would you like to find the best pages for summarizing texts?

Many people dream of finding the formula to summarize texts and be more productive with their studies, so we created a list of the 20 best pages to summarize. In this way, we will help the whole community of students to be more agile with the reading of their reports.

Studying at a distance can be more overwhelming than studying in person. Especially because time must be distributed between academic and home obligations. This makes students look for the best way to learn how to summarize texts, either manually or with the help of a text summarizing application.

In this article, we will not only show you the main text summarizing websites, but also how to summarize university or school texts. This way you will not only rely on technology, but also on your own skills.


Let’s start with the first of the text summarizing websites. SMMRY was created, as it is obvious, to summarize texts and written documents. But don’t panic if when you enter the site you find everything in English. SMMRY is a text summarization software that accepts articles and texts in Spanish.

According to their own website, it was created to provide the user with “an efficient way to understand the text”. This text summarizer website reads the information you post and summarizes only the most important sentences. It also allows you to upload a file from your PC or paste the link of a website you want to summarize, such as a research paper, a media article, among others

What makes this text summarizing application incredible is that it has algorithms that eliminate unnecessary sentences, examples and phrases or connectors used to link ideas. It also relies on keywords to find sentences that contain the main idea of the whole text.

An added value of this program to summarize long texts is that it summarizes your texts in the number of paragraphs you choose. SMMRY has a section in which you can set the number of paragraphs you want for your summary. In general, we recommend 7 paragraphs, so that you can have the necessary information without so many cuts

Learn more about SMMRY

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2. Resoomer

There are two ways to access Resoomer. The first is by downloading an extension that can be added to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari very easily. The second is to go directly to their website to summarize any page of your interest with a single click.

If you were looking for programs to summarize texts automatically, then Resoomer is the right application for you, since it has the ability to reduce texts from up to more than 10 languages, including English, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch, among others

In its Help section, the company highlights that it can work with texts such as the following:


Scientific texts.

History texts.

Comments on works.


Another of the functions of this program to summarize texts is the variety of options it has when a text is summarized. For example, you can translate the entire text and save it in PDF or Word. It also has the ability to create an automatic, manual or optimized summary.

Resoomer is one of the few pages for summarizing texts that has its own blog, where important content is published to learn more about the platform. Finally, it should be noted that you can only summarize texts of 500 words. However, for being free, you can’t demand too much from it.

Learn more about Resoomer

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3. Free Summarizer

Free Summarizer is one of the text summarizing sites that has an integrated tool called Typecup. This program allows you to edit your texts, thanks to the fact that its algorithms are trained to detect more than 500 grammar and style rules

On the other hand, Free Summarizer offers you some additional advantages such as selecting the number of sentences you want to get or determining the keywords to consider before summarizing the texts.

This platform helps you learn how to reduce texts within its website. When you log in, Free Summarizer offers you a default text, which you can synthesize to test its effectiveness. Once you consider that the test was good, you can use your own texts.

4. LinguaKit

Among all the pages for summarizing texts, LinguaKit will help you reduce texts in a much faster and specialized way. It does this thanks to its linguistic action tool, which allows you to improve the quality of writing. In addition, it analyzes the language in which the document is written and starts extracting the necessary information.

The best thing is that the services of this website to summarize texts are totally free. You just need to have at hand the text you want to summarize, or the link, to start reducing the texts. And you can download their app for both Android and iOS devices.

As we mentioned, this text summarizing software is not only for summarizing texts online. Since it has a built-in linguistic tool, it allows you to correct and identify very important grammatical elements to have a quality text

Learn more about LinguaKit

Download the LinguaKit application

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5. Auto Summarizer

Of all the text summarization sites shown so far, Auto Summarizer makes the difference by being able to summarize long texts. If you have very large volumes of text, this tool is ideal for you. In addition, its website has a very good user experience as it is quite easy to use.

This program to summarize long texts has the ability to reduce texts of entire books, either in English or Spanish. This says a lot about the ability of this website to process a large amount of information and then create a synthesis of the whole text sent.

Whether you want to summarize a novel or an argumentative text, Auto Summarizer will help you with it.

