Careers without mathematics that you can study if you don’t like numbers!

Is it possible to find careers without math? If you’re reading this, it’s because you belong to my “People with poor math skills” club. So, if you still don’t know what to study and you don’t like math, in this article I bring you interesting options that you should consider if numbers are not your thing.

In addition, you will learn how you can complement these careers without mathematics and thus become a much more prepared professional. If numbers are not your thing, join me to discover your professional future with this list of careers without mathematics.

That’s right. Before knowing the careers without mathematics, we have to admit that, throughout history, they have been of vital importance for the evolution of mankind. For example, according to astrophysicist Lucie Green in a note with the BBC explained that Neptune, which marked the starting point for the exploration of the solar system, was found thanks to mathematics. do you get the picture?

Mathematics is unavoidable in our daily lives, so the thought of careers without mathematics sounds a bit far-fetched. Here is a list of the top university careers without mathematics.

1. Communication Sciences

This is one of the best options for those who are looking for careers without mathematics. But, be careful, you must have certain skills, such as writing very well, knowing how to express yourself, being very extroverted and creative, among others. Also, being a communicator entails a certain responsibility regarding the message you are communicating and the audience you are addressing.

Therefore, if you are looking for non-mathematical careers that allow you to awaken your creativity, talent, and at the same time commitment to the community in which you live, social communication is for you!

On the other hand, if you just want to dedicate yourself to the world of communication from a more commercial environment, you can guide your studies to content marketing or advertising. You might be interested in starting to understand how to be a copywriter and what are the action points.

carrera ciencias de la comunicacion

Image: Freepik

As we see it, the good thing about Communication Sciences, is that there are several branches to which we can lean:

Social Communication
Audiovisual communication
Public relations
Institutional Communication
Communication and marketing
Communication and advertising
Communication and photography

As I mentioned above, in these careers without mathematics you could have some subjects related to numbers, for example calculating a budget or handling simple statistics, but nothing that represents a great difficulty. This is what a communicator tells you.

2. Law

This career without mathematics belongs to the branch of Social Sciences and is based on laws, as well as on the understanding of legal norms. This means that if you decide to study law, you will have to like to read a lot and learn by heart.

Law, like other non-math majors, may surprise you and it doesn’t mean that you should pursue an old-fashioned view of law. You may be oriented towards new technologies and will be investigating virtual crimes, so you will need to know first-hand what a privacy policy is and other related issues.

As in the Communication Sciences, Law is also divided into branches, to which you can lean depending on your aspirations. For this, you have to take into account that in Law you will find two main groups: public and private:

Branches of public law

Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Administrative Law
Labor Law
Tax Law

Branches of private law

Civil Law
Commercial Law
International Law


Image: Freepik

3. Psychology

Psychology is one of the careers where mathematics is not used, because it is a science that is responsible for studying human behavior through behavior or experiences. did you know that in every company there are psychologists? So, if you decide to pursue this career without mathematics, you will have a wide career field .

In this way, psychology is not only dedicated to clinical or office treatment of individuals. You can also apply this career without mathematics in the business environment and even in the state.

When studying psychology you should keep in mind that, although you will not see numbers all the time, there are several subjects related to statistics, as you will have to do constant studies and research or perhaps read them to go ahead with your professionalization in the area.

are you familiar with the terms emotional intelligence and effective leadership? A person who has studied psychology is an ideal coach for any company looking to implement these new ways of relating at work. On the other hand, following this career without mathematics also allows you to be part of the organization and implementation of actions such as focus groups or interviews.

carrera de psicologia

Image: Pixabay

4. Pedagogy

If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge or perhaps helping people achieve their learning in a better way, pedagogy is one of the non-math majors that you will enjoy. It is a non-mathematics career related to the social sciences where you will be prepared to teach the knowledge of your specialization, and you can opt for different levels of education, such as elementary school or even college.

If traditional education is not your thing, but you are passionate about teaching, don’t worry! Studying this non-mathematics major can also make you part of the new wave of online courses, workshops or masterclasses.

Don’t worry, you will be able to specialize in a number of areas that could be more related to the creative or communications field. remember that there is no better teacher than the one who never stops learning.


Image: Unsplash

5. Graphic Design

If you have the soul of an artist, this non-mathematical career is definitely for you. You will learn not only how to create beautiful images, but also how to communicate a message with specific goals. This way, you can choose the field according to your personal interests.

As a graphic designer you will be able to work in companies in the fields of design, publishing, marketing, advertising, among others .

