What is Remotasks? Discover how to generate income through simple tasks!

Do you know what RemoTasks is? If you want to start earning money working at home and don’t have much experience, then you should know about this online work platform.

In a world where the health crisis caused by COVID-19 opened up new areas of work, it also meant that many had difficulties to continue with their jobs, because they were presence-based. So a great solution to earn extra money was the online job boards. Want to know more about them?

In this article, we will tell you what RemoTasks is and how it works. We will also answer a common question among users: how and when does RemoTasks pay? And, as a bonus track, we share some tips for you to take advantage of the platform and earn more money. Don’t miss it!

RemoTasks: a new way to earn money

Let’s start by defining what RemoTasks is, one of the remote jobs that were a trend during the forties and that, today, have consolidated as a great job opportunity.

Remotasks is a platform owned by Smart Ecosystem Inc, based in Delaware, U.S.A. It is an intermediation service between companies and freelancers to perform tasks and work in crowdsourcing style, which will allow them to earn money from anywhere in the world .

Its operation is similar to the well-known ClickWorker and Fiverr. To earn money with RemoTasks, you must first complete a series of online micro tasks that are requested by several companies around the world, among which we can distinguish large corporations and new start-ups.

The main objective of these companies is to collect a large amount of international data that will allow them to optimize their security systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI). For this, they need the undisputed help of humans.

What is Remotasks Plus?

You may (or may not) have heard of a variant of this platform, known as RemoTasks Plus. is it the same as the original?

Remotasks Plus has the same functionality as Remotasks, but is specifically intended for users in Venezuela. Besides paying more than other similar platforms, it has another benefit: with Remotasks Plus, you can process your payments directly from your AirTM account.

Advantages of RemoTasks

One of the most popular sites to earn money, RemoTasks, demonstrates by itself its benefits. However, since these are monetary issues, it is important that you know everything about the product and/or service before embarking on this adventure.

Do you want to know what are the main advantages of RemoTasks? The most important are the following:

it is a legitimate portal

One of the most important aspects that a website with which you are seeking to generate revenue must have is trust. Therefore, we understand your doubts about whether RemoTasks is trustworthy or not, but don’t worry: it’s a legitimate web portal, supported by a legitimate company.

The RemoTasks platform was founded in 2017, by a company called Scale AI, Inc, which claims on its website to specialize in Artificial Intelligence applications, applied to drones or autonomous vehicles. They even work hand in hand with large companies such as Samsung or Uber, for example.

Therefore, this support, in relation to what RemoTasks is, gives this platform enough legitimacy to know that its payments always arrive on time and, in addition, it is a portal that guarantees a good treatment to its users.

Immediate accessibility and accessible requirements

If there is something essential for applications such as RemoTasks, with which you expect to earn income online, it is that it be available anywhere. And this platform meets this requirement.

Anyone with the availability can join from virtually any country in the world, and be able to earn income from the comfort of their home.

And if you are wondering about the requirements needed to use RemoTasks, we will clarify them for you. To be able to use this platform and explore its full potential, you need the following requirements:

Speak English. Although you can use a translator for some tasks, as we will explain later.
A computer (laptop or desktop, it doesn’t matter) with at least 4GB of RAM.

As you can see, these are not essential requirements, so take advantage of your options to sign up for RemoTasks.

Payments are weekly

An essential part of the whole process is the payment issue. You can not trust a platform that does not offer security in this service (or is inconsistent with the payments), so we will clarify how it works here

Just register your PayPal account (or manage your AirTM account, if it is RemoTasks for Venezuela) and soon! All you have to do is wait to receive your payments by the fifth-fifth of the month.

Want more details? We will go into more details about payments later in this post.

Constant training

There are RemoTasks tasks that can be considered, in a certain sense, mechanical. Therefore, you do not need to master many concepts to perform them.

Even so, the platform offers you training on how to complete all your tasks (from the simplest to the most complex of the platform), while helping you to prepare the best alternative to increase your earning potential within the portal.

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Offer an extra, besides online tasks

One of the aspects that we highlight about RemoTasks that makes it stand out from its competitors is the fact that it allows you, as a user, to get involved with the company. Besides the simple fact of completing tasks online.

In this sense, we highlight its Bootcamp, a methodology of intensive study, with which you will be trained in specialized knowledge.

In general terms, these are the main advantages of this platform. But as everything good has its B side (even life itself), it is time to address the shortcomings of RemoTasks.

RemoTasks Disadvantages

In order for you to have a comprehensive view of the platform, we can’t just focus on what’s good and what’s nice about it. For this reason, let’s talk a little more about the main disadvantages of this portal.