With Auto Summarizer, you can also calculate the frequency of keywords in the texts, to give them more importance when summarizing them. It also has its own application that you can download and use to summarize long texts from the comfort of your cell phone.

Learn more about Auto Summarizer

6. Calmly Writer

Calmly Writer is one of the pages for summarizing texts that allows you to download its tool, both for PCs or laptops, as well as for mobile devices. You can access the application from its online store or use this tool from its official website.

It is a program that can also be used to summarize long texts. It also has an automatic saving function, a keyword controller and different export formats

Learn more about Calmly Writer

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7. Text Compactor

Like many of the pages for summarizing texts that we have pointed out so far, Text Compactor lets you choose the length in which you want to summarize your texts. Similarly, this platform highlights the most important keywords of the entire file, which will help you find the information you need in just a few minutes.

Besides, this application is free, like most of the pages to summarize texts that we are showing you. However, a small disadvantage is that it does not record the summarized texts for you to use it a second time, so it is advisable to save your summaries in a Word file or notepad.

Learn more about Text Compactor

8. Tools 4 noobs

Don’t feel bad about the name of this text summarizing website, it’s just a little sarcasm on the part of the creators. This program is characterized by being very personalized, since it offers you functions so that you can choose the number of lines of the summary, the minimum length of the sentence or words.

Tools 4 noobs is one of the few pages to summarize texts that allows you to choose the degree of relevance of the sentence and the best words of a text that should be in your summary. As we mentioned, it is a website that adapts a lot to you and your needs to summarize texts.

Learn more about Tools 4 noobs

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9. ZenPen

ZenPen is part of the group of pages to summarize texts whose design is very basic, but it is quite efficient at the time of reducing texts. Within its platform, you have the possibility of exporting texts in Markdown format, HTML or texts with flat characteristics such as txt files.

Italso has a keyword counter so that you can calculate the size of the text being summarized.

Learn more about ZenPen

10. MindMup

A tool that could not be missing in this list of pages to summarize texts is MindMup. This application to summarize texts is very peculiar because it can create mind maps with all the content of the summarized text. Within this mind map, this text summarizing website only places fundamental keywords that help summarize the information.

On the other hand, this text summarizing website has the ability to relate one concept to another. In this way, the summarized information will have a smaller margin of error.

In addition, MindUp can be connected to your Google Drive account so that you can save the summary of your text in a more secure way and use it later.

Learn more about MindMup

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11. Parafrasist

Through this page to summarize texts, you will have the option to paraphrase (who would have imagined it with that name?) or summarize the text you want. At the same time, you will be able to extract those words or phrases that you consider most important.

how does this text summarizing tool work? Just copy the text you want to shorten, and choose the functions you want… and you will see the result in a matter of seconds!

Once the text summarization process is complete, you will see the summary on the left and the original on the right, in case you want to compare them. You can even make a second summary if you wish.

This is one of the pages to summarize texts that have a free version. With its free version, you will have the option of adding texts of up to 10,000 characters, and you can only make 15 summaries or paraphrases per day (although it is still a good service).

Learn more about Parafrasist

12. Tioconejo

Don’t let the name fool you. Far from any fable for children, this page to summarize texts is one of the most interesting options on the list.

You have the option to choose the language you prefer between Spanish and English, it allows a maximum of 10,000 characters per query and it is one of the pages to summarize texts that gives the fastest results, thanks to its automatic process. Do you need anything else?

Tioconejo offers you, among other data, the number of words in your text, the number of sentences and the length of the material you wish to consult, and you can even save the summaries of your texts if you wish (although for this last option, you must be registered in the portal).

Learn more about Tioconejo

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13. WiseMapping

Very similar to the model offered by MindMup, but with subtle advantages that position it as a very valid alternative to summarize texts.

Similar to MindMup, this page for summarizing texts offers you the option of creating mind maps online. But it has the added bonus that its interface is very simple and intuitive, it is enabled for the Spanish language and it is very easy to use. It is not to be missed!

If you wish, you can even use this page to summarize texts in collaboration with other people and make maps together. Full interconnection, secure and with incredible results, you can’t omit this tool from your list!