Like Law, this is also one of the careers without mathematics and well paid, because it gives you the possibility not only to work in large companies, but also to be a freelancer, work remotely and receive several incomes per month. By the way, I invite you to learn the steps to become a freelancer and generate various incomes.

diseño grafico e ilustracion

Image: Freepik

6. Fine Arts

This is another one of the careers without numbers for all those who love to work with freedom and inspiration. By studying fine arts, you will be able to exploit your creativity to the fullest through different branches such as:


Just like the rest of the non-mathematical careers mentioned above, the arts are now part of the digital environment. Just as you’re thinking, all those illustrators, composers of advertising jingles and even content creators in general can be considered artists.

In order to take your creativity to the next level, you will need to understand that Fine Arts are part of the culture of any locality, so you will have to transmit your art based on that idiosyncrasy. Below, I will introduce you to some alternatives that you could learn before or while studying Fine Arts.

bellas artes

Image: Pixabay

7. Fashion Design

If your dream has always been to create your own clothing brand, Fashion Design is a non-mathematical career that you will love. It’s vitally important that, if you decide to study apparel design, you have your creativity on edge.

As you can imagine, this career also has multiple professional applications and not only designing a collection. You can start by studying this career without complex mathematics and then turn your work towards costume design, fashion production and even styling.

In this career without mathematics, as in Graphic Design, you will not have subjects related to numbers. However, you will have to have a minimum notion of measurement units and equivalences. On the other hand, within the career you could find specialized courses in subjects such as Illustration, Creative Techniques, Cutting and sewing and others.

diseño de modas

Image: Freepik

8. Gastronomy

are you the person in charge of cooking for your friends or family because they love your seasoning? Then gastronomy may be right up your alley. This is a non-mathematical career where you will develop all your culinary skills and, at the same time, understand the eating habits of all cultures.

Indirectly, you will have to use mathematics to calculate the ingredients you need for each dish, but nothing to do with equations or mathematical problems (at least until you open your restaurant, where you will have to do a lot of math).

Nowadays, gastronomy is becoming more and more accessible to a larger number of people and starting your own business is a great idea to work from home. This non-mathematical career has very few limits, since you can dedicate yourself to sweet dishes, savory dishes and even gourmet cooking.


Image: Freepik

9. Literature

This non-mathematical career is aimed at all those whose favorite pastime is reading, reading and reading. Studying Literature will allow you to analyze not only literary works, but also the development of language.

Among the subjects you will take when you study Literature are Phonetics, Morphology, Philosophy, among others.

After studying this career that has no mathematics, you can find a super broad job opportunities, from editing literary texts to teaching this subject.


Image: Freepik

10. Translation and Interpretation

If you consider yourself a ‘crack’ in languages, with this non-mathematical career you will be able to analyze all the linguistic elements of a language, which will allow you to translate and interpret documents, books, videos, everything!

Nowadays, translators are highly sought-after professionals and, above all, well paid. Imagine that in the context of globalization we live in, the translation of long texts, even small user manuals, is really necessary. the best thing about pursuing this career without mathematics? You can work 100% online, remotely and for foreign companies.

traduccion e interpretacion

Image: Freepik

11. UX/UI Design

We already talked about graphic, editorial and advertising design, but the real boom of this last time is UX/UI design. This non-mathematical career will give you all the knowledge you need to create digital interfaces specially designed for the user.

So, if you always dreamed of designing websites, platforms and applications, UX design is for you! We assure you that in this career you will not see mathematics, but you must have a sense of space, proximity, colors and textures.

carrera de diseño ux

Source: Pexels

12. Programming and web development

While the traditional systems engineering degree does have mathematics, there are now a variety of shorter courses that will allow you to work as a web developer. For this, you will need to learn some of these programming languages:


Your job success as a programmer is super assured, as it is one of the most demanded profiles nowadays. And guess what, no, this career has no mathematics!

carrera de desarrollador web

Source: Pexels

13. Business

Another alternative to face your professional project is to dedicate yourself to the business world, but not from finance and accounting, but from non-mathematical careers such as project management, business leadership and business model consulting.

Nowadays, the business field is becoming broader and the methodologies are less and less traditional, such as the waterfall method. In other words, we can consider the study of agility, lean startup and design thinking as parts of non-mathematical careers.

carrera de negocios

Source: Pexels

14. Human Resources

Finally, we know that one of the essential characteristics of the new business models is to put both the customer and the employees at the center of the scene. what better way to be part of this movement than from the inside? Studying this non-mathematical career can take you to places that human resources professionals have never thought of before, from being an online recruiter to working inside a company in search of raising the feeling of motivation in the team.

carrera de recursos humanos

Source: Pexels

While studying one of these non-math majors can make you a professional ready to take on the job market, these days that’s not enough. Nowadays, companies are looking for professionals who have specializations in some specific fields.