You want to know the disadvantages of RemoTasks? To follow:

Low earning potential

If you expect to become an overnight millionaire with RemoTasks, we regret to tell you that this is not how it works. These types of portals have a very low profit margin, so you will have to work very hard if you expect to make a lucrative income for yourself.

Per hour, the general average you can make on RemoTasks is US$1 to US$2, which may seem low, but if you are really consistent on the platform, you will be able to make a very lucrative monthly income.

of course, you have to work hard and take RemoTasks as a job.

The accuracy of the tasks

Sometimes, and for very specific tasks, RemoTasks can be especially rigorous with your orders. Therefore, you need to be careful enough not to miss a task that you are really good at.

If you neglect a task, because you consider it too simple or because you have done it so many times that you can’t get it wrong, you are likely to accumulate errors that may result in a lower payment from the platform or, in the worst case scenario, you may simply not get paid at all.

Therefore, pay attention to all the details and avoid, as much as possible, RemoTasks being too demanding with you.

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Payment method

On the subject of the payment method, there is a detail that is a plus and a minus at the same time. The fact of only allowing PayPal can be for some a blessing and for others a disadvantage.

Although it is a payment method that many people have access to, this platform is not to everyone’s liking, either because of the fees or because it is not widely accepted as a payment method in many places.

Besides, it is the only payment option that exists on the platform (although RemoTasks for Venezuela allows the option of using AirTM).

The type of work

This is one point that many people agree on when they talk about what RemoTasks is: maybe your jobs are not the most dynamic and fun to do, that’s why they tend to be very repetitive and sometimes even boring.

If you don’t have how to generate income at the moment, RemoTasks is a very valid option for you to count as a way to earn something extra. But this does not mean that you will stop looking for work options, because doing 20 years of work on this platform is not a very pleasant option.

However, the truth is that it is also not a very complicated job. If you have a knack for mechanical work and also don’t mind, then RemoTasks is a very valid option for you.

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We know that learning a new language is complicated for many people. Not everyone is fluent in English and this can be a limitation for many people.

As explained above, it is true that with an online translator you can do most tasks, but the problem is that if you need to translate audio or transcripts, you will need to have at least some knowledge of the language.

Otherwise, you are likely to be banned from the assignment. And these are usually the ones that pay the best on this platform.

These are some of the pros and cons of RemoTasks that you should keep in mind when using this tool. Now, let’s get down to business: do you want to know how this online task platform works? Let’s take a look at it!

How does Remotasks work?

We’ve already told you what Remotask is and what it’s for, but how does it work? To be reassured, it’s very simple! All you have to do is follow a series of steps.

How to register with Remotasks?

Registration with Remotasks is completely free and open to users from all countries. The only essential requirement, besides being over 18 years old, is to have an account in the social network Facebook, since the registration is done by linking the two accounts.

Once you have completed your data, you must verify your Remotasks account. To do this, you will receive an SMS with a code that will allow you to complete the verification process.

Exams and preliminary courses

Besides explaining what Remotasks is, we must clarify that, in order to start earning money on this platform, you will have to take some exams and courses after registration. There are several types of exams, through which you can have access to different paid jobs.

It is also important that you take the exams with as much concentration as possible, because, as we will see below, your final pay rate will depend on them.

You will have a total of 3 attempts to take each type of exam, that is, if you miss all 3 times, you will not be able to access this type of task. But don’t panic! There are more than 20 different task types, so if you fail any test, you can try other Remotasks tests!

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How and when does Remotasks pay?

Now that you know what Remotasks is, you are probably eager to know how and when this online job service pays. According to the platform itself, earnings can reach up to 200 US dollars per week, although this is a guideline value.

Here are some factors that will allow you to calculate the payment of each of your tasks in Remotasks:


One of the aspects that Remotasks takes into account for the payment of tasks is the level of difficulty of the tasks. As we already mentioned, the most highly paid tasks are those of the LiDAR category, because they are more complicated and time consuming than normal. But we will talk about them later.

There are also classic tasks that can vary in difficulty, depending, for example, on the number of labels needed.


How good and precise was your Remotasks work. You labeled all the objects that needed to be labeled, and you did it the right way?

Don’t forget that a job with 100% accuracy will give you much more profit than a job with, for example, 50% accuracy .


You should also ask yourself how much of the completed assignment or final presentation was the result of the work you did.

You can check all this information in your Remotasks assignment record, where you can see when the assignments were completed, your grade and how much money you will receive for them.

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