Learn more about WiseMapping

14. FocusWriter

Focus and write. At least, that could be the premise of the name of this text summarizing tool. FocusWriter is similar to the options presented above, but it has important features that make it shine with its own light.

for example? By means of this page to summarize texts, you will be able to perform actions such as the following:

Sound effects.

Customizable themes.

Daily goals.

Alarm system.

But since not everything can be perfect in this life, we have some bad news: it is a paid tool. However, if you are a writer and want a space free of distractions, FocusWriter will seem like a real bargain for summarizing texts.

Learn more about FocusWriter

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15. TLDR

This is a tool controlled by AI models (have you heard of Artificial Intelligence types?) of the latest generation. Why is this important? Because it explains some of the main features of this page to summarize texts.

Basically, this text summarizing option offers you the opportunity to get two types of summaries:

A basic summary, with the most important sentences and free.

An advanced summary, with which you can summarize the text like a human, with text paraphrasing.

Recently, they added options to its interface to optimize the tool and make it easier to use – a real gem when it comes to summarizing texts!

16. Paraphraser

This is not only one of the best summarizing sites on the Internet, but it is also an excellent tool for those who want to check if a text is original or if it is plagiarized from somewhere.

Also, this page to summarize texts has some advanced functions for those who want to optimize their own texts. That is to say, Paraphraser helps you find synonyms with which you can give a touch of freshness to your texts, and change a little the way you are used to write.

Just like the other pages to summarize texts that we have mentioned, Paraphraser is available in Spanish. You can also use it in more than 12 different languages, including English, Italian, French and German.

You know that if you need pages to summarize texts in English or other popular languages, Paraphraser may be what you are looking for. This web application can be used for free, and among its main features you will find the following:

Summary level control: with this function you can set how much you want to summarize your texts.
Use of bullets to highlight important points: Paraphraser is able to locate the main topics of your texts, analyze which are the keywords, and highlight the most important points.
It has extractive summary and abstractive summary functions.

These are just some of the features of this text summarizer, but its advantages are much more extensive.

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17. Editpad

Among all the pages to summarize texts that exist, perhaps Editpad is the easiest to use. It is a website with a very simple user interface, in fact, all you have to do is paste the text you want to summarize and validate a captcha to process the text and make the summary.

The web application is available in six languages, including Spanish, and it also has a text checker that lets you know if it is a text that was plagiarized from somewhere else, or if it is an original text.

It is a page to summarize texts that will be very helpful, and that will probably save your life on more than one occasion. What stands out the most about this website is the speed with which it manages to make a summary, since after pasting the text and making the validation, the summary is done instantly.

These are some of the main advantages of this page to summarize texts:

It summarizes the text without changing its meaning: the algorithms of this web application analyze the text and look for the best way to summarize it without changing its essence.
It has options to copy and download the text: once you use this page to summarize texts, you have the option to copy the summary to the clipboard or download it in a file of your own.
It uses bullets to summarize the most important information of the text.

If you are making your own list of summary pages, you can’t forget to include Editpad.

18. Rephrase

Rephrase has all the potential to become one of your top summarizing sites. Although it is quite far from the first place, this website is not bad at all, moreover, it meets all the standards of long text summarizing websites.

Thanks to its automatic word counter you will also be able to see how much the text has been reduced in relation to the original. In addition, you can use this page to summarize texts without any daily limit, and regardless of the length of the text you want to summarize.

If you need to do the reading of an essay quickly, Rephrase is probably your best option. These are some of the most important features of this application, we recommend you to compare them with those of other summarizing sites:

It uses artificial intelligence technology to summarize text and give it a natural feel. Despite being summarized text, you will be able to read it without any inconvenience.
Everything you upload to this summarizing site is protected by a strong privacy policy, so your content will not be recorded or exposed to third parties.
Rephrase has copy and download functions that will be very useful for you.

Despite these advantages, it should be noted that unlike other summarizing sites, Rephrase does not have a control to adjust the level of summarization to be done.

Learn more about Rephrase

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19. Text summarizer

As you can deduce from its name, this page to make summaries fulfills the function of shortening texts and synthesizing the most important information. It is the simplest of all the pages to summarize texts that we have discussed, but it is still a quality tool.