Therefore, it will be necessary to complement these careers without mathematics with some courses that will give you that specialization I am talking about. don’t worry! These specializations do not include mathematics either.

how to complement careers without mathematics?

Although above I showed you a complete list of careers without mathematics, these can be complemented through a course or specialization that will allow you to add knowledge and, thus, get a better job or apply for a promotion. In addition, you can use these courses as an introduction to the subjects if you are still not 100% sure of your decision

Also, it is necessary to know that careers that do not include mathematics do not necessarily dispense with this subject altogether. Although we will not have mathematics at an extreme level, we could find some subjects, especially in the first cycles of the career.

The best of all is that, whichever non-mathematics career you choose, you will be able to take any of the courses I will show you below. Depending on your tastes, they could even mean a great hobby in your everyday life. it’s time to keep learning!

Digital Marketing from scratch

If you decide to study Communication Sciences, specializing in Digital Marketing should be one of your top choices.

Professionals specialized in Digital Marketing are among the most demanded now adays due to the digitalization of companies and brands. they all want a specialist to guide them in this field!

In this specialization you can learn the basics of online marketing and discover social media platforms, Growth Hacking strategies, digital advertising and more.

This specialization for non-math majors is made up of 54 classes that have a total duration of almost three hours. Once you complete the course, you will be able to get certified and specialize.

Syllabus of the course Digital Marketing from scratch

Before you start
Marketing is digital
The strategy, the basis of your plan or campaign
Social Media Marketing
Social Media: TikTok for your business
TikTok: your organic content strategy
Content Marketing and SEO
Introductory Growth Hacking
Paid advertising and analytics
Course conclusions

Effective Communication: Learn to speak in public

This specialization will be of great help to those who choose to study both Communication Sciences and Law. Here you will learn how to overcome your means and express your ideas, creating your own communication style.

In fact, this specialization is ideal as a complement to all non-math majors, since in your career path there will always be a time when you will have to speak in public and captivate the public, either to get a job or to present a project.

This online course in Effective Communication has 40 classes with a total duration of 1h 36m. You will be able to take the classes at your own pace and, at the end, receive a certification that will complement any of the non-mathematics careers you have chosen.

Topics of the course Effective Communication: Learn how to Speak in Public

Course Introduction
Master your fears
Move confidently on stage
The art of persuasive speaking
Visual presentation
Course conclusions

Introduction to Acting with Gianella Neyra

remember I told you that I would show you some options in case you decide to study Fine Arts? well, here’s one of the best complements to unnumbered careers! If you are passionate about acting, you will love this course, as you will be introduced to this fascinating world by the hand of one of the best Peruvian actresses: Gianella Neyra.

In this course you will learn how to analyze the script and read texts to appropriate the story and take it to action. In addition, you will understand how the world of acting works and how to work with other actors and actresses.

And if that’s not enough, you’ll learn how to prepare for a casting! so, once you complete this course (which lasts 3h 44m) you will be ready to be part of the amazing world of acting.

Course agenda Introduction to Acting with Gianella Neyra

Knowing yourself as a tool
The actor in the craft
Working with the script and the scene
The DNA of the character
The life of an actor: Expectation vs. Reality

Acting, characters and body expression

have you been bitten by the acting bug? Then go ahead with this course! Taught by Anahí de Cárdenas, another of the region’s great actresses, this course is another perfect complement to careers without numbers.

With Anahí de Cárdenas you will learn to connect with the emotions of your characters through the use of the body and voice, creating an extraordinary performance focused on taxation.

With this course, which has a duration of 2h 17m you will understand that, when studying acting, the voice is also part of the interpretation of characters, so it is also a great complement to Introduction to Acting.

Course syllabus Acting, characters and body expression

Before you start
Preparation of the body and voice
Construction of characters from the body and voice
Complementary techniques to bring the body closer to the text

Musical Theater with Marco Zunino

Yes, I know you liked theater and don’t want to give it up, so I bring youanother great option with which you will perfectly complement the two previous courses. Besides, if you also like music, this is a great alternative for all those careers where mathematics is not used.

