a trend in recent times, so much so that many well-known brands have released related products.

Perhaps the best known gadgets of this style are those that hide small video cameras, among them we have pens, ties, hats and the most recognizable: the glasses. Precisely, the latter are nowadays a trend, since the well-known brand of Ray-Ban glasses, in collaboration with Facebook, launched glasses with camera, microphone and even headphones included.

However, they were not actually created with the aim of functioning as secret gadgets, because that could pose a risk to the companies that created them, for the reason that they violate people’s right to privacy.

are you clear on what a spy gadget is? ready to start using them?

gadgets espia

Source: Pexels

Kitchen gadgets

We know that many of our readers love cooking, and we don’t judge them at all! and we don’t judge them at all! The art of cooking is unique and is often a form of distraction from the responsibilities we usually have. However, did you know that there are also gadgets for the kitchen that will make your experience simpler and even futuristic? Stick around to find out.

At this point we are not going to delve into the classic kitchen gadgets, such as practical peelers or ceramic pans. Although they are very useful even in our times, the reality is that they do not compare to the new technological inventions for the kitchen.

When we think of what a kitchen gadget is, it is likely that the best-selling appliance of the last year comes to mind: air fryers. Without a doubt, this innovative gadget broke the market, since it mixed two elements that are highly valued nowadays: practicality and health.

Basically, air fryers are household appliances that fry food without a single drop of oil, only with air. In them, you can prepare foods such as fried chicken, meats, fish, and even bake desserts.

Other kitchen gadgets that have become famous over time include a knife that preheats to spread butter, multi-purpose kitchen scissors, and even various types of graters.

now that you know what a kitchen gadget is, you’ll want to get them all!

gadgets de cocina

Source: Forbes Colombia

Study Gadgets

You are probably wondering: what is a study gadget? They are those tools created with the idea of making the experience of studying more fun and dynamic. It is not a secret that many people have difficulties to concentrate or to establish fixed schedules to study their school or university courses, if you are one of those people stay to learn more about what is a study gadget.

Let’s start with the most important gadgets that, nowadays, are almost a must for studying. Laptops and tablets have become indispensable tools for school or university. They are not only technological gadgets that you can take to your study center to avoid carrying a lot of books, but they also allow both students and teachers to be interconnected from start to finish.

If we talk about study gadgets for kids, we can mention the use of portable play projectors. They are small boxes that serve as projectors and transmit images with 1080p quality, and best of all, they only cost 50 dollars. Definitely, if you have little ones at home, you can consider making this purchase.

On the other hand, if you are an older student there are also some interesting gadgets for you. Among the best gadgets for everyday life we have a LED alarm clock in the shape of a cube, which, besides helping you wake up in the morning and give you the time, can synchronize with your cell phone and remind you every class you have. Besides, it is always essential to have a gadget to help you de-stress from time to time, as long as it is not a distraction.

There is no one type of gadget better than another, the main thing is to identify in which areas of our life we need some support and search until you find the best gadget for you. Now that you know what a gadget is and what are its types, you have no excuse.

gadgets para estudiar

Source: Pexels

Examples of gadgets

Time Magazine explains that each gadget or device “tells the story of a new way of thinking, a paradigm shift in the way we approach the personal technology we interact with on a daily basis.” So there are examples of gadgets in history that remind us of the era in which we were living.

According to Time Magazine, some of the electronic devices with which we learned what a gadget is, and which have also marked the course of history, are:


It was launched in 2007 and became one of the most popular gadgets for its technology and mobile applications. “Several of its innovations set the guidelines for the smartphones that dominate the market today. It introduced the multi-touch screen and the development of Gorilla Glass technology,” explains El Tiempo Newspaper.

The iPhone was a disruptive gadget because it allowed people to live the experience of having a computer in their hands. However, it is no longer known as what a gadget is, because it is widely used by many people and is becoming more and more common.

iphone gadgets mas populares

Source: Unsplash

Sony Walkman

You’re probably very young and don’t know that the first mobile device for listening to music was neither the iPod nor the Mp3. It was called Walkman (which translates as “Walking Man”) and was created by Sony in 1979. Undoubtedly, this was one of the most innovative gadgets of the time, as no one thought it would be possible to listen to music while walking down the street.

We put it in this list of most famous gadgets, because, as we mentioned at the beginning, this gadget undoubtedly marked a before and after in the portable technology industry.

walkman gadget

Source: Unsplash

Kodak Brownie Camera

This is one of the oldest gadgets, it was introduced to the market in the year 1900 and became one of the most popular cameras in history, thanks to its presentation, price and disruptive performance.

not only that! This camera was the first to take instant photos, predecessor of other photography relics such as Polaroids and fixed lens cameras. Undoubtedly, if you think about which gadgets have changed history, the Brownie camera must be one of your main references.

kodak camera brownie gadget

Source: Unsplash


Also known as “vitrola”. And while perhaps not a computer gadget, it is a device that changed the way we listen to music at home. This piece of furniture that hid a gramophone inside appeared in 1905 and many keep it today as a collector’s item.

A clear proof of what is a simple gadget, but very useful and revolutionary for the time. great!

victrola gadget historico

Source: Unsplash

we have reached the end of this article! We hope that knowing what a gadget is and what its characteristics are has been very useful for you. We are sure that now that you know more about the world of gadgets, you will be able to recommend new gadgets to your friends.

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