In Text Summarizer you will find a very easy to use user interface, where you can paste the text you want to summarize, or copy the web address of a page where you can find the text you are interested in synthesizing.

This tool has functions to calibrate the summary level, so you can choose a summary of 25, 33 or 50 percent of the total text. And as if this were not enough, its capacity is unlimited, so you can summarize texts of any length.

Compared to other summarizing sites, Text Summarizer is a very effective site, where you can also copy or download the text in individual files

20. Rewriting texts

Rewrite Texts is not the best of all text summarizing sites, but to give you alternatives, it needs to be included in the list. As with the previous page, this web application is used to summarize texts, whether they are fragments to be pasted into the text box, or the content of web pages that you want to summarize.

Its options are very basic, so besides summarizing texts, it only allows you to copy the result to the clipboard. Still, if the other summarizing pages fail, you can use Rewrite Text as a functional alternative.

Learn more about Text Rewrite

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Apps to summarize texts

But what if, rather than a page to summarize texts, you need an app to perform this function, but on your cell phone? Well, we also offer you the answer.

Some of the best solutions to summarize texts on your mobile devices are the following:

1. Text Summary

This is a classic of classics. It is one of the easiest and most convenient text summarizer apps to use, do you want to know why?

With this text summarizing tool, you will have the option of extracting the most relevant information from any text automatically, which will save you a lot of time. You will even be able to synthesize small and large fragments of texts you find on websites… and even photographs!

Just enter the information and determine the maximum length of your summary… and voilà. In addition, this text summarizing application supports PDF, docx or EPUB files.

2. LK Summarizer

The mobile version of LinguaKit, mentioned above. If you like to get straight to the point, this text summarizer app is just what you need, as it can summarize what you want in a few lines.

With this text summarizing tool, you have the option of copying the text you want or directly entering the links to the web pages whose content you want to summarize.

With a variety of languages available (Spanish, Portuguese and English) and designed for all kinds of users, such as students and professionals in the communication area. It is an excellent application for your device and for summarizing your texts.

3. Any Book Summary

For avid readers of books, who do not have much free time, this application to summarize texts can be the solution. With Any Book Summary, we will have the opportunity to extract the main ideas from any book in a matter of minutes!

The text summarizing tool provides the user with a series of bullet points with the main ideas, making retention much easier than usual.

Available in a variety of languages (English, Spanish, French and even Russian…) and with the possibility of being able to use it without an Internet connection. A highly recommended option for summarizing texts.

how to be successful when summarizing texts?

Now that you know about the different pages to summarize texts, it is time to choose the one you like the most and that suits your needs. However, summarizing texts online has its pros and cons. Although it is a quick way to have enriched information in a few paragraphs, some summarizing sites may have a certain margin of error.

Therefore, it is important to learn how to summarize texts manually. This way, you will already be prepared to correct the mistakes that the technology could not get right. Therefore, in this final part, we will give you some recommendations to answer the big question: how to summarize texts?

1. Performs a general reading

Before you start summarizing short or long texts, you should know at least the main idea of what you are going to summarize. Therefore, give a brief reading to each main point of your text. To read faster, you can see only the first paragraphs of each title, subtitle and secondary topics. This way you will have a clearer picture.

2. Consider the focus of the subject

Learning to summarize texts should not be the same for all subjects. It will depend on what you are studying to focus on specific points. Summarizing a general studies book is not the same as summarizing a specialized course book.

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3. Define which parts should not go

The key to summarizing texts is to know how to filter all the information in a text or book. Remember that, to achieve this, you must be very careful when selecting which topics can be discarded and which ones will be your priority

Now that you know how to summarize texts, it is time to increase the agility in your studies or projects that you have to deliver. Remember that it is important to be organized so that you can complete all your assigned homework on time.

do you want to know where what you have learned in this blog post works well? In the business world! For this reason, we urge you to check out our business courses, so that you master the organizational techniques necessary to achieve all your goals. We wish you the best of success throughout the season of your studies – everything will go very well for you!

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