Marco Zunino is another great Spanish-speaking actor and he will be in charge of teaching you how to interpret a song and how to prepare your voice to be able to perform it as well as possible.

With this 2h 18m online course you will learn how to identify your voice type and, with it, choose the right song for your register, and then work on your interpretation and body language.

To make you crave for more, we share with you an open class in which you will learn how to differentiate a popular song vs. a musical theater song.

Topics of the course Musical Theater with Marco Zunino

Before you start
Not everyone can sing Wicked
Technical part
Body language

Branding for digital brands

The perfect specialization to complement the graphic design career, since, nowadays, all brands require branding at a digital level.

In this course you will use Adobe Illustrator as a tool and you will be able to master the creative and technical process of branding from start to finish. This specialization consists of 48 classes with a total duration of 3h 48m.

Topics of the course Branding for Digital Brands

Introduction to the course
Briefing, discovery and strategy
Digital Strategy
Digital branding: Responsive logo
Digital branding: Brand manual
Brand identity
Course conclusions

Advertising Post Production with Adobe Premiere

One of the careers without mathematics that has more branches is Communication Sciences. Inside, you can choose to be a professional in Audiovisual Communication and it is precisely for them this specialization.

By specializing in Advertising Post Production with Adobe Premiere you will learn to use this tool at a professional level to achieve the post-production of an advertising video. These Adobe Premiere shortcuts can help you in this specialization.

This specialization has a total of 69 classes with a total duration of 4h 21m. Undoubtedly, a complete course that will open many more doors in the labor market.

Postproducción publicitaria curso online

Topics of the course Advertising Post Production with Adobe Premiere

Introduction to the course
Getting Started
Basic editing
Titles and text
Keyframe animation (keyframes)
Lumetri Color
Narrative editing
Advanced editing
Final project

Product Photography and Lighting Techniques

Catalogs, billboards, posters, websites, we see products everywhere! And to see them in that amazing way, they have to be photographed first. This specialization is perfect for those who were inclined to study Photography.

If you want to complement that career without mathematics, this specialization will allow you to learn the different lighting techniques and effects to photograph products.

This course is composed of 58 classes with a total duration of 3h 49m. At the end, you will complete a project with which you will be able to get certified and specialize in the subject.

Topics of the course Product Photography and Lighting Techniques

Before you start
Product shot end-to-end process
Lifestyle product shot and digital content
Product shot with LED display
Cosmetics product shot
Photo processing and retouching
Conclusions of the course

Introduction to Digital Copywriting

Digital copywriting must now be based on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) parameters, so, if you decided to study a non-mathematical career, such as Journalism, for example, your articles will most likely be published on the Internet and you will have to position them in Google.

A specialization in digital copywriting will help you achieve this and get everyone to read your article. In this course you will learn the basic principles of digital writing and spelling in order to highlight your texts.

This course consists of 51 classes with a total duration of 4h 25m.

Redacción Digital

Image: Pixabay

Introduction to Digital Copywriting Course Syllabus

Introduction to the course
Basic principles of writing
Initial structure
Web copywriting
Creative Web Writing
Business Writing
Final project and final conclusions

Prepare hamburgers like an expert

yes! We also have a specialization for those who chose to study gastronomy. In fact, this add-on is totally applicable for any of the non-math majors, as it can become an alternate venture to your profession.

Anyway, we all love hamburgers and what better idea than to specialize in order to prepare them as an expert and eventually start selling them.

In this course you will discover the secrets of the ingredients and learn delicious hamburger recipes. It consists of 39 classes with a total duration of 2h 25m and you will also receive a certification.

Curso hamburguesas

Course Topics Cook Burgers Like an Expert

Before you start
The hamburger journey
Let’s get to work
Burgers on the web
Burgers as a business
Conclusions and final project

why should we never get along with mathematics?

It is true that in this article you have found several alternatives of university careers that do not have mathematics. However, it is not in our best interest to get along badly with numbers, since according to Superprof they will be present throughout our lives.

In your day-to-day life you will have to draw up accounts, go to the ATM, go shopping at the supermarket, among other activities that involve mathematics, regardless of what you decide to study. In addition, as I mentioned above, although these are careers where mathematics is not used, it is not that numbers will disappear completely.

In fact, if I were to give you a recommendation, it would be related, precisely, to establish the most enjoyable possible connection between mathematics and the activities that you like to do, which, by the way, could be related to any of these careers with little mathematics that you are inclined to do.

i hope you have enjoyed this article and have a clearer picture! See you soon!

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